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Check out the latest issue of MoneyLIFE  

October 10, 2007


Portfolio for the Lazy Investor

Do you want an exposure to equities but are overwhelmed by choices, obligations and a long list of dos and don’ts? Don’t worry. Choose one of the three portfolios we recommend, based on your risk appetite, and stick to these over long periods. Welcome to the simple world of lazy investing



Introducing a new section that will bring you exclusive news, the stories behind the headlines and the truth between the lines

In this issue:

Cover Up at SHCIL; Business As Usual at Scam Company; Bark, Bite, Splice and Change at SEBI; Giddy Journalism



“The future of healthcare is not in nice interiors or in new concepts in hospital design but in higher standards of patient care”

World famous heart surgeon Dr Ramakant Panda in conversation with MoneyLIFE about his extraordinary achievements in the process of creating a world-class heart hospital in Mumbai 


Recovering Subprime Loans

There should be a counselling process before the ‘recovery’ proceedings kick in


Introducing a new section by Sucheta Dalal on how media is often party to stock price manipulation while the regulators seem to be unconcerned


- What is driving Vadilal Industries?

- India Glycols is now a real estate play...

- ... As is Rallis India



Benefits of Tea 

Tea has many healthy properties. Tanushree Kar describes some of them

Bartronics’s Numbers

In a bull market, nobody reads balance sheets. Our columnist did and came up with suprising findings



Food Fortification

A cost-effective way to improve mass nutrition levels



Vijay Khanna, former Chief Postmaster General, J&K, and Anjan Doshi run a mailing company with a difference


Correlation Is Not Causation

Two key ratios connect performance to market value



Can We Measure kya lagta hai? 62

Investor sentiment can take stock prices irrationally higher or lower. Can such sentiment be measured and used as a forecasting tool?

IPO Trends

Introducing a new section analysing IPOs

Technical Trends

The long-term trend of ITC and the short-term trend of Kalpataru


Faith Investing

- International funds are a rage now but early entrants have a patchy record

- Fund Facts: Combining Risk & Return


-- Sucheta Dalal