Sucheta Dalal :Google inspires Gogola!
Sucheta Dalal

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Google inspires Gogola!  

November 4, 2009


Talk about entrepreneurship and you will find many Indians coming out with innovative ideas. For example, inspired by the successful run of Internet search giant, Google, one small vendor from Mumbai's suburb Bandra has started selling his ice candies (gola in local lingo) under the name of Gogola.
If that’s not enough, he even has a website and sells golas, the crushed ice with flavoured syrup on top, made from pure mineral water and in hygienic conditions.
These guys offer golas with some exotic flavours like, Mumbai Masala Soda, Kool Kokum, Blue Lagoon, Krazy Kairi Ri, Peru Shheru, Peach on da Beach, Bas jus Khus, Superstar Kala-Khatta, Moulin Roze, Ossam Orange and of course last but not least Cocktail Gola.
The design and look of their shop is a copy of Google's home page, but with some additional 'smart' lines, like in the search window, they have written "Golas made from mineral water ice.” Besides the search window, where Google uses words like Advanced Search and Language Tools, the Gogola makers have written, “No Dirty Handling” and “No Synthetic Syrups.”
They have even copied Google's offering for search in other languages. Only difference, instead of choice for languages, Gogola offers choices for different flavours for your golas.

Google is inspiring many IT people, which is not new, but this inspiration just shows the impact of the search giant on Indian mindsets.
-Yogesh Sapkale [email protected]

-- Sucheta Dalal