Sucheta Dalal :Questions that the mainstream media ignored in 2013
Sucheta Dalal

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Questions that the mainstream media ignored in 2013  

January 7, 2014

While news channels are outraged about something or the other every weeknight, here are some of the issues the media ignored in 2013


Sucheta Dalal


We have an aam aadmi sitting in the chief minister’s chair in Delhi, after having shocked the capital’s power-brokers as well as Mumbai’s moneybags. Everybody is talking about a new wind blowing in the country. Middle-class awakening, helped by the social media, which, when translated to a significant increase in voter turnout, upset the Delhi electoral math and threw up game-changing results. Will the story be repeated elsewhere? Is there really a new intolerance for corruption among people and a willingness to fight for their rights? Well, the 2014 elections will provide an answer. But a dispassionate analysis will show that, in 2013, the rich and powerful got away with the same old machinations and they also dictated what is fit to be published or debated at super prime time.


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-- Sucheta Dalal