Sucheta Dalal :Misues of anit-dowry laws
Sucheta Dalal

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Misues of anit-dowry laws  

November 17, 2005

While anti-dowry legislation is imperative to protect women, noted lawyer Mihir Desai from the Save Indian Family Foundation says that an incredible 90 per cent of complaints filed in Delhi are false. Here is what he says:


Misues of anit-dowry laws


I am the coordinator of an organisation name Save Indian Family Foundation who happens to be a sister concern of Parivarik Suraksha Sanstha, New Delhi. We are primarily fighting against the increasing misuse of laws related to anti-dowry laws IPC 498A. It wasn't long ago that Government stepped up to eradicate this malicious practice in the society by enacting 498A. However, it is disturbing and sad that the same law which came into existence to protect women from such unlawful dowry demands are increasingly been misused by women for their ulterior motives. This is having disastrous effects on those who are mercilessly dragged into the court even after being innocent.


The definition of IPC 498A itself is susceptible to misuse and a benefit of doubt could be given to law-makers at the time of defining the law but it gives no reason to that these laws should be misused on a large scale. Every year more than 50,000 cases are filed under IPC 498A and 90% of the cases are false. Yes, false. Not only the husband, but his parents and near relatives too are accused in the court and have to go through a traumatic experience knowing that they are immediately arrested and put behind bars with non-bailable warrant without any investigation. That would amount to more than 200,000 victims every year from this malpractice.


I am sure everybody avoid going through the gruesome court proceedings especially in a country like India. More and more people are frightened of getting their son married because of the possible false accusation of their daughter-in-law. We are here to save this beautiful relationship (marriage institution) for a better society and progressive generation.


Mihir Desai can be contacted at: [email protected]

Save Indian Family Foundation, Delhi


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-- Sucheta Dalal