Sucheta Dalal :Googlle Learning School... And you thought it was from Google?
Sucheta Dalal

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Googlle Learning School... And you thought it was from Google?  

January 11, 2010

Googlle Learning School. I was taken aback by the similarity between the name of this institute and Internet search giant Google. At first glance, I thought that it may be a new initiative by the search engine giant, but on closer look I found that there was no relation between the two.


This learning school Googlle is a training division of CB Online Pvt Ltd, which is located at Bhubaneswar in Orissa. On its homepage, Googlle even had a 'declaration' that reads, "We are (in) no way related to Google Search Engine, neither (do) We want to copy the name or take advantage of that name and the pronunciation of (the) same is different from 'Google'."


What’s funny is that just a few days ago, its website not only had Google’s name, but the logo and even the favicon were a replica of Google’s, in order to trick people into thinking that the online university was somehow related to the real search engine giant.


In its profile, Googlle said, “We love the name and that's why we name our training division in that name. Googlle is not the name of a company, it's only the name of our training department."


What the creators of Googlle seem to be unaware is about the possible lawsuit that may be coming their way. Search engine giant Google is very protective of its trademark and intellectual property rights, and its India office already may be in the process of filing a suit. However, this cannot be confirmed.


Earlier, Moneylife had reported about an ice-candy vendor, who uses a similar design to Google's website for his stall. This vendor even has a website for selling his ice candies (often called as golas in local parlance).

— Yogesh Sapkale


-- Sucheta Dalal