Sucheta Dalal :How's this?
Sucheta Dalal

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How's this?  

These days most domestic airports in the country have introduced the system of affixing a plastic lock on check-in baggage that is not locked. While these locks are not mandatory, they are immediately fixed on passenger request. But Cochin's domestic and international airport is different. This swank airport has had to hand over its ground handling and check-in entirely to Air India (result by some arm-twisting ?) and there is an immediate change in attitude. Passengers were told in March that the system of fixing security locks has been "discontinued". Yet, there were dozens of locks lying on the security officer's table next to the X-ray machine. When we persisted with our request, we were told that the check-in official would fix it. The Check-in official also refused. We pointed out that on our journey out of Mumbai, there was no problem about getting a lock fixed. Surely, the rules couldn't have changed within a couple of days? Yes, we were told, Cochin, under management of Air India, is different. Finally, a very helpful Jet Airways employee helped us out and got the bags locked. Isn't it strange that a country which is notorious for handlers rifling through passengers baggage should do away with locks that too when security threats have increased?
-- Sucheta Dalal