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August 10, 2007

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Experience Vs. Instinct

Reflecting on the past can illuminate the future. If your past doesn’t offer relevant experience, someone else’s will, says Shreedhar Kanetkar



Stocks for a Stormy Market 

While remaining bullish about the long-term prospects of the Indian economy, is it time to pull in the horns? If that does not mean cashing out your portfolio, it certainly means picking stocks or remaining in stocks that have a better chance of riding out this downturn. Consider the stocks analysed in the cover story as part of your portfolio that may protect you somewhat in a declining market



Launch of ‘Pathbreaker’ and Inclusive Growth 

Pathbreakers, the MoneyLIFE book of the first 26 interviews featured in the magazine, was formally launched in Mumbai. It was also an ocassion for 16 fine minds to discuss the idea of “Inclusive Growth”



An Abridged View

Companies are trying to force investors to accept abridged annual reports


- Automotive Axles is being shunned now but will bounce back

- Panacea Biotec has been temporarily hit by a stronger rupee but has an excellent pipeline of products

- If the Indian farm sector booms, as is likely, VST Tillers will do very well



Which Pots and Pans? 

The containers we cook in can have an effect on our health. Here is what to look for


Packaging with Care

Quick service and trust builds long-term relationship, found Sudip Datta of Ess Dee Aluminium



The Light of The Day

Started as a recreation club for the blind, BPA is now reaching out to people with disabilities around the country, says Meena Raghunathan



Innovative, but...

- The first international sector fund is here. DSP Merrill Lynch is offering a gold mining fund. Is it worth buying?

- Balanced funds are beating their benchmarks by taking a higher exposure to equities. Stay away from them.

Fund Facts: Randomness at work among equity funds

-- Sucheta Dalal