Sucheta Dalal :Why can’t Infosys get MCA21 the e-filing system working?
Sucheta Dalal

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Why can’t Infosys get MCA21, the e-filing system working?  

March 23, 2013

Two months after Infosys, India’s most celebrated information technology company took over MCA21—the e-filing portal of the ministry of corporate affairs—it remains unstable. Anguished users want to know why a system that worked well under TCS is causing such pain to companies and users

Sucheta Dalal

Anguished Chartered Accountants (CAs) and Company Secretaries tell Moneylife how MCA21, the e-filing portal remains unstable over two months after Infosys Technologies took it over from TCS (on 17th January) after a two-month handover process.

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-- Sucheta Dalal