Sucheta Dalal :Corporate PayR12;shareholder action continues
Sucheta Dalal

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Corporate Pay—shareholder action continues  

May 9, 2003

American investors have been shell shocked by a spate of accounting scandals over the last year followed by high profile arrests, large scale clean-up, major investigations and some stunning failures. But American investors are discovering that the guys responsible for all that fudging are getting away with it all. American CEO's continue to draw outrageously high salaries and are giving themselves pensions even for years they have not worked. At the same time, the losses caused by the tumble in stock prices have eaten deep into the pension savings of most ordinary Americans. A few leading magazines have looked at what is going on.

Check out --"CEO Pensions: The Latest Way to Hide Millions" by Janice Revell:,15114,443047,00.html )

Or, "Regal Treatment of CEOs continued in 2002, by Michael Liedtke at the Associated Press: )

Or, "Reading a CEO's paycheck," By Amy Tsao, in Business Week: )

-- Sucheta Dalal