Sucheta Dalal :I'm Not Loving It: Big Mac's strange Indian franchisee
Sucheta Dalal

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I'm Not Loving It: Big Mac's strange Indian franchisee  

August 20, 2013

The strange goings-on in Westlife development and its stunning price rise does not seem to attract SEBI's attention. Why?

Sucheta Dalal

Why does the Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI) need more powers when it does nothing about the most blatant manipulation? Take the case of Westlife Development of the BL Jatia group, which now holds the lucrative franchise of American fast food giant McDonald’s in south and west India. In July 2013, the Jatias turned Hardcastle Restaurants, into a direct subsidiary of Westlife (earlier called Dhanaprayog Investments) which was a family-owned but listed shell company. But not before the price of Westlife had been ramped from under Rs10 to Rs183. Moneylife first wrote about the ramp up in June 2010. No action from the regulator.

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-- Sucheta Dalal