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Check out the latest issue of MoneyLIFE  

August 21, 2007


Check out the latest issue of MoneyLIFE


Innovation in Action

IBM sought collaboration and alliances and won, while Xerox didn't, and lost the innovation race, recounts Shreedhar Kanetkar



Funds for the long term 

Equity funds are supposed to be a route to long-term wealth. But funds are mushrooming by the day. One looks exactly like the other. Funds with different flavours are usually gimmicks. There are more than 200 equity funds. How many should you buy? How would you go about choosing them? Here is a guide. Based on a unique methodology devised by the MoneyLIFE Research Desk, we bring you seven funds that have great long-term record



“You are fighting everyday. You fight to make sure your project works. You can never be sure. It depends on the public. You know they may reject you!”

Continuing stardom at 60+, two near-to-death experiences, failure in politics and bankruptcy at one stage...Amitabh Bachchan’s brilliant career has been anything but a smooth upward curve.



Using IPO Gradings

How to use IPO grading as a tool to reduce the risk of betting on a new stock


The Other Side

Consumers don't help their cause by being either naive or cunning, argues Sucheta Dalal


- Will TV Today’s fortunes change with Reliance Capital’s active involvement?

- Is there a lot of hidden value in Kalyani Steels?

- A review of some of our recommendation



Healing through Touch 

The body has an extraordinary ability to heal itself and Quantum Touch helps to activate this process, points out Tanushree Kar


Growth Stocks for  an Uncertain Market

These stocks have been recording consistently higher profits and look good for at least the next few quarters, finds ML Research Desk



Flying on a Magic Bus

Matthew Spacie's Magic Bus allows poor children to play, have fun and learn life-skills



Neither Special nor Unique

- Mutual funds are commodity products. Special Situations Fund (from Fidelity) and Unique Opportunities Fund (from HSBC) sound different. But are they?

-  Fund Facts: Arbitrage Funds
-- Sucheta Dalal