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Sucheta Dalal

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Check out the lastest issue of MoneyLIFE !  

July 25, 2007


Growing Up, Branching Out

Handelsbanken has already achieved what ICICI Bank and SBI aim to do. What can you learn from its track record? Shreedhar Kanetkar makes a comparison



6 stocks that may surprise  

These stocks are in several fund portfolios and they are enjoying signficant revenue and profit momentum. Are they worth buying? Debashis Basu and Shailendra Lotlikar explore


“The kind of money our IT coolies are making is amazing. Young people with a PhD and a few years of experience are making Rs2 lakh a month, while scientists earn maybe Rs2 lakh a year” 

Prof CNR Rao, India’s best known scientist, the man who should have won the Nobel Prize long ago, in conversation with MoneyLIFE



PAN-fried Funds

How serious is the new requirement for mandatory PAN for investments in mutual funds? 



- Sangam’s recent poor results were misleading

- Alstom is on a strong growh path

 - Is Asian Electronics on to a goldmine in its plastics-to-petrol technology?



Colour for Health

Eat colourful foods. They add more than just colour to your plate


Up the Garden Path

Three judgements empower home buyers against unscrupulous builders, points out Sucheta Dalal. Plus a few things to look out for while buying property


NSE Digs in Its Heels against the RTI Act

What do the exchanges have to lose by opposing the RTI Act, wonders Prakash Kardaley



Judging Funds 

There are dozens of awards for best funds. They may be based on faulty analysis. Is there an alternative?


Straight from the Heart 

Tanushree Kar finds how a caring doctor is making a dream come true for Pune-ites


Fund Fallacy

- The fund industry harps on high historical returns from equities. It means little

- Balanced funds

- Equity schemes are not attracting money

-- Sucheta Dalal