Sucheta Dalal :Mobile Phone Directories anyone?
Sucheta Dalal

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Mobile Phone Directories anyone?  

September 18, 2004

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has sought public opinion on Telephone Directories and the need for private phone companies to publish them. It also wants to know if mobile phone companies ought to publish directories. Everybody who owns a phone needs to log in his/her views. Here is what the TRAI has asked in Chapter of its consultation paper:

Questions for Public Consultation

1. Should the publication of the Telephone Directory of both the mobile and fixed customers be mandated or not?

2. What should be the periodicity of publication of the Telephone Directory? Whether it should be annual, biannual or any other period?

3. What should be the coverage of the Directory i.e whether it should be at LDCA level or at the circle level?

4. Whether pre-paid mobile customers are to be included or not in the Directory? If yes, indicate how it is to be implemented in view of the heavy churn in this segment?

5. Is there any need for bringing out a Consolidated Telephone Directory of a circle? If so, whether the consolidated Directory should be separate for fixed and separate for mobile or it should be a combined one including all mobile and fixed customers? What are your suggestions regarding the modalities for bringing out a consolidated Directory?

6. Whether the Directory could be priced for sale? If so, whether the pricing should be regulated or left to the operator to decide?

7. Should the provision of Telephone Directory Enquiry Services be mandated?

8. Is there any need for a Unified Directory Enquiry Services for a circle? What are your suggestions regarding the modalities for installing such a Unified Directory Enquiry Service?

9. Should the Directory Enquiry Services telephone number be accessible from any telephone? What are your suggestions regarding the arrangements in this regard?

10. Should Directory Enquiry Service be charged or not?

For any clarification on the issue please see the TRAI Consultation Paper on TRAI website

-- Sucheta Dalal