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Sucheta Dalal

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Latest MoneyLIFE issue  

June 10, 2007

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9 Cash Rich Small Stocks 

For their size, these tiny companies are making very good money and are available cheap. The only problem? They get sold off sharply during a market slide. Shailendra Lotlikar analyses nine stocks that may shine as micro-caps, thanks to their growth prospects, cash flows and relatively low valuations



Notes - Musical & Accounting

Music and accounting may appear to be worlds apart, but “it ain’t necessarily so” says Shreedhar Kanetkar



“I have always worked on ideas that are tough, relevant for the society and will make a name for India  

Dr AV Rama Rao runs a unique business - selling scientific research to top pharma companies. How did this man come all the way from a village in Andhra Pradesh to become India ’s foremost industrial scientist?



- The largest logistics company is the best proxy on India ’s economic growth

- A small fashion accessory firm that may go places

- Growth is strong but will it be able to exploit the high-margin opportunities?

- Making transformers may be a mundane business but is making lots of money now



The Hidden Cost of Low-cost Airlines

Penny-pinching budget airlines may end up pinching your wallet as this example shows


Seeds of Good Health 

Four seeds are at the forefront of nutritional research, finds Tanushree Kar


A Parallel Market

Private equity has become a massive business. How does it work?


Handicapped Body Undaunted Spirit 

Dr Nita Mukherjee describes Umang’s efforts in rehabilitating children with cerebral palsy



10 Laggards in Any Market

These funds have underperformed in the bull and bear periods of the past four years

Flawed Measure

SEBI stipulates that every mutual fund equity scheme must have a benchmark index. Does it make sense, asks Vikas Morzaria

Fund Facts: How risky are  funds?


-- Sucheta Dalal