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 Pay-per-call: Another ‘lose-lose’ move from Tata Teleservices?
Sep 2, 2009

After playing along with other players, Tata Teleservices has suddenly changed the game by offering a fixed call rate plan. What is the reason for this sudden move, which could affect the revenues of all players, including Tata?

 Another view on Martha's case
Jun 6, 2003

William Safire of The New York Times has an interesting new take on the Mar...

 Watching the media
Jun 4, 2003

I don't know Mahesh Shantaram. But he seems to have done what most others m...

 NEW: Martha Stewart charged with Illegal Insider Trading
Jun 4, 2003

Another American icon has bit the dust. On June 4, the Securities an...

 Corporate Pay—shareholder action continues
May 9, 2003

American investors have been shell shocked by a spate of accounting scandal...

Jun 7, 2003

This was forwarded to me by a Honda fan. It is called a tribute to the omni...

 P.Sainath: Nero's guests
Jun 7, 2003

This is a Speech  by P.Sainath (author of Everybody Loves A Good ...

 Should TRAI be sacked?
Jun 6, 2003

A Consumer Viewpoint : Should TRAI be sacked?  By Achintya Mukhe...

 The Sunil Alagh Dossier--1
Jul 1, 2003

When the Britannia board sacked its high profile CEO and Managing Director ...

 Alagh 3-- Media Transactions
Jul 1, 2003


 Whistleblowing: Can it work?
Jun 10, 2003

The 8th Balasubramaniam Memorial Lecture --Corporation Bank Officers Organi...

 Alagh2--Related party transactions
Jul 2, 2003


 The Final Four: GAO supports Chennai lobby's worry?
Aug 6, 2003

Meeting of Minds on Big Four:   This is one report  that should...

 Battle for Media Ownership in the U.S.
Jul 9, 2003

Published on Monday, July 7, 2003  at http://www.commondreams....

 New: Unilever puts heat on its big investors
Aug 8, 2003

  Unilever puts heat on its big investors By Adam Jones, Consumer ...

 The Bombay blasts: On bouncing back and police corruption
Sep 1, 2003

Over the last week you have all read how every calamity reveals that Mumb...

 Does the SC order really end PSU disinvestment?
Sep 26, 2003

Does the Supreme Court order really signal the end of the road for disinv...

 How slow investigations delay the punishment of scamsters
Sep 26, 2003

  This column was published by Divvya Bhaskar on September 15, 2003...

 T-to-T: the manipulators’ roadblock
Sep 29, 2003

This time stock exchanges and the capital market regulators objectively a...

 Mutual Funds: Look before you leap
Oct 13, 2003

Where mutual funds are concerned, its best to look before you leap. ...

 Spitzer Sees Many Criminal Cases in Funds Probe: NYT
Oct 12, 2003

New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer is on a much needed rampage. Read t...

 BSE to breathe new life into small companies--Divvya Bhaskar
Oct 6, 2003

This column about the implications of BSE's new trading segment for small c...

 Motley Fool: David Gardner decodes the U.S.Fund Scandal
Nov 2, 2003

With a little help from Dickens, David Gardner discusses the mutual fund sc...

 S.Gurumurthy on Reliance Telecom
Oct 31, 2003

BJP ideologue and Reliance baiter, S.Gurumurthy says that Reliance has...

 Hang on to hotel key cards!
Oct 29, 2003

This bit about hotel key cards may sound like a bit of paranoia. But its be...

 The Guardian: Joseph Stiglitz exposes American hypocrisy
Oct 28, 2003

"Those in Mexico, Brazil, India and other emerging markets should be told a...

 NYT: Should journalists leak or not leak their sources
Oct 22, 2003

The controversy over the leak of the name of an American CIA agent, Ms.Palm...

 Who are these faceless FIIs
Oct 20, 2003

If the present bull run really worries the regulator, then they would d...

 Margin trading may finally debut in November
Nov 3, 2003

At its next board meeting scheduled for November 10, the Securities and Exc...

 LET US PROTEST: Support the Hindu
Nov 10, 2003

To show our solidarity with The Hindu, we reproduce below, without prejudic...

 Retail suckers rushing in?
Nov 10, 2003

Typical of every bull run, the retail investors can't wait to get in, after...

 Reuters: Mutual Fund scandals may make dull choices sexy
Nov 5, 2003

Investors disgusted at the growing tide of mutual fund scandals may be read...

 Crime and perception
Nov 17, 2003

This column that appeared in the Divvya Bhaskar of Gujarat argues  the...

 Stampscam: Telgi disposable -- scamsters protected
Nov 24, 2003

" the same set of politicians and officials who connived with Telgi ...

 How The India Security Press Leaked For Telgi
Nov 19, 2003

A Financial Express exclusive on Deputy Inspector General S.K.Jaisw...

 Part3: Arun Shourie: This is India's moment
Dec 1, 2003

"In many ways, this is India's moment, even vis a vis China. For the firs...

 Part 1:Arun Shourie: Listen to the New India
Dec 1, 2003

This fact-packed article was part of a three part series published by India...

 Part2: Arun Shourie: When the sky is the limit
Dec 1, 2003

"The point is the successes we have encountered above are not fortuitous. I...

 Preferential Allottments on the rise
Dec 1, 2003

Promoters are once again gifting themselves preferential shares at the ...

 CERS opposes hiding of milk details
Feb 9, 2004

CERS Opposes Exemption to Some Dairy Products   The Department of Co...

 Death of a Whistleblower: The Satyendra Dubey Story
Dec 3, 2003

Whistleblower said don’t name me. Govt did. He was shot dead 31-year...

 Efforts Are On To Educate Citizens
Apr 5, 2004

From Grass-root Support To The Internet, Efforts Are On To Educate Citizens...

 Building Public Awareness On Elections And Candidates
Apr 5, 2004

As elections draw nearer, Sucheta Dalal gives an overall picture of various...

 The Great Indian Election Circus: 2004
Mar 29, 2004

Election Circus   The great Indian election circus is ready to roll ...

 NYT: Maestro of Chutzpah
Mar 14, 2004

"The traditional definition of chutzpah says it's when you murder your pare...

 NYT: An Indian summer
Mar 8, 2004

Thomas L.Friedman takes a trip to Bangalore and discovers that Americans ne...

 Greenpeace trains its guns on toxicity of Disney clothes.
Apr 16, 2004

Tests Reveal Disney Children's Wear Contains Hazardous Chemicals ...

 Water Water Everywhere, but not a drop to drink
Apr 15, 2004

An Appeal:  Water water everywhere …   Prakash Kardaley, ...

 Can competition alone protect the poor investor?
May 10, 2004

All banks operating in India have by now received the initial drafts of the...

 Truth no defence
Apr 28, 2004

In Denmark two journalists were charged for raising doubts on the existence...

 SEBI Needs To Change Its Priorities
Apr 19, 2004

  The T+1 experiment will only cause untold hardship to smaller inter...

 The Crash and After
May 19, 2004

Five factors caused the crash. None of them are short-term in nature By De...

 Government fears hit India shares
May 17, 2004

Indian shares have fallen more than 15% amid fears that the new government ...

 Bloodbath on Dalal Street
May 14, 2004

How did the capital market react to the possibility of a non-NDA government...

 IPO Rating: Debating half-baked information
May 13, 2004

Spoon feeding investors by offering them an IPO rating has doubtful value, ...

 Chandrababu Naidu and the McKinsey Formula
May 26, 2004

  This insightful article by George Monbiot, published by OutlookIn...

 NYT: Let the Little Guy in the Boardroom
May 24, 2004

Let the Little Guy in the BoardroomBy ARTHUR LEVITT In corporate b...

 BJP's politics of arrogance
May 19, 2004

  Was the BJP done in by its politics of arrogance? An analysis by Su...

 Bangkok Vs. Bengal
May 19, 2004

How bad can the policies be and how bad would the impact be? The crash is i...

 Playing golf besides a watery grave
Jul 29, 2004

By Pankaj SekhsariaIt seems inconceivable that some time in the near futu...

 Bobby's Revenge? Turmoil At E&Y
Jul 16, 2004

  Well short of a year after Bobby Parikh was unceremoniously out-v...

 Clearing the backlog: Financial Express
Jun 23, 2004

SEBI has decided to focus on its weakest link -- the handling of investigat...

 Challenges to the new Alliance
Jun 1, 2004

Can a mixed bag of characters and ideologies run a successful coalition and...

Aug 9, 2004

Correction: Different Strokes- August 8, 2004   In the second item o...

Jul 30, 2004

From Author-filmmakers Michael Moore and Greg Pa...

 Battle Brews Over Rules for Phones on Internet
Jul 30, 2004

By Stephen Labaton and Matt Richtell As Internet based phones catch on...

 Eight Stepping Stones To Success
Jul 30, 2004

  Subroto Bagchi, Chief Operating Officer, MindTree Consulting, add...

 Self regulation may be injurious to AMFI
Sep 7, 2004

The Mutual Fund industry in India is not yet ready for self-regulation and ...

 Who Pays for RBI's Blunders?
Aug 31, 2004

In this article, Ila Patnaik argues that the latest move could make taxpaye...

 The Narmada Canal: Fragile like a Papad?
Aug 29, 2004

Ravinder Singh’s take on the Narmada Canal has not made it to the med...

 Big Business Becoming Big Brother
Aug 10, 2004

by Kim Zetter Published on Monday, August 9, 2004 by Wired News  ...

 "Hydrogen fuel is not an option"
Sep 18, 2004

Conversion to hydrogen energy, as promoted by the Department of Energy, is ...

 Mobile Phone Directories anyone?
Sep 18, 2004

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has sought public opinion on Tele...

 Exposing Halliburton: Time reports whistleblower's ordeal
Oct 25, 2004

Beyond the Call of DutyA whistle-blower objected to the government's Hallib...

 US Scams spead to insurance sector
Oct 25, 2004

Scams that engulfed the corporate sector are now moving to insurance. What ...

 Washington Post: Corporate pay under the scanner
Oct 12, 2004

Despite a variety of new laws and disclosure requirements, corporate salari...

 MNC seed companies use child labour in India:
Oct 6, 2004 reports on the double standards of MNC’s who use child l...

 Reliance: the Boardroom coup
Nov 27, 2004

Item No.17: How Anil was sidelined   By Sucheta Dalal   ...

 Reliance: Brothers at arms
Nov 26, 2004

Ambani v/s Ambani: a vicious war   By Sucheta Dalal   As co...

 Voices: Lazy Indians or people battered by bad leadership?
Nov 17, 2004

Two interesting and diametrically opposite views on Indians and what makes ...
Nov 15, 2004

Check out this free, public service website that I am sure will act ...

 Voices: Corny plans for high-speed trains
Nov 15, 2004

Bikini Beaches Of Florida To Bare Bottoms Of Mumbai Tracks By Ravinder Sin...

Feb 22, 2005

Save Mumbai   This is another series on Mumbai – the land of o...

 Kingdom of Bihar: 2
Feb 20, 2005

February 15,2005 There are good things too… Dear Varun,Let us conti...

 NYT: What's $13 Million Among Friends?
Jan 17, 2005

Although recent settlements have forced directors to pay from their persona...

 Directors, Lawyers, Accounts: All Pay a Price
Jan 17, 2005

Some interesting recent ‘settlements’ in America show that thos...

 Anil Ambani's email to Reliance Energy employees
Nov 28, 2004

It brother sent out an email to Reliance employees saying "I am boss", then...

 Tsunami: Nature's wrath, History's reminder
Dec 28, 2004

An excellent historical perspective on Tsunamis from the New York Time...

 Small Issues: Well-warranted caution
Apr 25, 2005

IPO history tells us that caution about small issues is indeed well warra...

 Earthquake watch
Mar 14, 2005

Mild tremors shook up Mumbai and Pune at around 20 minutes past three today...

 Misguided Patriotism
Feb 24, 2005

Karthikeyan banned from donning tricolour   By Theodore Liasi Lond...

 Bihar: Diary of an Election Observer
Feb 22, 2005

Diary of an Election Observer from the Kingdom of Bihar-1   I am par...

 Temblor big enough to 'vibrate the whole planet
May 24, 2005

(CNN) -- Dramatic new data from the December 26, 2004, Sumatran-Andaman ear...

 A Passage to Indian Health Care
May 23, 2005

By Val MacQueen  Published   05/12/2005 We know that it...

 Unhygenic Lassi in uneconomical earthen Khullars
May 15, 2005

Railway Minister Laloo Prasad Yaday is back to his old tricks of diverting ...

 TCS results and lessons from the market
Apr 26, 2005

Last week's action and reaction in the capital market has many important le...

 Consumer fights for electricity restoration
Jun 2, 2005

Intro: The Ahmedabad based consumer group-CERS  has triumphed in hel...

 BJP's dubious politics
May 31, 2005

One year out of power, and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has still no cl...

 Caveat emptor! cardholder beware
May 31, 2005

Intro: The blog Saara Akaash, by N.P.Ojha has this shocking report on how b...

 Shampoos : A Load of Foam?
May 27, 2005

Check out the findings of Insight, the consumer magazine of CERC to fi...

 Saurashtra 'water women' make a splash
Jun 9, 2005

How women in Saurashtra, armed with a bank loan, have beaten the water mafi...

 'Deep Throat' unplugged
Jun 3, 2005

Bob Woodward  and Carl Bernstien of The Washington Post became legends...

 Headline: Morgan Stanley sacks Prucell-NYT
Jun 14, 2005

Can Morgan Stanley revitalise itself and change direction with a new CEO?...

 Lessons from the Andersen trial
Jun 14, 2005

The demise of Arthur Anderson raises several interesting questions about ...

 China considers $15 Billion Stock Market Bailout
Jun 17, 2005

The creation of a huge fund to invest in mainland stocks to bailout the cap...

 A 380- Vijay Mallya's giant dream
Jun 17, 2005

India’s flamboyant tycoon, Vijay Mallya has gone and placed order...

 Steve Jobs' speech at Stanford
Jun 17, 2005

'You've got to find what you love,'   This is the text of the Com...

 As bulls party, one question: how long will good times last?
Jun 24, 2005

MUMBAI, JUNE 22: Instead of the expected correction after the benchmark Sen...

 What this means: Anil's won a kingdom, now he needs to build fences and bridges
Jun 20, 2005

  The Ambani brothers have declared peace and India’s largest ...

 New Edition! The Scam in its fourth print run
Jun 19, 2005

  NEW Edition!! New Material! The SCAM is back in its fourth printi...

 What is settled about the Ambani settlement?
Jun 30, 2005

  By Sucheta Dalal   What a week! After a relatively slow...

 Aviation and Goa
Jun 24, 2005

In this special piece for this website, the Phil Thomas points out how Go...

 Framed: Indian Administration
Jul 7, 2005

The photograph of that police officer riding a constable is emblematic- K. ...

 MAPIN may live to see another day
Jul 6, 2005

By Sucheta Dalal   One of the first actions of the new Chairman of t...

 Judith Miller goes to jail
Jul 8, 2005

The New York Times backs and supports Judith Miller's action.   One...

 Salute the Bulldog
Jul 9, 2005

  By Ashok Malik   Each time they face a terrorist strike, Ind...

Jul 13, 2005

A new study provides an interesting perspective on CEOs driven by the need ...

 When Indira deflated Nixon's ego
Jul 21, 2005

by Rajindar Sachar (The writer is a former Chief Justice of the High Court...

 Counting Corporate Crooks
Jul 18, 2005

We need to keep track of white collar crime in exactly the same way we keep...

 Panvel needs help
Aug 4, 2005

While Mumbai is in the news for the trauma inflicted by the Monsoon Gods, t...

 India - The Next Big Player
Aug 4, 2005

July 29, 2005   U.S.-Indian Relations and the Geopolitical System ...

 Mera Mumbai Mahaan ?
Aug 6, 2005

Posted by Ravi on Bombaynet   We had a harrowing experience in the...

 Give Mumbai special status: Residents
Aug 5, 2005

  Mumbai, Aug 4: Nature's fury that united the rich and poor in miser...

 Liberate our cities
Aug 6, 2005

  Quoted from Indian Express Saturday, August 06, 2005   ...

 Who sold Reliance on August 3?
Aug 8, 2005

MUMBAI, AUGUST 7: On August 3, Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) held its fir...

 And the winner is...
Aug 8, 2005

With almost all top line companies reporting a 30 per cent increase in ne...

 From today, India gets first litter-free city: Kozhikode
Aug 14, 2005


 When Doctors Advise Investors
Aug 18, 2005

Published: August 17, 2005   It's getting harder and harder to dis...

 Unclear picture
Aug 16, 2005

Haze over role of FIIs remains   The government is reportedly pl...

 Government fiddles while the market is manipulated
Aug 25, 2005

The government is reportedly making plans to raise the barriers to unregula...

 Sensex at 16,000?
Aug 24, 2005

Regulators need to watch what they say or do   When Mr Madhukar, on...

 Will News Media Help Bush Exploit the 9/11 Anniversary Again?
Aug 26, 2005

By Norman Solomon   For a long time, the last refuge of scoundre...

 A day of tough decisions by the regulator
Aug 29, 2005

  The Dissection: Sebi is correct in not tampering with reservation f...

 The larger shame behind New Orleans
Sep 9, 2005

By Nicholas D. Kristof, The New York Times   According to the UN Dev...

 Better late than never
Sep 3, 2005

Tighter rules on overseas fund raising are welcome   The decisio...

 Where a Cuddle With Your Baby Requires a Bribe
Sep 3, 2005

The New York Times exposes the disgusting face of petty corruption in Ind...

 Michael Moore writes to Americans
Sep 12, 2005

   In his trademark caustic style, Michael Moore writes to all A...

 Singapore and Katrina
Sep 15, 2005

There is something troublingly self-indulgent and slothful about America to...

 Farewell to India
Sep 14, 2005

Although the government is not worried, not everybody is sanguine about Ind...

 Swapping Scoops
Sep 16, 2005

Every Night the 'NY Times' and 'Wash Post' Exchange Front Pages for the F...

 Clinton Launches Withering Attack on Bush on Iraq, Katrina, Budget
Sep 21, 2005

Bill Clinton criticizes Bush administration for the budget deficit, the Ira...

 Avidly Seeking Wireless Clues From Google
Sep 21, 2005

Google keeps marching beyond Internet searching into new markets. Where nex...

 What Has Happened to Iraq's Missing $1bn?
Sep 21, 2005

One billion dollar disappears from Iraq’s defense ministry &...

 They Shoot News Anchors, Don't They?
Sep 22, 2005

How "Big Media Gags Journalism"   They Shoot News Anchors, Don't The...

 Another Google Gaffe?
Sep 23, 2005

The Authors Guild files a suit against Google for copyright infringement. ...

 In India, thinking big by thinking small
Oct 3, 2005

ICICI bank taps rural India with new, innovative and creative technologies ...

 Who is Judy Miller Kidding?
Oct 4, 2005

Ariana Huffington accuses Judy Miller of — intentionally or unintenti...

 Deadly Bacteria Detected in US Capital During Anti-War March
Oct 4, 2005

A deadly bacteria listed among bioterrorism agents was detected in the US c...

 Reforming India's financial system
Oct 9, 2005

To enhance economic growth, India must  reform its financial system . ...

 Diane Wilson: I’m Not Going to Jail Until Warren Andersen Is Extradited to India
Oct 12, 2005

Diane Wison was charged with criminal trespass in Aug 2002 , when she sacle...

 Is This the Death of America?
Oct 12, 2005

Recent events in America have revealed a creeping mildew of pain and pr...

 Making India a global hub
Oct 9, 2005

India could be a global leader in education and financial services, to na...

 Scandal Leads Refco to Shut A Subsidiary
Oct 15, 2005

Refco Inc., a New York-based firm suspends operations of Refco Capital Mark...

 You're Watching the iTunes Network
Oct 15, 2005

Apple offers a handful of ad-free TV shows for download via its iTunes Musi...

 Judith Miller, the Fourth Estate and the Warfare State
Oct 19, 2005

During the propaganda buildup for the invasion of Iraq, Judith Miller and t...

 Deve Gowda seeks details of land allotted to IT cos — Infosys' request for 845 acres for centre is the trigger
Oct 19, 2005

Our Bureau Bangalore, Oct. 17   THE Chairman of Infosys, Mr N...

 Fake share scam in the U.S.
Oct 20, 2005

Another scandal involving financial fraud and naked short sales has explo...

 Where have our young ones gone?: The coolieization of India
Oct 21, 2005

These are voices and echoes on an important issue that not many pay attenti...

 Cheese: 11 Brands Tested
Oct 29, 2005

Insight - The Consumer Magazine (September-October 2005) has published the ...

 Ben Bernanke: Another view
Oct 29, 2005

We present a view on Ben Bernanke, the new Federal Reserve Chairman by Just...

 What Judy Forgot: Your Right to Know
Nov 2, 2005

Miller cared far more about protecting someone who abused his power as the ...

 Getting connected in rural India
Nov 2, 2005

[bnet] Getting connected in rural India - BBC   Getting connected in...

 From Wall Street to Beijing: Global Finance Has New Rules, New Players
Nov 4, 2005

The rising power of hedge funds and private equity investment, continued sh...

 Global: Here Comes the Indian Consumer
Nov 4, 2005

India has the potential for an increasingly powerful internal consumption d...

 The Trail of a Clicked-On Ad, Brought to You by Google
Nov 15, 2005

Google plans to introduce free analytical tools for online publishers and m...

 Big Drug Makers See Sales Decline With Their Image
Nov 15, 2005

The major drug makers remain highly profitable, but at some, sales are stag...

 The Great Global Buyout Bubble
Nov 15, 2005

The leveraged-buyout boom and bust that Michael Milken led in the 1980's co...

 Will the Online Book Publishing Flap Rewrite Copyright Law?
Nov 22, 2005

The latest frontier in the digital content revolution -- efforts by Google,...

 Misues of anit-dowry laws
Nov 17, 2005

While anti-dowry legislation is imperative to protect women, noted lawyer M...

Nov 22, 2005

Commodities guru Kevin Kerr was featured in The Daily Reckoning presenting ...

 Nine Business Insights from Time CEO Ann Moore, Plus the Mix-and-Match Women
Nov 22, 2005

Ann Moore, chairman and CEO of Time, Inc., was a keynote speaker at the 7th...

 The Big Thaw
Nov 23, 2005

Global Disaster Will Follow If the Ice Cap on Greenland Melts Now scientis...

 Citizen Groups Fight Corporates for Free Internet in US Cities
Nov 24, 2005

Activists ,local governments and some private companies make efforts to bui...

 Surprisingly SBI!
Dec 2, 2005

“Which bank has more customers than the population of Australia?...

 Hyping India
Dec 7, 2005

In the past couple of weeks, the India hype has touched a new high. The New...

 Be careful with ayurvedic drugs
Dec 8, 2005

Labels of 18 Ayurvedic Medicines Violate Drugs and Cosmetics Rules  ...

 Can Indians Spend Like Americans?
Dec 8, 2005

This is a piece that appeared in The Rude Awakening, which is part of The...

Dec 12, 2005

Sovereign Bank and CIT Financial have implicated Dinesh Dalmia, also sought...

Dec 13, 2005

This is a recent public lecture delivered by Dr.R.H.Patil. Dr.Patil was the...

 Think tanks and piggy banks
Dec 16, 2005

Op-Eds for Sale   By Eamon Javers   A columnist from a liber...

 Transformation of the Indian Capital Market
Dec 13, 2005

Page 2 Given the speculative instincts that dominate market players in Ind...

 Dinesh Dalmia's latest exploits
Dec 24, 2005

SHELL OF A GUY By CHRISTOPHER BYRON   December 19,2005 IT'S bad en...

 RIL demerger: Investors grapple with implications
Dec 27, 2005

In the coming days, the Reliance Industries scrip will provide fertile grou...

 How Reliance's big-bang demerger will unfold
Dec 27, 2005

In just around 20 days, India’s largest private sector company will f...

Dec 29, 2005

Fugitive financier from India, Dinesh Dalmia, involved in a major fraud at ...

 CERS Wins Case Against Uttar Gujarat Vij Company
Jan 5, 2006

The Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum (Rural), Ahmedabad, has criticised th...

 India 2006: Leap year prospects
Jan 4, 2006

Despite the vast human tragedy and widespread destruction caused by the Tsu...

 The Lay of chip land
Jan 11, 2006

CERC tested 17 brands of Potato and Banana Chips and found high fat and s...

 SEBI acts against Jermyn Capital LLC
Jan 14, 2006

Shri G. Anantharaman, Whole Time Member, SEBI vide order dated January 13, ...

Jan 15, 2006


 Sucheta Dalal, Padma Shri
Jan 30, 2006

Sucheta Dalal wins the prestigious Padma Shri award for excellence in journ...

Jan 20, 2006

Dalmia loot lands in island hedge fund   OFF-SHORE SHILLING By CHRI...

 Ten trends to watch in 2006
Jan 18, 2006

Macroeconomic factors, environmental and social issues, and business and in...

 Enron's political helpmates
Feb 7, 2006

The powerful Washington couple, Phil Gramm, then-Republican senator from Te...

 The Next 'S-G'
Feb 5, 2006

Who will be the next secretary general of the United Nations as Kofi Annan&...

Feb 1, 2006


 White-Collar Crime: Who Does Time?
Feb 7, 2006

Corporate criminals are punished more harshly today than in the '80s, but h...

 Watching out for disclaimers that are not in the open
Feb 7, 2006

  “Investing is simple, but not easy”, said the legendary...

 What's at heart of Enron case, accounting or 'lies and choices'?
Feb 7, 2006

The trial of Jeffrey Skilling and Kenneth Lay, who are accused of participa...

Feb 13, 2006


 So what on earth is respect?
Feb 10, 2006

"Give respect, Get respect" says the government's action plan - but what on...

 UPDATE 6-AIG settles fraud charges for $1.64 bln
Feb 15, 2006

By Ed Leefeldt NEW YORK, Feb 9 (Reuters) - American International Group ...

 Who Watches Accounting's Watchdog?
Feb 15, 2006

No one, says a just-filed suit. If the campaign against the Public Company ...

 Birdflu In 1918 Killed 100 Million.
Feb 27, 2006

Ravinder Singh, an activist, researcher and inventor has dwelled into his...

 Bird flu pandemic would spark global downturn: report
Feb 16, 2006

Global macroeconomic consequences of pandemic influenza   Bird flu...

 CERS Case : Commission Penalises 2 Doctors For Death of Patient
Feb 22, 2006

PRESS RELEASE   Ref. : ER/Press/’06/Santram.6/DG CERS Case : ...

 Accused can be subjected to scientific tests: court
Mar 9, 2006

"It does not amount to compelling him to break his silence by force" ...

 MoneyLIFE launched
Mar 8, 2006

Launched MoneyLIFE An Essential Tool for Earnings-Spending-Investing Cycle...

 Phir bhi dil Hindustani…
Feb 27, 2006

In a week when the murderers of Jessica Lal have walked scot-free after sho...

 Indian national faces fraud charges in U.S.
Mar 10, 2006

Feds say call center was $100M shell game   Indian national faces ...

 Wal-Mart's Blogging Blunder
Mar 10, 2006

Walmart exposed for using bloggers to improve its public image  &n...

 Lakshmi Mittal makes Indian business nervous too
Mar 13, 2006

The Net savvy, educated Indians are thrilled at Lakshmi Mittal’s glob...

Mar 11, 2006

Federal prosecutors in Newark yesterday charged Dinesh Dalmia - a financier...

 A Note on: Haji Ali to Wilson College Viaduct over Pedder Road
Mar 30, 2006

With the development of South Mumbai historically and further impetus g...

 The Changing Aviation Game
Mar 26, 2006

Buget airlines are increasing market share rapidly and changing the nature ...

 Bus Rapid Transit can make Western Freeway Sea Link, Peddar Road Flyover and Mumbai Metro Redundant
Mar 30, 2006

In 1998, the Mumbai Metro plan was put forth by consortium lead by Tatas. H...

 Hundreds want Bihar man's radio station revived
Apr 1, 2006

Popular radio station started by Raghav shut down for not possessing an ope...

 When Transparency International Gets Cloudy
Apr 8, 2006

Unhappy when a recently-fired employee's complaints ended up on a blog, Tra...

 Hail of onions cuts short Pawar speech
Apr 5, 2006

Onions lie near the dais from which Pawar addressed a rally on Sunday ...

 Man sets up FM station for Rs 50 at Muzaffarpur
Apr 1, 2006

Have you ever heard of a FM station launched with just Rs 50? Well, there's...

 Sabnavis: Retail - The next marketing frontier
Apr 14, 2006


 Collateral damage of a scam: this bank officer
Apr 17, 2006

An honest SBI officer A.N Bavdekar was recently convicted in the Harshad Me...

 Fictional Hari Sadu gets a life of his own
Apr 15, 2006 in Trouble over TV Ad   Fictional Hari Sadu gets a life o...

 Boeing Parts and Rules Bent, Whistle-Blowers Say
Apr 18, 2006

In 1998, Boeing asked Jeannine Prewitt, an auditor with the company, to inv...

 CERS Wins Second Case Against Power Distribution Company
Apr 26, 2006

Consumer Education and Research Society (CERS), Ahmedabad, and Mahesh Kumar...

 In India, 'next great' industrial story
Apr 18, 2006

India "Made in China" may be getting a new rival. In India, 'next great' i...

 New strategies for consumer goods
Apr 26, 2006

The industry has already extracted much of the benefit to be had from impro...

 20 Brands of Anti-Diabetic Tablets Tested: All found effective
Apr 27, 2006

About 33 million people in India suffer from diabetes and another one milli...

 Famed economist John Kenneth Galbraith dies
May 1, 2006

John Kenneth Galbraith, the Harvard professor who won worldwide renown as a...

 When social issues become strategic
May 6, 2006

The case for incorporating an awareness of social and political trends into...

 India: Elections in West Bengal
May 13, 2006

THE elections to West Bengal state assembly, this time, is receiving unprec...

May 13, 2006

This year about 24,000 made the pilgrimage to see the Oracle of Omaha and h...

 Raising a voice against reservations.
May 20, 2006

  This is a message from a medical student which is being put up on t...

 A MANAGED MEDIA - Journalism and the seductions of power
May 13, 2006

Writer, Historian and essayist Ramchandra Guha feels that the duties of a n...

 Do fundamentals—or emotions—drive the stock market?
May 21, 2006

Dramatic stock market gyrations during and since the 1990s have encouraged ...

 Three Gorges dam wall complete. Final project works to be finished in 2008
May 25, 2006

(CNN) -- Chinese workers have completed construction work on the world's la...

 Caste matters in the Indian media
Jun 4, 2006

If television and newspaper coverage of the anti-reservation agitation wa...

 Cautious Investors Mount a Retreat
Jun 2, 2006

World Markets Pull Back From Highs On Inflation Fears   By Nell Hend...

 Banks Honor Bogus Checks and Scam Victims Pay
Jun 2, 2006

Read how thousands of consumers are victimized by an increasingly common ch...

 The Internet's Future
Jun 14, 2006

Congress should stay out of cyberspace.   THE SENATE will hold heari...

 Lalu the unknown
Jun 7, 2006

Discovering hidden aspects of the colourful politician’s style of wor...

 There is a huge consumer market out there somewhere
Jun 16, 2006

The Indian rural market with its vast size and demand base offers a huge ...

 Reporters and Sources
Jun 17, 2006

Congress considers a federal shield law.   PERHAPS AS EARLY as today...

 Eponymous heroes
Jun 16, 2006

Are Indian companies ready to take on the world?   From The Economi...

 Buy Gold Sell Goldman Sachs
Jun 19, 2006

That is what The Daily Reckoning says on Monday, June 19,2006 - a respected...

 Zen and the Art of Classified Advertising
Jun 22, 2006

Brian Carney talks to Jim Buckmaster, CEO of Craiglist, the seventh most po...

 40 W Tubelights - Which Brands Last Longer And Burn Brighter
Jun 30, 2006

INSIGHT - The Consumer Magazine has published the test findings of its in-h...

 21st century — the age of charity
Jul 3, 2006

The 19th century was the age of capitalism, the 20th the age of socialism. ...

 Many Executives' Paychecks Swelled, No Matter How They Did
Jul 10, 2006

Compensation Tended to Climb Sharply in Three-Year Period   By Teren...

 Government, Business Can Do Better With Our Data
Jul 10, 2006

Users can take lots of steps to secure their computers against online ident...

 Saalam Mumbai 2
Jul 14, 2006

This is a note on Mumbai by Dr.Vihang Vahia sent to me by Dr.Suren Dhelia. ...

 How Much Will India Endure? Pakistan Needs to Respond to Militants
Jul 13, 2006

After the dreadful blasts in Mumbai on July 11, writer Xenia Dormandy raise...

 Saalam Mumbai
Jul 13, 2006

This piece was written by Mohan Rajan in response to a query from his frien...

Jul 21, 2006

White Collar Crime-  California's lights went out and energy barrons m...

 Most of our gross national product is trapped in black market’
Jul 27, 2006

An interview from NCR Tribune with IAS officer Mr.Vijay Shankar Pandey &nb...

 Meet My Son, Your New CEO
Aug 12, 2006

And then run-proof that nepotism at the top is bad for companies. By Joel ...

 SEC Rules Tightened On Pay Disclosure
Aug 1, 2006

Firms Must Detail Total Compensation Of 5 Top Executives   By Terenc...

 Whatever Happened to Caveat Emptor?
Aug 12, 2006

In many world nations, consumers enjoy vast protections that are relatively...

Aug 12, 2006

Journalism without journalists. by NICHOLAS LEMANN Issue of 2006-08-07 &...

 Tamil FMs and RBI governors
Aug 19, 2006

Should finance ministers from Tamil Nadu assume additional charge as RBI go...

 Hidden Depths to US Monitoring
Sep 13, 2006

The scope of domestic surveillance has steadily expanded since 9/11. But la...

 NGOs should practise what they preach
Aug 25, 2006

NGO activity being largely voluntary, overheads in such organisations shoul...

 Gaping Holes in the 9/11 Narrative
Sep 13, 2006

Five years out from the attacks, why do we still know so little about what ...

 The East India Company: the future of the past
Sep 14, 2006

More than a century after its demise, the legacy of the East India Company ...

 Iridium's delayed launch
Sep 18, 2006

Investors in the failed Iridium satellite phone project of Iridium  ar...

Sep 15, 2006

Forget the orange suit.  Exxon Mobil Corporation, which admits it was ...

 HP's Hurd Gets a Hearing
Sep 24, 2006

At today's press briefing, the beleaguered CEO apologized and admitted he k...

 HP CEO Allowed 'Sting' of Reporter
Sep 23, 2006

Chairman's E-Mails Detail Operation   By Ellen Nakashima and Yuki No...

 Are Indians the Model Immigrants?
Sep 25, 2006

A columnist and accomplished businessman, Wadhwa shares hi...

 Living online: The end of privacy?
Sep 26, 2006

Social Networking sites like MySpace, Friendster and Facebook are used by m...

 Law can't bar fraudster from luxury
Oct 15, 2006

Dalmia, accused of multiple fraud running into hundreds of crores, continue...

 Anna Politkovskaya
Oct 11, 2006

"If one word sums up the life and work of Anna Politkovskaya, Russia's fore...

 The White House and Mr. Abramoff
Oct 10, 2006

A report documents hundreds of contacts between White House officials and t...

 Fiorina Pursued Leaks at H.P., Too
Oct 5, 2006

The former Hewlett-Packard chief executive Carleton S. Fiorina, once the mo...

 Embalming the fractured society
Oct 17, 2006

The Senior Citizens Bill is an unimaginative way to deal with the injuries ...

 'A condemned woman'
Oct 15, 2006

I am a pariah, the result of my journalism   'A condemned woman' Th...

 UTI: A brand name in search of an owner
Oct 28, 2006

UTI: A brand name in search of an owner SUCHETA DALAL Posted online: S...

 Squandering public funds for a handful of people
Oct 17, 2006

The author gives statistics of the Metro Rail project in Delhi and suggests...

 Milton Friedman: Free Market Thinker
Nov 17, 2006

The American economist, Professor Milton Friedman, who was awarded the No...

 SEC probing kickbacks in mutual-fund business: report
Nov 3, 2006

BOSTON (MarketWatch) -- More than two dozen mutual fund companies are und...

 The Failure of Jeff Skilling's Deregulation
Nov 2, 2006

In the early 1990s, electricity rates in California were on average 50 perc...

 What is the business of business?
Nov 17, 2006

By building social issues into strategy, big companies can recast the deb...

 How the reporter Scooped UK Royalty using his mobile phone
Dec 1, 2006

When Clive Goodman tapped into the mobile phone messaging services of Pri...

 Consumers losing crores due to gold impurity
Nov 28, 2006

Consumers of gold in India lose Rs 10,000 crore annually, on account of i...

 UK - Mobile devices could let police check nation's fingerprints
Nov 27, 2006

The police's new mobile fingerprint scanners will be allowed to check peo...

 Security: Is Technology Saint or Sinner?
Nov 27, 2006

The latest problem to be thrown at us, on top of war, global warming, dis...

 Indian Reckoning
Dec 14, 2006

The editors of The Daily Reckoning were in India last week. Here is an un...

 The spying game
Dec 12, 2006

Spying has always had a certain cachet, a "cool" factor that's stood the ...

 Thieves exploit phone system for the deaf
Dec 7, 2006

FCC reviewing relay rules that are costing U.S. businesses millions For ...

 It's the Demography, Stupid
Dec 5, 2006

The real reason the West is in danger of extinction. BY MARK STEYN Most...

 Americans Say U.S. Is Losing War
Dec 14, 2006

Public, Politicians Split on Iraq Panel's Ideas Most Americans think the...

 Slip Sliding Away Why IITs have fallen in global rankings
Dec 15, 2006

IITs have been slipping in the global university rankings for the last fe...

 The Twelve Duds of Christmas
Dec 25, 2006

We dimly recall that many years ago, as we snoozed through a Medieval Liter...

 BBC lifts the lid on secret BAE slush fund
Dec 15, 2006

With exclusive interviews with three former insiders, BBC Two's flagship bu...

 End of a man, who scared the hell out of me
Jan 4, 2007

Saddam's stroy through the eyes of a defense person. And his message to t...

 UK - How mobile phones let spies see our every move
Jan 1, 2007

Government's secret Celldar project will allow surveillance of anyone, at...

 How AirIndia treats unaccompanied minors
Jan 9, 2007

This is the experience of Abhay Pethe, as narrated by him to a consumer g...

 Apple Seeks To Muscle Into Telecom With iPod Phone
Jan 11, 2007

Apple chief executive Steve Jobs confirmed yesterday that the company has c...

 Climate Experts Worry as 2006 Is Hottest Year on Record in U.S.
Jan 11, 2007

Last year was the warmest in the continental United States in the past 112 ...

 Selling Britain's Corporate Crown Jewels
Jan 12, 2007

The continual loss of ownership of the companies that helped make Britain...

 Sweet Revenge
Jan 17, 2007

The power of retribution, spite, and loathing in the world of business Whe...

 Humorist Art Buchwald dies at 81
Jan 20, 2007

Buchwald’s son, Joel, who was with his father, disclosed his death at...

 Microsoft Agrees to Settle Class Action
Feb 15, 2007

In a stunning about face, Microsoft Corp. has agreed to settle a class acti...

 Researcher Says Airbags Pose Threat To Hearing
Feb 15, 2007

An airbag might save your life in a car accident, but it could also cost yo...

 Daffy Does Doom
Jan 30, 2007

Dick Durbin went to the floor of the Senate on Thursday night to denounce...

 The real Star
Jan 26, 2007

The story of Major Manish H Pitambare who gave his life for his country, ...

 Terrorists and stock markets - International Terrorism Monitor
Feb 16, 2007

In his address to the 43rd Munich Conference on Security Policy on February...

 A yen for the Yen
Feb 15, 2007

"Carry on living dangerously", says the headline in The Economist.It was ta...

 Prosecutors Crack Insider-Trading Ring
Mar 4, 2007

Prosecutors Break Up What They Call One of the Biggest Wall Street Insider-...

 Royal Sundaram Held Liable For Deficiency In Service
Feb 27, 2007

The Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum, Ahmedabad City, partly allowed a com...

 Privacy is good for business
Feb 16, 2007

An interview with IBM Chief Privacy Officer - Harriet Pearson "I'm an exam...

 Double Standards: Noise levels at Godrej Party for Liz Hurley and Arun Nayar
Mar 9, 2007

Noise activist Sumaira Abdulali of Awaaz Foundation, has called into ques...

 Where Even Ethiopia Is Doing Better Than Asia: William Pesek
Mar 7, 2007

Tokyo is rarely the best place to get an accurate snapshot of Asia. Economi...

 The Coming Wall Street Scandal
Mar 21, 2007

Is it sleazy fraud or inadvertent error? You be the judge. A year after Er...

 Penthouse In Ruins, India Pays Rs 72 Lakh
Mar 13, 2007

The Indian WTO mission shells out for trashed flat It's a tale o...

 Study: Most angioplasties not needed
Mar 30, 2007

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana (AP) -- More than half a million people a year with ...

 The Trouble With India
Mar 30, 2007

Crumbling roads, jammed airports, and power blackouts could hobble growth ...

 Outrage at India menstrual form
Apr 12, 2007

  The form asks for a "detailed menstrual history"Women ...

 India's Skills Famine
Apr 12, 2007

The economic transformation of India is one of the great business s...

 Employment, social justice and societal well-being
Apr 9, 2007

The purpose of economic activity is to increase the well-being of individua...

 CBI freezes 2001 Stock Broker Scam accused Dharmesh Doshi's bank account In London
Apr 14, 2007

 In a significant development, the Central Bureau of Investigation fro...

 Calling India
May 9, 2007

L.A. students are hooking up with tutors in South Asia for help with their ...

 Distant planet judged possibly habitable
Apr 24, 2007

In a find­ing that if con­firmed could stand as a land­mark in ...

 Women Leaders Converge to Discuss Lack of Equity in Academia
May 11, 2007

On May 2, Harvard's president-elect, Drew Gilpin Faust, gathered four curre...

 For a memory boost . . . the eyes have it
May 9, 2007

Moving your eyes from side to side for 30 seconds every morning can boost m...

 The Globalization of Electronic Election Theft
May 12, 2007

From Ohio and California to Scotland and France, the disputes surrounding e...

 Building a fire under Honda
May 14, 2007

Honda CR-V Fires In a class action suit against American Hon...

 Give Moms Their Due - They've Earned It
May 12, 2007

Boston - It's become a Mother's Day tradition on a par with candy, flowers ...

 15 brands of table fans tested, 4 fail in safety
May 27, 2007

INSIGHT, The Consumer Magazine, published by Consumer Education and Researc...

 Women Get to the Top of Firms Run by Women, Says LBS Report
May 27, 2007

Women are unlikely to thrive in organisations where fewer than 30% of the s...

 FDA Bans Toothpaste from China
May 27, 2007

The Food and Drug Administration said it is blocking all shipments of tooth...

 The RTI at work: From the diary of an Information Commissioner
Jun 3, 2007

This is the synopsis of a talk (in Marathi) delivered by Mr ...

 Indian Red Tape
Jul 15, 2007

Information is Power and here is where you get an inside account on the buz...

 Prakash Kardaley is no more
Jul 15, 2007

Prakash Kardaley’s: A transparency crusader passes away   By ...

 Whistle-Blower's Fight For Pension Drags On
Jul 10, 2007

Former defense official seeks private relief bill.     ...

 Check out the latest issue of MoneyLIFE
Jul 8, 2007

STOCKS Don’t Let Growth Dazzle YouGrowth matters. But so d...

 96% of This Year's Recalled Toys Came From China
Jul 4, 2007

Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) wants Congress to hold hearings to...

 Pratibha Patil, True Story – by Arun Shourie
Jul 3, 2007

'A big step for women… This shows India has a lot of respect for wome...

 Sleepless in America
Jun 2, 2007

Have you ever gotten into your car feeling exhausted, but since you had to ...

 Latest MoneyLIFE issue
Jun 10, 2007

Check out the latest MoneyLIFE issue COVER STORY 9 Cash Rich Sm...

 Latest MoneyLIFE issue
Jun 9, 2007

Check out the Latest MoneyLIFE issue COVER STORY 9 Cash...

 Study Finds Investors Fare Poorly in Securities Arbitration
Jun 23, 2007

Individual investors who are compelled to rely on industry-run securities a...

 Indian community in the US is up in arms
Jun 18, 2007

The powerful Indian community in the US is up in arms about Senator Barack ...

 Latest issue of MoneyLIFE
Jun 17, 2007

Check out the latest MoneyLIFE issue out on stands COVER STORY ...

 A blue moon tonight: 30 June 2007
Jun 30, 2007

  How many times have you heard people saying that something or the o...

 Supreme Court Deals Investors Another Setback
Jun 23, 2007

For the second time in a week, the U.S. Supreme Court has issued a ruling t...

 And don't forget: there is the husband too
Jul 3, 2007

The trouble with women's empowerment is that, carried away, people forget t...

 Transparency in Public Life
Jul 15, 2007

Transparency in public life By Prakash Kardaley (Prakash Kardaley, a crus...

 Check out the lastest issue of MoneyLIFE !
Jul 25, 2007

STOCKS Growing Up, Branching Out Handelsbanken has already achiev...

 Digital DNA could finger Harry Potter leaker
Jul 22, 2007

A few lines of 'digital DNA' could allow the publishers of Harry Potter to ...

 Consumer is no longer king -- more likely to be axed
Jul 16, 2007

For all those who are harassed by marketing calls of companies and can do n...

 With Asset Boom Essentially Over, Is It Time to Buy?
Aug 2, 2007

The great asset boom is over. Market historians may want to mark last Wed...

 The CEO's role in leading transformation
Jul 31, 2007

In today’s business environment, companies cannot settle for incremen...

 Volunteers for MoneyLIFE Foundation
Aug 4, 2007

A year and a half ago, Debashis Basu and I launched MoneyLIFE -- a personal...

 Credit Card Buyer Beware
Aug 3, 2007

The federal agencies that are supposed to regulate the banking and credit c...

 Check out the latest issue of MoneyLIFE
Aug 21, 2007

  Check out the latest issue of MoneyLIFE STOCKS Innova...

 US exports poison
Aug 16, 2007

I am a long way from a properly functioning computer screen. But thanks to ...

 The Punch Bowl Caucus
Sep 3, 2007

The motley collection of gazillionaires, conservatives, and industrialist...

Aug 10, 2007

Check out the latest issue of MoneyLIFE STOCKS Experience Vs. Ins...

 Waiver of entry load on direct Mutual Fund applications
Sep 11, 2007

This is a rather astonishing, personal account from a high networth individ...

 G.V.Ramakrishna: A solution to the problems in the Middle East
Aug 22, 2007

Exculusive! A solution to the Middle East Problem   By Mr.G.V.Ramak...

 Hedge-Fund Guy Atones for His Subprime Bond Sins: Mark Gilbert
Aug 30, 2007

Dear investor, we'd like to take this opportunity to update you on the rece...

 Jt.CP Pradyna Sarvade headed for SEBI? Exclusive!
Aug 23, 2007

Pradnya Sarvade: moving to SEBI? 23 August 2007 Jt.Commis...

 Comcast Cuts Off Heavy Internet Users
Sep 3, 2007

Customers complain bandwidth limits are secret Comcast has warned broadban...

 Scam Probe Uncovers 'Startling' Evidence In Nigeria
Sep 10, 2007

Investigators recover more than 15,000 counterfeit checks An international...

 Calls Grow for Foreigners to Have a Say on U.S. Market Rules
Sep 10, 2007

Politicians, regulators and financial specialists outside the United States...

 The cons of the nuclear deal - By G.V.Ramakrishna - (!Exclusive!)
Sep 26, 2007

As far as the US is concerned, the deed is already done. Like a magician dr...

 Judicial accountability- the Justice Sabharwal saga
Sep 20, 2007

Probe demanded into allegations against former chief justice A section of...

 Contempt Of Judicial Power. Prashant Bhushan, Campaign for Judicial Accountability and Reforms
Sep 20, 2007

Former Chief Justice of India Y.K. Sabharwal's defence becomes murkier --...

 SCAM : Spam-scam crackdown nets $2 billion in fake checks
Oct 8, 2007

An international crackdown on Internet financial scams this year has yielde...

 Dan Rather's Magnum Opus
Sep 27, 2007

Media is a word that has come to mean bad journalism.- Graham Greene &nb...

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Oct 10, 2007

COVER STORY Portfolio for the Lazy InvestorDo you want an exposure...

 An Open Letter to Sonia Gandhi On Urban Transport
Oct 10, 2007

To see what is right, and not to do it, is want of courage or of principle&...

 Benazir Bhutto, a kleptocrat in a Hermes scarf
Oct 23, 2007

She's back. Hurrah! She's a woman. She's brave. She's a moderate. She speak...

 Exclusive: MEGATREND WATCH 2007-2012
Oct 22, 2007

Mega Trend Watch: 2007 to 2012   By Asish Putambekar   Intro...

 Users are a bigger headache than hackers: survey
Nov 6, 2007

Poll shows concern about user actions is high IT managers are more concern...

 Industries Paid for Top Regulators' Travel
Nov 3, 2007

Two Heads of Product Safety Agency Accepted Trips From Manufacturer Groups ...

 China's Bid to Tame Economy Begins a Real Estate Bust
Oct 24, 2007

First the USA real estate market burst, then England, after that Spain, now...

 How to steal a billion
Nov 6, 2007

One more CEO makes it big. The company made its single biggest loss ever ...

 I should pay more tax, says US billionaire Warren Buffett
Nov 6, 2007

Warren Buffett counts the money from his wallet after an employee asked how...

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Nov 8, 2007

 Pick Stocks that Funds Don’t Rising Market Risk  Retail...

 The Bear's Lair: Level 3 Decimation?
Nov 7, 2007

There’s a mystery on Wall Street. Merrill Lynch last week wrote off $...

 Plane Fraud on Goa
Nov 14, 2007

By Philip S. ThomasA conspiracy is being perpetrated in “plane”...

 High-Fee, Low-Credit Charge Cards Prey Upon the Poor
Nov 14, 2007

Feds override state consumer protection laws Banks and marketers, taking a...

 Merck Caves, Agrees To $4.85 Billion Vioxx Settlement
Nov 13, 2007

Pain reliever raised risk of heart attack, stroke Vioxx, et al After i...

 Should Hillary Pretend to Be a Flight Attendant?
Nov 18, 2007

In 2005, a year after Ellie Grossman, a doctor, met Ray Fisman, a professor...

 One man's call to change the world
Nov 14, 2007

One man’s call to change the world. Fresh out of Law school here is...

Nov 26, 2007

Check out the latest issue of MoneyLIFE COVER STORY Follow the B...

 What "That Regan Woman" Knows
Nov 19, 2007

New Yorkers who remember Rudy Giuliani as the bullying New York mayor, not ...

 Beware our shadow banking system
Nov 30, 2007

Beware our shadow banking system We have a secret banking system built on ...

 The Stealth Public Bailout of Reckless “Countrywide”: Privatizing Profits and Socializing Losses
Nov 30, 2007

The letter by Senator Schumer questioning  the $51.1 billion that Coun...

 Our Troops Must Leave Iraq
Dec 6, 2007

The American people no longer support the war in Iraq. The war is being car...

 Will Rules for Recovery Agents Work?
Dec 4, 2007

An analysis by the Society for Development & Justice    ...

 NCDEX top brass Narendra Gupta puts in papers
Dec 24, 2007

  Narendra Gupta, the chief of strategy, at the National Commodities ...

 It's Not 1929, but It's the Biggest Mess Since
Dec 7, 2007

It was Charles Mackay, the 19th-century Scottish journalist, who observed t...

 14-year old schoolboy hacks into Polish tram system
Jan 11, 2008

Teenage prodigy derails trams building remote device   By Graeme Bak...

 UNSAFE : Barclays 'chairman' scams his own bank
Jan 11, 2008

Fraudster poses as bank’s chairman, withdraws £10,000   ...

 Japanese look to Indian learning strategies
Jan 2, 2008

Japan looks to India for a better way to learn   By Martin Fackler ...

 Resign, Mr.Li -- says HongKong activist group
Feb 6, 2008

Resign, Mr Li6th February 2008 which offers an independent...

 US Elections: There's Been No Contest Like It
Feb 6, 2008

There's Been No Contest Like It A piece by Michael Tomasky of&nbs...

 Goa airport: Hot Topic for a White Paper?
Jan 31, 2008

Goa governmnet needs to clarify it airport plans Philip S. Thomas Recen...

 Colonial conquest of India by Cambridge University
Feb 21, 2008

Indian government pays Rs26 crore for Cambridge Chair   By R. Vaidya...

 Reliance Powers Off on Listing Day
Feb 12, 2008

Historic IPO success blows a fuse   By Sucheta Dalal   Power ...

 Goa Seeks a two-airport system
Feb 21, 2008

Goa seeks a two-airport system     Aviation expert, Philip S....

 Republicans worried about Obama's popular appeal
Mar 6, 2008

Now It Gets Dangerous for Democrats   by John Nichols   Here ...

 Obama's popularity worries Republicans
Mar 6, 2008

Now It Gets Dangerous for Democrats   by John Nichols   Here ...

 Hardwired To Speculate
Feb 21, 2008

Craving For Risky Trading   In some situations, brain images of dr...

 Unwelcome Surprises
Mar 8, 2008

The New York Times on the surprising fall of Eliot Spitzer By GAIL COLLINS...

 World's Best-Known Protest Symbol Turns 50
Mar 21, 2008

It started life as the emblem of the British anti-nuclear movement but it h...

 If Bear Stearns was in dire straits, how many other financial institutions are too?
Mar 18, 2008

Louise Armitstead and James Quinn in New York reveal the inside story of Fr...

 The $200 billion bail-out for predator banks and Spitzer charges are intimately linked
Mar 16, 2008

While New York Governor Eliot Spitzer was paying an ‘escort’ $4...

 Rescue Me: A Fed Bailout Crosses a Line
Mar 24, 2008

By GRETCHEN MORGENSON WHAT are the consequences of a world in which regul...

 Be glad your car doesn't run on cough syrup, after shave, coffee or printer ink!
Mar 24, 2008

The high cost of petrol looks very different when put int perpective. Here ...

 Bettering traffic-safety near Mumbai airports
Mar 24, 2008

Timing the signals is just one of the solutions to reduce traffic at juncti...

 Lobbyists Spend Record Sums to Influence Washington
Apr 12, 2008

BY ABID ASLAM   WASHINGTON - The old jab about the United States hav...

 April Fools' Day Facts: Behind the Laughs
Apr 1, 2008

National Geographic explores the legend and the myth   Graeme Stemp-...

 Partying Like Its 1929
Mar 26, 2008

By Paul Krugman       If Ben Bernanke manages to save th...

 India, the Incredible and the Vulnerable
Apr 23, 2008


 SEBI's Order Against Karvy Set Aside: IPO Scam
May 7, 2008

SEBI's Disgorgement Order Set Aside Karvy Wins Appeal T...

 Did the US Supreme Court Just Elect John McCain?
May 1, 2008

An article from The Free Press on how a US Supreme Court judgement req...

 Dumb As We Want To Be
May 1, 2008

America has no cogent energy policy, says Thomas L.Friedman, in The New Yor...

 March the Warmest on Record Over World's Land Surfaces
Apr 23, 2008

By Randolph E. Schmid The Associated Press   Sunday 20 April 2008...

 War Made Easy: How the US Manipulates Coverage
May 7, 2008

Analysis of How the US Manipulated War Coverage By Norman Solomon  t...

 Invite: Workshop on Responsible Borrowing and Dispute Resolution
May 7, 2008

  Third MoneyLIFE Workshop – 17th May 2008, Nehru Centre &...

 US Consumers Rank Last In World Survey of Green Habits
May 9, 2008

by Queenie Wong   WASHINGTON - Americans rank last in a new National...

 Reactions to Mumbai-Pune Expressway Accident
May 7, 2008

      Immature reactions to accidents lead to bad policy ...

 Will Cross Margins Kill the Bombay Stock Exchange?
May 10, 2008

Will Cross Margining Kill BSE?     By Sucheta Dalal   C...

 Who Will Tell the People?
May 9, 2008

By THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN Published: May 4, 2008 The New York Times  ...

 Menace of Mis-steps over Goa 's Mopa Airport
May 22, 2008

Menace of Mis-steps over Goa ’s Mopa Airport   Philip S. Thoma...

 House Passes Bill to Sue OPEC Over Oil Prices
May 21, 2008

By Reuters Tuesday 20 May 2008 Washington - The House of Representatives ...

 Jailed for seeking information under RTI
May 23, 2008

By Manoj Chaurasia/The Statesman   PATNA, May 21: Not very long ag...

 Did Wall Street Wreck The Economy?
Jun 2, 2008

Congress, regulators start to connect the dots     By Mark H...

 Misuse of Maharashtra Chief Minister's relief Fund
May 29, 2008

  This is an open letter by Right To Information (RTI) activist Shail...

 United, Continental Ground Jets, Lay Off Workers
Jun 6, 2008

Consumers will face higher fares, fewer flights United kills Ted, its low-...

 Attention Geeks and Hackers: Uncle Sam's Cyber Force Wants You!
Jun 6, 2008

Thursday 05 June 2008 by: William J. Astore,   Rece...

 Emergency Medical Service on Mumbai Pune Expressway
Jun 16, 2008

Recently Dr. Narendra Vaidya, a trauma surgeon from Sion hospital has sta...

 J.K.Rowling at the Harvard commencement lecture
Jun 10, 2008

The Fringe Benefits of Failure, and the Importance of Imagination Harvard ...

 MIAL is a part of 'state', says HC
Jun 10, 2008

Anshika Misra June 06, 2008 MUMBAI: In a landmark judgment with far-reach...

 Dan Rather Slams Corporate News
Jun 9, 2008

Rather Spoke at the National Conference for Media Reform By Dan Rath...

 Paulson To Urge New Fed Powers
Jun 19, 2008

Bank Would Help Police Wall Street   By Neil Irwin Washington Post ...

 Exclusive: A student's anguish
Jul 8, 2008

Intro: Prerna Gupta, a student who has just passed her tenth standard, writ...

 Exclusive -- India Needs Harvard Style Management Education
Jun 24, 2008

Acute Shortage of Management Cases! Philip S. Thomas   In this Int...

 U.S. Seeks Data Exchange
Jul 15, 2008

Newer European Union Countries Want Waiver From Visa Requirements   ...

 Fugitive Fund Manager Turns Himself In
Jul 8, 2008

Israel Faked Suicide to Avoid 20-Year Term for $450 Million Fraud By Holl...

 The Obama Agenda
Jul 15, 2008

Monday, 30 June 2008 by: Paul Krugman, The New York Times   It's fe...

 The Death of Reaganomics
Jul 17, 2008

Thursday 10 July 2008 by: E.J. Dionne,   The biggest p...

 The Bear's Lair, by Martin Hutchinson
Jul 17, 2008

Level 3 Decimation?   Written by Martin Hutchinson  &nbs...

 Why No Outrage?
Jul 21, 2008

Through history, outrageous financial behavior has been met with outrage. B...

 Thinking Small
Jul 21, 2008

The success of an SME exchange needs much more than what SEBI has proposed,...

 Subhiksha hits back
Aug 11, 2008

Subhiksha says it is unfairly targeted by FDA   It is well known fac...

 God has always been planning things for me'
Jul 31, 2008

July 28, 2008 Shobha Warrier   Naga Naresh Karutura has just passe...

 Mukesh Ambani: A rare interview to MoneyLIFE
Aug 11, 2008

Arbitrage in farm produce is much bigger than that in software services &n...

 Aditya Puri: A rare interview to MoneyLIFE
Aug 12, 2008

“You can’t let anybody know you are not as confident” &n...

 Professor MM Sharma: A rare interview to MoneyLIFE
Aug 12, 2008

I made a living doing what I wanted to do and I am willing do it all over a...

 KV Kamath - A rare interview to MoneyLIFE
Aug 12, 2008

Course correction is important and you have to build it into a pattern &...

 RA Mashelkar - A rare interview to MoneyLIFE
Aug 25, 2008

We will no longer talk of the history of science, we will talk of the geogr...

 Dr.Vijay P Bhatkar - A rare interview to MoneyLIFE
Aug 25, 2008

In the next few decades we will create wealth we have never seen before, as...

 Baba Kalyani - A rare interview to MoneyLIFE
Aug 25, 2008

India’s competitive strength has never been cheap labour; it is brain...

 The nation and its 40 hectares
Sep 1, 2008

V.P. Malik, Former Chief of Army Staff   At a time when the national...

 Rajiv Bajaj - A rare interview to MoneyLIFE
Aug 25, 2008

We were on the shop floor with T-shirts and jeans... building the bikes dra...

 Sam Balsara - A rare interview to MoneyLIFE
Sep 2, 2008

“A professional manager cannot match up to the owner manager’...

 Hafeez Contractor - A rare interview to MoneyLIFE
Sep 2, 2008

“When I was in college I used to tell my friends, my office will be r...

 Sanjeev Bikhchandani - A rare interview to MoneyLIFE
Sep 2, 2008

''I must be the most risk averse person I have met. I am really scared of r...

 Meeran Borwankar - A rare interview to MoneyLIFE
Sep 2, 2008

“With the organised criminal gangs, it is like playing a game of ches...

 Meenakshi Madhvani - A rare interview to MoneyLIFE
Sep 11, 2008


 Ashank Desai - A rare interview to MoneyLIFE
Sep 11, 2008

"For four professionals, to build a business in the 1980s in a new industry...

 Keki Dadiseth - A rare interview to MoneyLIFE
Sep 12, 2008

"I look forward to my second innings with as much enthusiasm as I did ...

 AM Naik - A rare interview to MoneyLIFE
Sep 15, 2008

By 2010, we will hopefully come to the take-off point to becoming a true In...

 A K Purwar's interview to MoneyLIFE
Sep 15, 2008

We now have world-class technology, processes, complete range of products a...

 Ram Shriram - A rare interview to MoneyLIFE
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Humility is another trait that I look for. You listen a lot better if you a...

 Rakeysh Mehra - A rare interview to MoneyLIFE
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A pregnant lady told me that she is proud that Rang De is the first film th...

 Glenn Saldanha tells MoneyLIFE how he created an innovative pharma company
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I think most of the outside world thought we were crazy when we said we are...

 Geet Sethi - A rare interviwe to Money LIFE
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There is a difference between passion and obsession. You can have differe...

 Jignesh Shah - A rare interviwe to Money LIFE
Sep 16, 2008

We were like the Indian cricket team in the 1983 World Cup. One article sai...

 Sudhakar Prabhu speaks to to MoneyLIFE magazine
Sep 17, 2008

You will not get this kind of growth opportunity in the next 15-20 years an...

 Prof. Jagdish Sheth - in conversation with MoneyLIFE magazine
Sep 17, 2008

India will be targeted for business not just by the US but by the world. Ja...

 Satish Magar narrates to MoneyLIFE how he created Magarpatta
Sep 17, 2008

Our township has acted as an agent of social change through a policy of inc...

 Court Stops International Spam Network
Oct 16, 2008

World's largest "spam gang" has assets frozen -- says a report by www.consu...

 Capitalism Has Left The Building: The Daily Reckoning
Oct 16, 2008

Here is an excerpt from Bill Bonner's letter in The Daily Reckoning a e-inv...

 Towards REAL Low Cost Aviation
Oct 24, 2008

By Philip S. Thomas When an otherwise extremely methodical airline like J...

 A Half hearted Correction of Lending & Borrowing rules
Nov 1, 2008

By Deepak Sanchety   Yesterday, the Securities & Exchange Board ...

 Hedge Fund Ace, Andrew Lahde blasts Wall Street
Oct 22, 2008

One of the most popular forwards on the Internet recently is the 'farewell ...

 More good money chasing bad?

Steel Company restructuring increases institutions’ risk By Sucheta...

 Power politics in Maharashtra

Just a few months ago, Maharashtra was reeling under a power crisis. The St...

 Mani's ire

DIFFERENT STROKES Why has Mani Shankar Aiyar rather than Prakash Mani Tripa...

 Companies Act (Amendment) Bill 2003

The Department of Company Affairs has now put up the draft bill on its we...

 IIM Review: Settling for second best?
Nov 10, 2008

Philip S. Thomas puts the IIM Review under the scanner and concludes that t...

 Supervision-proof Dinesh Dalmia

Over the last year, this column has documented the antics of the inc...

 Watching Over The Watchdogs

Several years ago, at another of those endless seminars on corporate gove...

 On using the Internet successfully

Go to the Customs warehouse at Mumbai and you find officials joke abou...

 Cell cartel?

December 27: Telecom Minister Pramod Mahajan launched Reliance Infocom̵...

 Financing trouble

When IFCI, armed with an order from the Debt Recovery Tribunal (DRT) atta...

 Corporate Disclosures And The Media

Eight years ago, when the IPO market was at its manic worst, corporate In...

 Needed: more action than words


 Bias in the boardroom

The Reka Maximovitch-Phaneesh Murthy episode triggered a scandal in India I...

 Whistleblower's courage

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote (Different Strokes, Indian Express, April 19...

 How's this?

These days most domestic airports in the country have introduced the system...

 Lets track those auditors NOW

In response to a suggestion in the discussion forum, Virendra Jain, a dog...


Corporateeering: How Corporate Power Steals Your Personal Freedom And What ...


Sebi's charges against Alliance Capital raise questions about its own super...

 Revisiting Sachin and the Ferrari issue

On September 23, 2002 I wrote the following column for Rediff. I am posting...

 Without Renewed Interest From Foreign Investors, No Feel Good Factor

It appears that nothing pleases the market anymore. Jaswant Singh’s f...

 Piling On the New York Times With a Scoop

Story on Secret Program Further Rouses Critics   By Howard Kurtz Wa...

 Iraq war fears weigh on Indian tech, refinery stocks

India's export-driven technology shares run the risk of a meltdown if a war...

 No stalling now

The notorious Dinesh Dalmia, of DSQ Software, made yet another attempt to b...

 Responses to Sachin's Ferrari

As expected, a column on Sachin Tendulkar led to a flood of responses. Grat...

 PMO seeks oil ministry comments on Anil Ambani's allegations
Jul 22, 2009

The ongoing spat between Ambani brothers couldn’t get murkier over the gas dispute in days to come from now.

 Bombay's tragedy:
Dec 4, 2008

The Rape of a Fortress By Pavan Nair

 Satyam’s Mischief – A Case of History Repeats Itself?
Dec 17, 2008

Corporate governance failures are easily forgotten in India

 Top 10 Scams of 2008
Dec 30, 2008

Financial meltdown creates opportunities for scammers

 Newton & Climate Change
Dec 30, 2008

B Rajaram on effective use of Newton's principle of gravitational force

 A Violinist in the Metro
Jan 3, 2009

Stop to smell the roses or listen to a musical masterpiece

 Independence Day
Jan 3, 2009

Read Mr R Balakrishnan's views about Satyam's '"independent" directors

 Signals missed by the Finance Ministry and the RBI of an impending domestic financial crisis
Jan 3, 2009

Here is an open letter to the Finance Ministry by the former secretary to GOI suggesting improvement of the present economic crisis

 Bailout Package to Industries hit by the Global Financial Crisis
Jan 3, 2009

E.A.S.Sarma’s appeal to the Finance Ministry to avoid public anger and work out a relief package for the industries that have been hit by the global financial crisis. Here is the latest open letter to DEA by E.A.S.Sarma (Former Secretary to GOI)

 EAS Sarma, Former Revenue Secretary asks tough questions
Jan 8, 2009

 Pressured by I.R.S., UBS Is Closing Secret Accounts
Jan 12, 2009

Under pressure from federal authorities, the Swiss bank UBS is closing the hidden offshore accounts of its well-heeled American clients, potentially allowing their secrets to spill into the open.

 Satyam Scam: Bad policies encourage loot
Jan 15, 2009

Read this letter of an IT head outlining how government policies and generous, thoughtless exemptions – all at the cost of the taxpayer have encouraged IT scams

 EAS Sarma tracks Satyam's dubious investments
Jan 13, 2009

In another hard hitting letter, former Revenue Secretary EAS Sarma has drawn attention to an investment by M/S Lakeside Investment Ltd., which may be an affiliate of the Ramalinga Raju family of Satyam Computers in the Gangavaram Port at Vizag.

 Iconic B-school Management
Jan 27, 2009

A set of six B-school cases has recently become
available from Harvard Business School (HBS).
The cases, written by Professors Srikant Datar and
DavidGarvin together with Carin-Isabel Knoop
(4 cases) and James Webber (the remaining 2 cases),
are on HBSitself, Stanford, Chicago, Yale, INSEAD
and the Centre for Creative Leadership (a reputed
specialist institution engaged in "business education")

 Unfair to impute motives to CEC
Feb 5, 2009

It is incumbent on mature and dispassionate analysts not to look at the CEC's report through political or ideological spectacles and import into it hidden purposes and meanings, says BS Raghavan

 Coin Game
Feb 17, 2009

An international network marketing scheme hawking expensive limited edition coins is attracting a huge following. Sucheta Dalal examines this strange quest

 Mallya's Kingfisher has most cases of drunk pilots
Jul 22, 2009

Vijay Mallya, the beer king of India had named his carrier services after his popular brand 'Kingfisher', but it appears as if the pilots of this airline are taking their loyalty a bit too seriously!

 Interview on NDTV Profit with Dr. Omkar Goswami
Mar 10, 2009

 No Criminals Campaign
Mar 23, 2009

Take a Stand! Tell them that you have had enough!

 Take a pledge:ban criminals from politics
Mar 30, 2009

A campaign to decriminalize politics was launched at Prabhadevi was launched in Mumbai. To know more SMS the words NC and your Pin code to 567678

Sacrificing SEBI’s credibility to save NSDLSacrificing SEBI’s credibility to save NSDL
Apr 5, 2009

How the Regulator's credibility, and that of the SEBI board committee is being sacrificed to protect NSDL.

 Vindictive Action?
Apr 22, 2009

The battle between the bourses is turning really ugly and now hurting NSE employees.

 CEO Compensation
Apr 25, 2009

Obscene CEO compensations doesnt seem to bother Indain Companies this time

 Interview with Aditya Puri
Apr 25, 2009

Aditya Puri, Managing Director of HDFC Bsnk is an optimist for some solid reasons. He explains these to Sucheta Dalal

 What you need to know about Swine Flu.
Apr 30, 2009

The myth and reality about Swine Flu(influenza A H1N1), deconstructed for you by

 Chinese handsets to go on, COAI to provide new IMEI numbers
May 4, 2009

“Tough” directives of the DoT nullified by interested parties

 A Fairy-tale Career Goes Off-Axis
May 6, 2009

By leaving succession planning till the last moment and quitting abruptly, did Dr PJ Nayak let down his beloved Axis Bank and his colleagues?

 Cyber criminals imitating social networks to spread malware
May 14, 2009

Users of Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and other social networking sites are under threat from fraudsters. So, double check what sites you are visiting and don't reveal personal or sensitive information on the Internet.

 You can soon access your personal information directly from CIBIL
May 14, 2009

CIBIL will be launching this service within the financial year

 Price of your cuppa tea goes up due to demand-supply gap
May 16, 2009

The main reason behind the price hike is demand-supply mismatch with traders taking advantage of the market conditions, which unfortunately are not in favour of end-users.

 Stress Test Failure
May 18, 2009

NSE Messes Up In Calculations – Again

 The market goes crazy: but pays a big price too
May 18, 2009

Everyones going ga-ga over the elections, leading to an unrealistic rally, manipulators are playing their part well.

 Short-sellers in trouble?
May 18, 2009

If there is another run up tomorrow or on 19th May, there will be further losses on the short sellers of futures.

 BSE Gets Galileo Global Advisors On Board
May 20, 2009

Madhu Kannan to get advice from his former bosses at the NYSE

 CBDT clarifies new TDS, TCS rules; hopes to end deductor's 'nightmare'
May 22, 2009

After giving nightmares to tax payees and tax deductors, some one higher up in the government has finally taken steps to cut down the troubles.

May 25, 2009

Education that goes beyond

 Religare, Swiss Re ties up for health insurance jv in India
Jun 1, 2009

Religare and Swiss Re may be investing about Rs5 billion in the joint venture which would be operational by 2010

 Today's Headlines
Jun 1, 2009

A summary of business headlines across the media

 Reliance Industries unit Trevira files application for insolvency
Jun 3, 2009

Loss making Trevira, one of Europe’s' largest polyster fibres maker has appointed restructuring expert Elke Bauerle as managing director

 Home Trade scam: still waiting for justice
Jun 10, 2009

After more than seven years, the victims in the infamous Home Trade scam are still waiting for justice.

 Custodian to move Special Court to find out source of Ketan Parekh's money
Jun 10, 2009

 Amar Singh admitted in Singapore hospital for kidney treatment
Jun 12, 2009

Amar Singh of the Samajwadi Party was out of the media coverage for quite some time, following his deteriorating health.

 Much Ado over…
Jun 19, 2009

The SEBI created a mountain from a mole hill to show that it is not afraid to act on the even the biggest

 Tata Motors chooses first 100,000 owners of Nano; deliveries to begin in July
Jun 23, 2009

The wait is over. With the arrival of the monsoon, Tata Motors has also announced the first 100,000 successful Nano owners

 Nilekani to resigns from Infosys following PM’s offer to head UIA
Jun 25, 2009

Time magazine in 2009 placed Nandan Nilekani, in its list of ‘World’s most influential people’. The question is can he do justice to the job handed over to him, since dealing with babus and ministers is certainly not a cake walk.

 SEBI's ban on Jermyn Capital continues till Nov 2010
Jun 26, 2009

The market regulator said it was necessary to put in place a moratorium before a person can be considered fit and proper again. This applies to Jermyn Capital after Dharmesh Doshi, a close associate of Ketan Parekh, severed his ties from the company only on 30th November 2008.

 Budget Special : The Balancing Act Ahead says ICRA
Jun 30, 2009

ICRA, an Associate of Moody’s Investors Service, said it the Union Budget for 2009-10 is expected to provide a thrust to spending in the infrastructure as well as social sectors, and selectively rationalise taxes, while at the same time ensuring that the fiscal deficit does not slip significantly below the level indicated in the Interim Budget.

 Air India’s bailout to cost government dear
Jun 30, 2009

A decade long delay in implementing the Disinvestment Commission’s suggestions on the bailout of Air India will now cost the government an extra Rs9,000 crore.

 Government drops change in TDS rules
Jul 2, 2009

Wll known Chartered Accountant Ameet Patel explains the details of the new TDS rules

 No increase in passenger rail fares, slew of sops in budget
Jul 3, 2009

Indian Railway, the world's largest rail service, earns 92 paise of every rupee from passengers while spending 36 paise on its 1.4 million employees and just 3 paise on development. Does this means there is no real hope for a better rail service?

Jul 6, 2009

We take a look at the key features of the budget

Jul 6, 2009

The highlights of this years budget

 Government raises income tax exemption limits; incentive for farm, exporters
Jul 6, 2009

After the populist rail budget and economic survey everyone was expecting a stimulus from the finance minister. However, after his ‘lackluster’ budget, everybody, including markets felt let down.

 Mumbai: The Great Skywalk Rip-off
Jul 8, 2009

The delicate and fragile Mumbai Skywalks, the ambitious project of MMRDA costs more than the newly inaugurated Bandra Worli Sea Link, on a per square meter basis. Is it an attempt to rob taxpayer’s money?

 Bharati Shipyard raises Great Offshore offer price to Rs405 cash
Jul 8, 2009

The battle for buying Great Offshore, the first of its kind in Indian ship building industry, is becoming interesting day by day. After Bharati’s increased offer, it would be interesting to see if ABG matches the same or makes a higher offer.

 Top guns to sit on Air India international advisory board
Jul 9, 2009

In a move to turn around the cash strapped Air India, the government is trying to get former top bosses of global carriers like Lufthansa and Singapore Airlines, on the board which is likely to be headed by Ratan Tata.

 The Budget Has a Lot of Positives
Jul 9, 2009

The market tanked due to the so called 'lacklustre budget', but careful analysis shows that there are lots of positives

 Infosys Q1 net profit up 17.3%, sees 1.3% lower FY revenues
Jul 10, 2009

The second largest Indian software company, while reporting higher first quarter net profit, lowered its revenue and earnings guidance for the year ending March 2010 under the Indian GAAP.

 Japan's Nomura buys 35% stake in LIC units for Rs3.1 billion
Jul 13, 2009

Nomura, which bought Lehman Brother's India operations, last year, had more than 100 meetings with LIC before finalising the investment. This shows how serious the Japanese can get when it comes to pure business.

 Mumbai: The power tariff rampage
Jul 15, 2009

For the first time, after the privatisation of power distribution, consumers in Mumbai will be allowed to choose their electricity supplier. Many of the consumers desperately want to shift to Tata Power from Reliance Infrastructure as the ADA group company has been hiking power tariffs, since last three years.

 MERC stays its own order on Reliance power tariff
Jul 16, 2009

Following strong protests from consumers and political parties, MERC has stayed its own order. The regulator is also trying to come out with a uniform tariff plan for Mumbai, against its own order issued on 15th June 2009.

 Just $23,148,855,308,184,500 for a pack of cigarettes!
Jul 16, 2009

Some US consumers were charged $23 quadrillion for buying a pack of cigarettes or dinner. This 17-digit amount is almost 2,007 times more than the national debt of the US!

 The Mystery of NSE’s land acquisition at Kohinoor City
Jul 16, 2009

The NSE’s Rs1.2 billion acquisition of a new office space at Kurla has been in the news since 14th May, but we find that there is still a lot of confusion about details. The exchange refuses to clarify.

 TCS Q1 net up 19% at Rs15.3 billion
Jul 18, 2009

TCS, India’s largest software company, reported a better than expected first quarter net profit but said it will remain watchful of a weak global environment while not ruling out shocks and surprises along the way.

 Bajaj Auto re’Discover’s volume driven 100cc segment
Jul 18, 2009

They say, “Subah ka bhula sham ko laut aaya to use bhula nahin kehte.” Is Bajaj Auto’s re-entry into volume driven 100cc segment an effort to correct its mistake or the dwindling sales forced it to renew its focus?

 Government wants Ambani pact declared 'null' & 'void'
Jul 18, 2009

After fertilizer secretary Atul Chaturvedi’s comment that any family settlement would not over-ride the sovereign right of government to formulate policies aimed at larger public interest, the government also wants the pact to be declared ‘null’ and ‘void’?

 Anil Ambani hits at Oil Ministry for volte-face on gas price; moves PM
Jul 20, 2009

The fight between Ambani brothers couldn’t get murkier. Both brothers do have all kind of support, they want, be it political, financial and other. Yet, the younger brother allegedly wants a level playing field.

 MCX-SX ropes in Nomura to find PE investors for stake sale
Jul 22, 2009

MCX-SX, a part of Financial Technologies has already sold 23% stake to the domestic banks and financial institute and now wants to cut down promoter's share to 15% as per the regulatory requirements.

 Luxury sedan Camry to hit the roads next week
Jul 23, 2009

Volkswagon group subsidiary, Skoda Auto had suddenly picked up sales, especially its luxury sedan ‘Superb’ which is giving a sleepless nights for almost all major car makers in India.

 RBI likely to leave key rates untouched, say bankers
Jul 23, 2009

Most of the major central banks around the world have by and large implemented the rate cuts and are expected to hold their decisions for few months, before going in for any revision. Will RBI follow the same route?

 Nilekani vows to roll out identification numbers in 12 months
Jul 23, 2009

The ambitious plan of Unique Identification Number (UIN) will comprise personal and demographic detail of each individual and is likely to benefit everybody.

 Multi-billion business of illicit drugs thriving in India
Jul 24, 2009

Watch out! The next time you buy your baby a cough syrup or get yourself any medication, make sure to get a proper bill else you could fall prey to the multi-billion clandestine business of spurious, misbranded and adulterated drugs.

 Lightspeed Venture Partners invests Rs400 million in Itz Cash Card
Jul 24, 2009

Itz Cash Card Limited has recently received second round of venture funding since 2005

 Reliance Industries Q1 net profit down 11.5% on lower exports
Jul 24, 2009

Reliance Industries' total revenues also fell 22.6% with the company attributing the downfall to decrease in prices. The downward trend in the refining margins for the company is likely to continue on account of reduction in conversion margins and crack margins during the quarter

 Tata Motors Q1 net profit zooms 58% on one time gain
Jul 27, 2009

Last month, Tata Motors sold its 1.5% stake in Tata Steel to its parent company for about Rs4.6 billion, largely to payback the debt it raised to acquire Jaguar-Land Rover.

 Not privy to final special leave petition in Ambani case: Parasaran
Jul 27, 2009

The ongoing spat between the Ambani brothers is getting murkier and if one were to believe what the additional solicitor general of India said, then the knock-on effect could possibly be quite unpleasant.

 Reserve Bank of India keeps key-rates unchanged
Jul 28, 2009

As expected, the RBI kept all key rates unchanged dashing hopes of further interest rate cuts in home, consumer and auto loans by lenders.

 Prithvi: No Disclosures
Jul 28, 2009

Everyone seems to be tight lipped and unwilling to act on alleged money laundering at Prithvi Information System

 RTI activist calls for reforming the culture of secrecy that breeds corruption
May 16, 2011

Bhaskar Prabhu, convenor of Mahiti Adhikar Manch, says the Right to Information movement must start from the home, through discussion and financial planning with all family members. He was addressing a Moneylife Foundation workshop on using the RTI Act effectively

 MCX-SX partners with FTSE to launch global indices in India
Jul 29, 2009

Jignesh Shah-promoted MCX Stock Exchange (MCX-SX) has partnered with world renowned index calculator, FTSE, to create new index opportunities for the Indian financial markets

 TCS: Urban Indians Mostly Net Savvy
Jul 29, 2009

TCS Generation Web 2.0 TRENDS, 2008-09 survey threw some interesting facts about the Urban Indian Youth

 SBI Q1 net profit up 42% on higher interest, revenues
Jul 30, 2009

India's largest lender SBI's net profit rose in the first quarter, but at the same time its bad loans are also rising, especially its NPAs grew by 33% to Rs84 billion

 Brokerages plan to revise cost structure for mutual fund distribution
Jul 31, 2009

From 1st August, mutual fund investors need not pay entry load for their new purchases. With the primary revenue stream from entry loads removed, a number of intermediaries are evolving new strategies to stay in business.

 Bharti-MTN to extend exclusive talk period till 31st August
Aug 3, 2009

The renewed talks between Bharti Airtel and MTN are taking its own sweet course and time. If extension to the exclusive talk period is of any indication then the structure and terms of the potential transactions are likely to be different from what was proposed before.

 SC uphelds conviction of Uco Bank officials and Ashwin Mehta in 1992 scam
Aug 10, 2009

Uco Bank officials illegally borrowed Rs400 million from call money market and gave it to Harshad Mehta, who in turn placed it in the stock market.

 Weak monsoons may impede GDP growth, up inflation in India
Aug 10, 2009

Weak monsoons in India have begun to worry economists and the policy makers, who fear it may possibly drag down the country’s resurgent economic growth. According to rating agency CRISIL, laggard monsoon is likely to pose a huge challenge for the agriculture sector

 Swine Flu is no reason to panic
Aug 11, 2009

As the dirty Mexican pig influenza ‘Swine flu’ spreads with dangers of throwing life out of gear globally, a mass panic over the flu has begun to grip the country, ironically when almost 60% of the patients diagnosed with it have been discharged from hospitals after treatment.

 Few takers for the new pension scheme
Aug 11, 2009

Four months since it was launched, the new pension scheme has no takers. Is it because lack of tax incentives and awareness or just lack of basic infrastructure?

 Ambani gas pact flouts government authority says Oil Ministry
Aug 11, 2009

The spat between the Ambani brothers is getting murkier with each passing day. After Anil Ambani's allegations on the oil ministry doing a volte-face on gas pricing, the ministry has now hit back.

 Car makers betting on premium hatchback to drive growth
Aug 12, 2009

Auto majors are pinning their hopes on new launches in the premium hatchback segment to give the much needed push for reviving the industry in the midst of the economic downturn.

 Mobile sales decline 6.1% in Q2; Smartphones cross 40 million mark
Aug 12, 2009

Lower demand and financial pressure were the main reasons for decline in mobile handset sales. Despite this, the smartphone sales have gone up, surprising everyone. Is this the warning for end of low-cost mobiles?

 Apex court asks special court to assess Harshad Mehta property
Aug 12, 2009

The Supreme Court orders came as a minor victory to the Mehta family.

 Affordable houses available in metros, says Knight Frank
Aug 12, 2009

Middle income group can buy an affordable home

 'Compromised' template reason behind fake notes, says CBI
Aug 13, 2009

The RBI wants a progressive adoption of technology, both in respect of cash handling and security to counter the growing menace of fake notes in the country.

 India loses Rs116.4 billion a year on poor customer service: study
Aug 13, 2009

India, the outsourcing, especially the call centre hub of the world, remains miles behind when it comes to domestic consumers. More than half of the customers discontinued their services after a 'bad' call centre experience.

 UTV New Media to slash more employees
Aug 14, 2009

UTV new media lays off staff

 Top paint brands found toxic, can harm kids
Aug 17, 2009

Paint, once it’s on your walls, furniture and floors, releases gasses for years. We all want our homes to be free of cancer-causing toxins, especially when it comes to the decor we choose. These low-level emissions contain toxins called VOCs or volatile organic compounds. Here is an eye-opener.

 Dell unveils its China-only smartphone 'Mini 3i'
Aug 18, 2009

First there was the rumour about Dell developing a handheld gaming console. Now it has become clear, that it was not handheld gaming device, but was all about the computer manufacturer entering mobile market.

 Kaminey will lose Rs 2 crore – Rs 4 crore
Aug 18, 2009

Second movie released at a wrong time

 Flu scare: Restaurants report rise in home delivery orders
Aug 19, 2009

Fast food joints, hotels and restaurants across Bengaluru city are seeing an upswing in home delivery orders as swine flu wary consumers avoid crowded eating joints.

 Reserve Bank of India asks lenders to keep watch on MLM firms
Aug 19, 2009

All accounts of multi-level marketing (MLM) firms, which collect deposits from customers promising high return, would come under the watchful eyes of the central bank. Moneylife reported the issue under the title “Ponzi Scheme: Is RBI Passing the Buck?”

 AP High Court rejects Nimesh Kampani bail plea again
Aug 20, 2009

In a stunning development, the AP High Court has once again refused to grant anticipatory bail to leading investment banker Nimesh Kampani in the Nagarjuna Finance case.

 BSE wants to hire Ashish Chauhan as deputy CEO; Buys Marketplace Technologies for Rs480 million as a precondition
Aug 20, 2009

According to informed sources, Ashish Chauhan would join BSE only if the exchange buys Marketplace Technologies. However, Chauhan said this company does not belong to him. What is the mystery behind this for which nobody wants to speak openly?

 RBI puts Rs10,000 cap per withdrawal from third party ATMs
Aug 21, 2009

Many a time when you rush to withdraw cash from nearest outlet, it says ATM out of order or the security guard tells you, "No cash in the machine". Hope the new directive from RBI will correct this problem.

 Protracted delays, high EMI provokes Nano cancellations
Aug 21, 2009

Nano—the much publicised Rs1 lakh car has hit a roadblock as large number of people who had booked the car couple of months back are now seen pulling out, thanks to the protracted delays in delivering the vehicle, coupled with high EMIs.

 ICICI Bank to come out with IPO in 4 units, insurance stake sale possible
Aug 21, 2009

After keeping its desire under wraps for two years, ICICI Bank is yet again looking to unlock values in its units—ICICI Prudential Life Insurance, ICICI Lombard General Insurance, ICICI Securities and ICICI Home Finance.

 4G threatens to spoil Government's 3G party
Aug 24, 2009

As India dithers over a policy on 3G mobile telephony, US-based Motorola wants to test the next level (4G) that could pour cold water on the government's plan to raise Rs350 billion from selling radio frequency for the existing version.

 RIL wants ADAG's 'malicious' ad campaign nipped in bud
Aug 24, 2009

Almost all elements which usually make an epic fight most riveting to watch, are present in the long-playing battle between Ambani versus Ambani. Even the Indian government was forced to urge the warring brothers to show "restraint" ahead of a Supreme Court hearing on 1st September.

 Nokia enters into netbook segment; launches Booklet 3G
Aug 24, 2009

First it was Dell, the famous computer maker entering mobile handsets market and now the world’s top mobile maker Nokia wants to get into the netbook markets in order to become a mobile solutions company.

 Utterly Butterly vanishes
Aug 25, 2009

Butter has simply vanished from shop shelves everywhere

 Percept Picture Co's CEO, COO quits
Aug 25, 2009

Both the top rank official from the media and entertainment company have resigned, according to informed sources.

 Indians spend Rs300 billion annually to deal with power outages
Aug 26, 2009

During summer, there were reports that Indian companies suffered a huge loss of about Rs432.1 billion during the year to ended March 2009. We all are spending even more amount on just back-up equipments.

 Mobile banking on the rise, state-run banks leads the pack
Aug 26, 2009

Use of mobiles for financial transactions is picking up speed in India and surprisingly, state-run banks are leading the race.

 RCom goes rural to boost revenues, subscriber base
Aug 26, 2009

The Anil Dhirubhai Ambani group company has seen its average revenue per share falling by 6% and minutes of usage declined to Rs365 per month, during the first quarter. Is this the reason, why the company wants to target rural market with more and more value added services?

 Nokia launches 'Money' to bring mobile financial services to millions
Aug 26, 2009

Nokia's "Money" is a new mobile financial service enables financial management and payments from a mobile phone. Mobile payments will be the next step for delivering financial services to hundreds of millions of people, both urban and rural, who are underserved by existing payment means, especially in emerging economies.

 Bajaj in revival mode for three-wheelers; to launch four new products
Aug 27, 2009

Faced with tough competition from other small capacity goods carriers, Bajaj is reviving its focus on three-wheeler segment, which not long ago was its forte.

 Tata Motors customers least satisfied says JD Power survey
Aug 27, 2009

Tata Motors, the country's largest vehicles maker, is at the bottom in customer satisfaction ranking, which is ruled by companies with foreign origins or links. Out of the total 11 carmakers, another Indian brand M&M was ranked at fourth place.

 Aluminium Not for Long-Term
Aug 27, 2009

Aluminium stocks may not sustain recent run

 NDTV to change hands?
Aug 27, 2009

Shares pledged with Religare may lead management change

 Crude oil prices to remain in the range of $70-$80 says experts
Aug 28, 2009

Although there is an oversupply of crude oil, the demand has also fallen by 2.3 million barrels per day, which may force oil prices to hover in the range of $70-$80.

 Home loan rates likely to inch up in next quarter
Aug 29, 2009

Existing customers who are struggling to juggle their finances for a dream home, be ready to pay higher interest on your home loans in coming months

 Commercial Vehicle segment recovering?
Aug 29, 2009

Can the CV segment hold on to the revival signs, shown in past few months?

 Indian economy up 6.1% in Q1; Monsoon remains a worry
Aug 31, 2009

Increased spending and interest rate cuts helped the Indian economy to grow in first quarter but a deficient monsoon could weigh on the nascent rebound in months ahead.

 ULIPs hampering private insurance player’s earnings
Sep 4, 2009

Private life insurance providers in India are witnessing negative growth since November last year, while the state-run LIC continued its dominance.

 Exclusive - LN Mittal-Uttam Galva on course to set up more projects
Sep 5, 2009

Uttam Galva steel’s partnership with LN Mittal, will not only mark the global steel magnate’s re-entry into India (after he split with his brothers Pramod and Vinod), but is apparently part of a larger India plan that includes a 2 million tonne Hot Rolled Coil (HRC) project at Goa, where Mittal will be the majority shareholder.

 Long wait for Toyota Fortuner
Sep 7, 2009

There is some bad news for Toyota lovers. While the wait has increased for Fortuner's delivery, for Corolla Altis and Innova you may have to shell out some extra money.

 Big jump in home loan sales
Sep 9, 2009

Banks are witnessing an increase in home loan disbursements

 “Banks are paying 8 % for deposits and are deploying them at 7%,” said Dr Chakrabarty
Sep 9, 2009

Bond yields won’t come down till the banks cut the deposit rate

 Godrej properties and Oberoi construction to come up with IPOs
Sep 11, 2009

Real estate companies to go public within current fiscal year.

 Affordable housing announced by Godrej Properties
Sep 11, 2009

Ahmadabad, Suburb Mumbai, Kolkata major location for this project

 Food prices will go up
Sep 11, 2009

Increase in raw martial prices will lead to the hike in food prices

 Provogue expects by 15% growth till Diwali
Sep 12, 2009

The company in its expansion plans

 Volume growth Counters Drought
Sep 16, 2009

 Placements Improving
Sep 16, 2009

MBAs will have much better job opportunities this year

 Airlines losses to go up to $11 billion in 2009
Sep 16, 2009

The global economic storm may be abating, but airlines have not yet found safe harbour. Conserving cash, careful capacity management and cutting costs are the keys to survival for the airline industry, feels IATA

 Power Play
Sep 16, 2009

The deal, financed by the Infrastructure Development Finance Co's private equity unit also marks the exit of the world's fifth largest company, BP, from India's renewable energy market

 Once in Six Years, Everybody Is an Eminent Person
Sep 18, 2009

Talking about Rajya Sabha nominations, it’s that time of the year once in six years when everybody who is somebody thinks they are ’eminent’

 Spare Yourself the Misery
Sep 18, 2009

Buying a new vehicle? Apart from the model, think of the manufacturer’s commitment to support the product with spare parts. Veeresh Malik provides a ready guide

 Using Forks and Knives
Sep 18, 2009

When in doubt, do in Rome as the Romans do

 Shipping companies sees further fall in asset prices
Sep 19, 2009

The global meltdown has taken a toll on the booming shipping industry as well. The market players are expecting another fall in asset prices

 More malls to come up
Sep 21, 2009

Nirmal Lifestyle, Inorbit and StarCentres are coming up with new malls by next year

 Protecting "unauthorised development" with law, aka Delhi style
Sep 21, 2009

Central information commissioner Shailesh Gandhi says that the Municipal Corporation of Delhi deliberately protects illegal activities that are publically known.

 Insurance paints a worrying picture
Sep 21, 2009

It’s no secret that the insurance industry has been patiently bearing underwriting losses for a long period. Delayed break-even and expense overruns are just some of the headaches faced by insurance players. At the recently held CII Insurance Summit, industry experts discussed some of these issues at length

 Insurance honchos admit to rampant mis-selling
Sep 21, 2009

At the recently held CII Insurance Summit, industry leaders blatantly exposed the issue of mis-selling of insurance policies and gave insights into how and why this has been carrying on for years.

 CIBIL to provide creditor’s contact updates to member banks
Sep 21, 2009

CIBIL Location Plus will provide comprehensive information like customer identification details and contact addresses along with the reported dates and all the customer contact numbers to member banks.

 NSE top honchos earn fat packages
Sep 21, 2009

 Prozone to earn Rs 40 crore-Rs 50 crore lease rental from Aurangabad mall
Sep 21, 2009

Facility to generate around Rs 600 crore of revenue per year

 India Post to offer core banking services by 2011
Sep 22, 2009

India Post, which is reinventing itself in these changing times, will start offering core banking solutions at par with other commercial banks by 2011

 Neptune Group to invest Rs10 billion in new office complex
Sep 22, 2009

Foster and Partners of London will be designing it

 Restructuring to drive growth in Indian logistics says CRISIL
Sep 23, 2009

The Indian logistics industry is set for a higher growth trajectory as a result of several government measures, which are expected to change the logistics landscape in the country.

 Future Brand plans big FMCG thrust
Sep 23, 2009

Will add private labels for expansion

 Retail loan customers will receive balance statement once in a year
Sep 24, 2009

RBI has started monitoring bank’s services strictly

 PMS in troubled waters
Sep 25, 2009

Fund houses shut PMS business after incurring heavy losses due to the market crash last year

 Competition taking its toll—Bharti Airtel slashes prepaid tariffs
Sep 25, 2009

Earlier in September, we mentioned that the new plans from Tata Teleservices have a potential to start an immediate tariff war. Bharti Airtel is the first to succumb to the tariff plan pressures

 RBI allows PoS cash withdrawal
Sep 25, 2009

Debit card holders in India will be allowed to withdraw cash upto Rs1,000 per day from PoS terminals

 Marginal correction in stock market amid capital inflows
Sep 26, 2009

Indian bourses underwent a downward correction after the key indices Sensex and Nifty hit fresh 16-month highs amid hints of caution about stretched valuations and fears of liquidity shortage.

 Edible oil remains in negative mode on increased supply
Sep 26, 2009

Wholesale prices of select edible oils continued to slide for the second week in the national capital on adequate stocks following increased arrivals amid reports state-run STC to import RBD Palmolein to improve supplies.

 ‘We will match industry growth’
Sep 29, 2009

Ramesh Chandak, MD and CEO, KEC International Ltd, talks to Yogesh Sapkale on his organisation’s roadmap for the months to come

 Public sector banks foray into new domains
Sep 29, 2009

Public sector banks are now competing in arenas which were earlier the domain of private and foreign banks in India

 Pilots strike keeps Air India grounded: AI says no fresh bookings
Sep 29, 2009

As striking pilots of beleaguered carrier Air India continued their agitation for the fourth day, it has led to cancellation of several flights

 Tata Teleservices signs infrastructure sharing agreement with BSNL
Sep 30, 2009

The agreement will help Tata Teleservices to aggressively expand its network presence on the CDMA side with Tata Indicom and on the GSM side under the TATA DoCoMo brand

 S&P says investors place a premium on strong corporate governance
Sep 30, 2009

S&P study of Indian companies explores link between corporate governance and company performance

 Cooperative Banks don’t report defaulters
Sep 30, 2009

RBI’s lopsided regulations give defaulters the escape route

 Who played spoilsport in the Bharti-MTN deal?
Oct 1, 2009

The much hyped Bharti Airtel-MTN merger deal has been called off, thanks to the flip-flop attitude of authorities and regulators

 The Indian pharmaceutical saga: Strong on generics, weak in R&D
Oct 1, 2009

Despite an investment of $3 billion in R&D, the Indian pharmaceutical industry has been unable to come out with a single new drug

 Nissan to produce compact car in India from May 2010
Oct 1, 2009

The compact car segment in India is getting crowded day by day. After Volkswagen and Ford, another multinational car maker is eying India as its manufacturing hub.

 Southern cement units may suffer due to over-capacity and low demand
Oct 1, 2009

With major capacity additions and low expected demand for 2010 and 2011, key cement players in southern India are expected to be affected adversely

 MindTree launches customer-centric solutions for retail industry
Oct 1, 2009

The software solutions company is also ready to offer operating expenses based model for Indian retailers

 MTN's India affair continues; ties up with IMImobile for content delivery
Oct 2, 2009

South African Mobile Telecom Networks (MTN) affair with India is still very much active, despite the company calling off its much hyped deal with Bharti Airtel

 Fraudsters want to give your IT tax refund via mail!
Oct 2, 2009

If the authorities want us to file returns online, can e-fraud be far behind?

 SFIO to be armed with powers to interrogate, seize papers: Govt
Oct 2, 2009

The new powers would enable SFIO to effectively investigate corporate frauds

 Petition filed against SEBI in NSDL row
Oct 2, 2009

Aggrieved investor files PIL in Andhra Pradesh High Court asking for SEBI to be directed to publish the committee report that has been allegedly suppressed by the market regulator to keep its current chairman away from controversy

 Mobile banking: A safe way to transact?
Oct 2, 2009

Mobile banking in India is still in its infancy, but gaining in popularity. However, the primary question for any consumer remains security of the transactions. Moneylife gives you some basic precautions for safe transactions

 BK Modi acquires two islands close to Singapore for $200 million project
Oct 2, 2009

BK Modi, who always had a penchant for picturesque sea-facing villas, has eventually managed to strike a ‘steal deal’ by acquiring two pristine islands by investing $200 million.

 Softcell partners with Seclore for digital rights management
Oct 3, 2009

Seclore's information security management solutions will help Softcell customers enjoy end-to-end information protection for secure outsourcing and document usage control

 Aggressive banks caught up in festive spirit
Oct 3, 2009

Leading banks in the country are going all out to capture the festive spirit by substantially lowering home and auto loan rates. Customers will be cheering, but will banks be able to sustain this generosity, given the high cost of funds?

 Pilots’ strike: Everyone's benefitting except the affected airline
Oct 5, 2009

Last month we witnessed two pilot strikes. In both situations other airlines and even the Railways were benefitted while the affected carrier had to suffer massive losses

 L&T’s loud thinking
Oct 5, 2009

L&T’s claim that it will build mega-nuclear plants each year with 3,000MW-4,000MW capacity seems far from reality

 Mobile IMEI number game
Oct 5, 2009

The recent announcement by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) banning mobile handsets without IMEI numbers from 1st December is not surprising. But the real question is, will the directive be effective to counter the menace of Chinese mobiles?

 One more quantitative fund
Oct 5, 2009

The SBI WISE Fund intends to chase momentum—the specialty of traders and not of fund managers. Will it succeed?

 RCom joins mobile tariff war; offers all calls at 50 paisa/min
Oct 5, 2009

Earlier in September, we had mentioned that the new plans from Tata Teleservices have a potential to start an immediate tariff war. Reliance Communications is another player to succumb to the tariff plan pressures after Bharti Airtel

 ‘India is getting back to speed. We had merely taken our foot off the accelerator’
Oct 5, 2009

K V Kamath, Chairman, ICICI Bank, says that the India growth story is still intact, despite the prevailing global scenario

 SBI may hike home loan rates from November
Oct 5, 2009

The low interest rate options on home loans have often ended up confusing rather than enlightening the consumer. The low home loan interest rates introduced by SBI starting this year are likely to shoot up after the festive season in November

 Companies anticipating big windfall from impending Pay Commission payout
Oct 5, 2009

With the second instalment under the Sixth Pay Commission due to be released, several companies and banks are waiting with baited breath to take advantage of the potential demand

 Biased austerity
Oct 5, 2009

The austerity move adopted by the babus got a new dimension when corporate affairs minister Salman Khurshid pointed out that even private sector companies should refrain from doling out obscene salaries. But Mr Khurshid should also pay attention to the quasi-government companies, especially the National Stock Exchange (NSE).

 A few companies refuse to divulge employee remuneration details
Oct 6, 2009

The Companies Act, 1956, requires companies to disclose remuneration details of employees earning more than a stipulated amount. Some companies are instead taking the easy way out, falling back on technicalities in the said Act to withhold such disclosures

 Sex sells—in drugs too
Oct 6, 2009

Revital and I-pill are the best-selling drugs dislodging perennial favourites, cough syrups and vitamins. Pre-sex and post-sex drugs of Ranbaxy and Cipla are selling at a scorching pace

 Many stocks still down 70-80% below their peak despite huge market rally
Oct 6, 2009

The Sensex is yet to climb the peak of 21,000 and yet several stocks are trading significantly higher than previous highs. Some, on the other hand, are still down miserably

 Onion prices to stay firm during festivals
Oct 6, 2009

Onion prices are likely to stay higher during Diwali due to the recent rains, which damaged crops at many places

 AMCs Still To Report 2008-2009 Annual Results
Oct 6, 2009

Asset management companies need to make their functioning more transparent

 Higher sugar prices impact food products industry
Oct 6, 2009

The food products industry is still reeling under higher commodity prices, especially those of sugar. Ergo, prices may go up after Diwali

 Wake Up Sid gets 80% occupancy during opening weekend
Oct 8, 2009

Heavy rains and an apology from producer Karan Johar seem to have helped Wake Up Sid to garner good occupancy during its opening weekend

 October results will be a repeat performance
Oct 8, 2009

Expect operating profit rise but on the back of cost control and lower material cost, not necessarily sales

 Yash Raj Films to churn out exclusive serials for Sony TV
Oct 8, 2009

In an attempt to test the waters before launching his own TV channel, ace Bollywood film maker Yash Chopra has forged an alliance with Sony TV to produce a mix of exclusive fiction and non-fiction serials

 New rules spur redevelopment projects for cessed buildings
Oct 8, 2009

Developers like Neptune and Rustomjee plan more redevelopment projects in Mumbai

 Chain marketing for Insurance
Oct 8, 2009

MLM companies have been selling insurance products although the activity is a clear violation of the IRDA Act

 ONGC fails to deliver on its pre-IPO promise
Oct 8, 2009

When ONGC came out with its IPO, it promised an oil production of 49 million tonnes (MT) in 2011-12. Production is now stuck below 30MT

 Unseasonal rain turns spoilsport for wineries in Maharashtra
Oct 8, 2009

Indian winemakers and grape growers in Maharashtra may gnash their teeth, but there is little they can do as unseasonal rain has completely destroyed the crop

 Reserve Bank green signal Stanchart IDR
Oct 8, 2009

Bank will now apply for SEBI clearance putting it on course to float first Indian Depository Receipt issue By Sucheta Dalal

 Mutual Fund to be sold by broker-demat route
Oct 8, 2009

SEBI likely to ensure that mutual funds are sold by stock brokers off their trading screens. The fund units will be lodged in the demat accounts of unit holders. By Debashis Basu

 AMFI meet on entry load hits a dead end
Oct 8, 2009

Proposal to set up a special committee to deal with the issue is shelved

 Chinese mobiles continue to flood Indian market with local partners
Oct 9, 2009

China-made mobile phones continue their onslaught on Indian markets. However, this time domestic companies are promoting these handsets

 Apple, LG rank highest in JD Power study
Oct 9, 2009

Nokia couldn’t find a place among seven mobile phone makers in the smartphone category. In overall customer satisfaction, the Finnish giant is just a few points away from the bottom

 Ambani Charges: The numbers don’t add up
Oct 9, 2009

Last month, Anil Ambani had charged that Mukesh Ambani was trying to make Rs50,000 crore super profits crore from gas. Now Mukesh Ambani has accused his brother of attempting to make a profit of Rs3,50,000 crore over 17 years. The actual figure is a fraction of this

 GlaxoSmithKline may buy 5% stake in Dr Reddy’s
Oct 9, 2009

Global pharmaceutical companies are under pressure to maintain market share as their patented drugs are likely to lose value after becoming generic drugs

 Consumers bitter over butter shortage
Oct 9, 2009

Consumers across India are increasingly perturbed as they are unable to abundantly butter their toast, thanks to the unprecedented shortage of butter for the past two months fuelled by unrestrained exports to foreign countries

 Kingfisher Airlines surviving on “cash and carry” mode
Oct 9, 2009

Millionaire Vijay Mallya’s Kingfisher Airlines is made to survive on strictly “cash and carry” basis because of dues with many parties

 FIIs invest most in beaten-down stocks
Oct 9, 2009

Foreign investors rapidly increased their stake in real estate companies as the market rebounded

 Investment banking ambitions of two business houses
Oct 9, 2009

Reliance Capital and Religare are planning to start emerging-markets investment banks. What lies ahead of them?

 The reality in realty
Oct 10, 2009

Vested interests in the real estate market are falsely spiking property prices. Developers and broking firms are creating a false bubble by exaggerating the improved market sentiment

 Brand Conscious
Oct 12, 2009

Gitanjali Gems has just undertaken a major brand valuation exercise. Is it an exercise in futility?

 Scooty, Passion Pro and Axis zoom ahead in Activa's absence
Oct 12, 2009

The waiting period for Honda Activa has gone up by more than two months due to a labour strike. That has given others like Scooty Pep, Passion Pro and Axis a chance to race ahead during the festive season

 NELP VIII suffers a major setback
Oct 12, 2009

Only 76 bids received for 36 blocks due to the spat between the Ambani brothers

 AMCs under stress
Oct 12, 2009

11 of the 37 companies have declared large losses in 2008-09. Many of these would be on the block

 “The new generation of wealthy are the ones open to using wealth-management services”
Oct 13, 2009

European banking and financial group BNP Paribas’ Indian unit BNP Paribas Wealth Management is ready for competition as well as acquisitions, says its country head Sharad Sharma, in an interview with Yogesh Sapkale

 Exchanges bear the brunt
Oct 13, 2009

The global slowdown has taken its toll on the health of Indian exchanges as well, with BSE and NSE witnessing revenue fall of more than 30% and 23%, respectively

 IOL Netcom in dire straits, claim employees
Oct 13, 2009

Disgruntled employees allege IOL Netcom has been withholding salaries since January 2009, allegedly due to cash problems.

 Vepa Kamesam committee recommendations on issues related to SFIO
Oct 13, 2009

An expert committee report looking into the shortcomings of the Special Frauds Investigations Office (SFIO) submitted in 2006 still lies unpublished. We take a deeper look at some of the recommendations made by the committee.

 That sinking feeling
Oct 13, 2009

Low cement prices in AP may be early indicators of over-supply in the industry. While, industry sources expect demand to improve, analysts fear it may worsen.

 QIPs not a long-term solution for realty says CRISIL
Oct 13, 2009

Aggressive debt-funded land acquisition led to severe liquidity crunch among developers during the slowdown which led to QIP issues. But it is only a short term solution, feels CRISIL

 MSMEs economic upsurge expected: CII
Oct 13, 2009

The second quarter of FY10 may be the upturn point for MSMEs in India, says an industry body

 Jacking up prices for IPOs
Oct 13, 2009

Developers who are planning to raise funds through the capital markets are increasing property prices by 10% -15% in order to get higher valuation for their IPOs

 Merchant power projects mint money
Oct 13, 2009

New power projects can make huge money in power trading; new rules allow them to multiply their profits

 MSMEs economic upsurge expected: CII
Oct 13, 2009

The second quarter of FY10 may be the upturn point for MSMEs in India, says an industry body

 Floods May Hit Sugar Output
Oct 13, 2009

The unseasonal rains in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh may have adverse effect on the sugar production, forcing more imports

 Tariff war leaves mobile operators bleeding
Oct 14, 2009

While mobile services providers are busy with tariff cuts, their own health is deteriorating. With the falling ARPU and ARPM, will all these operators survive in the long run?

 Piramal Life Sciences delays first drug discovery expectations
Oct 14, 2009

Piramal Life Sciences now has doubts about an early drug discovery, belying what Ajay Piramal had said two years ago

 Foreign tourist spends go up in India
Oct 14, 2009

Foreign tourist inflows have decreased by 4%, but spending has increased by 28.8%

 First past the post
Oct 14, 2009

Suven’s drug discovery in the central nervous system could be the first molecule discovery in India if the company is successful in phase II and phase III studies

 AP High Court quashes Interpol alert against Kampani
Oct 14, 2009

Kampani may stand a chance of release, given the quashed Interpol alert and admission of the case for hearing

 From Rajlakshmi to Kanya Suraksha: UTI learns its lessons
Oct 14, 2009

UTI Mutual Fund has a new scheme for the girl child - the Kanya Suraksha yojana scheme. But it has learnt from the Rajlakshmi scheme disaster and joined hands with the Bihar government this time

 The real estate jinx: Carpet or super built-up?
Oct 14, 2009

Real estate developers are taking customers for a ride by citing super built-up area rather than actual carpet area of residential properties before a sale

 Real estate developers jack up prices despite a pile-up of inventories
Oct 15, 2009

Real estate inventories have increased by 20% in Q2 FY10. Developers have to cut property prices to reduce these inventories

 ‘We are not decoupled from the rest of the world’
Oct 15, 2009

In an exclusive interview with Moneylife, Vetri Subramaniam, Equity Head, Religare AMC, gives his perspective on the current market rally and where the markets are headed. We present to you the first part in a three-part series of the interview.

 ‘We can provide as much opportunity as the entire world needs’
Oct 15, 2009

In an exclusive interview with Moneylife, Nilesh Shah, deputy managing director, ICICI Prudential AMC, gives his perspective on the current market rally and where the markets are headed. Moneylife presents the first in a three-part series of the interview.

 Recovery, credit quality stabilisation to be gradual
Oct 15, 2009

Credit ratings and information companies as well as financial institutions feel that there are apparent signs of recovery which will happen, albeit gradually

 Gammon Infra puts QIP on hold
Oct 15, 2009

Gammon Infrastructure is exploring various other options to raise funds to finance its infrastructure projects, ongoing SPVs and future opportunities. The company thinks current market prices are too low

 A new high
Oct 15, 2009

Qatar Airways flies an Airbus A340 on natural gas, two decades after a similar Russian experiment. The move will help reduce carbon emissions

 IIT ditches alumnus
Oct 16, 2009

Buddhi Vikram, a PhD student, is in a US prison for allegedly sending threatening mail to the then President George Bush. His IIT alumni association has also failed to take up his case with US authorities

 ‘Industrial recovery was stronger than expected’
Oct 16, 2009

Moneylife presents the second part in a three-part series of the interview with Vetri Subramaniam, Equity Head, Religare AMC.

 Tilting at windmills
Oct 20, 2009

Windmill projects are no substitute for traditional thermal power projects in India

 Bollywood celebrates Diwali with blockbusters
Oct 20, 2009

Out of the three Hindi movies released over the weekend, Blue and All The Best turned out to be blockbusters, giving the film industry new hopes

 Premier to re-enter passenger vehicle segment with a compact SUV
Oct 20, 2009

Premier, the maker of the ubiquitous Mumbai taxi, is making a comeback of sorts again, but in the sports utility segment

 ‘Wake Up Sid’ proves lucky for PVR
Oct 20, 2009

PVR multiplexes are still reporting 85% occupancy for ‘Wake Up Sid’ across India

 Coal India hikes price by 11%, power and cement take a hit
Oct 20, 2009

Against analyst forecasts of fall in coal prices, Indian coal prices witness a hike of 11%

 ‘RBI will have to gradually start to hike rates’
Oct 20, 2009

Moneylife presents the last instalment in a three-part series of the interview with Vetri Subramaniam, Equity Head, Religare AMC.

 Cost pressure on fertiliser companies to increase if natural gas is not made available to them
Oct 20, 2009

Already under severe pressure due to decontrolled prices, fertiliser companies will have no option but to switch over from gas for fuel and feedstock requirements

 TV18 blames the Union Budget for poor second-quarter performance!
Oct 20, 2009

Managing Director Raghav Bahl says that coverage of Union Budget pushed up costs instead of adding to the bottomline

 Osian Art Fund disappoints investors with just 5% returns
Oct 20, 2009

The art fund promised great returns in 2006 when the art market was hot, but has disappointed investors on exit

 Nimesh Kampani’s quiet homecoming
Oct 20, 2009

Nimesh Kampani made a quiet comeback to celebrate Diwali with his family in India after the Andhra Pradesh High Court quashed the Interpol Red Corner notice against him

 ‘Infrastructure remains a bottleneck for growth’
Oct 21, 2009

In an exclusive interview with Moneylife, Nilesh Shah, deputy managing director, ICICI Prudential AMC, gives his perspective on the current market rally and where the markets are headed. Moneylife presents the final part in a three-part series of the interview.

 ‘We can support our growth from our own capital’
Oct 21, 2009

In an exclusive interview with Moneylife, Nilesh Shah, deputy managing director, ICICI Prudential AMC, gives his perspective on the current market rally and where the markets are headed. Moneylife presents the second in a three-part series of the interview.

 ‘We can provide as much opportunity as the entire world needs’
Oct 21, 2009

In an exclusive interview with Moneylife, Nilesh Shah, deputy managing director, ICICI Prudential AMC, gives his perspective on the current market rally and where the markets are headed. Moneylife presents the first in a three-part series of the interview.

 Government all set to kill wireless in the name of national security
Oct 21, 2009

Government all set to kill wireless in the name of national security

 ‘Real estate prices are bound to come down from November’
Oct 21, 2009

Pankaj Kapoor is the founder of Liases Foras, a real estate research firm. He tells Moneylife that property prices are bound to fall because they have again become unaffordable

 Gartner vs NASSCOM: A tale of two predictions
Oct 21, 2009

The size of the global IT market has become unrealistic as two large organisations have come out with varying predictions

 NASSCOM calls for police enquiry into the illegal sale of medical records
Oct 21, 2009

The British media in a sting operation had revealed the illegal sale of private medical records sent for computerisation to certain Indian IT companies

 NCR says it records India's highest image-based cheque clearing
Oct 21, 2009

Image-based cheque clearing solution eliminates physical movement of cheques, providing a more secure and 50% faster process for clearing cheques

 Windows 7 is here, finally!
Oct 22, 2009

Microsoft, the world's largest software company, has released the latest version of its Windows operating system. Here is a review of the much awaited Windows 7

 After poor returns, Osian Art Fund investors suffer delayed payments
Oct 22, 2009

Unit holders of the Osian Art Fund are still waiting to get back their money because some of the pieces of art cannot be sold

 Who will prevent electronic data theft?
Oct 22, 2009

There are two industry bodies created to prevent data theft in India, but one lacks statutory power, while other is interested in sending alerts for virus, malaware and security holes of softwares.

 GIPL expects to double turnover in FY11, says MD
Oct 22, 2009

With a total committed capacity expansion of Rs100 billion, Gammon Infrastructure Projects Ltd (GIPL) promises great action across various sectors in the near future. Moneylife speaks to GIPL’s managing director Parvez Umrigar.

 Indonesia's new mining laws might prove to be another blow to coal supply and coal prices in India
Oct 22, 2009

Coal exports to India from Indonesia are likely to be adversely affected, as Indonesia plans to tap the resource for domestic demand

 Parle-G plans to reach additional 1,000 villages by March
Oct 22, 2009

The famous biscuit brand is eying expansion in rural markets to maintain a CAGR of 15%.

 Plant waste to sugar, the Novozymes way
Oct 23, 2009

Novozymes has ultimately found the way to turn cellulose into sugar which can easily be converted into oil or plastics

 Nokia sues Apple over patent infringements
Oct 23, 2009

Nokia has been struggling to gain a foothold in the high-end phone market that is now ruled by Apple's iPhone. Is this Nokia's last-ditch effort to derail Apple's future models or it is just trying to cash in on the iPhone's success?

 Pipeline bridge collapses near Thane: Two dead, 11 injured
Oct 23, 2009

Some parts of the bridge also fell along with the pipeline and landed on top of one of the train's coaches, forcing it off the tracks

 ‘Home loan rates will not fall further’
Oct 23, 2009

In an exclusive interview with Moneylife, RR Nair, director and chief executive, LIC Housing Finance Ltd, gives his perspective on the home loan scenario and the prospect of affordable houses

 Reliance & Hardy hit a dry well in KG Basin
Oct 23, 2009

A loss of Rs100 crore in a dry well leads to a Rs17,000 crore erosion in maket capitalisation

 ‘Parle-G brought a disciplining factor in the market’
Oct 24, 2009

Speaking to Moneylife, Mayank Shah, group product manager, Parle Products Pvt Ltd, gives us an insight into the strategies followed by the company to freeze the prices of Parle-G, its flagship product

 Binani to double cement production as industry heads for overcapacity
Oct 26, 2009

Expecting good demand from infrastructure and housing projects in India, and markets like Sudan, Africa and Bangladesh, Binani plans to double its capacity to 15MT

 BT brinjal cooks up a row over possible health hazards
Oct 26, 2009

India's first genetically modified food product BT brinjal has finally got approval from the Centre

 Undeterred by poor returns and liquidity, Osian Art plans another art fund
Oct 26, 2009

After poor returns on the first fund, Osian Art Fund expects its next art fund to perform better, backed by clear regulatory guidelines and extended time period

 Rail collisions continue as ministry mulls over ‘desi’ anti-collision device
Oct 26, 2009

While the Indian Railways continue to collide killing several people, the ministry is still mulling over the implementation of an indigenous anti-collision technology, patented by the government itself!

 Get ready for non-English Internet addresses
Oct 26, 2009

ICANN, the non-profit body that oversees domain names, is likely to approve non-English names for Internet addresses

 US gas pipeline growth drives Indian manufacturers
Oct 26, 2009

Indian pipeline manufacturers are benefiting from large-scale US gas pipeline expansion

 Pav prices in Mumbai may go up by 25 paise from Wednesday
Oct 26, 2009

Bakeries in Mumbai are planning to increase the price of pav (common man’s bread) due to higher raw materials and electricity cost

 RBI signals policy tightening, hikes SLR by 100 bps
Oct 27, 2009

In a move that can be termed as a signal to the start of a tight monetary policy, the RBI has hiked SLR to 25% saying that liquidity situation has remained comfortable since last November

 CIC defers final hearing in SEBI-NSDL case
Oct 27, 2009

A petition file under the RTI Act was scheduled for a final word on the matter, but has been deferred.

 Extended trading hours may lead to higher costs
Oct 27, 2009

SEBI’s move to extend trading hours may be designed to take away business from SGX model, but brokers feel that the move is unlikely to end Nifty trading outside the country.

 Will ITC exit the biscuits segment?
Oct 27, 2009

After suffering huge losses, will ITC discontinue its line of biscuits produced in mass quantity? That is what some analysts believe—but not the company, which continues to invest in these brands

 Infra companies exhibit poor performance in H1
Oct 27, 2009

Infrastructure companies continue with their poor performance in the first half of the year against expectations of improvement in the segment

 RBI puts a brake on runaway increase in real estate rates
Oct 27, 2009

RBI has increased the provisioning for real estate loans to 1% from the earlier 0.4%. This will put a brake on bank funding of real estate

 CLB dismisses proxy petition of the Birlas against Lodha
Oct 27, 2009

Law board states that the motive of the petition was to oust Harsh Lodha and not for protecting the interest of the company

 SAP, Nokia, G&D in JV for combating counterfeits
Oct 28, 2009

Counterfeiting is a worldwide problem that is increasing and affecting many successful companies in all industries, and the new joint venture hopes to combat the menace

 SEBI files counter affidavit in response to writ petition
Oct 28, 2009

PIL filed by V Narayan Reddy asking SEBI to be directed to publish a suppressed committee report came up for hearing on Monday; SEBI files counter affidavit

 Air India's finance head does not have details of management perquisites
Oct 28, 2009

Air India's general manager for finance, who should be in the thick of the company's financial matters, does not have information about pay and perks of the company's top bosses

 The Indian aviation industry is sinking under huge debt
Oct 28, 2009

All the airlines are in a race for more borrowings which will not solve their problems but create even more obstacles to growth in the long term

 Dish TV continues to lose money; now ARPU declines
Oct 28, 2009

Organisation needs continuous capital injection to fund the increasingly competitive business

 NPS gets lukewarm response so far
Oct 28, 2009

Subscribers to the much hyped New Pension Scheme (NPS) are coming in only at a trickle. Non-government savers are just 2,321

 PepsiCo India asks a few employees to move to IBM
Oct 28, 2009

The beverage company has given an ultimatum to its employees from three departments to either join IBM in Chennai or quit

 Banks face a major problem in stepping up NPA provisioning coverage
Oct 28, 2009

Banks have been advised to maintain provisioning coverage ratio, including floating provisions at 70% by September 2010. What does this signify for banks with less provisioning?

 SAT upheld SEBI order; Dismisses broker Shankar Sharma's appeal
Oct 28, 2009

SAT dismissed First Global Stock Broking Ltd's managing director Shankar Sharma’s appeal in a 2001 scam relating to alleged violation of norms and indulging in fictitious trading.

 CVC recommends major penalty proceedings against 111 officers
Oct 29, 2009

The commission also advised imposition of major penalty against 70 officers; both the lists are dominated by organisations based in and around New Delhi

 Jet Airways waiting FIPB clearance for QIP
Oct 29, 2009

Jet Airways is eagerly waiting for FIPB’s clearance to raise $400 million through QIP route

 Singapore most tax-friendly economy; India, US at bottom in survey
Oct 29, 2009

Singapore’s tax structure and exchanges are a hot topic at the moment, following a move to extend the trading hours in India

 UB Group losing its ‘spirit’ amid stronger competition
Oct 29, 2009

Rising operating costs, cut-throat competition and unprofitable ventures are taking the fizz out of the king of good times

 Industry needs to follow developers in going green
Oct 29, 2009

With huge opportunities and potential, going green could prove to be beneficial for industries in the long run

 ITC bleeding in trying to de-emphasise its image of a cigarette company
Oct 29, 2009

The company invested Rs 490 crore in the FMCG business division and has blown up almost Rs1,000 crore over the past two years

 Most companies are sporting operating margins way above 5-year highs
Oct 29, 2009

Rising commodity prices will ensure such margins come down from the December quarter onwards

 Road transport ministry to invite bids for projects worth $20 billion
Oct 29, 2009

To achieve the aim of addition of 7,000 km per year, bidding of road projects worth $20 billion is required

 Reliance Industries Ltd’s operating profit down by 8% to Rs4,785 crore
Oct 29, 2009

Gross refining margins receive a setback; Q2 turnover up by 6% to Rs48,843 crore

 IMF pegs Indian GDP growth at 6.5%
Oct 30, 2009

Strong domestic demand and rebound in private investment are likely to accelerate economic growth, pushing up inflation

 Curtailing terror funding operations okay, what about threatening FDI inflows?
Oct 30, 2009

Regulators are rightly worried about terror funding operations, but what about the potential threat to India's national security from foreign direct investment from suspicious organisations?

 ICICI Bank Q2 net profit up 2% on lower ops expenses
Oct 30, 2009

During the quarter the lender's fee-based revenues fell significantly on reduced investment and mergers and acquisition activity in the corporate sector

 This is the age of 'compact' vehicles
Oct 30, 2009

With Tata Nano starting a new segment of compact cars in India, the 'compact' bug now seems to have bit other segments as well

 IOL Netcom’s ex-employees continue to remain unpaid
Oct 30, 2009

Company posts huge advertisements in leading newspapers but shows empty pockets to unpaid employees

 Natural gas production to double in four months
Oct 30, 2009

Increasing number of wells in KG basin will generate 82 million cubic metres of gas per day

 Fossil fuels spell huge costs for India
Oct 30, 2009

Environmental cost of burning fuel cost no less than one-quarter of total healthcare cost in India

 “We need to watch out for emission levels, fuel consumption”
Oct 30, 2009

IN Bose, general manager, quality and safety, GE Shipping who also represents India at the International Maritime Organisation talks to Amritha Pillay of Moneylife about initiatives taken by the industry to cut emission and fuel consumption

 SAIL net down sharply in the September quarter
Oct 30, 2009

SAIL has suffered drop in sales, operating profits and net profit

 IOC records profits thanks to softer crude price
Oct 30, 2009

Under-recoveries of refining products will be significant if crude crosses $80 a barrel

 Need to do legal audits as 'health check' says Shyamala Gopinath
Oct 31, 2009

The absence of a single point database for verification of security interests created by banks and financial institutions accentuates the legal risk in security interest creation, feels the RBI deputy governor

 SCI to invest $4 billion for fleet expansion
Oct 31, 2009

India’s largest shipping company will order additional 36 vessels, says its CMD S Hajara in an exclusive interview with Moneylife

 Nestle India Q3 net sales up 17.70% to Rs1,307 crore
Oct 31, 2009

Nestle India continues to grow in sales and profits. It has posted its largest-ever Q3 sales

 SCI Q2 profits tumble by 88%
Oct 31, 2009

The largest shipping company suffered heavily due to global slowdown and lower freight rates

 SBI’s Q2 standalone net profit jumps 10%
Oct 31, 2009

The largest public sector lender has reported a 14% increase in interest earned for the September quarter, while net NPAs rose to 1.73%

 Hindalco net profit up 12% to Rs720 crore
Oct 31, 2009

Despite global pressure on pricing of commodities, the company has maintained its performance due to aluminium volumes

 India tops Nielsen's global consumer confidence index
Nov 3, 2009

India has topped the consumer confidence index across the world. However work, life balance and increasing food prices remain the country's biggest concerns

 SSC to quicken up recruitment process for 17,000 vacancies
Nov 3, 2009

There are about 17,000 middle-level vacancies at various departments of the Union government

 Milestone sees around 25% yields from warehouse investments
Nov 3, 2009

Milestone Capital Advisors Pvt Ltd is bullish on the warehousing segment. Ashish Joshi, managing partner for real estate at Milestone, shared his future plans and views with Moneylife

 HUL continues to suffer from poor sales and profit growth
Nov 3, 2009

Its much smaller rivals Dabur and Emami continue to record strong growth quarter after quarter

 North Indian cement units might suffer due to a spill-over effect
Nov 3, 2009

Cement producers in north India expect demand to improve despite fall in prices while analysts believe demand will be unable to meet the oversupply in the market

 Shipping industry just can’t float despite govt support
Nov 3, 2009

Government has provided many benefits and tax incentives to the Shipping industry but in vain. Shipping companies have not made a mark in the past decade.

 SKF India to invest Rs450 crore in two new facilities
Nov 4, 2009

Despite dismal performance of the ball bearing industry, SKF is investing in its two new facilities at Ahmedabad and Haridwar, thus showing revival signs from this sector

 SC judge withdraws from Bench hearing Ambani case
Nov 4, 2009

Last month, Justice Raveendran had offered to withdraw from the Bench, saying he had equal shares of both RIL and RNRL but the lawyers had said he should continue hearing the case

 Standardising PoAs: Long overdue development
Nov 4, 2009

SEBI’s discussion paper based on the recommendations of its secondary market advisory committee is suggesting some standard clauses as well as dos and don’ts in the structure and format of PoAs By Sucheta Dalal

 Google inspires Gogola!
Nov 4, 2009

The Internet search giant has inspired one small vendor in such a way that he is selling his ice candies under the name of Gogola

 From highway to skyway in a flying car
Nov 4, 2009

Inventors, engineers and crackpots have been promising flying cars since the 1920s. They have all been beaten to the punch by Terrafugia, which has already received 49 orders for a $195,000 plane it will not start delivering until 2011

 Ministry of power cuts expansion projection on equipment constrains
Nov 4, 2009

The ministry has had to recast its power capacity projection as new projects have been hit by equipment constraints. Earlier state electricity board debt had delayed the capacity building

 BHEL cashes in on markets gained from Chinese players
Nov 4, 2009

The company has received 80% to 90% orders from the private sector. Analysts believe markets gained from Chinese players as the main reason for BHEL’s order book overflowing

 HUL is spending more on advertising but it is not leading to higher revenues
Nov 5, 2009

Switch on any channel and you will see advertisements of Dove, Fair & Lovely, Pepsodent, Lux etc. HUL has been spending hugely on advertising and marketing. Why is it not leading to topline growth?

 S&P says Indian banks stand to gain more from higher provisioning
Nov 5, 2009

The ratings agency says that the RBI's move for higher provisioning coverage norms is likely to enhance the soundness of individual banks and correctly anticipates a rise in credit losses in the future

 At A Glance
Nov 5, 2009

Listed CPSEs to offload 10%, says Chidambaram

 Mobile operators 'falling' in line
Nov 5, 2009

With intensified competition, mobile service providers have no option but to fall in line with other players and decrease tariffs. Will the increased uncertainty in the sector lead to consolidation?

 A few MFs hit hard by choppy markets
Nov 5, 2009

Funds see NAVs crash after select scrips are hammered at the bourses

 Nuclear plants in cold storage
Nov 5, 2009

The nature of contracts that Indian firms like L&T will get, and the manpower required, is not yet clear

 SEBI-NSDL case gets messier, another PIL filed
Nov 5, 2009

Petitioner seeks court declaration of SEBI’s suppression of Final Orders as illegal, also demands details of investigation against CSDL

 Existing mobile operators shying away from fresh investment
Nov 6, 2009

Weak growth outlook, significant tariff pressure and entry of new players are leading to cautious investment outlook for incumbent mobile service providers

 FMCG sector faces rising raw material prices
Nov 6, 2009

May hit firms which reported better margins in the September quarter due to lower prices

 Indage Vintners goes into deep-freeze
Nov 7, 2009

Troubled winemaker’s bank accounts seized by sales tax department for non-payment of dues to employees

 No takers for indigenous gravity-based rapid transport system
Nov 7, 2009

The gravity-based technology that could power transport systems was patented a year ago. However, corporate and government involvement to develop the prototype is still not forthcoming

 Proposed law on plastic packaging may hit FMCG players
Nov 7, 2009

The Ministry of Environment and Forests has released a draft notification that seeks to ban the use of recycled or biodegradable plastic for packaging foodstuffs

 Banks unwilling to offload bad assets to ARCs
Nov 9, 2009

While distressed assets and delinquent accounts continue to erode banks’ profitability, very few favour offloading bad loans to asset reconstruction companies (ARCs)

 SEBI Board to decide on committee report today
Nov 9, 2009

Meeting to be held to discuss whether the Final Order passed by its two-member committee regarding its investigation of the IPO scam is to published or not

 Messaging power abuse by mobile operators
Nov 9, 2009

Under severe pressure arising from the tariff war, many mobile operators are trying to push more and more value-added services (VASs) by using their so-called 'power' gained from a huge subscriber base

 PwC says Indian businesses used downturn properly to cut costs
Nov 9, 2009

Organic growth is the path to economic growth over the medium term apart from acquisitions and alliances, as per the PwC report

 Cement exports hit by falling prices; may add to oversupply in local market
Nov 9, 2009

Exports from Gujarat-based Ultratech Cement and Ambuja Cement have fallen during the July-September quarter. This will add to the current oversupply in the Indian market and depress prices further.

 BoB, Andhra Bank in life insurance JV with L&G
Nov 9, 2009

The joint venture between the two state-run banks and UK-based L&G would start operations next month with four products

 SEBI board decides to publish suppressed orders
Nov 9, 2009

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) on Monday decided to make public orders passed by its two-member committee “in the interest of transparency”

 Dubai's Ultimate Motors to launch 3 sports-car brands in India
Nov 10, 2009

Indian motorists may not have the roads but they do have the money power to own these ‘Super Hyper Cars’

 Road projects speed up 75% in H1
Nov 10, 2009

NHAI has already touched the 11km-per-day mark in the first half of the current fiscal; analysts say changes in the model concession agreement will further speed up road projects

 Jet’s shares up despite the airline posting a huge loss
Nov 10, 2009

The carrier’s improving seat utilisation, maintenance tie-up with Spice prove to be positive signals for the market.

 Reliance discovers oil in Cambay basin
Nov 10, 2009

RIL’s first discovery in the Cambay basin may not add much to the company’s revenues as the pressure rating does not indicate major output in the area

 ArcelorMittal open offer for Uttam Galva delayed
Nov 10, 2009

ArcelorMittal wanted to close the process of buying additional shares constituting about 30% stake of Uttam Galva by mid-December

 Sex pills will remain as OTC drugs
Nov 10, 2009

Sidelining all arguments against abuse of after-sex pills, the drugs committee decides to maintain the OTC classification for these medications

 Bond markets not taking talks of PSU divestment at face value
Nov 10, 2009

Apprehensive of high government borrowings and widening fiscal deficit, bond markets are looking for some respite from PSU divestment funds but see no chance of yields falling significantly

 NTT Docomo launches mobile handset with detachable keyboard
Nov 11, 2009

NTT Docomo, the partner in Tata Teleservices' GSM venture, has announced its line-up of 19 mobile handsets in Japan. Can we expect these advanced handsets from Docomo through the Tata channel?

 ICICI Bank joins hands with SMX to provide clearing and settlement
Nov 11, 2009

This membership will also help ICICI Bank to provide a platform to the commodity market participants in India and abroad to participate on the global commodity exchange

 Daily NAVs may be reported a day late
Nov 11, 2009

Extension in market trading hours to impact reconciliation of transactions; computation and dissemination of NAV-related information likely to get delayed; delay in processing of redemption requests also likely

 Private labels threaten FMCG companies in organised retail
Nov 11, 2009

Though private labels are increasingly gaining a strong foothold in the organised retail segment, FMCG companies can avoid this competition by investing in innovation and product differentiation, a survey has said

 Another SME trading platform; will it work this time?
Nov 11, 2009

The market regulator has allowed exchanges to set up a separate trading platform for SMEs; will it be any different from its previously failed attempts at creating exchanges for SMEs?

 CRISIL says investor interest revived in debt mutual funds
Nov 11, 2009

The strong recovery by the mutual fund industry is reflected in the growth in assets under management (AUM) of debt schemes which have more than doubled within a year to Rs5.68 trillion.

 Cluster development projects set to take off in Mumbai
Nov 11, 2009

The D, F South and F North wards offer redevelopment potential of 5 crore sq ft, says a real estate expert

 Hydrogen cell technology to become viable option for defence in five years
Nov 11, 2009

With the increasing threat of global warming, the world is realising that hydrogen energy has the potential to offer a pollution-free alternative to the energy needs of mankind

 Warehousing to get Rs5,000 crore investment over next three years
Nov 11, 2009

The investment will help the segment to increase its capacity by 30 million sq ft, but would not be able to meet the deficit of 80 million sq ft

 RBI issues fresh guidelines to deal with bounced cheques
Nov 12, 2009

As per the new guidelines, in the event of dishonour of cheque on four occasions during the financial year, banks may close the defaulter’s account.

 Brown vows to curb entry of doctors, professionals into the UK
Nov 12, 2009

Doctors and professionals from outside Europe are to be stopped from taking up posts in the UK, as immigration rules are tightened to cut numbers of migrant workers

 FICCI-E&Y study says 82% of developers feel the need for a regulator
Nov 12, 2009

The Indian government is working on a model real estate regulation bill to provide guidelines to facilitate growth and promotion of a healthy, transparent, efficient and competitive real estate sector in the country

 Peninsula Land to raise Rs 750 crore through QIP
Nov 12, 2009

The developer is planning to build 28- 30 million sq ft in Hyderabad, Pune, Nashik, Nagpur, Goa and Mumbai and is looking to acquire new land for these projects

 RBI asks banks, FIs to update terror funding list
Nov 12, 2009

In a move to block terror funding, the central bank has asked banks and financial institutions to update their databases from a fresh UN list

 MSRDC seeks funds to safeguard Bandra-Worli Sea Link
Nov 12, 2009

With the state-of-the-art Bandra-Worli Sea Link on the target list of terrorists, MSRDC want funds to install a scanner on the bridge

 Analysts remain bullish despite lacklustre Q2FY10 performance
Nov 12, 2009

India Inc’s numbers for Q2FY2010 remained weak, but consumption trends signal a definite revival in the economy, say analysts; growth momentum to continue

 Logistics may enjoy tax credits paid with GST
Nov 12, 2009

The logistics industry would be able to enjoy credits on taxes like VAT, which they could not enjoy earlier, says a tax expert

 Extended market trading hours: stock exchanges at loggerheads?
Nov 13, 2009

While the NSE has been pushing for extension in trading hours to combat the Singapore Stock Exchange’s time advantage, BSE may not lend support given the SGX influence

 HDIL not to increase property prices as commodity cost falls
Nov 13, 2009

HDIL is planning to pass the benefit of low commodity prices to consumers by not hiking the prices of its properties

 Indian shipbuilders eying defence orders
Nov 13, 2009

With lacklustre demand for commercial vessels, Indian shipbuilders are eying orders from the defence sector. But do they have the necessary infrastructure and technical capabilities to handle these orders?

 Will Suzlon be able to tread the growth path again?
Nov 13, 2009

Tthe global wind energy giant will have to reduce the cost of its wind turbines and improve their quality if it has to shore up its financials. The question is: will it be able to turn itself around?

 HomeShop18 sells 15% stake to Korean company for $18.5 million
Nov 13, 2009

HomeShop18, India’s first 24-hour home shopping channel, has announced that it has raised $23.5 million or about Rs109 crore as growth capital to fund exceptional growth and rapid expansion of its business

 Orders that SEBI suppressed
Nov 13, 2009

What were the DSQ Software and Rajnarayan case all about? Sucheta Dalal looks at the two surprise orders revealed by the SEBI board.

 Deutsche Bank eyes realty
Nov 13, 2009

The Bank is scouting for residential projects in Tier-I cities

 Who Is Golden Tobacco's Hostile Bidder?
Nov 13, 2009

Pramod Jain has a fairly colourful record of investments

 Bajaj Hindusthan to raise Rs2,000 crore
Nov 13, 2009

The country's largest sugar manufacturer is trying to raise the funds quickly. Is it trying to buy the promoter’s stake in Balrampur Chini Mills, the second largest sugar producer?

 Viability of SEBI’s proposed SME platform remains a concern
Nov 13, 2009

SEBI has allowed exchanges to set up independent SME exchange platforms, but doubts persist over how far it will succeed at creating a thriving market in SMEs

 Headend In The Sky: What about last mile connectivity?
Nov 16, 2009

The government approved guidelines for satellite transmission of digital broadcasting signals. But does your local cable operator have the necessary infrastructure to carry digital signals?

 26/11: A tragic past gives way to a bright future
Nov 16, 2009

A year after the deadly terrorist carnage of 26 November 2008, Mumbai’s landmark icons which were bruised and battered by the brutal attacks have not let the aftermath kill their never-say-die attitude

 Osian Art Fund investors upset about ambiguity regarding NAV and closure date
Nov 16, 2009

Company officials claim that redemption payment will be done in three to four days, while investors fear that the funds will come in only after 30 days

 CMIE, CII up FY10 GDP growth forecast above 6%
Nov 16, 2009

Although corporate results for the second quarter are encouraging, agriculture still remains a major downside risk for India’s GDP growth

 ‘Everyone in the infrastructure industry is doing well’
Nov 16, 2009

Praveen Sood, Group CFO, Hindustan Construction Company, talks to Amritha Pillay of Moneylife on his company’s growth prospects and the current economic scenario

 Indian shipping stocks sink even as key sea freight index rises
Nov 16, 2009

Baltic Exchange’s sea freight index, Baltic Dry Index (BDI) is rising again but not the stock prices of Indian shipping companies

 SHCIL gives cash dividend of 900% by selling 2% stake in NSE
Nov 16, 2009

SHCIL has declared an unprecedented dividend of 900%. What is the reason behind this lavish payout?

 Bank employees call for strike against consolidation move
Nov 16, 2009

Opposing closure of State Bank of Indore for merger with SBI, AIBEA calls nationwide strike on 16 December, after bank management withdraws from a previous commitment not to pursue the matter

 ‘Ten lessons we learnt during the Slowdown’
Nov 17, 2009

Pranay Vakil, chairman, Knight Frank India, highlights 10 home truths that the real-estate industry realised during the downturn that lasted around 18 months

 Banks cheer RBI move for domestic payment gateway
Nov 17, 2009

Monopoly position enables international behemoths Visa and MasterCard to levy exorbitant costs on client banks; a domestic payment system would be considerably cheaper

 ‘The road sector is a promising one’
Nov 17, 2009

Satish D Parakh, Managing Director, Ashoka Buildcon Ltd, speaks to Amritha Pillay of Moneylife on his organisation’s BOT projects and

 GTL’s Sanjay Dalmia asked to appear before EOW
Nov 17, 2009

Indiabulls Financial lent Rs225 crore to Dalmia, after he pledged his shares in GTL and GHCL along with some property, together worth about Rs250 crore. Indiabulls has filed a complaint of cheating against Dalmia.

 Indian Railways white paper may expose true state of finances
Nov 17, 2009

Railway minister Mamata Banerjee’s action to come out with a white paper has come in the wake of her assertion that 'unrealistically high targets' had been set for revenues in the interim budget by her predecessor, Lalu Prasad Yadav

 Hyundai to invest Rs800 crore for 'smaller' car in India
Nov 17, 2009

Hyundai, the largest car exporter from India, is planning to produce another car, smaller than its Santro in India

 ‘RBI has taken the backdoor way of establishing a rate hike’
Nov 17, 2009

Moneylife’s Sanket Dhanorkar speaks with RVS Sridhar (RVS), Senior VP, Treasury head, Markets, Axis Bank on the state of the Indian economy

 Govt seeks audit of UBI branches for high-value transactions
Nov 17, 2009

Union Bank's Zaveri Bazaar branch in Mumbai had accounts of Balaji Bullion Bazaar and Balaji Bullion Corp, related with Madhu Koda, where there were cash transactions worth crores which were not reported to the Financial Intelligence Unit

 China faces massive steel oversupply; global prices likely to be affected
Nov 17, 2009

China’s steel trade body fears a rapidly worsening situation in the December quarter and early 2010

 ‘We have rationalised costs and fine-tuned our depreciation model’
Nov 17, 2009

Shopper’s Stop reported a significantly higher profit during the second quarter. Govind Shrikhande, president and chief executive officer, explains to Pallabika Ganguly how he did it.

 Prism Cement to merge H&R Johnson and RMC Readymix with itself
Nov 18, 2009

Following the Andhra Pradesh High Court order, Prism Cement called for a shareholders’ meeting to consider and approve the merger

 Hindalco gets shareholders’ nod to raise Rs2,900 crore
Nov 18, 2009

The largest aluminium producer in the country is raising funds for its expansion plans and has also increased limit for FII investment to 40% from 25%

 CRISIL says underwriting performance of general insurers remains dismal
Nov 18, 2009

Despite significant underwriting losses, general insurance companies have been profitable due to their strong investment returns; this over-dependence could lead to volatility in profits

 IPO processing time should be brought down to seven days: Bhave
Nov 18, 2009

There would be more efficiency in the listing process, if the time taken for processing an IPO application can be reduced

 Brokers need clarity before dealing in MF products
Nov 18, 2009

Aiming to enhance the distribution network for mutual funds, SEBI has allowed mutual fund schemes to be routed through stock exchange brokers. Are brokers equipped to handle an entirely different business?

 Telenor cuts India capex by Rs3,500 crore on lower equipment costs
Nov 18, 2009

The majority partner in Unitech Wireless feels that its targeted rollout combined with better terms from equipment vendors will reduce the capex requirements to Rs12,000 crore

 ‘We will continue to focus on improving our cash margin'
Nov 18, 2009

Shopper’s Stop reported a significantly higher profit in Q2. Govind Shrikhande, president and CEO, explains to Pallabika Ganguly how he did it. Here is the second part of the three-part interview.

 SEZ developers are selling their land banks
Nov 18, 2009

Developers who were bullish about special economic zones and information technology parks are now looking to dispose of land acquired for these projects

 SBI’s home loan customers mired in red tape
Nov 18, 2009

India’s largest lender offers attractive home loan schemes to generate demand, then loses interest when it comes to processing loan requests. One such complaint against SBI exposes the situation

 CDSL Ventures introduces e-voting system for corporates
Nov 19, 2009

New initiative will empower shareholders to vote on resolutions at a place of their convenience; voting process to become quicker and more accurate, resulting in cost savings for companies

 Mopeds zoom ahead after demand picks up
Nov 19, 2009

Segment sees strong growth, but sales of electronic two-wheelers have stagnated

 Crisis creates new opportunities for legal process outsourcing
Nov 19, 2009

The slowdown in the Legal Process Outsocuring (LPO) business is likely to lead to consolidation and entry of larger law firms, says research firm ValueNotes

 Hathway Cable plans to acquire local cable TV operators with IPO funds
Nov 19, 2009

Hathway Cable & Datacom, a multi-system operator, has filed a draft red herring prospectus for its IPO. Akshay Raheja, non-executive director, spoke to Pallabika Ganguly of Moneylife about his investment plans and growth strategies for the company.

 Cluster development faces many hurdles
Nov 19, 2009

Orbit Corporation, a major player in the redevelopment segment, says increased development time and rehabilitation of tenants are key challenges

 ICRA downgrades Rathi Steel’s debt rating
Nov 19, 2009

However, the company’s share price rose 18% over the past two weeks

 Power supply franchisee model cuts losses, improves supply quality
Nov 19, 2009

While the franchisee model in power supply has helped to significantly reduce losses, there is room for improvement in areas like arrears recovery, bidding process and franchisee monitoring, says an NGO report

 ”The recession taught us a new lesson of growth versus profitability”
Nov 19, 2009

In the third part of his exclusive interview with Moneylife, Govind Shrikhande, president and CEO, Shopper’s Stop, explains to Pallabika Ganguly about how his company handles staffing issues and his strategy for category management

 HDFC sees home loan rates rising by 50bps by mid-2010
Nov 20, 2009

However, higher rates will not impact demand if property prices remain stable, says HDFC’s Renu Sud Karnad

 New index launched for realty market
Nov 20, 2009

Liases Foras has launched Ressex, a real-estate sensitivity index that will capture trends in price, inventory, sales and demand in six cities.

 The shine fades from wine
Nov 20, 2009

Winemakers see stocks piling up for want of takers due to the ongoing slowdown

 NTPC cites conflicting reasons for shutdown of units
Nov 20, 2009

The company informs the media that the closure is due to coal shortage, but tells analysts that the units have been shut down for maintenance

 Iron ore prices set to go up
Nov 20, 2009

Strong Chinese import demand overcomes fears of global steel oversupply

 Around 40% of Indian households are still not electrified
Nov 20, 2009

Six decades after Independence, 40% of Indian households still await electrification, says a Greenpeace report

 Real-estate sector may witness growth in volumes, but not prices
Nov 20, 2009

A few real-estate industry experts say that the sector is emerging out of the slowdown and expects positive growth and volume sales

 Trading MFs through brokers may not be cost-effective for investors
Nov 23, 2009

SEBI’s move to attract more retail investors in MFs can succeed only if it imposes measures to lower transaction costs

 Corporate bond yields slump on surplus liquidity
Nov 23, 2009

Falling yields on government bonds are being mirrored by the corporate bond segment, as sluggish credit growth and low interest rates lead to oversupply of money

 Smart grids may make power sector financially viable
Nov 23, 2009

Smart grids, which increase the connectivity, automation and coordination between electricity suppliers, consumers and networks, will make the sector more financially viable, says an expert

 Edelweiss in life insurance joint venture with Tokio Marine
Nov 23, 2009

Edelweiss will have 74% stake in the insurance joint venture while Tokio Marine Holdings will hold the rest. Initially, the proposed venture will have Rs550 crore paid-up equity capital

 Switchover from RelInfra to Tata Power plagued by initial hiccups
Nov 23, 2009

Consumers who have applied for connections from Tata Power are facing problems with issues related to meter change and security deposits

 Maruti Suzuki to launch van to replace Versa
Nov 23, 2009

Maruti Suzuki has discontinued production of its Versa, its multi-purpose vehicle, due to low demand and wants to replace it with a van instead

 Toyota mulls engine, transmission plant in India
Nov 23, 2009

The Japanese auto giant wants to jack up localised production and is keen to set up a transmission and engine unit in its second plant in India

 SEBI notice to RIL seeks to bar it from capital market
Nov 23, 2009

The notice is said to have been issued following a probe into charges of insider-trading in securities of group company RPL. SEBI is believed to have begun the probe in early 2008, after the issue was raised in Parliament.

 Textile sector to face an uptrend in the coming months
Nov 23, 2009

The textile sector was facing a slowdown last year, but rising demand may help it to achieve a turnaround, say industry experts

 Aamir Khan fails to create new record
Nov 24, 2009

Bollywood star wanted Rs100 crore for his new film ‘3 Idiots’, but distributors are shying away from investing such a huge amount.

 Switching to Tata Power means additional savings for consumers
Nov 24, 2009

Switchover customers could save around 20% on their monthly bill for a consumption of 350 units. Additional savings—depending on various court orders—would just be the icing on the cake

 JCB India eyes 10-15% sales growth on back of infra sector pick-up
Nov 24, 2009

JCB, the unit of UK-based JC Bamford Excavators, believes that demand for excavators in India would perk up as the infrastructure sector is already exhibiting an upturn

 Mobile Number Portability: Quality will survive
Nov 24, 2009

While mobile number portability would help harassed subscribers to change their operators, for the mobile services providers it will result in high churn of subscribers

 UK-based Experian in credit information JV with seven FIs
Nov 24, 2009

Competition in the credit bureau business may actually help customers, because it will usher in services and innovations that already exist overseas

 Gold likely to average $1,300/oz by Q4-2010, says StanChart
Nov 24, 2009

In its quarterly report on commodities, StanChart has said that there is a compelling case for gold and platinum, however it feels the upside of crude oil will be capped

 ONGC opposes parking funds with PSU banks
Nov 24, 2009

ONGC, with a cash surplus of about Rs18,000 crore, is losing around Rs300 crore in interest revenues annually after it was forced to discontinue the practice of calling for competitive rates for parking its cash.

 Vinita Kamte pens book which could embarrass Mumbai police
Nov 24, 2009

Slain IPS officer Ashok Kamte’s wife, in her book ‘To the Last Bullet’, discloses incidents that occurred at Cama Hospital which could embarrass the Mumbai police even further.

 Vasudevan's probe in Satyam case under cloud
Nov 24, 2009

Following the arrest of the Company Law Board member on graft charges, the authorities are planning to review his probe into the Satyam scam.

 Aegis Logistics partners with Essar Oil to sell fuel
Nov 24, 2009

In this strategic alliance between Aegis and Essar to sell each other’s fuel products through their retail outlets, bulk of the investments for adding such facilities on both sides will be undertaken by Aegis

 Better days ahead for electric cars
Nov 24, 2009

More and more companies, including clock maker Ajanta, are getting ready to introduce battery-operated electric cars in India

 Mutual fund-broker route may drive up investor costs
Nov 24, 2009

Cost to investor under the new proposed route could reach up to eight times the expenses under current model.

 Won't revisit cases handled by arrested CLB member: Govt
Nov 25, 2009

R Vasudevan, who joined the CLB just three months ago, was looking into high-profile cases like the Satyam and the Sesa Goa fraud

 Infrastructure financing a big challenge for banks: Subbarao
Nov 25, 2009

The RBI governor has said that banks are not utilising resources efficiently and lending rates continue to be 'sticky' and 'non-transparent' to a degree

 Bajaj Hindusthan to add 400MW capacity worth Rs1,600 crore
Nov 25, 2009

Bajaj Hindusthan, the largest sugar producer in the country, will be setting up five new coal-based power plants of 80MW capacity each at five locations on the land adjacent to its existing factories

 Office rents are falling in Tier I cities
Nov 25, 2009

Office rents in Tier I cities, like Mumbai and New Delhi, are falling with higher supply and lower demand for office space

 Corporate malfeasance of the highest order
Nov 25, 2009

Goyal Financials India flouts SEBI takeover norms by selling stake internally; the company has failed to submit notices and annual reports to members since 2005

 Bollywood divided over capturing 26/11 on film
Nov 25, 2009

Around 10 film titles revolving around the tragedy have been registered and a couple of low-budget movies are ready for release but mainstream filmmakers have stayed away

 Gold sets yet another peak at Rs18,000 per 10gm
Nov 25, 2009

Gold spurted by Rs220 to Rs18,000 per 10gm, a level never seen before, on seasonal buying and on the back of prices in international markets touching record levels

 Exchanges are planning MF trading platforms
Nov 25, 2009

Both BSE and NSE are planning trading platforms for mutual funds. AMFI is planning to buy 30% stake in each of them, unmindful of a possible conflict of interest

 Smart grids could open up prospects for various sectors
Nov 26, 2009

Setting up of the smart grid system would prove beneficial for industries like IT and the renewable energy sector along with power utilities, metering and power equipment providers

 Companies involved in road development feel March 2010 target unlikely to be met
Nov 26, 2009

Major companies in build-operate-transfer (BOT) road projects believe the March 2010 target could be difficult to meet and the sector could be plagued by problems like late bidding for projects and hitches in land acquisition

 Get ready for higher cable TV bills from next year
Nov 26, 2009

TRAI, the sector regulator, is all set to announce revised (higher) rates for all cable TV subscribers, except CAS users, by end-December

 3G, rural penetration to catalyse PE investments in telecom: Survey
Nov 26, 2009

According to a survey, mobile VAS, mobile broadband and telecom software companies, as well as companies providing services to telecom companies, are among the favourite sectors for PE & VC investors within the industry

 Asahi Fibres: When corporate governance goes amiss
Nov 26, 2009

Asahi Fibres’ Board seeks shareholders’ approval for corporate guarantee to its associate company for an amount 20 times its net worth, but a year late

 Promoters tank up on preferential allotments in Sistema Shyam
Nov 26, 2009

Promoters of Sistema Shyam Teleservices consider preferential allotment to themselves at a steep discount to the market, putting minority shareholders at a loss

 Food inflation jumps to 15.6% as potato prices soar
Nov 26, 2009

According to the inflation data, potato prices rose by 111%, pulses by 35% and onion by 27% in the one-year period ending 14th November.

 RIL shares continue to move up
Nov 26, 2009

RIL’s deal value to acquire LyondellBasell is still uncertain, yet the stock price is up 3 % from 13th November.

 Smart meters, home area networks possible within existing policies
Nov 27, 2009

India might jump from the first stage of smart meters to the third stage of home area networks for smart grids, says an expert

 A poor economy not an excuse for lay-offs: Narayana Murthy
Nov 27, 2009

We should encourage employees at every level to contribute their ideas to generate sustainable, genuine improvements in productivity, efficiency and profits, says the Infosys chief mentor

 Adani gets shareholders’ nod to raise Rs4,000 crore
Nov 27, 2009

Adani Enterprises has received shareholder approval for upsizing the amount to be raised through share sale to qualified institutional buyers to Rs4,000 crore from Rs1,500 crore

 Dubai crisis may not impact Indian realty market
Nov 27, 2009

Developers like DLF, Unitech, Parsvnath and Emaar MGF have said that they have no exposure in Dubai, while Omaxe has said that it has an investment of Rs40 crore for which it has asked for a refund

 Shady IPO deals continue unabated
Nov 27, 2009

The promoter-merchant banker racket ensures IPOs get subscribed fully; huge discount demanded to aid subscription impacts post-listing performance

 RCom starts another tariff war by offering SMS at 1 paisa
Nov 27, 2009

Tata Teleservices 'pay-per-call' and 'pay-per-second' offers helped it garner more subscribers in a short period. Is RCom trying to do the same with its new SMS offer?

 The Dubai debt saga
Nov 27, 2009

Just a year after the global downturn derailed Dubai's explosive growth, the city is now swamped in huge debt which may turn out to be biggest sovereign default since Argentina in 2001

 Online MF trading boon for brokers, bane for distributors
Nov 27, 2009

SEBI’s recent move to allow trading in mutual fund units through stock exchanges will benefit brokers as they can charge commissions from both buyers and sellers; but it may put small distributors, who are already affected by the ban on entry load, out of business.

 National Payment Corp plans to buy NFS to improve retail payments
Nov 28, 2009

NCPI’s move is aimed at establishing a domestic payment system to facilitate Indian banks, with a view to reduce transaction charges

 Bank employees agree to wage hike and pension benefits
Nov 28, 2009

IBA signs wage agreement with UFBU settling on a 17.5% hike in salaries and providing pension coverage for serving and retired employees.

 India's Q2 GDP grows 7.9%
Nov 30, 2009

During the first half of FY10, the economy rose by 7% on the back of stimulus packages and revival of domestic demand, giving hopes that final figures for the year could be much higher

 ISRO to launch eight foreign satellites, also eyes acquisitions
Nov 30, 2009

ISRO is also looking to further scale up the participation of industries in space projects and is even looking at outsourcing some research and development tasks to them

 When management gurus failed to bell the CAT
Nov 30, 2009

The fiasco of CAT 2009, the qualifying test for India's best B-schools, has left the Indian Institutes of Management red-faced due to the poor planning and preparation that the whole process has exposed

 Almost 2.5 crore mobiles will not be reachable from tomorrow
Nov 30, 2009

Mobile handsets with fake or duplicate IMEI numbers are all set to become ‘not-reachable’ or become non-operational from 30th November

 2&3BHK home sales on the rise in Tier I cities
Nov 30, 2009

Sales of 2&3BHK homes are picking up in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad

 Indian banks not worried about exposure to Dubai
Dec 2, 2009

While Dubai grapples with a financial crisis, Indian banks like Bank of Baroda and SBI will be forced to take a deeper look into their exposure to Dubai-based entities

 Stimulus props up GDP numbers
Dec 2, 2009

India’s robust Q2 GDP growth may have surpassed expectations, but a closer look reveals that excluding government spending, growth is actually on the lower side

 UTV signs Rs95 crore syndication deals with TV channels
Dec 2, 2009

Four TV channels Colors, NDTV Imagine, B4U and Channel 4 will telecast Hindi movies produced by UTV during 2008-2009

 When management gurus failed to bell the CAT
Dec 2, 2009

The fiasco of CAT 2009, the qualifying test for India's best B-schools, has left the Indian Institutes of Management red-faced due to the poor planning and preparation that the whole process has exposed

 Govt says NTPC deal can't be equated with private accord
Dec 2, 2009

The Supreme Court had sought a response after Anil Ambani-led RNRL had consented to the government being made a party to the dispute

 Power play and a fight to switch a switch
Dec 2, 2009

Defamation cases, threatening calls, late-night work and accusations of being against power utility Reliance Infrastructure. Sandeep Ohri, an ordinary citizen, went through all this—and more—to ensure that the electricity distribution monopoly in Mumbai was broken... with lots of support from many activists and NGOs.

 ABG reaps windfall gains as it offloads Great Offshore stake
Dec 2, 2009

With its sudden exit from the race to acquire Great Offshore, ABG has made a profit of Rs46.80 crore on an investment of about Rs124 crore

 Pantaloon to invest Rs360 crore in retail space
Dec 2, 2009

Pantaloon Retail is also looking to hive off its value retail chain, Big Bazaar, into a separate subsidiary which may float an IPO

 Sugar production may fall below 16 million tonnes in 2009-10: ISMA
Dec 2, 2009

Sugar output for the current season may be marginally higher than last year, but will still be short of India's annual requirement of about 23 million tonnes

 TV guide channel gets ready to air on DTH platform
Dec 2, 2009

‘What’s on India’, a TV guide channel, will be available to viewers on some DTH services and cables.

 TeleCanor’s investor cries foul
Dec 7, 2009

Wealthy private investor Hemant Gupta alleges misuse of his funds by TeleCanor Global; the company on its part claims malicious propaganda is being spread by Mr Gupta to manipulate its stock price

 Vinsura Winery plans reserve wine launch by January
Dec 7, 2009

Vinsura Winery, formerly known as Sankalp Winery, plans to launch the wine made from the best quality Shiraaz or Zenfendel grapes next month priced at Rs1,000 and above

 Food inflation up at 17.47%; Onions still expensive
Dec 7, 2009

Analysts have said that rising food prices should prompt the government and the RBI to shift their focus on controlling inflation, otherwise manufacturing inflation would also go up

 Telenor starts mobile services across seven circles in India
Dec 7, 2009

The launch of Uninor’s services is taking place eight months after the Telenor Group finalised the transaction with Unitech Group and made the first investment in Uninor on 20 March 2009

 SEBI calls board meeting to dispose NSDL issues
Dec 7, 2009

SEBI's board meeting would ensure that with three whole-time members reporting to the chairman or the finance ministry and outside directors who are subject to their regulation, the NSDL issue will be buried

 BSE plans to launch mobile trading platform
Dec 7, 2009

In a move to increase retail penetration, the BSE is coming out with a mobile trading platform as well as websites in various regional languages

 SEBI board cannot quash order against NSDL, says former CJI
Dec 7, 2009

Justice JS Verma says such quasi-judicial orders can only be reviewed and quashed “by a judicial forum with requisite jurisdiction, at the instance of a petitioner with standing to seek relief.”

 Around 1,500 RelInfra consumers switch to Tata Power
Dec 7, 2009

More than 1,500 consumers have switched over from RelInfra to Tata Power; 3,000 RelInfra connections have been scheduled for switchover and another 2,000 switchover applications are still pending.

 Organised retail to touch $13 billion by 2010
Dec 7, 2009

The retail sector is growing at 5.5% not only in metros but even in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities, according to an ASSOCHAM report.

 United Breweries joins hands with Heineken to sell more beer
Dec 7, 2009

The partnership between UBL and Heineken is expected to drive growth in India, which is considered as one of the world's fastest-growing beer markets

 ‘Financial literacy is the first step toward financial inclusion’
Dec 7, 2009

Most people are not aware of the right questions to ask when they are offered a slew of investment products and therefore fall prey to get-rich-quick schemes and fly-by-night operators, says RBI deputy governor Usha Thorat.

 A more cautious approach needed towards m-commerce: RBI
Dec 7, 2009

The use of the mobile phone as an instrument for conducting financial transactions and the potential it has for financial inclusion and growth is being recognised by the apex bank, which has however called for caution in m-commerce adoption

 Western, southern regions witness hike in cement prices
Dec 7, 2009

Rise in demand and shortage of railway wagons push up prices, but analysts believe that this hike could be a short-term phenomenon

 BSE's Q2 revenues up Rs140.50 crore; net declines marginally
Dec 8, 2009

The exchange, which is gearing up for its listing, posted higher average daily turnover during the second quarter

 Hiring in 2010 may return to pre-recession pace: Manpower
Dec 8, 2009

A regional analysis by a staffing services provider shows that employers spread across India's four regions expect hiring plans to rise considerably over the next three months both on a quarter-on-quarter and year-on-year basis

 No loss to govt, RIL if gas is supplied at $2.34/mmBtu: RNRL
Dec 8, 2009

RNRL, the Anil Ambani group company, in an affidavit before the apex court has said that there would be no impact on the government at all and it would suffer no loss whatsoever and RIL would also make a profit of Rs30,000 crore at $2.34 per mmBtu

 NDTV to sell stake in NDTV Imagine to Turner for $117 million
Dec 8, 2009

After selling stake in NDTV Good Times to Scripps Networks, the Prannoy Roy-led TV network is again selling its majority stake in NDTV Imagine to Turner Asia Pacific

 GM India is now under Chinese control!
Dec 8, 2009

GM’s China partner can drive the fortunes of GM India. The ramifications can be huge for the auto sector—and the country—at large

 Brokers to sell MFs, but many are not qualified
Dec 8, 2009

Trading of mutual fund (MF) units through stock exchanges is now a reality, but many brokers lack necessary qualifications to actually deal in MF schemes

 Only 426 Limited Liability Partnerships have been registered since 2008
Dec 8, 2009

Ambiguity in the tax structure and inefficient functioning of the Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) portal are the two factors that have made it difficult for lawyers to register these arrangements

 Brokers to sell MFs, but many are not qualified
Dec 8, 2009

Trading of mutual fund (MF) units through stock exchanges is now a reality, but many brokers lack necessary qualifications to actually deal in MF schemes

 NHAI gears up to award 12 new road projects
Dec 8, 2009

NHAI has announced the lowest bidders for 12 road projects across the country and will soon award the same to the selected contractors

 Indian aviation can absorb $120 billion in investments by 2020
Dec 9, 2009

India is one of the fastest-growing aerospace markets in the world, driven by continued economic growth, resulting in growing passenger traffic and domestic aircraft demand

 Volkswagen to buy 19.9% stake in Suzuki for $2.54 billion
Dec 9, 2009

In the automotive industry, where globalisation and diversification proceed in parallel, both VW and Suzuki are planning to establish a cooperative relationship while respecting each other’s independence as a stand-alone entity

 SEBI asks bourses to save records till a probe is completed
Dec 9, 2009

The original copy of a record is to be maintained till trial or investigation proceedings have concluded, instead of the current practice of keeping papers only for five years, the market regulator has said

 Global oil rig utilisation rates at a high
Dec 9, 2009

The utilisation rate for land oil rigs has been constantly rising. Analysts believe that the utilisation rate for offshore rigs has also started to improve

 No final bid yet from RIL, says LyondellBasell
Dec 9, 2009

LyondellBasell and RIL late last month disclosed a "preliminary non-binding offer" by the Indian company for taking a controlling interest in the world's third largest independent petrochemical maker. Going by industry sources, Reliance Industries' bid could be more than $12 billion

 Tighter visa norms for UK-bound Indian IT workers
Dec 9, 2009

From next year, workers in the IT category will need to have one year’s experience with their employer instead of six months at present, before they can be transferred to the UK

 Hamara Bajaj to fade into oblivion
Dec 9, 2009

Scooters have not been selling according to Bajaj Auto’s expectations. The company is making hardly 1,000 scooters a month now—mostly for exports—and now wants to focus only on motorcycles

 Activists seek stay on Mumbai skywalks
Dec 9, 2009

Skywalks, or foot over-bridges, are an effort to give pedestrians much-needed space to walk as more and more footpaths were disappearing across the city. This phenomenon, coupled with the paucity of subways, necessitated the construction of these skywalks

 Crashing of servers affects RTGS across banks
Dec 9, 2009

RTGS, which was designed to provide real-time settlement of payments, is failing to do so due to crashing and hanging of servers across banks

 Simmering discontent between funds and AMFI
Dec 9, 2009

There is no unanimity among the representative body and mutual fund players on what ought to constitute common operational policies

 Commercial realty prices will fall further, says BNP Paribas
Dec 10, 2009

BNP Paribas Real Estate feels that investors should wait and watch the price trend over the next six months, however, for end-users, this is the best time to buy residential property.

 Pension fund regulator D Swarup retires; GC Chaturvedi takes charge
Dec 10, 2009

D Swarup, the man responsible for ushering in Indian pension fund reforms, has retired

 Sumitomo denies stake sale in Swaraj Mazda
Dec 10, 2009

A few reports have said that Tata Motors is eyeing Sumitomo’s stake in Swaraj Mazda. Although Sumitomo has denied these stake sale reports, analysts say that the move by Tata Motors should be looked more as a technology takeover rather than consolidation of its market share

 TV channels switch over to more realistic content
Dec 10, 2009

Social soap operas are not working for television audiences any more. The trend is now favouring much more realistic content where viewers can relate to characters and incidents that are being telecast

 SBI, Macquarie see huge opportunities in infrastructure
Dec 10, 2009

As population growth and demographic change continue to exert pressure on India's existing urban infrastructure, the country would require a total funding of more than $1 trillion for a radical overhaul in its existing systems

 RIL in talks for stake sale in Haryana SEZ
Dec 10, 2009

The discussions are being held with infrastructure development and finance major IL&FS, along with some other potential partners for sale of a minority strategic stake by RIL in Reliance Haryana SEZ

 Land incentives may make road projects attractive
Dec 10, 2009

The road transport ministry is mulling over a proposal to allot land tracts alongside road projects to make these constructions economically viable

 India’s solar mission aims for the skies
Dec 10, 2009

The Indian government has chalked up big plans to create long-term sustainable energy solutions through solar power. However, certain modalities need to be ironed out to make the ambitious plan actionable and feasible

 New CAT date to be announced in a fortnight
Dec 10, 2009

CAT 2009, the qualifying test for entry into India’s best B-Schools has left thousands of students unsatisfied with their performance. Some students say they may seek legal recourse if they fail to clear the test

 Osian Art Fund: Art of a scam?
Dec 11, 2009

Some investors in an ‘Art Fund’ got ripped off.What is interesting is that there is no regulatory cover for any aspect of this kind of business. What is interesting is that there is no regulatory cover for any aspect of this kind of business.

 OECD expects international M&A deals to fall by 56% in 2009
Dec 11, 2009

International M&A activity by companies based in Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Russia, and South Africa fell by 62% to $46 billion in 2009 from $121 billion in 2008

 Industry to maintain double digit growth, says Montek
Dec 11, 2009

The country posted robust industrial production data, just days after the better-than-expected economic growth of 7.9% in the second quarter of this fiscal, reflecting that the economy would sustain the recovery provided that the agriculture sector does not slip too much

 Majority of companies not yet ready for business recovery, says E&Y
Dec 11, 2009

The E&Y survey highlights that many businesses are dangerously complacent about cost reduction and are as a result not ready for the eventual economic recovery

 ICICI Venture Fund to invest $250 million-$300 million in realty
Dec 11, 2009

The venture fund is currently testing the market. However, it seems to be confident on investing in the residential sector

 Legislative ambiguities hinder formation of LLPs
Dec 11, 2009

Due to unclear legislation, individuals and company lawyers are finding it tough to complete LLP registrations

 Twisted logic of MetLife’s Wealth Plus
Dec 11, 2009

An internal presentation of MetLife’s latest offering, MetLife Wealth Plus, claims to provide a cost-effective and liquid avenue for wealth-creation. It gave us a rare peek into how mis-selling occurs in insurance

 Osian Art Fund to be redeemed in two installments
Dec 11, 2009

Instead of repayment cheques, investors have received notes stating that the Fund would be redeemed in two installments

 IRB is eying more business from NHAI
Dec 12, 2009

In an exclusive interview with Moneylife, Virendra Mhaiskar, CMD of IRB Infrastructure Ltd, speaks about his company’s fund-raising plans, real-estate ventures and the state of the road sector in India

 Senior citizen yet to receive deposit receipt from Jaiprakash Associates
Dec 12, 2009

A senior citizen and investor is running from pillar to post to receive a deposit receipt from a company, which is busy ‘thanking’ investors through massive advertising

 Bajaj Auto: Will history repeat itself time and again?
Dec 14, 2009

Bajaj Auto, once the undisputed king of two-wheelers, and the maker of a range of famous scooters—that used to carry an entire family—will exit the scooter segment, and will instead concentrate on motorcycle manufacturing. Is this move related to the increasing pressure from competition, which seems to offer much better products than Bajaj Auto?

 Blumberg Capital plans to invest in office space in Delhi & Mumbai
Dec 14, 2009

Philip F Blumberg, chairman and chief executive officer, Blumberg Capital Partners, discusses his company’s investment plans for India in an exclusive interview with Moneylife

 Abu Dhabi gives Dubai $10 billion to cover debt
Dec 14, 2009

Dubai has received $10 billion in financing from fellow emirate Abu Dhabi, which will be used to pay part of the debt held by Dubai World and its property unit Nakheel

 Inflation trebles to 4.78%; RBI may squeeze money supply
Dec 14, 2009

The monthly data, released by the government for the second time, shows that potato prices have surged by a whopping 141% over the past eight months, followed by sugar (37%), pulses (32%) and onion prices have zoomed 20%

 Container volumes go up, freight rates still under pressure
Dec 14, 2009

Domestic and global shipping companies expect growth in volumes for the container segment. However, they are less bullish on growth in freight rates

 Trade unions oppose taxing of savings, PF withdrawals
Dec 14, 2009

The draft direct tax code, on which the government has invited comments from the public, has argued for bringing the entire range of savings schemes under the EET mode of taxation

 Dabur to enter ‘ready-to-cook’ food business
Dec 14, 2009

Dabur is looking at expanding its 'Rea' and 'Activ' range, including entry into new formats of packaged food products, which are showing good growth potential

 Shree Cement to invest Rs2,000 crore for capacity expansion
Dec 15, 2009

The cement producer is planning to invest Rs2,000 crore to increase its cement output by 2 million tonnes within this fiscal. It will also raise power generation capacity by over four-fold by FY12

 Retail chains unable to control shoplifting; customers at the receiving end
Dec 15, 2009

Are big retail chains like Big Bazaar treating customers like potential thieves?

 Vanishing act: FMCG industry buries recession in fairness cream
Dec 15, 2009

Looks-conscious consumers propped up sales of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies, who in turn rewarded loyalty by not raising prices of fairness, anti-ageing creams, bathing bars and their likes, although input costs have risen in an economy ravaged by drought and then floods

 Cement prices in western, southern regions to go up by Rs5/bag
Dec 15, 2009

Cement prices for both these regions are likely to increase by an additional Rs 5 per bag due to shortages of rakes needed to transport cement

 Google plans to produce, sell 'Nexus One' phone directly
Dec 15, 2009

The Internet search giant has said that it has shared a device with its employees across the globe which combines innovative hardware from a partner with software that runs on Android, to experiment with new mobile features and capabilities

 Fitch cuts Bajaj Eco-Tech’s NLR to ‘BB’ from ‘BBB-’; outlook negative
Dec 15, 2009

The downgrade reflects the significant deterioration in BEPL's credit profile on the back of delays in the stabilisation of its particle board and medium-density fibreboard manufacturing facility, which has resulted in cash losses and has had a severe impact on FY09 liquidity

 Bank unions call for strike on Wednesday
Dec 15, 2009

Employees’ and officers’ unions from all banks, except SBI, will be on a day-long strike on Wednesday to protest against the consolidation and privatisation of State-run banks

 ICICI Venture Fund looking to list yield-generating assets
Dec 15, 2009

The venture fund is trying to create a good yield-generating portfolio of properties and plans to subsequently list them in the stock market

 ICICI’s UK arm accused of mistreating whistleblower: Report
Dec 15, 2009

According to media reports, the bank tried to repatriate the dealer, S Kapoor, immediately to India against his wishes, after it was confirmed that he had informed the UK FSA about alleged irregularities

 CBI charges Raju, others in fresh Rs430-crore scam
Dec 15, 2009

According to the CBI’s supplementary charge sheet, the accused created fake customers and generated invoices against them in order to inflate revenues of Satyam to the tune of Rs430 crore

 Vedanta seeks Orissa's help to restrict NGO movement
Dec 15, 2009

Vedanta Group has alleged that NGOs like Survival International and Action Aid are instigating locals to go to hilltops and set up houses where the company has proposed to mine bauxite

 DLF to acquire DLF Asset from promoters
Dec 15, 2009

This cashless deal (worth Rs10,000 crore) is another case where a family-owned unit has been valued at a fancy price and dumped on a publicly-listed entity. But neither the regulator nor the investor community seem to care By R Balakrishnan

 How SEBI failed to regulate the Osian Art Fund
Dec 15, 2009

SEBI failed to regulate the Osian Art Fund under its regulations covering Collective Investment Schemes, despite its own advisory against unregulated art funds in 2008

 Microsoft fined for using its “money power”
Dec 15, 2009

The Delhi High Court was hearing Microsoft Corporation's plea against four different defendants, alleging violation of copyright. The court ruled that Microsoft had selected a court which was so far away from each of the defendants that it was a “harassment for the defendant(s)” to contest the suit itself

 Bhuruka Gases calls for EGM to buy back minority shareholders’ stake
Dec 16, 2009

Minority shareholders of BGL are crying foul over the move. Next year, the company is planning to go for overseas trading operations in coal and bio-diesel, which could yield huge profits

 Global tea prices to remain firm on lower production
Dec 16, 2009

The tea industry is expected to end year 2009 with a production shortfall of 5 million kg-10 million kg in the domestic market and about 75 million kg-80 million kg in international markets

 Godrej Consumer gets board's nod to raise Rs3,000 crore
Dec 16, 2009

The Godrej Consumer board has approved a proposal to raise Rs3,000 crore through issue of securities for various corporate purposes

 Lower sowing in Punjab, Haryana not to affect wheat production
Dec 16, 2009

The total area under wheat cultivation increased to 217.28 lakh hectares during 1st October to 10th December 2009, from 216 lakh hectares in the same period last year.

 Sony ties up with top producers for content during weekdays
Dec 16, 2009

Sony is tying up with top producers to boost TRPs all through the week, rather than only during weekends. Ajit Thakur, executive vice president and business head of Sony Entertainment Television (SET) discusses with Pallabika Ganguly the new strategies his company is planning to adopt

 Punj Lloyd to bid for 25 highways next year
Dec 16, 2009

The company will bid for up to 25 national highway projects, valued at an estimated Rs40,000 crore, in the next one year

 Bajaj hurt by son's decision to exit scooter segment
Dec 16, 2009

Bajaj Auto’s group chairman Rahul Bajaj says that he is “hurt" and “not convinced” over his son’s decision to exit the scooter segment

 Shipping firms devise strategies to phase out single-hull vessels
Dec 16, 2009

GE Shipping says it is considering a fleet-age limit of 25 years to phase out its single-hull vessels while SCI says it may convert some of its vessels. While the global deadline for the phase-out is 2010, India is among the many countries which have accepted a deadline of 2015. The phase-out was proposed to curb oil spills

 Pepsi awaiting government nod to use stevia as sweetener
Dec 16, 2009

PepsiCo is seeking government permission to use alternative sweeteners following the steep rise in sugar prices due to scarcity of sugarcane

 CAT 2009 will not be scrapped, says CAT committee
Dec 16, 2009

A fresh test will be held in mid-January 2010 for registered students who could not take the test earlier due to technical glitches. The IIMs have decided to continue with computer-based testing in future.

 Banking disrupted as employees go on strike over proposed consolidation
Dec 16, 2009

Employees’ and officers’ bank unions went on a day’s strike on Wednesday, hampering cheque clearing processes and other operations

 NSE follows BSE in extending trading hours
Dec 16, 2009

Has the BSE stolen a march over the NSE by taking the lead in extending trading hours? The NSE was planning to start trading at the earliest to catch up with the Singapore market, but the BSE has stolen its thunder

 Mumbai civic body to raise Rs2,000 crore to overcome crunch
Dec 17, 2009

MCGM is exploring ways to raise around Rs2,000 crore through internal loans. It will also explore bond issue and will utilise fixed deposits currently lying with banks. The civic body is trying to overcome a financial crunch created by a projected shortfall in revenue collection and massive expenditure on projects

 C&C says it has qualified for road projects worth Rs20,000 crore
Dec 17, 2009

The infrastructure company has cleared the technical qualification round for building several highway projects worth around Rs20,000 crore in the country

 Infinite India to invest $60 million-$80 million in realty projects
Dec 17, 2009

The company, a unit of JM Financial (led by Nimesh Kampani), is looking to invest the fund mainly in residential projects within the next 9 to 12 months

 Food inflation at 19.95%, RBI may hike rates
Dec 17, 2009

Food price inflation hovered around a decade's high of 19.95%, triggered by a short supply of essentials due to lower farm production, following drought and floods in various parts of the country during the year

 No takers for gold being sold by banks
Dec 17, 2009

Investors, who bought gold from banks, are in a fix as leading jewellery houses are not ready to buy it and the yellow metal cannot be sold back to banks either

 Cement capacity utilisation on a downward trend
Dec 17, 2009

The capacity utilisation in the Indian cement industry has fallen to 80% in November 2009 from a high of nearly 100% in March 2009. Analysts believe addition of new capacities and oversupply to be the main reasons for this downward trend

 Patel Engineering wins $1-billion road order in Djibouti
Dec 17, 2009

While the Consulate General of the Republic of Djibouti confirmed the news report, Patel Engineering, on the other hand, said that it is in an advanced stage of negotiation for this infrastructure project

 BSE, NSE defer advancing trading hours till 4th January
Dec 17, 2009

Based on market feedback, BSE and NSE have jointly decided that the revision of market opening time to 9am will be effective from 4 January 2010

 Fullerton India set to wind up sub-prime lending
Dec 17, 2009

When the liquidity crunch began, some of the large NBFCs found themselves squeezed by rising defaults as well as ballooning collection costs, forcing them to scale down operations.

 Indian five-rupee coins being turned into razors in Bangladesh
Dec 18, 2009

Indian five-rupee coins are being smuggled into Bangladesh to be melted down for making six razor blades, which then are sold at Rs2 a piece

 Organised retail feels the pangs of recession in 2009
Dec 18, 2009

Although the UPA government decided to keep Western multi-brand retail chains off from the country's $450-billion retail market, nobody is complaining. The recession-battered global majors were busy securing existing operations elsewhere

 Steel prices to go up from next month on rising input costs
Dec 18, 2009

Spot prices of key raw materials—iron ore and coking coal—have strengthened during the past two months. Next year’s contracts are expected to be finalised at higher levels. Ergo, these cost dynamics will lead to higher steel prices

 BSE to introduce new corporate debt market platform next week
Dec 18, 2009

The BSE's new initiative is aimed at mitigating the market risk of a buyer not receiving bonds after having remitted the funds or a seller not getting the payment for bonds

 Vulgar salaries 'out', austerity 'in' during 2009
Dec 18, 2009

A host of human resources (HR) experts believe that tough economic conditions globally gave a wake-up call to companies during 2009 to curb their extravagant ways in compensation structures and turned them into more thrifty and performance-conscious firms

 JV glitches delay defence contracts worth $2.10 billion for local players
Dec 18, 2009

The total potential opportunity for domestic players in the defence segment is worth $5.10 billion. Out of this, $2.1 billion is the total worth of offsets expected. These bright prospects, however, could be delayed due to problems in JVs with overseas companies

 Extension of trading hours by BSE & NSE
Dec 18, 2009

All the parties in this story seem to have acted in connivance and played to their respective galleries.

 "Tyche Industries flouts disclosure norms"
Dec 18, 2009

Tyche Industries fails to make timely disclosure of acquisition of stake in the company by another group company

 Mukesh Ambani ranked 5th best CEO in the world
Dec 18, 2009

Mukesh Ambani, the only Indian to feature among the top 50 CEOs, is in the same league as Steve Jobs of Apple, Yun Jong-Yong of Samsung Electronics, Russian energy firm Gazprom's Alexey Miller and John Chambers of Cisco Systems

 Suzlon repays $780 million acquisition loan
Dec 18, 2009

Suzlon repaid the $780 million debt through the proceeds from a 35% stake sale in Belgium's Hansen Transmissions and a new five-year dollar-denominated loan of $465 million from SBI.

 Forensic testing for CAT: Will it be in vain?
Dec 18, 2009

After the fiasco, CAT will be subjected to forensic testing. However, experts believe that this move would just be another futile attempt to come out of the mess

 Trade Timings
Dec 18, 2009

The truth of the matter is that each stock exchange is principally acting in its own interests. The interests of its powerless stakeholders can always be taken care of by time and their lack of collective will.

 Indian government to raise Rs1,000 crore for MSMEs
Dec 19, 2009

The MSME sector is the second-largest contributor to India’s GDP and the government wants to develop it further by raising Rs1,000 crore for its development

 Prizes announced for ‘Reliance Mutual Fund-Moneylife Big Ideas Essay Contest’
Dec 21, 2009

 Outlook for gold positive in 2010
Dec 21, 2009

The World Gold Council said recent moves by India and Sri Lanka to acquire gold suggested that central banks are increasingly looking at the yellow metal to diversify their investment portfolios

 Nature's curse affects farm sector during 2009
Dec 21, 2009

The agriculture sector, which had a record run during the past two years in terms of foodgrain output, failed to match even last year's production level—much less set a new record—as half of the country was hit by drought

 BSE to allow MF brokers to place orders through mobiles
Dec 21, 2009

The Exchange is likely to announce this facility in the next 10-15 days in a bid to enhance traders’ accessibility to its new platform—BSE StAR MF.

 Capital crunch? India Inc raises over Rs1,50,000 crore in 2009
Dec 21, 2009

The biggest irony is that nearly two-thirds of these funds were estimated to have come from investors in overseas markets. However, these global markets themselves were in shambles and companies were in dire need of capital, forcing them to beg their respective governments for money

 RBI can increase interest rates to tame price rise: Rangarajan
Dec 21, 2009

Making a case for reduction in money supply, C Rangarajan, also a former governor of the RBI, said that the apex bank could raise the cash reserve ratio (CRR)

 Entertainment World to focus on development in Tier II cities
Dec 21, 2009

Entertainment World Developers Pvt Ltd (EWDPL), with expertise in developing shopping centres in Tier II cities, is now developing township projects as well. Manish Kalani, managing director, EWDPL, discusses the new projects of the company with Pallabika Ganguly

 BSE cuts transaction charges for its equity derivatives segment
Dec 21, 2009

In a desperate attempt to capture volumes from NSE’s vastly superior derivatives segment, BSE slashes transaction costs for its F&O segment

 Tata Steel hints at price revision
Dec 21, 2009

Several steel makers in the country are expected to revise prices upwards from early next year to cash in on the uptick in demand

 Trail commission: AMFI refuses to implement a clear internal verdict
Dec 21, 2009

The fund lobby continues with its anti-investor stance and its latest move only serves to highlight its ineptitude

 The great coal hunt continues as firms tap global markets
Dec 21, 2009

Another company has now tied up a foreign coal source. A subsidiary firm of Nava Bharat Ventures is acquiring a coal mine in Zambia

 What will SEBI decide today?
Dec 22, 2009

 Spirituality for the masses, now wrapped in print
Dec 23, 2009

The Times of India will soon launch a weekly newspaper based on ‘The Speaking Tree’, a spiritual column which is now published in the inside pages of the newspaper

 AMFI asks for a new vote on trail commission issue
Dec 23, 2009

After our story yesterday pointing out how its old vote by hand remains unimplemented for five years, the fund lobby has asked for a new vote

 Why Indian Shipping is Barely Afloat
Dec 23, 2009

India has everything going for it to become one of the greatest maritime nations. But who wants this to happen?

 Rising promoter holdings signify better performance, higher stock prices
Dec 23, 2009

In most of the cases where promoters have increased their stake, the performance growth of these companies has been excellent and was more than matched by a sharp rise in share price

 RIL strikes third gas reserve in KG basin
Dec 23, 2009

Reliance Industries has said that the potential commerciality of the discovery, named as 'Dhirubhai-44', is being ascertained through more data-gathering and analysis

 2009: Good for investors, tough on MFs
Dec 23, 2009

According to AMFI, the average AUM of the industry has hit an all-time high of Rs8,07,546 crore, an increase of Rs3.86 lakh crore at the end of November

 JK Tyre scouting for acquisitions in South-east Asia
Dec 23, 2009

The tyre maker is looking at various opportunities, including acquisitions in the South-east Asian region. However, it has not yet identified potential prospects as the whole process is still at an initial stage

 Yahoo! to close its offices worldwide for a week
Dec 23, 2009

Yahoo! is shutting down its offices, except for 'essential functions', for about a week, as the company searches for new ways to cut costs during the recession

 Domestic tankers, coastal trade to benefit from new cabotage policy
Dec 23, 2009

If the proposed cabotage policy to bar foreign flagships in Indian costal trade is implemented, it will be helpful for the Indian tanker segment which already has a lot of tonnage lying idle at its disposal

 BSE Brokers Forum asks bourses to reconsider new trade timings
Dec 23, 2009

The BSE Brokers Forum does not see any benefit to any market participant, stakeholder, institution or retail investor due to the move to advance market opening to 9am

 TVS Motor will not hike prices next month
Dec 23, 2009

The prices for TVS Motor vehicles will not increase from next month. However, by April 2010, analysts believe that the consumer may have to spend more for TVS vehicles

 Revised rates to pinch hawkers and advertisers in Mumbai
Dec 23, 2009

Hawkers and advertisers will feel the pinch due to the increase of their monthly hoarding and hawking charges, as MCGM gears up to usher in a new tariff regime

 2009: Tax havens crack, banking secrecy sinks
Dec 23, 2009

The US has managed a peek into secret Swiss accounts to uncover tax havens or black money stashed there, while India has only got as far as round-table meetings to ask for its chance

 Mutual fund trading on bourses fails to attract investors
Dec 23, 2009

The NSE and the BSE recently launched mutual fund trading platforms. However, after the initial euphoria, trading volumes on both the bourses are on a decline.

 Yash Raj Films to make TV debut on 1st January
Dec 23, 2009

YRF TV will screen five new shows —one non-fiction and four fiction— on Sony TV.

 New wine in an old battle
Dec 23, 2009

Prices of wine are crashing, but it is still perceived to be a rich man’s drink. Will the scenario ever change?

 SEBI meeting on NSDL issue 'inconclusive'
Dec 23, 2009

The SEBI board on Tuesday heard the NSDL matter but no final decision was taken.

 Is there something seriously wrong at SHCIL?
Dec 23, 2009

An employee from SHCIL's Secunderabad office committed suicide, after saying that she was being stalked by a customer-stockbroker. Did her SOS call to SHCIL’s management fall on deaf ears?

 ADB grants $150-million loan for India’s khadi reforms
Dec 23, 2009

The move is estimated to benefit around 60,000 artisans, and will allow khadi institutions to sell their products at market-determined prices

 Fund-raising by realty-focused PEs dips 70% in 2009
Dec 23, 2009

During 2009, a total of 93 funds reached a final close receiving commitments of $40.50 billion, while last year, 228 funds raised an aggregate $134.30 billion

 Global crisis clogs FDI inflows in 2009
Dec 23, 2009

The global financial crisis that spilled over into its second year choked flow of foreign direct investment (FDI) into India in 2009

 Rising food prices to affect sales of consumer products
Dec 24, 2009

Consumers will have to spend more to buy essential food articles due to rising inflation and so they may postpone buying consumer products.

 Land ceiling Act repealed, but litigation goes on
Dec 24, 2009

The Urban Land Ceiling Act was repealed in November 2007. However, real-estate developers are still fighting cases related to this repealed legislation in the Bombay High Court

 FII inflows touch a record Rs80,500 crore in 2009
Dec 24, 2009

The FII investment of Rs80,500 crore in 2009 is the highest-ever inflow into the country in rupee terms in a single year, and comes a year after these investors pulled out over Rs50,000 crore from India

 Asia-Pacific records highest volume of billion-dollar deals
Dec 24, 2009

India was one of the top 10 nations in terms of billion-dollar transactions, as it attracted deals amounting to over $7.40 billion

 Apple CEO Steve Jobs takes $1 salary in 2009
Dec 24, 2009

Steve Jobs was paid his customary $1 annual salary in 2009 by Apple, the makers of iPhone, iPod and Mac computers. But his stake in the company is valued at $1.10 billion

 S&P revises Ballarpur Industries’ outlook to ‘stable’ from ‘negative’
Dec 24, 2009

S&P has revised its rating outlook on Ballarpur Industries to ‘stable’ on the back of its operating performance, which is expected to continuously improve, according to the rating agency

 The war of the bourses
Dec 24, 2009

With the BSE indicating that it can pose a serious threat and the MCX group waiting to enter the equity space, the NSE now has to gear up for some tough competition

 UTV to replace ‘Bindass Movies’ with a new action channel
Dec 24, 2009

‘UTV Action’, a new action movie channel will be on air from January 2010. It will replace UTV’s ‘Bindass Movies’ channel which airs movies dubbed into Hindi

 Jet Airways gets government nod to raise $400 million through QIP
Dec 24, 2009

Jet Airways was eagerly waiting for the government's clearance to raise $400 million through the QIP route from foreign institutional investors to meet its cash flow requirements

 Bond market caught in a quandary
Dec 24, 2009

Yields on government bonds have witnessed wide fluctuations as participants speculated on the impending rate hike—but the government still remains non-committal on the timing of this move

 WorldSpace radio to exit India on New Year’s Eve
Dec 25, 2009

WorldSpace has declared that it will terminate its radio broadcast services to all Indian subscribers from 31 December 2009. Following its bankruptcy protection filing in October 2008, the satellite radio service provider has had to bid adieu to the subcontinent

 Hanung Toys wins significant order from US
Dec 24, 2009

Hanung Toys has won an order worth Rs280 crore from the US. This indicates the strength of the American economic recovery

 BSE brokers to approach PM, SEBI on trading hours extension
Dec 24, 2009

The BSE Brokers Forum, which does not see any benefit to any market participant, stakeholder, institution or retail investor due to the move to advance market opening to 9am, plans to take up the issue with the prime minister

 RCom, Idea pulled up by ASCI for misleading ads
Dec 28, 2009

The Consumer Complaints Council of ASCI found that 15 advertisers, including RCom and Idea Cellular, Dabur and Elder Pharma and coaching centre Career Launcher, violating the council's code

 Pharma, telecom, FMCG sectors may hike pay by 12% in 2010
Dec 28, 2009

Salary increments are likely to improve relatively, albeit conservatively in 2010, compared to the single-digit hikes seen across hierarchies, functions and performance levels last year

 Top 10 companies add Rs70,000 crore in market capitalisation
Dec 28, 2009

A strong market rally triggered by the government's encouraging economic growth forecast helped the country's top 10 companies add over Rs70,000 crore to their market capitalisation in the past week

 SEBI may allow higher stake for buyers
Dec 28, 2009

While any changes are expected to take effect from the next fiscal only, the SEBI committee is said to be seriously looking at increasing the open offer size from 20% to as high as 100%

 Cyber criminals threaten to dampen New Year celebrations
Dec 28, 2009

Hackers use their best schemes during holidays to steal people's money, credit card or net-banking information. Following seasonal trends, these thieves create holiday-related websites and other convincing emails that can trick even the most cautious Internet user

 China Express zooms ahead
Dec 28, 2009

China is building 42 high-speed passenger rail lines with a total length of 13,000 km in the next three years, covering more than 90% of the population. By 2012, trips from Beijing to most provincial capitals would only take between one and eight hours. What’s the scene in India?

 SEBI is waking up to complete takeovers
Dec 28, 2009

The proposed change should be welcomed by all shareholders, as this kind of a legislation will ensure equitable treatment

 Developers rush to get rid of SEZs in 2009
Dec 28, 2009

Developers cited reasons like demand slump, fund shortages and land acquisition problems as the reasons for seeking de-notification of SEZs and for the delay in projects

 Developers shelve commercial projects, opt for residential schemes
Dec 28, 2009

Most real-estate developers are converting their commercial ventures like IT parks and SEZs into residential projects

 Around 85 Osian Art Fund investors still waiting for first payment
Dec 28, 2009

It has been a fortnight since Osian Art Fund has promised the first part-payment, but around 85 investors are still waiting for the same

 More of the Same
Dec 28, 2009

Auto-Expo has seldom looked forward. It is time for a change

 UK supplier warns others against Indage Vintners
Dec 28, 2009

Indage Vintners has been staring at financial losses for a long time and is not able to pay its suppliers and service providers. Now, CRP, its supplier of ‘bag in box’ packaging, has issued a warning to other suppliers not to have any dealings with Indage.

 The WorldSpace show must go on, say subscribers
Dec 28, 2009

WorldSpace subscribers from India are shocked that the music offered by the satellite radio service will go out of their lives. A number of music buffs want the services to be revived – they are not clamouring for refunds.

 SME sector optimistic over export potential
Dec 28, 2009

Exports from small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are growing despite rising cost of raw material and international competition

 Indian kids will now get mechanical toys
Dec 28, 2009

 Indian firms are using health cover for hiring, retaining employees
Dec 28, 2009

Almost 41% of the companies use healthcare cover as a talent attraction and retention tool, while 11% use it to minimise losses arising out of employee health issues

 SCI set to buy three container ships for $225 million
Dec 29, 2009

SCI plans to purchase three new container vessels along with its existing joint venture partner Mediterranean Shipping Company

 Tyre companies expect rapid growth, plan bigger investments in 2010
Dec 29, 2009

In line with the pickup in business growth, tyre companies are likely to make significant increases in their capex plans in 2010-11, to expand capacity and meet product demand

 RIL's executive director R Ravimohan passes away
Dec 29, 2009

R Ravimohan, who was handling the proposed acquisition of global petrochemical major LyondellBasell Industries, was rushed to hospital after he suffered a cardiac arrest while taking a walk outside his office

 ‘3 Idiots’ to rake it in, set to get additional prints
Dec 29, 2009

The producers and distributors of ‘3 Idiots’, which collected over Rs100 crore in just four days from its opening, are going to add 12 more prints in the US by Friday and may even add six-seven more prints in India as well

 Ambani gas row dominates Supreme Court proceedings in 2009
Dec 29, 2009

During the year, the high-voltage legal battle between the Ambani brothers over the gas dispute dominated the proceedings in the Supreme Court

 Tiger Woods’ sponsors lose $5billion-$12 billion in just 13 days
Dec 29, 2009

Stocks of the sponsors of golf superstar Tiger Woods have lost $5billion-$12billion in market capitalisation since reports of his alleged extramarital affairs have surfaced

 China says billions missing from public funds
Dec 29, 2009

After a nationwide audit, a national auditor has said that Chinese officials stole or misused a staggering $34.40 billion this year

 Tamiflu not very effective for serious flu complications
Dec 29, 2009

Roche has claimed that its Tamiflu dramatically reduced hospital admissions as well as bronchitis and pneumonia. But a recent investigation by the British Medical Journal and UK’s TV Channel 4 has concluded that such claims are meritless

 Textile firms exhibit healthy growth, but stock prices remain low
Dec 29, 2009

Sales and profits of textile companies are running at a record high, even though stock prices are down. The markets seem to have missed this phenomenon

 Power tariffs in open market trading crash to Rs2-Rs5 per unit
Dec 29, 2009

Power tariffs in the open market have crashed to Rs2-Rs5 per unit in December from Rs12-Rs14 per unit in June 2009. Seasonal fluctuation leading to low demand is being stated as the reason for these low tariffs

 SBI says no interest rate hike likely in six months
Dec 29, 2009

Despite inflationary pressure, there will be no increase in the interest rate on loans in the next six months because of surplus liquidity in the market and rising deposits

 SEBI panel for recovering gains made by IPO scamsters
Dec 29, 2009

The Justice Wadhwa committee, set up by market regulator SEBI to investigate irregularities in IPOs floated during 2003-2005, has suggested the possibility of recovering the amounts and distributing it among the deprived applicants

 Will Google's ‘Nexus One’ make its debut on 5th January?
Dec 30, 2009

The Internet search giant has called for an Android press gathering on 5th January. Will it exhibit 'Nexus One', Google's much talked about mobile handset on that day?

 Wanted: 1,800 volunteers for a free trip to Mexico, Guatemala!
Dec 30, 2009

In the ‘Trek Study’, willing backpackers who develop travellers' diarrhoea will be paid to attend a clinic and also injected with a new agent to see how they react

 Reality bites television in 2009 as social soaps take a backseat
Dec 30, 2009

Be it reality shows or reality-based soaps, the small screen in 2009 was all about getting close to people's lives, while fairy-tale sagas became history

 Indian government shelves introduction of UTN
Dec 30, 2009

The finance ministry has not ruled out the possibility of introducing a new identity number like UTN from the next fiscal, in addition to PAN to ensure prompt verification and granting of tax credits to tax payers

 Bank credit may get costlier for SME sector: FIEO
Dec 30, 2009

Banks are lending idle cash for higher returns to companies for advance tax payments which has sucked up about Rs40,000 crore to Rs45,000 crore from the system

 Sewri bridge can really change Mumbai, says Deepak Parekh
Dec 30, 2009

“We took 10 years to build the Worli-Bandra sea link. The Sewri bridge would be 10 times more important” By Debashis Basu & Sucheta Dalal

 Airtel DTH to replace WorldSpace with AIR channels
Dec 30, 2009

Airtel DTH is all set to replace WorldSpace services from its platform with 10 radio channels of All India Radio

 Maharashtra extends deadline for verifying ration cards
Dec 30, 2009

Phase I of the verification drive will end on January 31. Ration cards of high-income consumers will be verified in the second phase.

 Brokers for status-quo in trading hours, but will not boycott bourses
Dec 30, 2009

Brokers say they will not boycott trading even if the bourses go ahead with their decision to start trading at 9am from 4th January, as announced earlier this month.

 Property rates might not come down in the near future
Dec 30, 2009

The real-estate segment is cushioned with funds from investors and banks. Ergo, players may not reduce prices in the near future

 India Inc looked within for M&As in 2009
Dec 30, 2009

The year 2010, however, holds promise, as corporates will take advantage of the new opportunities, the improving liquidity situation worldwide and the fact that the United States and Europe may witness further consolidation next year.

 Recession-hit tourism sector looks forward to the Commonwealth Games
Dec 31, 2009

Attributing the decline in tourism to the global financial slowdown, terror threats and swine flu scare, the tourism minister hopes that some of the measures including the visa-on-arrival scheme and the Commonwealth Games would bring good results in 2010

 India to spend Rs15,000 crore for 'a clean, free-flowing’ Ganga
Dec 31, 2009

The Indian government says it is confident that it will clean the Ganga river by 2020 and Rs15,000 crore will be spent for this purpose under the river development fund

 Enforcement Directorate back in the limelight in 2009
Dec 31, 2009

High-profile economic offences, particularly the case for alleged money-laundering against former Jharkhand chief minister Madhu Koda and the multi-crore Satyam scam, kept the Enforcement Directorate (ED) on its toes all through 2009

 Economy wins slowdown battle but loses against prices in 2009
Dec 31, 2009

During 2009, the Indian economy grew at about 7%, but at the same time, food inflation touched more than a decade's high of 20%

 Rail freight volumes to go up, haulage rates remain a concern
Dec 31, 2009

While the growing economy is expected to drive rail freight volume growth, rail haulage rates continue to remain a serious concern

 Get up to Rs6 lakh home loan, without documents
Dec 31, 2009

A housing finance company feels that documents like salary slips are not the only way to judge the credit-worthiness of a potential borrower

 Bhuruka Gases gets shareholders’ nod for buyback
Dec 31, 2009

The de-listed company held its EGM to decide the buyback price, as per the Karnataka High Court order

 Brokers rope in MP Milind Deora to sort out trading hours issue
Dec 31, 2009

Stockbroker associations have roped in Mumbai MP Milind Deora for help in resolving the extended trading hours issue

 JSW Energy plans Rs40,000 crore investment in 8,000MW projects
Jan 4, 2010

The power producer is implementing projects worth 3,200MW in Maharashtra, 1,320MW in Chhattisgarh and 1,600MW in West Bengal and plans to become an over 11,000MW company by 2015

 Mercedes India sales fall by 10%, loses top position to BMW
Jan 4, 2010

During 2009, Mercedes India's car sales fell by over 10% and it lost leadership position to rival German automaker BMW

 Small and green cars to be the flavour of 10th Auto Expo
Jan 4, 2010

The 10th Auto Expo will open in New Delhi on Tuesday with over ten global launches and previews of small and green cars by the likes of Honda and Toyota, during the week-long event

 SC extends its order prohibiting mining by OMC in AP
Jan 4, 2010

The Supreme Court extended its interim order banning mining and transportation of iron ore by Obulapuram Mining Company, owned by the Reddy brothers, in Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh

 New policy likely to ease pressure on merchant power tariffs
Jan 4, 2010

Experts from the industry expect the new open access policy to ease pressure on merchant power tariffs, if it is implemented

 GMR’s Orissa coal block still in the clearance phase
Jan 4, 2010

The block was allotted to GMR Energy along with other major power companies in January 2008. Company officials had said that the joint venture had been formed, and the other clearance processes were on

 SEZs are a thing of the past, says Deepak Parekh
Jan 4, 2010

‘Every system is equally bad, but if the top person is committed and passionate about growth, development and investment in his state, then things work better’

 Trading hours extended, what about settlement?
Jan 4, 2010

Indian bourses started trading an hour earlier from Monday. The real problem, however, is unavailability of a settlement system for brokers and banks before the stipulated time

 Wealth creators over the decade: A few myths busted
Jan 4, 2010

As usual, Moneylife’s annual study of wealth creators throws up many surprises. It stresses the need to buy cheap & avoid falling into the trap of purchasing ‘popular’ stocks and points out the role of excessive speculation in pushing up obscure stocks

 Volumes in Nifty futures crash 50% on the first day of longer trading hours
Jan 4, 2010

Indian bourses extended trading hours by about an hour. However, the volumes in Nifty futures on the first day were one of the lowest ever in the past few years. Indeed, adjusted for one hour’s extra trade, volumes were 40% of what they should have been

 Googlle Learning School... And you thought it was from Google?
Jan 11, 2010

What's in a name, asked William Shakespeare. In today's context, there are a lot of things in a moniker, especially if your name is similar to that of an Internet giant

 Consolidation of Technologies
Jan 4, 2010

The coming decade will be dominated by accessibility and compatibility of technologies and devices

 Not yet contacted by UK government on Teeside plants: Tata
Jan 5, 2010

Everybody hopes that the Teeside plants will not be shut down but it is a matter of market dynamics and Tata Steel cannot continue losing hundreds of millions of pounds to keep the plants operational, says JJ Irani, director, Tata Sons

 Facebook blocks social network eraser website
Jan 5, 2010

Facebook has sent a 'cease-and-desist' letter to another website,, that deletes profiles, friends and other information on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and LinkedIn for users who provide their account information

 End of a defining decade on TV, the almighty small wonder
Jan 5, 2010

Though it has been around for 50 years now, the last decade has so far been the most defining period in the tube’s history. It was during this time when TV gave its big brother Bollywood a run for its money and also set new trends

 Maruti Suzuki expects 10% growth in 2010; unveils concept MPV
Jan 5, 2010

On an annualised basis, Maruti Suzuki has grown about 9.5%-10% over the last two years and expects the same rate of growth in calendar year 2010

 Toyota showcases 'Etios', to be launched by early 2011
Jan 5, 2010

Toyota is investing about Rs3,200 crore to set up its second manufacturing facility in Bengaluru to roll out Etios by early 2011

 Mobile number portability delayed due to the 3G auction?
Jan 5, 2010

Industry experts feel that the implementation of MNP will not take place before the 3G auction. This will help certain mobile operators to upgrade and prevent high-value subscribers from migrating

 US fund house exits ONGC over Sudan investments
Jan 5, 2010

TIAA-CREF, the world's largest private pension system, has sold its holdings in ONGC, PetroChina, CNPC Hong Kong and Sinopec over their investments in war-torn Sudan

 M&M hits 52-week high on bonus share issue
Jan 5, 2010

The M&M scrip hit a 52-week high on Tuesday on speculations that the utility vehicle maker will soon be issuing bonus shares

 Coal supply shortage will not affect power projects, says GMR
Jan 5, 2010

GMR group unit GMR Energy is investing around Rs18,000 crore over the next three years to add electricity generation capacity and become a 3,300MW company. Raaj Kumar, chief executive officer and director, GMR Energy, talks with Moneylife’s Amritha Pillay about the coal supply situation in the country

 Small, green cars set to rule at Auto Fair
Jan 5, 2010

Close to two million auto enthusiasts and business visitors are expected to throng the expo, which is about to witness 50 new launches, including 10 global forays

 Bharti Airtel to buy 70% in Warid Telecom, to invest $300 million
Jan 5, 2010

The purchase will make Bharti the newest foreign company to make inroads into the fast-growing Bangladeshi mobile market

 Sugar prices surge to all-time high at Rs4,250/quintal
Jan 5, 2010

Demand for the ongoing marriage season and approaching festival of 'Makar Sakranti' might further boost buying activity in the face of tight supply

 Godrej Properties to raise up to Rs3,000 crore for expansion
Jan 5, 2010

Godrej Properties plans to raise around Rs3,000 crore through debt or equity to fund its expansion plans over the next two-three years

 Market looks constrained by high valuations
Jan 5, 2010

The current P/E valuation of the Sensex is close to its high of January 2008, which means further gains may be fuelled solely by the liquidity factor

 2009: A year of hope & promise for the I&B ministry
Jan 6, 2010

With the telecom ministry preparing to start 3G spectrum auction for operators, the I&B ministry is getting applications for starting new TV channels virtually on a daily basis even as there are already 500 channels on air

 Amar Singh quits Samajwadi Party posts
Jan 6, 2010

Amar Singh, the 53-year-old leader, who was considered the right hand man of Mulayam Singh Yadav, has resigned as national general secretary, spokesman and member of the Samajwadi Party parliamentary board

 Osian Art Fund failed to live up to expectations, says Neville Tuli
Jan 6, 2010

In 2006, Osian Art Fund closed with a total corpus of more than Rs102.40 crore, but at the time of redemption it disappointed investors with poor returns. Neville Tuli, chief advisor, Osian Art Fund and chairman, Osian’s-Connoisseurs of Art Pvt Ltd, talks to Amritha Pillay from Moneylife on art funds and art markets in India

 IL&FS Investsmart to discontinue insurance broking business
Jan 6, 2010

IL&FS Investsmart Insurance Brokers will surrender its insurance broker licence to IRDA following its decision to exit the insurance broking business

 Blackstone’s Byron Wien announces the top ten surprises for 2010
Jan 6, 2010

Byron Wien has been giving his predictions about the US economy, financial markets and politics every year since 1986. According to critics, he has a good feel for the economy and for politics with a slightly bullish bias and it is this bias which blindsided him when it came to the housing bubble

 Ashok Leyland to hike prices of commercial vehicles soon
Jan 6, 2010

The Hinduja Group company has said that it is considering hiking the prices of its products before March due to rising commodity prices

 Google says, "Sorry India, no Nexus One for you"
Jan 6, 2010

Google's new mobile handset Nexus One will not be available for consumers in India. In the US, it is being sold only through the Google Web store for $529 without a service plan

 ONGC exits Trinidad & Tobago gas block
Jan 6, 2010

ONGC was forced to exit from a gas block in Trinidad & Tobago after its partner Lakshmi N Mittal walked out of the project and its unit OVL would have had to foot the entire $304 million exploration expenditure

 Mobile banking needs regulatory framework for growth
Jan 6, 2010

Mobile commerce and mobile banking have the ability to get every user into the banking system provided there is a regulatory framework and clear guidelines for banks, mobile operators and end-users

 Better market conditions would have helped Osian Art Fund, says Tuli
Jan 6, 2010

Neville Tuli, chief advisor of the Osian Art Fund, believes that the Fund would have performed better given a longer lock-in period and better market conditions. The fund disappointed investors with poor returns in July 2009

 Truck manufacturers are hiking prices
Jan 6, 2010

Commercial vehicle makers have hiked or are considering hiking prices of trucks by up to 4% this month to offset rising input costs, even as the segment saw return of demand

 Tata Motors DVR shares trade at 40% discount, analysts foxed
Jan 6, 2010

Tata Motors DVR shares are trading at a discount of 40%. If this is a case of market imperfection, it is a huge arbitrage opportunity waiting to be exploited

 PC World’s India print edition shuts down
Jan 6, 2010

PC World has shut its Indian print edition and will cater to its readers through the Internet, citing higher demand for faster information from readers

 The battle among fund platforms is now a full-blown war
Jan 6, 2010

With the launch of an online platform dedicated exclusively for IFAs, ICICIdirect is preparing to take rival platforms head-on

 What’s the mystery behind these 'dumped' Tata Nanos?
Jan 7, 2010

These Tata Nanos shown in the image are in a very bad condition, almost 'dumped' on this ground in Kalyan, a Mumbai suburb. We did question the manufacturer, but we have received no answer so far on who has dumped these vehicles, and the reason behind this activity

 SAIL may cut steel prices soon
Jan 7, 2010

The steel ministry had expressed concerns on increase in steel prices by domestic firms, including SAIL and Tata Steel, which own captive reserves of iron ore and coking coal

 Cooper Corp to launch LCVs
Jan 7, 2010

Auto components maker Cooper will foray into manufacturing of commercial vehicles, mainly to compete with Tata Motors' LCV Magic, in the next 18 months

 Reliance MediaWorks buys UK-based ilab
Jan 7, 2010

Through Reliance MediaWorks UK, the company will provide services for local film makers and broadcasters, while also catering to Hollywood and Hindi film businesses

 Coal supply shortage threatens four NTPC power stations
Jan 7, 2010

With the State-run company’s Farakka, Talcher and Khalagaon units already on the coal shortage list for a long time, its Durgapur unit is a new addition

 Progress in Jharkhand, Orissa projects ‘slow’, says LN Mittal
Jan 7, 2010

LN Mittal has expressed concern over the slow progress in the proposed Rs1 lakh crore steel projects in Jharkhand and Orissa, but has ruled out exiting at this stage from these states

 Govt to look into non-delivery of flats by Maytas Properties
Jan 7, 2010

The government has assured NRIs that it would work out a solution to the non-delivery of flats sold by Maytas Properties, promoted by relatives of disgraced Satyam founder B Ramalinga Raju

 SEBI slams AMFI for ignoring directive on trail commission
Jan 7, 2010

The market regulator has again put its foot down on mutual funds’ trail commission issue. Will AMFI comply this time?

 Mutual fund entry load ban cripples equity schemes
Jan 7, 2010

After the ban on entry load from 1 August 2009, the mutual fund industry has seen a massive outflow of investments even as the bull market continued

 Maharashtra government blocks two online trading sites in Mantralaya
Jan 8, 2010

The state government has blocked two online trading sites, including, as they were frequently being used by employees and these sites are not required for government work

 ArcelorMittal and Uttam Galva to set up steel plant in Maharashtra
Jan 8, 2010

In September 2009, Moneylife had reported that Mittal and Miglani had bigger plans on the anvil, which is now being seconded by some media reports

 RIL asks for investigation into AP incident; police probes TV5
Jan 8, 2010

RIL will file a criminal complaint against a TV channel which alleged that the Ambani brothers had a role to play in the accidental death of the former AP chief minister. The AP incident has once again raised questions about the credibility and responsibility of the media.

 M&M suffers 5% production loss due to supply constraints
Jan 8, 2010

M&M has lost production of around 5% since October due to supply constraints, these shortages have arisen from various kinds of components

 Total auto sales jump 68% to 1 million units in December
Jan 8, 2010

All major manufacturers like Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai Motor, Tata Motors, Hero Honda and Bajaj Auto registered healthy jumps, which were further fuelled by the low-base effect of 2008 due to the slowdown in the domestic auto market

 Wellness centres to get themselves accredited
Jan 8, 2010

The wellness & healthcare sector is looking at building up credibility for its services through a self-regulatory process of accreditation

 On-road price of the Tata Nano may touch Rs2 lakh
Jan 8, 2010

Tata Nano, the much talked about ‘lakhtakia’ car, may actually cost you around Rs2 lakh, including registration, insurance, taxes and loan repayment charges

 ITC lights up a tobacco war
Jan 8, 2010

ITC is apparently using its political clout for blocking FDI in tobacco, leaving foreign investment proposals high and dry. Intense lobbying on ITC’s part has even led to a shift in the government’s stance

 Gainers & losers of the first week of the New Year
Jan 8, 2010

Well-begun is half done, goes the saying. These stocks have set a scorching pace in the first week’s trading of the New Year. In 2009, many of the stocks that surged in the first week continued their run-up through the year

 Is a rush-hour delivery schedule the reason behind these 'dumped' Nanos?
Jan 8, 2010

A number of Tata Nanos were found in a 'dumped' condition at a ground in Kalyan, near Mumbai. The company says that it is not routine procedure to keep cars in such a condition

 Mukesh Ambani awarded Dean's Medal from University of Pennsylvania
Jan 9, 2010

Mukesh Ambani has received an inaugural Dean's Medal from the University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering and Applied Science

 CRISIL cuts Global Aviation Services’ bank loan rating to ‘P3’ from ‘P3+’
Jan 9, 2010

The debt crisis in Dubai is having a cascading effect on the company’s risk profile

 Nita Ambani may head RIL's world-class university
Jan 9, 2010

Reliance Foundation is planning to set up a world-class university in the country and it may be headed by Nita Ambani

 Nasal H1N1 vaccine human trials to start next week
Jan 9, 2010

After receiving a clearance from the Drug Controller General, Pune-based Serum Institute is identifying 50 'completely healthy' adults to undertake Phase-I human clinical trials.

 Piracy severely impacts growth of gaming industry in India
Jan 9, 2010

Grey market, piracy and higher taxes are affecting the growth of the gaming industry in India

 Business hotels are hoping to ring in the good times
Jan 11, 2010

Business hotels are hoping to ring in the good times with more travellers demanding 'smart hotels' with prompt service and good communication systems sans the luxury frills

 Airtel DTH ad misleading, Tata Sky tells ASCI
Jan 11, 2010

The Consumer Complaints Council of ASCI has concluded that Airtel’s advertisement is misleading, as the viewer of the TV commercial is led to believe that Airtel Digital TV has superior picture quality because of MPEG4 or DVBS2 technology

 Now, actors resort to marketing gimmicks to promote films
Jan 11, 2010

Marketing activity for non-mass media promotions has now caused quite a flutter among the movie-making fraternity and has triggered a new race for fresh and more aggressive marketing methods

 Foot-dragging on trail commission raises stink of commercial interests
Jan 11, 2010

A section of the fund industry is still attempting to delay the SEBI directive on trail commission. Others are readying to comply

 Dr Reddy's, AstraZeneca may settle patent case out of court
Jan 11, 2010

Dr Reddy's Lab's long-standing patent dispute with Europe's AstraZeneca over a drug to treat heartburn may be resolved out of court following a similar settlement between the European drug maker and Israel's Teva

 Unsolved attacks on activists have a long history
Jan 11, 2010

Activists in Mumbai were outraged over the recent attack on Nayana Kathpalia, convenor of the NGO Citispace. However, several similar attacks on activists in the past still await police action

 RIL raises another Rs3,465 crore from treasury stocks
Jan 11, 2010

RIL has raised Rs3,465 crore through sale of treasury stocks for the second time this month amid reports that it has upped its bid to $13.5 billion for Dutch petrochemicals company LyondellBasell

 Longer trading hours fails to boost Nifty futures volumes
Jan 11, 2010

Both the BSE and the NSE have extended their trading session by about one hour; however, the move has not increased volumes

 BIG TV in talks with Warner, CNN for content acquisition
Jan 11, 2010

Reliance BIG TV is believed to be in discussions with content providers like Max Broadcasting, Warner Home Entertainment Group and CNN to acquire non-film content for its pay-per-view (PPV) platform

 Bankers differ on provisioning norms
Jan 11, 2010

The mandatory 70% provisioning coverage expected to be implemented by banks has created quite a stir in the banking community

 Good governance, dowries and dons
Jan 11, 2010

Institutions cannot be built on the reputation of individuals or daily sermons on governance and morality; they have to be based on systems and processes

 UID to introduce micro-payment platform
Jan 11, 2010

As part of the UID project, the government plans to introduce a micro-payment platform that would allow for easy transactions in unbanked areas of the country. It will also create a nationwide network of BCs for enabling interoperability

 Market’s uptrend in first week of 2010 is encouraging
Jan 11, 2010

In the last 19 years, out of 13 times when the Sensex closed higher in the first week, on nine occasions it also ended the month in positive territory.

 Mall retailers opt for revenue-share model in metros
Jan 12, 2010

The retail business model is changing in Tier I cities, as more and more mall retailers are going in for minimum guarantee and revenue-share models

 Infosys Q3 net profit falls 3.6% to Rs1,582 crore
Jan 12, 2010

Infosys Technologies reported a 3.6% decline in third-quarter net profit and forecast an 8.3% to 9% fall in fourth-quarter earnings per share

 Public sector jobs challenging & fulfilling: Rakesh Mohan
Jan 12, 2010

The former deputy governor of the RBI says that the public sector offers a challenging and fulfilling career and the country's young professionals must mull over joining such services rather than being solely focused on lucrative jobs in non-government fields

 Industry grows by a robust 11.7% in November
Jan 12, 2010

Industrial growth has gathered pace as factory production rose by 11.7% in November 2009, fuelled by stimulus-backed demand for manufactured goods, particularly consumer goods

 CJI's office comes within RTI Act, says Delhi High Court
Jan 12, 2010

The Delhi High Court has held that the office of the CJI comes within the ambit of the RTI law, saying judicial independence is not a judge's privilege but a responsibility cast upon him

 Indian government sees Rs1 lakh crore investment in food processing
Jan 12, 2010

The Indian government is envisaging an investment of Rs1 lakh crore in the food processing industry over the next five years, a major chunk of which it plans to attract from the private sector and financial institutions

 Oil ministry seeks Rs30,000 crore bonds for fuel retailers
Jan 12, 2010

Though the government had earlier this fiscal decided to compensate state-run oil marketing companies by way of oil bonds, the finance ministry has not issued any bonds during the first three quarters.

 ArcelorMittal officials contradict each other on Indian projects
Jan 12, 2010

Steel giant ArcelorMittal may drop the Rs50,000-crore project in Jharkhand if clearance is delayed inordinately, a company director has said, a view contested by another official who deals with Indian operations

 EGoM on 3G fails to resolve major issues
Jan 12, 2010

Differences over the number of private players who will be allowed to offer 3G mobile services continue within the government as an empowered ministers' panel failed to reach any consensus

 YRF joins hands with SOTC, Brandinvest to promote film tourism
Jan 12, 2010

Bollywood production house Yash Raj Films, travel operator SOTC and Brandinvest will promote Swiss destinations through special film tourism packages

 Is SGX Nifty trading relevant for India?
Jan 12, 2010

SGX Nifty Futures volumes have been falling even before the NSE extended its trading hours. So the latest move by the Singapore exchange to extend its trading session may not impact NSE Nifty volumes at all.

 Moneylife study identifies five cheapest sectors
Jan 12, 2010

A new Moneylife study has identified consumer durables as the cheapest among 49 sectors. Other cheap sectors are cement, paper & paper products, plastics and packaging

 Google may exit China over censorship, cyber attacks
Jan 13, 2010

The Internet search engine giant has said that the censorship and increasing cyber attacks on its sites from China may well mean having to shut down, and potentially its offices in China

 Innovative packaging helps to attract customers
Jan 13, 2010

In an increasing war for shelf space, FMCG marketers in India are considering out-of-the-box packaging solutions to attract customers and to differentiate their products

 Power trading may help cement firms manage cycle
Jan 13, 2010

Those cement companies which trade their excess captive power and are planning merchant power plants will be able to manage the industry cycle better, say analysts

 Vedanta yet to get final clearance for Orissa bauxite project
Jan 13, 2010

The Union government will provide final clearance for Vedanta’s bauxite mining project in Orissa only if there is no violation of the Forest Conservation Act

 India should set up defence-specific SEZs: Study
Jan 13, 2010

The Indian government should establish dedicated defence-specific SEZs, apart from providing a tax-equalisation subsidy, as the fiscal regime plays a critical role in defence market growth, says a study

 Investor adoption low for mobile stock trading, says Gartner
Jan 13, 2010

Despite the hype surrounding mobile stock trading, especially in the US, Gartner has said that most on-the-go trading is more likely to take place in semi-mobile situations in notebooks and netbooks, instead of mobile handsets

 Broker route for funds has been a non-starter
Jan 13, 2010

Mutual fund volumes on NSE and BSE are yet to catch up, as only 792 combined orders worth Rs10 crore were recorded between 8 December 2009 and 12 January 2010

 NGOs demand CBI probe into RTI activist Shetty’s murder
Jan 13, 2010

MITRA, an organisation representing NGOs, has written to the state CM demanding a CBI probe into the series of unsolved attacks on activists

 Government allows duty-free sugar imports till 31st December
Jan 13, 2010

The Union government has allowed imports of duty-free sugar till 31st December due to rising prices of the commodity

 Plan panel and highways ministry locked in a verbal duel
Jan 13, 2010

The Planning Commission has advised 'sensible' use of funds by the road transport & highways ministry, a day after minister Kamal Nath rebuffed the panel

 Almost 65% IPOs from 2007 still below offer price
Jan 13, 2010

As a market rally draws a flood of IPOs again, investors are likely to get burnt again, given the inherent nature of IPOs.

 Sugar prices to decline within a week, says Pawar
Jan 13, 2010

The Indian government has taken a slew of measures to increase availability of sugar, pulses and other commodities. It hopes that rates of the sweetener, being sold at nearly Rs50 a kg, would start declining in a week

 SEBI issues inane order on Reliance MF ad
Jan 13, 2010

Lack of clear regulation led to an absurd tussle between SEBI and Reliance Mutual Fund over the duration of the statutory warning in the Fund’s ad.

 ABRL to add hyper-markets; eyes higher turnover
Jan 14, 2010

India’s second biggest supermarket operator is planning to start three additional megastores over the next three months at Mumbai, NCR and Hyderabad

 Small car from Bajaj to be smaller than Maruti's Alto: Renault
Jan 14, 2010

The small car being developed by Bajaj Auto and marketed by the Renault-Nissan alliance in India will be smaller than Maruti Suzuki's Alto

 GTL to buy Aircel's 17,500 towers for Rs8,400 crore
Jan 14, 2010

Besides these 17,500 towers, Aircel has also committed additional 20,000 tower sites to GTL Infrastructure over the next three years

 MF turmoil: Can SEBI be held accountable?
Jan 14, 2010

SEBI's move to scrap entry loads on mutual funds may have been well intentioned, but it tripped badly in failing to assess the ground realities and the consequences of its actions

 Extensive regulatory system for clinical trials soon
Jan 14, 2010

India will have an extensive regulatory system for clinical trials in place by the next 18 months

 SC extends order on prohibiting mining in Anantapur
Jan 14, 2010

The Supreme Court has extended its interim order banning mining and transportation of iron ore by OMC, owned by Karnataka's Reddy brothers

 EPC orders decline for third consecutive quarter, belie recovery assumption
Jan 14, 2010

While analysts are celebrating an industrial revival, order inflows for EPC companies have witnessed a 6% decline q-o-q and 14% decline y-o-y in the December quarter–a third consecutive quarter of decline

 Future Logistics expects revenues of Rs1,400 crore by 2013
Jan 14, 2010

The company plans to increase revenue up to Rs1,400 crore by 2013 and is targeting an investment of Rs500 crore by 2013, across various segments

 Technology via SMS becomes a helping hand for Haiti victims
Jan 15, 2010

The US government has got major mobile operators on board to allow people to very easily donate $10, through a text message to the Red Cross, to help with the disastrous situation in Haiti following the major earthquake

 Exchange platform unattractive for MFs & investors: UK Sinha
Jan 15, 2010

With a majority of people going for traditional instruments that are easily available and simple to understand, the investor population is shrinking, says UK Sinha, chairman and managing director, UTI Asset Management Co, in an exclusive interview with Sucheta Dalal. This is the first part of a two-part series

 Winners and losers from the 10th Auto Expo
Jan 15, 2010

The tenth edition of the Auto Expo just concluded. Here is a look at the winners and losers... and there were a few from both sides at the show

 Eros appoints Jyoti Deshpande as group CEO, Lulla as executive chairman
Jan 15, 2010

Eros International has appointed Jyoti Deshpande as its group chief executive officer (CEO) and managing director. Kishore Lulla has been appointed as executive chairman of the media group

 SAT adjourns hearing on Shankar Sharma case till 27th January
Jan 15, 2010

SAT has adjourned the hearing on a petition by brokerage house First Global's Shankar Sharma against a SEBI order banning him from trading in markets for his alleged role in manipulating prices of certain shares

 Rana Sugars see 27% less capacity use this crushing season
Jan 15, 2010

Rana Sugars has said that the actual utilisation of its cane-crushing capacity would be 27% less than its installed capacity in the ongoing crushing season because of acute shortage of cane

 A Tata Nano in the US, with a $5,000 price tag?
Jan 15, 2010

The cheapest vehicle in North America costs about $9,000-$10,000. Half of that amount—over $5,000—is a possible price point for the Nano in the US, a Tata official has said

 HUL appoints Pradeep Banerjee as ED, Buch to move to parent group
Jan 15, 2010

HUL has said that Dhaval Buch will move over to its parent group, Unilever, while Pradeep Banerjee will take over from Mr Buch

 Mutual Funds’ Schemes: Skewed, concentrated and similar to one another
Jan 15, 2010

Moneylife’s study of the pattern of stock picks by mutual funds’ equity schemes finds that stock picks are highly concentrated among a few hundreds with portfolios mimicking each other. The study also underlines the lack of depth and diversity in Indian markets

 ADB expects India will see solid economic recovery in 2010
Jan 15, 2010

ADB has urged Indian policymakers to address rising inflation and widening fiscal deficit to insulate the country against future shocks

 The MobileStore to open independent, large-format consumer durables stores
Jan 15, 2010

The MobileStore, which recently acquired consumer durables electronic retail chain X-Cite, will be coming up with new stores in Chennai, Mumbai and Kolkata

 Hindustan Unilever losing money in the water-purifier business
Jan 15, 2010

HUL has lost Rs140 crore over the last six quarters in the water-purifier business and is facing tough competition from Tata’s water-purifier brand ‘Swach’

 ‘We plan to increase our presence in the western and southern parts of the country’
Jan 15, 2010

Magma Fincorp Ltd is planning to enter the general insurance business and has bought stake in a credit information company, Experian. Sanjay Charmia, VC and MD and Dhirendra Kumar Hota, AVP and head for MIS budgeting, speak to Moneylife’s Aaron Rodrigues about the company’s plans

 Big companies’ Q3 numbers show weak top-line growth
Jan 15, 2010

Many large companies have recorded a weak top-line growth during the third quarter that ended on 31 December 2009

 Logitech launches new mouse that works on glass surfaces
Jan 16, 2010

Logitech has unveiled a new ‘Anywhere Mouse M905’ featuring dark-field laser tracking that lets you use your mouse on clear glass and high-gloss surfaces

 Even well-performing MF schemes are not finding investors: UK Sinha
Jan 18, 2010

Sellers of insurance products are pushing these schemes whether or not they are in the interest of the investor.

 RCF’s African projects stalled
Jan 18, 2010

RCF’s plans to set up facilities in South Africa and Mozambique have been delayed, as its partners do not believe that there is any commercial value in fertilisers

 Slower growth to impact mobile operators' revenues, say analysts
Jan 18, 2010

The third quarter of FY10 is likely to be one of the weakest quarters for the bottom-line of Indian mobile operators, despite new highs in net monthly subscriber additions

 Five steps to safer banking
Jan 19, 2010

It is imperative that policymakers learn the right lessons from the crash, so that the taxpayer is less exposed in the future

 Developers drop prices by Rs9 lakh in Hyderabad
Jan 19, 2010

With falling prices and depressed demand for residential properties, many developers are offering huge discounts for ready possession properties in and around Hyderabad

 L&T may buy Healthquarters, a medical management company
Jan 19, 2010

L&T is planning to take over Healthquarters, in line with the company’s plans to enter the general insurance business, said sources close to the developments

 ‘FTWZs can boost import-export trade in India’
Jan 19, 2010

Arshiya International Ltd will have three free trade warehousing zones operational by the end of 2010. Ajay S Mittal, chairman and managing director, speaks to Moneylife’s Amritha Pillay about the commercial logic behind such zones

 Battle for online trading platforms heats up
Jan 19, 2010

Geojit BNP Paribas has introduced its enhanced online trading platform free of cost for its existing customers after ICICIdirect launched its TradeRacer a few months back

 RCF to increase production at its Thal plant
Jan 20, 2010

RCF is planning to expand its production capacity at its Thal-based facility. The expansion comes at a time when construction plans for its facilities in South Africa and Mozambique have been stalled

 ‘We will have more power projects coming up for disbursements’
Jan 20, 2010

Rural Electrification Corp Ltd (REC) is planning a follow-on public issue to raise funds. P Uma Shankar, CMD, REC, speaks to Moneylife’s Amritha Pillay about the company’s quarterly results and future plans

 Will there be water in Lodha’s ‘Aqua’ project?
Jan 20, 2010

Amid the raging water crisis in Mumbai, the Lodha Group claims that it will provide two swimming pools, a clubhouse with a waterfront café and 10 acres of waterscape at its ‘Aqua’ project in the city

 Telecom users can now approach consumer courts directly
Jan 20, 2010

For a long time, telecom consumers needed clarity on whether they would need to go in for the lengthy process of arbitration to settle a dispute with a service provider. However, a recent judgement delivered by a consumer court makes it clear that users can go to consumer forums to settle their grievances

 Vicks redux: It’s just not cricket
Jan 20, 2010

Vicks has coughed up lozenges in a jumbo avatar. But the advertising sucks

 Is organised retail coming back with a bang?
Jan 20, 2010

Organized retail is just 5% of the total retail business in India compared to more than 20% in China and 80% in US of the overall market, pointing to a huge potential for growth

 Monorail not a good option, says expert
Jan 21, 2010

The monorail is not a mass-transit system, involves high maintenance cost and cannot take heavy loads, says an expert

 NHAI to open bidding for road projects worth Rs25,000 crore in Feb
Jan 21, 2010

NHAI’s 15 road projects worth Rs25,000 crore will come up for financial bidding this February

 Why insurers like defaults
Jan 21, 2010

For an insurance company, it actually helps if clients default on policies that have not acquired any surrender value

 Will the T Rowe Price-UTI synergy work?
Jan 21, 2010

The past performances of global funds have been modest in India. They cannot help Indian funds raise money abroad either because an alliance between a foreign and an Indian fund is of limited value

 Financial closure of Gammon’s berth at Paradip port likely by March
Jan 21, 2010

Gammon Infrastructure’s iron ore berth planned at Paradip port in Orissa will see financial closure by March 2010

 TV18 & IBN18 smothered under huge interest costs
Jan 21, 2010

High interest costs will feature as a permanent expenditure on these companies’ books, leaving almost nothing for shareholders of these cash-guzzling businesses

 Toyota looks at exporting compact cars from India
Jan 22, 2010

Toyota Kirloskar is ready to launch its compact car in India. Sandeep Singh, deputy MD, speaks with Moneylife’s Aaron Rodrigues about the company’s India growth plans

 Provogue to enter FMCG market; will tie up with JL Morison
Jan 22, 2010

Provogue India is signing a joint venture deal with FMCG distributor JL Morison for the distribution of its body-care products

 After affordable homes, K Raheja plans low-cost villas
Jan 22, 2010

K Raheja Corp is planning to launch low-cost villas in Hyderabad, Pune and Goa for around Rs45 lakh-Rs65 lakh

 Idea is losing the plot
Jan 22, 2010

An actor playing a tree, to save paper—for selling a mobile service. What were they thinking when they made this ad?

 Arshiya to increase capacity to 500 rakes over the next five-seven years
Jan 22, 2010

Arshiya International has been one of the late—but profitable—players in the private rail freight segment in India. Its CMD Ajay S Mittal talks to Moneylife’s Amritha Pillay on the company’s rail freight business

 Cash-strapped TV18 bails out Infomedia’s rights issue
Jan 22, 2010

The just-concluded Infomedia18 rights issue was undersubscribed, requiring promoters TV18 to pump in up to Rs12 crore of the unsubscribed portion of the issue, even as TV18 is haemorrhaging cash

 Will Bharti AXA’ Focused Infrastructure Fund’ make the cut?
Jan 22, 2010

Bharti AXA has launched an infrastructure fund. But 12 out of the 20 infrastructure funds have underperformed their benchmarks

 IndiaPay system may take three more years to roll out operations
Jan 23, 2010

IndiaPay, the country’s ambitious domestic card payment system—similar to Visa and MasterCard— may take another three years to roll out its operations

 BSE Brokers Forum launches its website
Jan 23, 2010

The website has a useful section where members can share details of defaulter clients who might disturb the market equilibrium

 HCC says Andhra turmoil may result in lower revenues
Jan 23, 2010

HCC feels that its FY10 revenues would have gone up by Rs200 crore, if it would have been allowed to work on its projects in AP normally

 Network18 group companies are mostly sick
Jan 25, 2010

The Network 18 group is India’s most diversified media company. However, the net-worth of several group firms of the company has been completely eroded; they are sick companies, belying their glitzy images and relentless expansions

 ‘We will get a lot of money for roads from external sources’
Jan 25, 2010

The road & transport ministry has an ambitious plan of building 20 kilometres of road per day. RPN Singh, minister of state (MoS) for road & transport speaks with Moneylife’s Aaron Rodrigues about the ministry’s plans

 Lodha Group’s Q3 sales don’t match industry figures
Jan 25, 2010

The developer has claimed sales figures in the third quarter of this fiscal which are almost equal to the sales figures of entire Hyderabad city for the same period

 Hindustan Unilever sinks further on poor growth, high ad spends
Jan 27, 2010

HUL’s sales growth has again not kept pace with inflation, net profit is down despite an advertising blitzkrieg of 71% in the December quarter

 Pricing pressure, high input costs impact Binani Cement Ltd
Jan 27, 2010

Binani Cement Ltd has admitted that it has faced heavy pressure on cement price realisation and high input costs. However, the company has reported a modest growth in net sales

 Bull market fails to shore up TV18’s revenues; costs go out of whack
Jan 27, 2010

Consolidated marketing & distribution costs are down 50%, but other expenditure rises 41% in the December quarter

 Realty projects on Mumbai forest land get SC nod
Jan 27, 2010

Real-estate construction stuck up under the Maharashtra Private Forest (Acquisition) Act since 2006 has now got a green signal from the Supreme Court.

 Binani Cement plans to invest Rs52 million in coal blocks
Jan 28, 2010

The cement major is still undecided over its plans for the coal block allotted to it in Chhattisgarh

 14 stocks that fell even as Sensex rose 100%
Jan 28, 2010

While most stocks successfully rode piggyback on the market rally last year, some stocks actually fell

 Manage your money, by paying a rupee daily
Jan 28, 2010

Intuit Inc has launched a personal finance money-managing software package that will help subscribers to track spending and save money

 Kaya impact still remains skin deep for Marico
Jan 28, 2010

With 100 centres under its belt, Kaya has penetrated the best of Indian urban locations. And yet, it is still making losses

 Former finance secretary to become non-executive chairman of NSE
Jan 29, 2010

Dr Vijay Kelkar, who also recently headed the 13th finance commission, agrees to become the non-executive chairman of the NSE

 What will SEBI decide finally on the NSDL issue?
Jan 29, 2010

The SEBI board is scheduled to meet on 2nd February to discuss the alleged failure of National Securities Depository Ltd (NSDL) to prevent the IPO scam during 2003-2005

 Demand for high-value flats in Mumbai may come down
Jan 29, 2010

The supply of high-value flats in the city will outstrip demand from March. At present, there is an approximate supply of a million sq ft for the top-end residential market in the metropolis

 Can make its customer’s day?
Jan 29, 2010

Travel website has come out with an ad that states that it is the ‘fastest’ in booking tatkal tickets. How can the portal make such a claim?

 Intuit plans to reach a million people in the next three years
Feb 1, 2010

US-based Intuit Inc has launched a personal finance software package for Indians. Umang Bedi, MD, talks about the company’s plans for India with Moneylife’s Pallabika Ganguly

 Imported luxury goods may get a boost from FTWZs
Feb 1, 2010

Officials from the high-end luxury goods industry are looking at FTWZs as a profitable option. A few of them are positive that price benefits derived from these zones would be passed on to customers

 Serious Web security issues in India
Feb 1, 2010

We probably need an agency where top hackers would sit day in and day out trying to find security holes in our Internet infrastructure

 Depressed January may signal lacklustre year
Feb 1, 2010

The market fell in January. Based on past patterns, what should we expect? Here is a study of the historical behaviour of the markets over the past 25 years

 Low-cost insurance products edge out equity funds
Feb 1, 2010

Less popular, low-cost insurance products are compensating the distributors’ fall in income from selling equity funds

 CBI arrests SEBI official for taking Rs25-lakh bribe
Feb 1, 2010

CBI has arrested an official of SEBI on charges of demanding and accepting Rs25 lakh from a Kolkata-based businessman

 Hansen stake sale helps Suzlon’s net, but deeper problems remain
Feb 1, 2010

Hansen stake divestment helped Suzlon retire debt, leading to an overall debt reduction of 15%, but operating profits were down 65% for the December quarter

 Information Commissioners don’t want amendment to RTI Act
Feb 1, 2010

Two amendments out of seven proposed by DoPT receive an okay from Information Commissioners

 SpiceJet hits a creative air pocket
Feb 2, 2010

The airline doesn’t have money to feed us water on board! Plus, carriers are constantly cribbing about being short on funds and have been pressurising the aviation ministry for a bailout. And SpiceJet has created not one, but five TV commercials

 HCC to partner with international players for mega-expressways
Feb 2, 2010

HCC will tie up with international players for mega-expressways, to tap investments and obtain operational expertise

 Fund distributors in a messy fight over trail commissions
Feb 2, 2010

Now that trail commission has started going to new distributors, banks and large distributors are scrapping over acquiring clients, which would soon land fund companies in a big mess

 Fertilizer Corporation to revive its sick Sindri urea plant
Feb 2, 2010

FCI intends to revive its Sindri sick plant due to the rising demand of urea in the country

 No headway for Tata-Gammon’s Jamshedpur SEZ
Feb 3, 2010

The Tata-Gammon SEZ has failed to make any progress due to land-permission issues at the state level; uncertainty over the project continues

 SEBI still mum on Board’s decision on NSDL
Feb 3, 2010

The SEBI board met on 2nd February to discuss the alleged failure of NSDL during the IPO scam of 2003-2005. There is no official word yet on what the Board has decided, only selective leaks

 Retail investors completely averse to putting money in IPOs
Feb 3, 2010

Big expensive advertisements in national newspapers and a blitz of fancy TV commercials are fetching only a few thousand applications

 Lodha Group’s ‘Aqua’ project doesn’t hold water
Feb 3, 2010

Customers who have booked property in Lodha’s much-touted project are still struggling to get possession of their flats. The company, though, doesn’t seem to have any answers

 SEBI Board exonerates NSDL, finally
Feb 4, 2010

The SEBI Board has finally exonerated NSDL from the depository's alleged failure in preventing the IPO scam as well as in the dubious DSQ Software case

 Hydropower projects sanctioned in 2006 yet to take off
Feb 4, 2010

A number of hydropower projects awarded since 2006 are in the pre-development stages waiting for financial closure and project report clearances

 Shopper’s Stop says it’ll sustain growth in Q4
Feb 4, 2010

Shopper’s Stop hopes to touch double-digit like-to-like sales growth by Q4FY10 and is positive that it will maintain this momentum

 Unethical poaching games by fund distributors
Feb 4, 2010

Following the implementation of the new trail commission rules, some fund distributors are getting cleints to sign a changeover without their explicit consent

 Parle Agro Hippo: Another social idea, Sirji!
Feb 5, 2010

Just when you thought advertising couldn’t get more bizarre, along comes this ad

 Network18 lays off 350 more employees
Feb 5, 2010

Increasing competition and loss-making revenue models have been forcing Network18 to go in for cost-cutting measures, including laying off employees. At the same time, the media company has been pumping money into its cash-strapped, loss-making businesses

 ARSS Infra to enter capital market; promoter accused in murder case
Feb 5, 2010

ARSS Infrastructure plans to raise Rs103 crore with its upcoming IPO, while its main promoter is an accused in a murder case

 Why the French could not save NTPC’s FPO
Feb 5, 2010

With an eye on better valuations, NTPC adopted the ‘French Auction’ model for its follow-on public offer. The lukewarm response to the issue is prompting a rethink on this mechanism

 Investment bankers paid out of their pocket to manage NTPC issue
Feb 5, 2010

Apart from managing the issue at zero fees, lead managers are even paying all other expenses such as legal and listing fees

 PayPal stops payments to and from India
Feb 6, 2010

Online shop eBay’s popular electronic payment system PayPal seems to have been blocking all personal transactions to and from India. Strangely, it has offered no justification for this decision

 Sanjay Nirupam launches Moneylife Knowledge Centre in Mumbai
Feb 6, 2010

Moneylife Knowledge Centre set up by the Moneylife Foundation in Mumbai will supplement the efforts of regulators and providers of financial services at spreading financial literacy and redressing grievances.

 Why are milk and dairy prices increasing?
Feb 8, 2010

Besides the demand-supply mismatch, rising off-take of processed milk from corporate brands has resulted in milk prices spiralling in recent months

 Hathway IPO plagued by debt, losses, conflict of interest and court cases
Feb 8, 2010

Promoters hold 18% and affiliates hold 77.5% of the paid-up equity capital in Asianet, a direct competitor. There are 23 criminal cases pending against the company, its subsidiaries and promoters

 DP World expects relaxation in Indian cabotage policy
Feb 8, 2010

The company expects that the Indian government will soon take a decision on the relaxation of the cabotage policy, given its huge investment in the Vallarpadam port project

 Financial hotshot Sameer Sain’s future role in Future Capital in doubt
Feb 8, 2010

Sameer Sain had come from Goldman Sachs to make Future Capital Holdings a financial powerhouse. The stock is down 81% after listing at Rs909 in February 2008. Sain has now stepped down as MD & CEO

 DLF IPL: Bring on the crowds!
Feb 9, 2010

The commercials promoting the Indian Premier League seem to have got it bang on

 ASCI complaints have risen exponentially in the last month
Feb 9, 2010

Complaints received by ASCI have increased sharply over the past month, with most of the complaints coming in from small towns

 “India has lowest success ratios despite producing maximum films”
Feb 9, 2010

Mahesh Ramanathan, chief operating officer, Reliance BIG Pictures, discusses film piracy, the fate of Bollywood animation movies, why screen writers in India are underpaid and other issues in an exclusive interview with Moneylife’s Ravi Samalad

 ABN AMRO investors in Osian Art Fund still await first payments
Feb 9, 2010

A number of investors who invested in the Osian Art Fund through ABN AMRO are still awaiting first payments. As per sources, there are more than 100 such investors

 Zee Turner may terminate deal with Hathway over non-payment of subscription dues
Feb 9, 2010

The TV broadcaster alleges that Hathway has not been paying subscription fees since many months and it may have to terminate its content deal with the cable operator

 Bank sells ‘mandatory’ insurance plan to 70-year-old NRI
Feb 10, 2010

An elderly lady was lured into buying an insurance plan by paying a single premium of Rs10 lakh when she approached a bank to open an NRE account

 Poor retail response to IPOs rings alarm bells
Feb 10, 2010

DB Realty’s IPO received just 23,000 applications after the company spent Rs13.50 crore for its ads in The Times of India alone. NTPC’s FPO received just 80,000 applications. This has set the alarm bells ringing for decision makers

 Tax code may foil vessel phase-out plans
Feb 10, 2010

Shipping companies plan to replace old vessels with newer ones. But these moves may be affected due to the tonnage tax code and the additional tax on capital gains earned from such phased-out vessels

 My Problem is... Who Cares?
Feb 11, 2010

Hope is the expectation that something outside of ourselves is going to come to our rescue and that we will live happily ever after. Nowadays, one can only hope against hope

 RBI’s new base rate norm to usher in transparency
Feb 11, 2010

The country’s central bank has introduced a new reference rate for determining lending rates in a bid to bring in transparency into the system

 Rise in cement stock prices unsustainable over the long run
Feb 11, 2010

A majority of cement stocks are seeing an upward momentum backed by good demand, but the trend is unlikely to continue

 Zee Turner cuts Hathway connection in Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru
Feb 11, 2010

Hathway subscribers from these cities and certain parts of Maharashtra would be deprived of viewing 33 TV channels offered by Zee Turner. Hathway’s IPO also received a lukewarm response from investors.

 Aircel: Save the Tiger (er, not the Sena!!)
Feb 13, 2010

Another public awareness campaign that seems to have completely lost the plot

 IFAs miffed by growing AUM transfer business
Feb 13, 2010

An increasing number of HNIs are openly bargaining with fund distributors to get a share of trail commission

 IFCI doles out Rs225 crore loan to Morepen-related entity
Feb 13, 2010

State-run IFCI itself is unsustainable and was bailed out by the government in the past. It has sanctioned a loan of Rs225 crore to an entity which is on the RBI list of wilful defaulters

 Steel, aluminium projects fall behind planned investments
Feb 15, 2010

The gap between planned investments in steel and aluminium projects has widened during 2003 to 2009 due to various issues like land acquisition problems and statutory permissions

 KYC norms proving to be a hurdle for investors
Feb 15, 2010

One of the reasons for the dwindling investor population in India is the complicated and drawn-out KYC procedure, say industry experts

 Outflows from existing schemes continue; Axis’ equity fund spurs net inflows
Feb 15, 2010

The Rs905 crore collected by Axis Bank through its banking channel helped net equity inflows turn positive (Rs980 crore) in January after five months of decline

 Banks receive NFO commission under the garb of ‘bank charges’
Feb 15, 2010

Axis Bank debited Rs225 as ‘bank charges’ for the sale of its newly launched open-ended equity mutual fund, while Citibank used to do the same for insurance policies. Are the regulators aware of such things?

 Essar: Please do begin!!!
Feb 16, 2010

Well begun is half done. Is the Essar Group being too clever by half?

 Tender activities by government bodies decline by 33%
Feb 16, 2010

Total tenders invited by government bodies in the construction and engineering segment during the first ten months of FY10 fell by 33% due to negative growth reported in overall tender inflows

 Diminished margins, low customer base may impede Texmo’s profitability
Feb 16, 2010

The company’s top 10 customers accounted for 43.88% of its sales for 2008-09

 ICICIdirect’s I-Saver brokerage plan irks customers
Feb 16, 2010

Calculation of brokerage by ICICIdirect at the end of the quarter has made customers an angry lot

 Patients caught in crossfire between TPAs and doctors
Feb 16, 2010

A full-blown war between Mumbai city doctors and TPAs over fees and unpaid dues has left hospitalised patients stranded

 The textile imbroglio: Who’s spinning a yarn?
Feb 17, 2010

Union textiles minister Dayanidhi Maran has said that there is no unemployment in the sector. However, AEPC claims that nearly 4 lakh jobs have been lost in the industry since April last year

 ICICI Venture-Nagarjuna project to finally start construction
Feb 17, 2010

The joint venture project, launched in 2006, has finally received necessary permissions, but the JV partners are not sure about the future of residential space in the planned construction

 Videocon plans 500MW power plant in Maharashtra
Feb 17, 2010

The Videocon Group is planning to start a 500MW power plant in its homeland and is looking for suitable land as well as a coal-transportation solution

 Mutual fund outflows defy market trends
Feb 17, 2010

Investors have been withdrawing money virtually every month for the past 13 months—whether we are in a bull market or a bear market. This gives the lie to the fund industry’s notion that investors are merely booking profits

 Videocon to focus more on oil and gas business
Feb 18, 2010

With a strong presence in the oil exploration business with oil blocks across various countries, the consumer electronics giant wants to focus more on oil and gas business

 Videocon shifts focus from SEZs to mid-sized business hotels
Feb 18, 2010

Videocon Realty and Infrastructure will shift its focus from SEZ projects. It is planning to launch business hotels across the country

 No problems with Corolla in India, says Toyota official
Feb 18, 2010

Toyota is again facing the heat from US regulators. This time, the Japanese carmaker is facing complaints over steering problems with its popular Corolla model. However, an official from the company has said that there are no issues with Toyota’s Indian cars

 70% of Interlink Petroleum held in physical form; will help price-riggers
Feb 18, 2010

The bulk of Interlink’s shares are in physical form even as market punters peddle rumours about its oil find

 Coke casts a new ‘idiot’
Feb 19, 2010

Coke has fired the first salvo in this season’s edition of the cola wars. How will Pepsi hit back?

 IRFC bond issue leaves retail investors high and dry
Feb 19, 2010

With easy access, large players oversubscribed IRFC’s bond issue within a few hours, leaving small and individual players high and dry

 Videocon to launch mobile services in Mumbai, Chennai next month
Feb 19, 2010

Videocon’s foray into mobile services has been delayed. Starting with Mumbai and Chennai, the company now plans to roll out its GSM mobile services from March

 S&P revises Infosys outlook to ‘positive’ from ‘stable’
Feb 19, 2010

S&P also affirmed its ‘BBB’ rating on Infosys due to a good operating performance despite the global slowdown

 Man Infraconstruction IPO makes a comeback
Feb 19, 2010

The company, which had earlier withdrawn its plans to enter the market due to adverse conditions, is targeting the primary markets again

 What is a professional fee you pay a bank for buying mutual funds?
Feb 19, 2010

SEBI wanted distributors to disclose commissions as advisory fees. Axis Bank has introduced a new term in fund investing called “professional fees”

 ‘Aamir is completely emotional’
Feb 22, 2010

This is the first part of a three-part series of an interview with Rajkumar Hirani. Here, the award-winning director speaks on how Aamir Khan became a part of the cast in the blockbuster 3 Idiots

 Gammon Infra wins arbitration against NHAI, to get Rs161.50 million
Feb 22, 2010

GIPL has won the arbitration award (Rs161.50 million) against NHAI for refusal to pay early completion bonus for two of its road projects

 L&T enters ‘turbulent’ mutual fund business
Feb 22, 2010

With its foray into the asset management space, L&T has taken a bold step even as the mutual fund industry is undergoing one of its most challenging transformations ever

 RBI’s directive may help clients earn more from savings accounts
Feb 22, 2010

With the central bank of the country mandating all banks to compute interest on savings accounts on a daily basis, account-holders will reap better rewards from their deposits

 SEBI bars 16 people from markets on charges of synchronised trading
Feb 22, 2010

Separately, the market regulator has also barred 14 people and four entities from accessing the markets in the JVG Finance case

 Chidambaram, the Hedge Fund Manager
Feb 23, 2010

Home minister Chidambaram claims to have suggested that SBI should have bought Citibank in 2008 when its shares were going at $1. Wonder why he has decided to dedicate his life to harassing tax payers and Naxalites, when we could have easily run billion-dollar hedge funds with his superb sense of timing.

 Thums Up: Cat & Mouse games
Feb 23, 2010

Thums Up’s new TVC dabbles in the extreme sport called ‘Parkour’ with a dash of sexual innuendo. Cool mix!

 “After the first day of shooting, Boman wanted to walk out of the film”
Feb 23, 2010

In the second part of this three-part interview series, Rajkumar Hirani speaks on how he convinced Boman Irani to play the part of the dean of a medical college in the cult classic Munnabhai MBBS

 Moneylife’s sectoral peers fail to perform in New Year
Feb 23, 2010

Out of the 49 sectors, sugar, the hot sector of late 2009, was the worst performer, crashing 22% whereas printing & publishing was down 21%

 Marine tourism picking up along Brahmaputra river
Feb 23, 2010

The Brahmaputra river has witnessed a rise in cruise operations in the past few months, with more cruise operators entering this region.

 Investors lapping up risky corporate fixed deposits
Feb 23, 2010

Confident that companies are in for a period of calm after the volatility of 2008-09, investors are lapping up risky corporate fixed deposits. Are they underplaying the default risks?

 Is the commercial realty sector reviving?
Feb 23, 2010

According to some industry experts, commercial real-estate prices in India have started stabilising and rentals are also rising; but others disagree.

 Wipro's stunning silence over death of an employee
Feb 23, 2010

The IT giant had reportedly admitted that one of its employees committed suicide after the company caught him embezzling $4 million in December. However, till date no criminal charges have been filed against the employee.

 “My early experience with Hindi cinema was bad. Either I didn't enjoy the kind of films I edited or never got paid”
Feb 24, 2010

Raju Hirani is a hotshot director today, having created three hits in a row. But he started in Hindi films on the wrong foot. For his early work in feature films he hardly got paid and he had drifted into making ad films, where he was doing fine, explains Hirani. This is the third part of a three-part interview series.

 Kya aap AMFI pass se tez hain?
Feb 24, 2010

NSE and BSE offer the AMFI exam online while a manual written examination is held in tier-2 and tier-3 towns, leaving a high chance for cheating

 Steep rise in coal imports required to power India
Feb 24, 2010

The power ministry has estimated coal imports of 48 million tonnes in FY10-11, sharply higher than the expected imports of 28mt in the current fiscal, as domestic supply shrinks due to issues like environmental clearance and Naxalite threats

 Now, Hyundai faces a total recall of its new Sonata
Feb 24, 2010

The Korean carmaker is halting sales of its top-selling vehicle in the US and South Korea owing to concerns about sticking door locks. However, this will not affect Hyundai’s India sales, say analysts.

 Retail investors steer clear of Emmbi Polyarns & DB Realty IPOs; flop debut on BSE
Feb 24, 2010

Retail investors and employees have given a ‘thumbs down’ to both the IPOs; DB Realty listed at an 8% discount while Emmbi Polyarns shed 59% on its debut.

 Floundering mutual funds wooing distributors with expensive junkets
Feb 25, 2010

Fund companies are in competition to organise lavish junkets for its distributors, hoping to influence them to sell their schemes to the unsuspecting public

 Can AMFI’s new appointment help it turn a new leaf?
Feb 25, 2010

Faced with a credibility crisis, mutual fund industry body AMFI has appointed HN Sinor as its chief executive. Industry sources have welcomed the move.

 The gimmick called arbitrage funds
Feb 25, 2010

Over the past two years, the markets have been hugely volatile— which is ideal for arbitrage funds. But over this period, of the 12 arbitrage funds, only three funds outperformed and nine underperformed their benchmarks.

 AMFI’s investor awareness committee may waste crores on ad campaign
Feb 25, 2010

AMFI’s Investor Awareness’ Committee, created at the behest of SEBI, may end up blowing up a lot of money for no reason

 Tata Docomo: Netting buddies
Feb 26, 2010

The phone company’s latest TVC is a good example of how slice-of-life commercials can deliver a good return for the marketing buck

 Budget banks on growth momentum
Feb 26, 2010

While the salaried class got a tax bonanza that will boost consumption, companies will seek to pass on the increase in excise duty or live with lower margins.

 Local tailwind, global headwinds
Feb 26, 2010

The Budget measures will support a short-term and a long-term rally, but the market’s medium-term prospects are clouded by global worries

 Individual tax-payers will now have more money to save or splurge
Feb 26, 2010

Revised income-tax slabs to increase disposable incomes; consumers, who have been feeling the pinch of rising prices, now have something to cheer about.

 Budget gets mixed reviews from health insurers; service tax will put off hospitals
Feb 26, 2010

The finance minister paved the way to increase the benefits for NREGA workers and raise the Plan allocation for the health ministry.

 A turn to the right
Feb 26, 2010

With an unapologetic emphasis on privatisation and a consumption-led economy, this year’s Budget marks a paradigm shift in the present government’s approach, ostensibly putting India on the cusp of a major change.

 New banking license announcement is first major reform in two decades
Feb 26, 2010

NBFCs and the private sector can now enter the banking business if they meet RBI’s criteria. This is a major move for the financial sector

 Budget brings relief to taxpayers; stimulus rollback starts
Feb 26, 2010

The budget provides considerable relief to tax payers by raising tax slabs but the hike in central excise duty on non-petroleum products signals the start of stimulus rollback.

 Infra firms welcome increased Budget allocation, but MAT worry looms
Feb 26, 2010

Higher allocation and refinance, plus tax rebate on infrastructure bonds, were the key benefits for infrastructure companies in the Budget.

 Budget dishes a mixed bag for real estate
Feb 26, 2010

The Budget has extended the tenure of the tax benefit for residential projects, hiked the allocation for slum re-development schemes, and extended the 1% interest subvention for affordable housing

 Moneylife Foundation holds open discussion on Budget
Feb 27, 2010

The participants were presented with an enlightening exchange of opinions and detailed analysis of the implications of the Budget proposals for the common man, businesses as well as the entire economy.

 More bank licenses.. Boom to Bust?
Mar 1, 2010

The ‘good’ news is that the banking market will be opened up for a few more private players. But how many of these new entrants actually past muster?

 Connecting people, empowering lives
Mar 2, 2010

A spate of recent suicides among students and the ongoing worry about this mind-numbing phenomenon is a cause of national concern. Over 100,000 Indians commit suicide every year, and the number has only risen over the past two decades, say experts. Worse, over 71% of suicides are by people below the age of 44. While suicides are attributed to acute mental agony, the trauma on those who are left behind is not less. Savita Narayan profiles a Pune-based NGO called Connecting… which helps people cope with the effect of suicide on the survivors

 Will Indage Restaurants & Leisure also be affected by Indage Vintners’ losses?
Mar 25, 2010

Indage Restaurants & Leisure, although loss-making, is not as over-leveraged as Indage Vintners. Will it also be hurt by the likely liquidation of the parent company?

 “Shipping companies need to go ahead and buy aggressively”
Mar 2, 2010

Shipping and logistics company Shreyas Shipping and Logistics Ltd also provides land transportation, warehousing and other value-added services. Vinay Kshirsagar, chief financial officer of Shreyas Shipping speaks with Moneylife’s Amritha Pillay about the trends in shipping, logistics and warehousing

 Max New York Life: Going idiotic
Mar 2, 2010

The insurer might be building its brand, but what about the results on the ground?

 Fraudsters want your card number, PIN and CVN to grant your I-T refund
Mar 2, 2010

Last year in October, Moneylife had warned that the fraudulent emails in circulation at that time claiming to offer you a tax refund were only test mail and were bound to be refined in the future. Recent scam mails, with the I-T Dept image, the Indian national emblem and other details are proof of what we had predicted

 SEBI asks all investors to pay 100% margin upfront for public issues
Mar 6, 2010

In a bid to create a level playing field between all investor participants, all investors, including QIBs, will now be required to make full payment during new share applications.

 FDI in retail: Still a distant dream
Mar 2, 2010

The organised retail segment has been clamouring for foreign direct investment, but the recent Budget has not been forthcoming on this front

 NTPC’s plan to transport coal through inland waterways in limbo
Mar 2, 2010

The power company had signed an MoU with IWAI in September 2008 for transportation of imported coal to its three power plants using inland waterways. However, there is not much progress on the plan

 Financial services stocks on a downward spiral
Mar 2, 2010

A majority of stocks of financial services companies have been on a downward trend since May 2009

 Why the US trumps India in IT innovation
Mar 3, 2010

With its rich pool of talent, technology ‘powerhouse’ India should be the IT incubator for the world. So why is the US still leading in enterprise and innovation?

 PayPal to allow withdrawal for Indian customers with 'Purpose Code'
Mar 3, 2010

From 3rd March onwards, PayPal will allow new bank withdrawals for its customers in India after receiving a 'Purpose Code' for the transaction

 India Foils’ minority shareholders get a raw merger deal
Mar 3, 2010

Ess Dee Aluminium’s proposed merger scheme is stacked heavily against India Foils’ minority shareholders and the recent spurt in trading volumes of India Foils is highly dubious

 Steel prices on the rise, SAIL hikes rates by Rs600 per tonne
Mar 3, 2010

Prices in the retail market for hot rolled coil have already gone up by almost Rs2,000 per tonne and analysts believe a price hike from April is imminent on account of excise duty hike and jump in raw material contract prices

 Templeton MF insists on clearance certificate for trail commission
Mar 3, 2010

Templeton MF is insisting on a ‘clearance certificate’ from the previous distributor in order to pay trail commission to the new distributor

 MMRDA land auction at BKC fails to attract bidders
Mar 3, 2010

A land auction at BKC—a prime commercial real-estate destination in Mumbai—which opened today did not attract any bidders because of the high prices quoted by MMRDA

 Supreme Court allows deductibility of bad loans
Mar 4, 2010

The recent judgement by the apex court will be of great help to businessmen and the same can be relied upon for all the current or future assessments in determining the allowability of bad loans when written off in the books of accounts of the assessee

 NMDC expects rise in iron ore prices over the long term
Mar 4, 2010

NMDC officials expect a rise in iron ore prices in 2010-11. Chinese inventories which are piling up will not be a concern, claim company executives

 Birla MF targets FD holders through its capital protection fund
Mar 4, 2010

In an SMS to distributors, Birla Sun Life MF has asked IFAs to compare its new scheme with NRE deposits which fetch returns of 3.5%

 Messy battle for TeleCanor continues
Mar 4, 2010

The promoters of TeleCanor allege that investor Hemant Gupta is trying all the tricks to make an open offer for the company. Mr Gupta powerfully argues otherwise

 Will Rin Tide over this?
Mar 5, 2010

When a brand is washing a competitor’s dirty linen in public, the latter should not work itself up into a lather

 When you have butter, why seek ghee?
Mar 5, 2010

The finance minister is looking at various options to contain the fiscal deficit. Here’s a look at a number of solutions that he readily has at hand.

 Banks to lend more to power projects; oil & gas may take a backseat
Mar 5, 2010

During FY11, bank financing for power and steel segments would continue, while the oil & gas segment will take a backseat, say bankers

 NISM study calls on credit ratings agencies to tweak operations
Mar 5, 2010

The present study by NISM is another attempt to assess the performance of CRAs, particularly in the light of the recent significant events in the global financial system and the criticism being faced by CRAs in the USA

 Prithvi Info Solutions: Why regulators are silent over the scandalous saga?
Mar 5, 2010

This IT solutions and engineering services company has been involved in all kinds of financial manoeuvrings. However, regulators are looking the other way

 Brokerages touting the merits of toxic currency derivatives
Mar 6, 2010

Several broking companies are promoting and encouraging individual investors to dabble in highly risky currency derivatives

 DQE’s growth may bank on its IP content
Mar 8, 2010

DQE has shifted its business model from a largely outsourced model to a co-production model and its future growth may depend on continued rollout of IP content in which the company has little experience

 Know your bank as well says Kishori J Udeshi of BCSBI
Mar 8, 2010

While banks have ‘know your customer’ norms, it is also essential for customers to ‘know your bank’, says the former deputy governor of the RBI.

 Low MF assets speak volumes on investor apathy
Mar 8, 2010

Despite a booming economy and vibrant equity markets, the assets under management at mutual fund houses remain painfully low

 Big winners & losers after the Budget
Mar 8, 2010

Several stocks are riding high on the back of friendly proposals in the recent Budget; others have taken a beating and are sliding down

 IndusInd Bank: ‘Idiotic’ branding
Mar 9, 2010

One of the perils of celebrity endorsement: the brand gets lost in the clutter

 The right approach to Mediclaim
Mar 9, 2010

The views expressed by Mr Fali Poncha in this column are his personal views and not those of the company he serves

 Pepsi: Bland, bland, bland
Mar 15, 2010

Something is seriously going wrong with the Pepsi camp; they seem to have totally lost their earlier spark

 Equity MF net inflows up 54% in February
Mar 9, 2010

After a continuous drain of Rs7,315 crore over the past five months, equity schemes are back in the limelight

 Motilal Oswal’s fund offer asks investors to take a blind bet
Mar 9, 2010

The draft document of offer for the new ETF by Motilal Oswal AMC uses a proprietary index. But it does not explain the weightage assigned to the stocks of the underlying index or how the index would have performed in the past

 Osian Art Fund organises auction to redeem fund
Mar 9, 2010

The art house plans an auction this month, proceeds of which would be used to redeem the art fund. However, Osian officials claim that a major chunk of the redemption amount would be paid before the auction

 ‘People are afraid of speaking against teachers, doctors and bankers’
Mar 9, 2010

The former deputy governor of the RBI says that if a bank offers you a higher rate of interest than its peers, you should be a little careful

 'Bringing the axe down on Axis Bank': Spark Capital's way
Mar 10, 2010

Is Axis Bank being made the target of a massive bear hammering?

 “Correct balance of supply, demand and prices needed in realty”
Mar 10, 2010

Vijay Wadhwa, promoter of the Wadhwa Group, talks to Moneylife’s Pallabika Ganguly on the trends in the realty sector that are leading to sluggish sales and how his company tided over the recession

 Will Birla MF’s Capital Protection Fund leave a hole in its capital?
Mar 10, 2010

The company had to extend the NFO closure in order to meet its target. But will the Birla AMC incur a loss while running this fund?

 Celebrity Fashions is scouting for a strategic investor
Mar 10, 2010

Celebrity Fashions is planning to invite a strategic investor for its bottoms division which is being hived off as Celebrity Clothing

 IL&FS Transportation Networks' road project in Chhattisgarh caught in PIL mess
Mar 10, 2010

While ITNL’s public issue is slated to hit the market tomorrow, its major road project in Chhattisgarh faces legal action. A PIL filed by an RTI activist is pending with the Lok Ayukta

 Going down the tubes
Mar 11, 2010

A surfeit of channels, shoddy programming, clueless anchors and financials that would make a Greek cringe. Is the Indian TV industry scripting its own epitaph?

 ‘Most people don’t prefer to fight with their bankers’
Mar 10, 2010

The former deputy governor of the RBI says that training of banking staff can help change their attitude

 New AMFI chief blames distributors for mis-selling, ignores role of AMCs
Mar 11, 2010

Industry body AMFI acknowledges rampant mis-selling of MF products; puts blame on distributors, ignoring the fact that poorly-performing products of AMCs, aggressively sold with all kinds of incentives, are really the cause of mis-selling

 Mercator to expand in dredging, bulk and tanker segments
Mar 11, 2010

Mercator Lines is planning to increase its presence across various verticals depending on the opportunities available. It plans to improve capacity in its bulk, tanker and dredging segments

 Fund prospectuses: Too much legalese, too little substance
Mar 11, 2010

Stripped off their legalese, prospectuses of mutual funds are prone to misrepresentations and inadequate disclosures. As a result, the investing community continues to be short-changed. A two-part analysis

 Retail investors return to the IPO game
Mar 11, 2010

The recipe that’s working: strong fundamentals, attractive pricing and recent listing gains

 Court dismisses S Kumars’ defamation suit against Narmada Bachao Andolan
Mar 12, 2010

A Mumbai civil court has dismissed a defamation suit filed by S Kumar’s unit against the Narmada Bachao Andolan in relation to its Maheshwar Dam project

 Government to give aid worth Rs50 crore to five food parks
Mar 12, 2010

Out of six food parks approved last year, five parks will receive Rs10 crore each in the next financial year for setting up their infrastructure

 Fund prospectuses: Too much legalese, too little substance-II
Mar 12, 2010

Bizarre fund ideas and what SEBI should do to control them. This is the second part of a two-part analysis

 Kiri Dyes buys German DyStar; may raise Rs400 crore through equity, debt
Mar 15, 2010

After buying Germany-based DyStar for €50 million, Kiri Dyes and Chemicals may raise about Rs400 crore through equity and debt for expansion and launching new products

 Are bond markets sceptical of FM’s borrowing plans?
Mar 15, 2010

Bond Street seems to have taken the FM’s fiscal consolidation plans with a pinch of salt as bond yields have since surged past 8%, perhaps due to the government’s borrowing programme

 Logjam in Babudom
Mar 15, 2010

The government wants to use e-governance as a tool for better administration. It needs to wake up to the fact that e-governance requires not only technology infrastructure, but also the human will to make it work

 IFAs accuse brokers of eyeing trail commission through MF dematerialisation
Mar 15, 2010

IFAs allege that the investor is unaware of the change of broker and claim that the ARN number changes after dematerialisation of MF units

 "Service tax is a bit of a dampener for the realty industry”
Mar 16, 2010

Sobha Developers Ltd’s managing director JC Sharma discusses the impact of service tax on the realty sector and his company’s roadmap with Moneylife’s Pallabika Ganguly

 India’s logistics performance index plummets to 47
Mar 16, 2010

The capacity of countries to efficiently move goods and connect manufacturers and consumers with international markets is improving around the world, but much more is needed to spur faster economic growth and help firms benefit from trade recovery, says the World Bank

 Marico expects a turnover of Rs2,500 crore for FY10
Mar 16, 2010

The weak monsoon and food inflation have impacted the purchasing power of the lower income group, resulting in marginal growth for the FMCG sector

 A straight five-week rally—where are we headed?
Mar 16, 2010

The stock markets have rallied strongly for the past five consecutive weeks. How will the markets perform this week? Moneylife’s study of similar historical patterns points to a solid trend

 Persistent’s IPO valuation looks attractive
Mar 16, 2010

The company’s EPS is expected to be Rs25 in FY10 with price-earnings of 11.92; its peers are currently trading at a P/E between a range of 10.99-15.97

 Believe it or not
Mar 17, 2010

This story should surely be an eye-opener to all the HR guys who think that they know everything

 Coal regulatory authority: When will it see the light of day?
Mar 17, 2010

For almost three years, there has been a lot of talk on the setting up of a coal regulatory authority. So why is the government still dragging its feet?

 The Swiss banking trail hits the market
Mar 17, 2010

An MP from Uttar Pradesh has alleged that the Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group had diverted funds raised through External Commercial Borrowings and Foreign Currency Convertible Bonds into stock market operations through Swiss bank UBS. These funds were allegedly moved by the Swiss bank into some dormant accounts and then used for large-scale unauthorised trades

 UTV Motion Pictures to produce films in south Indian languages
Mar 17, 2010

UMP is planning to produce around five films for south Indian audiences over the next three years

 Reduced NFO period for MFs may limit market penetration, say distributors
Mar 17, 2010

SEBI’s new idea to limit the timeframe for NFOs to 15 days will create even greater problems for the fund industry. But most importantly, it will undermine SEBI’s own agenda of market development by cutting off smaller towns

 SNEHA: helping mothers for child care
Mar 18, 2010

Aparna Ramchandra profiles an organisation that offers friendship and help to young mothers and children to eradicate malnutrition and infant mortality.

 Nokia to launch music services in India
Mar 18, 2010

The handset maker plans to set up a new mechanism to give consumers a chance to download music free of cost for a year

 UFO Moviez to telecast IPL semi-finals, final in 3D across 50 screens
Mar 18, 2010

The company is planning to screen the crucial stages of the cricket tournament live in 3D across fifty theatres

 A consumer welfare fund to appropriate people’s money
Mar 19, 2010

A fresh exercise that completely ignores the fact that large sums of money belonging to individuals, traders and businesses are appropriated by the government and remain impounded with it because of slow, corrupt and inefficient processes

 Stake sale row adds fuel to Maharashtra Scooters’ run
Mar 18, 2010

In the ongoing tussle between stakeholders Bajaj Auto and WMDC, the recent HC ruling against Bajaj Auto has given the shares of Maharashtra Scooters a big boost

 Bombay High Court slams police in Abdulali attack case
Mar 18, 2010

The Bombay High Court has ordered the Mahad police to submit details of the action taken following the attack on environment activist Sumaira Abdulali, who has been fighting the menace of illegal sand mining

 Service tax on film industry might be rolled back
Mar 18, 2010

The I&B minister has said that she will try to roll back the service tax proposed in the Budget on the film industry, which amounts to double taxation

 Cement prices may come under pressure from April
Mar 19, 2010

While cement prices have been on the upside over the past few months, analysts suggest that they will start falling from next month with the recently added capacities by various players boosting utilisation levels

 Aditya Birla Group: All sound, no substance
Mar 19, 2010

This corporate campaign has lots of special effects, surreal visuals and exotic locales—but it’s not going anywhere

 Bank harassment driving SSI units to sickness
Mar 19, 2010

Infinity Metals, an export-oriented SSI unit, has been struggling to keep itself afloat after its bank systematically abused the SARFAESI Act and harassed it into near-bankruptcy. Denied justice by the ombudsman, the troubled unit is now left gasping for breath

 Regulator acts like an industry association; IRDA promotes ULIPs!
Mar 19, 2010

The insurance regulator has launched an unprecedented advertising campaign, hard-selling ULIPs. Not only is this a misleading action for a regulator, but the ad is also misleading as it fails to provide any concrete evidence of ULIPs’ superior performance

 MF distributors yet to submit KYC documents to AMCs
Mar 22, 2010

AMCs are sitting on crores of rupees in the form of commissions due to inability of mutual fund distributors to submit KYC documents as per the SEBI mandate

 Seven up-weeks in a row? There’s a 77% chance of it
Mar 22, 2010

There’s a high probability that the market rally will continue this week as well

 National solar mission targets ‘challenging and unclear’
Mar 22, 2010

According to a report by Pune-based energy group Prayas, the targets set by the National Solar Mission for 2022 are ‘unclear and challenging’ in comparison to the MNRE targets for 2009

 Piramal looks at smaller labs for growth
Mar 22, 2010

Piramal Diagnostic wants to grow by snapping up smaller firms. But this strategy has not succeeded in India so far

 IntraSoft appears to be a pricey IPO
Mar 23, 2010

The company’s operating profit has fallen by 3% and new stock is being issued at a high P/E of 21.

 Activist calls for legal action against Vedanta, miners
Mar 23, 2010

Biswajit Mohanty, an environmental activist, plans to initiate legal action against Vedanta’s refinery in Orissa on the issue of alleged violations of environmental norms. The activist also plans to take legal action on the long-running ‘mining scam’ in the state

 Is this the second round of the Mumbai property price bubble?
Mar 23, 2010

Over eight months, property prices at Powai in central Mumbai have almost doubled

 Court’s decision to wind up Indage leaves producers disappointed
Mar 23, 2010

The Bombay High Court has ordered India’s oldest wine producer Indage Vinters to wind up. The country’s fledging wine industry calls it a ‘sad’ development, but says that it was bound to happen

 Havells: Shock lagaa! Now what?
Mar 24, 2010

Advertisements are known to get bizarre at times, but this commercial takes the cake

 Prizes galore for fund distributors
Mar 24, 2010

UTI Mutual Fund is trying to mobilise money from liquid funds to monthly income plans by offering attractive gifts to distributors

 Planning to fly? Don’t forget your travel insurance
Mar 24, 2010

Travel insurance can protect you against flight delays, baggage loss, journey cancellations and medical emergencies

 SAT takes exception to Shankar Sharma’s conduct
Mar 24, 2010

SAT, which last week dismissed the review petition of Shankar Sharma, has taken exception to his conduct in not informing the Tribunal about his filing of a civil appeal against a SAT order in the Supreme Court, and dismissal of the same by the apex court

 Will greenfield steel projects ever see the light of day?
Mar 24, 2010

Development of greenfield steel projects in India has virtually come to a standstill. Many of these projects have stagnated due to issues like land acquisition, rehabilitation and political interference

 Taxila Business School's site hacked
Mar 24, 2010

Earlier, the same hackers had also hacked into a number of Indian websites, including that of Tata Institute of Social Sciences,,, and

 Mis-selling of LIC policies continues
Mar 25, 2010

Agents are painting a rosy picture and promising guaranteed returns to clueless investors

 A double whammy: VAT and service tax swamp new home buyers
Mar 25, 2010

Mumbai builders are slapping new home buyers with a nasty surprise in the form of value-added tax and service tax. This means that buyers have to pay 12% more on taking possession of their contracted and fully-paid apartments

 Gammon moves towards total buyout of Indira Container Terminal
Mar 25, 2010

Gammon Infra is likely to finalise signing of both the immediate 24% and the subsequent 26% stake-purchase deals in Indira Container Terminal from Spain-based Dragados in April

 Adidas: Impossible is everything?
Mar 26, 2010

Shouldn’t they give this commercial the boot?

 Regulatory turf wars show no signs of abating
Mar 26, 2010

A major battle seems to be brewing in the regulatory space, where lines are being drawn to establish purview of authority

 DQE seeks new revenue streams
Mar 26, 2010

DQ Entertainment International has inked three licensing deals; looks at expanding revenue base

 Upfront commission being granted for ELSS schemes
Mar 26, 2010

Fund houses are paying upfront brokerage of three years which includes trail commission to incentivise distributors for ELSS schemes

 State introduces VAT on real estate
Mar 26, 2010

Maharashtra is trying to push value-added tax on homebuyers by passing it under a ‘composition’ scheme

 Moneylife Foundation conducts financial literacy workshop for women
Mar 27, 2010

 Banks don’t want SPVs to be part of group exposure limit
Mar 29, 2010

A number of banks are reportedly on the verge of exceeding their group exposure limit in the infrastructure segment. Bankers don’t want SPVs to be part of their group exposure limits

 Eight-week straight rally? There is a 50% chance
Mar 29, 2010

The stock markets have rallied strongly for the past seven consecutive weeks. Will the momentum continue? There is a 50% probability of that happening

 DQ Entertainment to foray into animated feature films
Mar 29, 2010

The company, which listed on the BSE, has new plans for expansion and broadening its revenue base

 Seabuckthorn Indage has not paid salaries to employees since February 2009
Mar 29, 2010

According to sources, the fruit-juice manufacturer has not been issuing salaries and has also stopped production

 SEBI says its ban against Chimming Trading continues
Mar 29, 2010

Last year SEBI barred Chimming Trading from accessing the securities market till further orders, as it was prima facie found to be involved in the alleged manipulation of shares of five companies

 AAR says E*trade Mauritius' share-sale not tax liable in India
Mar 30, 2010

The AAR ruling affirms that the Indian tax authorities are not in a position to levy capital gains tax on the transfer of shares in an Indian company by a Mauritian tax resident in view of the provisions of the India-Mauritius tax treaty

 Zoozoo lessons
Mar 30, 2010

Who needs celebrities for brand endorsements when you can have animated creatures breaking through the clutter?

 Work on Mumbai-Vadodara Expressway to start soon
Mar 30, 2010

The feasibility report on the project is almost complete; land acquisition is expected to start soon and is likely to be completed over the next six months

 SEBI’s circular on funds transfer to client accounts creates confusion
Mar 30, 2010

The market regulator’s December 2009 circular on transferring funds back to client accounts periodically has created market-wide confusion. Many brokers have not followed this rule, which was supposed to be implemented by 31 March 2010

 “We didn’t want to be just another finance provider”
Mar 30, 2010

With its unique business model and customer focus, Shriram Transport Finance Company (STFC) has grown rapidly in the commercial vehicle (CV) financing space since it started operations over 30 years ago. The company’s managing director R Sridhar speaks with Moneylife’s Sanket Dhanorkar about how and why STFC chose to focus on this segment and what it has learnt over these years. This is the first part of a two-part interview series.

 Two years later…
Mar 30, 2010

The Sensex has regained a level last seen in February 2008. How have the stocks moved since then?

 What should a consumer pay—VAT or service tax on buying property?
Mar 30, 2010

The Centre is proposing to levy service tax, while the State government is planning to charge consumers value-added tax on real estate

 DBS loses Rs83 crore in its four-year affair with Cholamandalam
Mar 31, 2010

The foreign entity had spent Rs213 crore in June 2006 for a 37.5% stake in the Murugappa Group’s non-banking finance company

 “We should grow at 20%-25% in the next two-three years”
Mar 31, 2010

Shriram Transport Finance Company’s (STFC) managing director, R Sridhar speaks with Moneylife’s Sanket Dhanorkar about the company’s funding, expansion and diversification plans. This is the second part of a two-part series

 SEBI asks MFs not to pay upfront commission from load accounts
Mar 31, 2010

The SEBI directive means that AMCs will have to pay upfront commissions out of their recurring expenses accounts or from their own pockets

 Trail goes cold on a $1-billion acquisition
Mar 31, 2010

GMR acquired power utility InterGen, based in the Netherlands, at a transaction worth $1.10 billion in 2008. Two years later, not much financial information is available about the acquired company in the public domain

 SEBI gives a breather to brokers; leaves it to exchanges to handle sticky issues
Mar 31, 2010

The market watchdog has extended the deadline for implementation of its ‘dealings between a client and a stock broker’ mandate till 30 June 2010 and will leave it to the stock exchages to handle sticky issues

 SEBI gives a breather to brokers
Mar 31, 2010

The market watchdog has extended the deadline for implementation of its ‘dealings between a client and a stock broker’ mandate till 30 June 2010

 Can relationship managers replace independent financial advisors?
Apr 1, 2010

Banking channels are starting to gain a foothold for selling mutual funds, but will this new distribution model help out investors?

 Road developers turn to underwriting for faster financial closure
Apr 1, 2010

More and more road developers are seeking underwriters for their road projects in order to achieve financial closure faster and bid for more national projects

 Hiring in public sector banks to intensify over the coming months
Apr 1, 2010

India's nationalised banks seem set for a major recruitment drive once again to meet growth needs and fresh vacancies that will arise when a large number of employees retire in the next three-four years

 Commodities markets, ETFs and emerging economies
Apr 1, 2010

Global commodity assets under management have increased to about $235 billion by late 2009 compared with a mere $6 billion-$10 billion in 2000

 Domain name battles refuse to die out
Apr 1, 2010

What’s in a name, asks the adage. But domain names have a lot riding on them, and cyber-squatting does not seem to be dying down

 Now, even your fixed deposit principal may be at risk
Apr 1, 2010

Fixed deposit holders should watch out. Banks may be snatching a part of the principal under the garb of deducting tax at source

 Unilever chief fails to see what really ails Hindustan Unilever
Apr 1, 2010

The Unilever CEO believes that HUL is still the lion in several categories. He is living in his own world. Over the past decade, HUL has repeatedly tried and failed in a large number of new businesses, which makes it look like an also-ran

 A breakthrough in public service?
Apr 2, 2010

At last, a public service campaign has come along that seems to be working

 FCCBs may hold the key in battle for Fame India
Apr 2, 2010

The FCCB issued by Fame India in 2006 and the stake owned by some inconspicuous parties could tilt the balance in either Inox's or RML's favour

 Brokerage houses insist on a demat account for derivatives trading
Apr 2, 2010

Although a demat account has nothing to do with the derivatives segment, some brokers like MF Global are insisting on this requirement

 Sector performance: March quarter gainers and losers
Apr 2, 2010

We bring you an analysis of the major sectoral leaders and laggards for the March quarter

 ‘Consumption patterns are changing rapidly’
Apr 2, 2010

DV Ram Kumar, vice president-Food & Agri, Spencer’s Retail Ltd, spoke with Moneylife on the issues facing the food retail business and his company’s growth plans

 A cement glut may flood the market
Apr 2, 2010

An analysis of the monthly dispatch figures and the newly-commissioned capacities indicates a clear annual over-capacity of a minimum of 36.27MT in the demand-supply situation

 Peerless and Edelweiss gain maximum average assets under management
Apr 2, 2010

Average assets under management of the 37 fund houses fell 5% in March; JPMorgan Mutual Fund plummeted 24% while Peerless and Edelweiss jumped 150% and 30% respectively

 Who is jacking up property prices in Mumbai?
Apr 2, 2010

A bunch of vested interests seem to be working together to fuel India’s new property bubble, especially in expensive real-estate markets like Mumbai

 Why China’s currency policy is inflexible
Apr 5, 2010

The main effect of a currency revaluation would be a shift of wealth from the Chinese government, the manufacturing sectors, infrastructure investment, and real-estate developers to Chinese households

 SBI chairman wants a reply to all email complaints within 48 hours
Apr 5, 2010

The new set of instructions from the bank authorities will lead to a big improvement in the way SBI handles its customers

 Fifth quarter straight rally—but what lies ahead?
Apr 5, 2010

Stock markets have rallied for the past five consecutive quarters. How will the markets perform in the coming quarter? Moneylife’s study of similar historical patterns points to a 100% negative trend

 Are mutual fund investors ready to pay a fee to distributors?
Apr 5, 2010

After SEBI cracking down on entry loads and upfront commissions, IFAs are thinking of charging MF investors a fee; however, a few market watchers feel that investors are not ready to shell out money yet

 Websense says organisations in India under pressure to protect data
Apr 5, 2010

According to a Websense survey, reputation risk and potential loss of customers emerged as two major concerns amongst IT decision-makers if a data breach was to occur

 “We’ll focus on our core competencies”
Apr 5, 2010

Nikhil Gandhi, group chairman, SKIL Infrastructure Ltd (SKIL), talks to Amritha Pillay of Moneylife on his company’s stake purchase in Pipavav Shipyard and the group’s expansion plans in the port and power sectors

 Developers lure real-estate buyers with ‘assured’ returns
Apr 5, 2010

Even for properties that exist only on paper, buyers are being tempted with 12% ‘assured’ returns

 Two (wheelers) to tango over the next few years
Apr 6, 2010

Allaying the fears of higher input costs, two-wheeler manufacturers in India are aiming for higher targets. Can they keep up the growth momentum?

 Mutual fund redemptions continue unabated
Apr 6, 2010

Except for one month, mutual fund subscriptions since August last year have been consistently beaten by redemptions, which is indicative of the turbulence being witnessed in the industry

 DWS mutual fund invites Indian money for poorly-performing overseas agribusiness fund
Apr 6, 2010

Deutsche Mutual Fund is launching an offshore ‘fund of funds’ scheme that will focus on global agri-businesses. Its underlying fund, though, has shown poor performance

 Angel Broking: No sharing!
Apr 7, 2010

A cool idea which makes a point and connects with the audience

 Down with the big villains!
Apr 7, 2010

Most brands have now realised that the consumer now lives in a virtual world which has helped him discover his voice and trying to throttle him is just not the right solution; it will only backfire

 Is a nine-week straight rally likely?
Apr 7, 2010

The stock markets have rallied strongly for the past eight consecutive weeks. The historical trend favours a continuation of the rally, but will the market prove it wrong?

 Financing norms for two-wheeler loans become stricter
Apr 7, 2010

Going for a two-wheeler loan? Be ready to shell out more money for down payment and face a thorough background and credit check; lenders are now following strict practices

 Cellucom shuts shop in the UAE
Apr 7, 2010

Cellucom, one of the largest mobile phone retailers in the UAE and a stakeholder in Spice Mobile's HotSpot, has closed all its shops in that country

 Property prices drop in some pockets of Mumbai
Apr 7, 2010

A few developers who were increasing prices so far, are trying to clear inventories by dropping or freezing tariffs

 RBI issues new circular; banks can return cheques that alter anything other than date
Apr 7, 2010

If the RBI’s circular dated 22 February 2010 is implemented,

 Cancellations, ceased accounts outstrip new SIP registrations in March
Apr 8, 2010

According to latest data obtained by Moneylife, new SIP registrations have been overshadowed by cancellations and ceased accounts in March, which is supposed to be a boom month for investments

 LIC’s agent-training literature is being misused
Apr 7, 2010

Pamphlets meant for training agents are being used as promotional material

 PFRDA Bill caught in political limbo
Apr 7, 2010

The enabling legislation for PFRDA has failed to see the light of day due to quiet resistance from the Left to the mechanics of the NPS. Meanwhile, the PFRDA continues to walk barefoot without an umbrella Act

 It’s the real thing. But it has insects in it
Apr 7, 2010

Coca-Cola is a reputed multinational company. But is it slipping up on quality control?

 The great airport ‘imported’ food rip-off
Apr 8, 2010

Many ‘imported’ food items at our airports have their prices doctored, many of them make it to these high-priced stalls from the grey market, a few are even downright fakes

 RBI’s circular on cheques may clash with the Negotiable Instruments Act
Apr 8, 2010

RBI’s recent circular on cheque alterations—which can result in dishonoured cheques—may contravene certain sections of the Negotiable Instruments Act, say legal experts

 Sushil Jiwarajka takes over as president of the International Chamber of Commerce
Apr 8, 2010

He has over 35 years of experience in business, with a special focus on finance, strategy and negotiations

 Venture capital and joint venture investments likely in reverse logistics
Apr 8, 2010

With Reliance Venture Asset Management recently funding the reverse logistics service provider RLC Pvt Ltd, experts say that more investments in the form of joint ventures and venture capital could take place in this sector

 At last, AMFI ups the ante against mutual fund mis-selling
Apr 8, 2010

The industry body has issued warning notices to HSBC, NJ India Invest, HDFC Bank and Kotak Mahindra Bank for not complying with NOC norms and luring investors to change distributors to garner trail commission

 Where are the takers for low-cost cars?
Apr 8, 2010

The low-cost car segment may be dying a silent death because of the unavailability of the Nano in the open market and the gradual phasing out of the ubiquitous Maruti 800

 Coke and the art of losing customers
Apr 9, 2010

It sponsors teams, spends billions (of dollars) on advertising and is probably the world’s most well-known brand. But Coca-Cola seems to have forgotten what it takes to service a customer. What’s worse, Coke prefers to maintain a deafening silence—and enter a state of denial—when confronted with what is a major slip-up at its end

 Fraudulent emails peddling HCL jobs resurface
Apr 9, 2010

The scam messages are mainly targeted at youngsters with less that a year of work experience and students who have just completed their courses

 Allcargo plans to have three more warehouses operational by 18-20 months
Apr 9, 2010

With two warehouses already operational, Allcargo plans three more warehouses which will be coupled with third party logistics services

 Government’s sweetener pill to further boost NPS
Apr 9, 2010

Some major tweaks to the NPS in addition to the planned government contribution of Rs1,000 per account are set to provide a much needed leg-up to the nascent pension scheme

 SEBI’s move banning ULIPs may trigger a legal battle and postpone IPO insurance plans
Apr 10, 2010

While passing an order banning ULIPs late on Friday night, SEBI said the entities have not obtained any registration from the regulator though the ULIPs were in the nature of collective investment schemes like mutual funds

 NHB offers senior citizens a new reverse mortgage product
Apr 10, 2010

With the new reverse mortgage product, senior citizens have a real possibility of encashing the value of their homes, by getting a regular income from it, while still living in it until the end of their lives

 Equity mutual funds record Rs2,016 crore in outflows
Apr 10, 2010

The total assets under management of the 37 fund houses are down by 20% from last month and equity mutual funds have witnessed redemptions in March

 Moneylife Foundation discusses senior citizens’ issues
Apr 10, 2010

A change in attitude and good financial advice could help senior citizens to plan for regular post-retirement income that is also tax-free

 Is the finance ministry's ‘move’ in the SEBI vs IRDA battle part of a strategy?
Apr 12, 2010

The finance ministry has finally stepped in to resolve the SEBI-IRDA spat, which threatened to destabilise the market. However, instead of directly intervening in the dispute, the ministry seems to have bought some time by telling the sparring regulators to go to court

 The long and short of corporate governance
Apr 12, 2010

The definition of corporate governance is relative, depending on the situation, and who is talking about it and where

 Modern finance and piracy
Apr 12, 2010

Away from the public eye, the modern business of ship piracy is rapidly acquiring professional attributes

 Peak-hour deficit touches 13.3%, says Central Electricity Authority
Apr 12, 2010

According to the CEA website, peak-hour deficit has increased from 11.9% in 2008-09 to 13.3% in 2009-10. Experts believe that pent-up demand may be higher than the projected 11%, further worsening the situation

 Insurance houses present a united front; defy SEBI ban on ULIPs
Apr 12, 2010

All the major life insurance companies have turned a blind eye to the capital market watchdog’s diktat barring them from selling ULIPs; business continues as usual

 Perfect 10? How will markets fare after a nine-week bull run?
Apr 12, 2010

The stock markets have rallied strongly for the past nine consecutive weeks. What does the tenth week have in store? Past trends suggest a 100% positive outcome

 FM restores status quo on ULIPs
Apr 12, 2010

Finance minister Pranab Mukherjee has said that SEBI and IRDA have agreed to “jointly seek a binding legal mandate from an appropriate court” on the ULIPs issue

 Rin: White money
Apr 13, 2010

This detergent is trying to tide over its competition with a bizarre commercial

 3G auction becomes intense; bids rise 24% in just three days
Apr 13, 2010

The e-auction for 3G spectrum, which started on Friday, has seen bids go up by 24% over the reserve bid prices in just three days. There is no time limit or deadline for the closing of the auction

 Steel prices are shooting up, but no government intervention expected
Apr 13, 2010

The current rise in steel prices has increased expectations of a re-telecast of the steel opera which played out in 2008, when the steel ministry intervened to cap steel prices. However, no such intervention is likely—at least in the short term—as the government is in a ‘wait-and-watch’ mode

 A slip between the bottler and the lip
Apr 13, 2010

Coca-Cola has got back to us on the issue we had raised earlier on insects being found in a 200-ml Coke bottle

 Financial castles in the air-II
Apr 13, 2010

Builders are offering ‘guaranteed’ returns to home-buyers in return for upfront payments even for under-construction properties. This is the second part of a continuing series

 Sustained market rally fails to usher in NFOs
Apr 13, 2010

Despite a sustained bull market, new fund offers have virtually dried up

 What status quo? SEBI hits back again
Apr 13, 2010

SEBI has told all the 14 insurance players covered in its earlier diktat that all ULIPs launched after 9th April will require its approval

 Number of expats to go up 50% over next decade: PwC
Apr 14, 2010

The rise of emerging markets, increased focus on new revenue streams, and changing demographic imperatives are likely to increase the number of people working outside their home countries by 50% over the next decade, says PwC

 Fidelity woos smaller intermediaries to expand operations
Apr 14, 2010

Unable to expand through a combination of advertising and selling through national distributors, the fund house is empanelling smaller distributors now

 3G or 4G: What will be the final call?
Apr 14, 2010

Mobile operators in India are battling for 3G spectrum—while the world is getting 'hands on' experience on 4G technology. Moreover, going by the telecom minister's statement, mobile operators will have to be ready to shell out more money for 4G even as they roll out 3G networks

 Financial castles in the air-III
Apr 14, 2010

Builders are offering ‘guaranteed’ returns—and rebates— to home-buyers in return for upfront payments even for under-construction properties. This is the third part of a continuing series

 Micro, small-cap oriented funds outshine in bull market
Apr 14, 2010

In a clear sign that we are in an extended bull market, funds with predominant exposure to growth stocks have outperformed the rest by a huge margin

 India’s first free-trade warehousing zone to come up in May
Apr 14, 2010

Arshiya International will start operating its first free-trade warehousing zone in Mumbai by 23rd May; its hubs at Khurja (near Delhi) and Nagpur are likely to be completed by the end of FY11

 Standard Chartered tries to cover up its messy past, but SEBI is in a slumber
Apr 14, 2010

The Bank has glossed over the pending litigations against it in connection with the 1992 securities scam, in its IDR offer document. However, the market ‘watchdog’ seems least bothered by this astonishing lack of transparency

 Should Insurance Ads Be Banned from TV?
Apr 15, 2010

They pull at your heart strings to make you open your purse strings

 The New Pension Scheme: Good intentions, poor execution
Apr 15, 2010

The Centre is trying to push the New Pension Scheme. However, out of the 23 States which had notified adoption of the Scheme for public sector employees, only 12 have executed the plan so far

 New venture will fund films with a cause
Apr 15, 2010

DM Capital Advisors Venture plans to fund movies which have their themes revolving around a social cause

 High Court passes strictures against NSE and dismisses its appeal in the Sebastin case
Apr 15, 2010

As things stand, NSE and its top brass will face a criminal case in a lower court. But before that, the Exchange may approach the Supreme Court for relief

 HDFC announces new dual-rate scheme, despite RBI diktat on teaser rates
Apr 15, 2010

In yet another case of a regulator’s stance being thrown to the winds, HDFC has decided to ignore the Reserve Bank of India’s observations on teaser loans

 Gmail goofs up, sends regular emails into spam folders
Apr 15, 2010

The spam filters on Gmail have become hyperactive lately—sending regular, legitimate mails into the spam folder

 Do annoying commercials work?
Apr 16, 2010

Releasing annoying ads is a very stupid ploy and is sure to damage the brand’s perception in the market place

 ASCI tightens norms for auto and F&B ads
Apr 16, 2010

The self-regulatory body for advertising has introduced amendments in the codes for auto and foods & beverages advertising

 Legitimate agent runs MLM scheme under a murky cover
Apr 16, 2010

Team Life Care Co, an authorised corporate agent of Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance, is carrying on a multi-level marketing scheme under a sister entity called TLC Insurance (India) Pvt Ltd, in open violation of the law

 NSE hit by triple whammy in just one week
Apr 16, 2010

The National Stock Exchange has suffered three reverses in just one week: The Delhi HC verdict that it falls under the RTI Act; the verdict in the case filed by an ex-employee and finally, an order by the Competition Commission about its predatory practices

 Compact Disc India: A seedy book of secrets
Apr 16, 2010

The animation and entertainment company claims to be getting huge orders and securing work on big projects. However, a closer inspection reveals that all is not well with the organisation

 With new entrants, the reverse mortgage arena will become more competitive
Apr 16, 2010

Various banks and insurance companies are showing growing interest in the new revised reverse mortgage product, based on the bank- insurance company tie-up model

 New FII investment norms may separate the good and the bad
Apr 16, 2010

SEBI plans to curb potential round-tripping through FIIs and also increase transparency. If successfully implemented, the move will segregate the opportunistic short-term investors from the committed long-term ones

 Orchestrated Move
Apr 16, 2010

When the crisis between IRDA and SEBI leads to a panic, will vested interests find an excuse to activate the Financial Stability and Development Council?

 Reduction in IPO timeline to save Rs800 crore, says CRISIL
Apr 19, 2010

CRISIL Equities estimates about Rs40,000 crore will be raised from IPOs in 2010 and the reduction in timeline by 10 days is expected to translate into interest savings of Rs800 crore annually, at an opportunity cost of 10%.

 Achyut Godbole chairs Moneylife Foundation workshop on books
Apr 19, 2010

This IT professional-turned-writer has gone to great lengths to make complex subjects intelligible to laymen

 Is the Sensex headed for 16,000?
Apr 19, 2010

Since last June, the market has suffered three major corrections. On each occasion, it has fallen by 10%-15%. Are we headed for an encore?

 Future Generali scraps TPA system for health insurance business
Apr 19, 2010

The general insurer has appointed Sheeraj Deshpande as health insurance head and will soon set up its own in-house team to service health policies

 Cross-national branding comes of age in auto mart
Apr 19, 2010

The Daimler-Renault-Nissan tie-up signals the death of the concept of a motor vehicle’s brand association with a particular country

 IL&FS Clusters looks at Orissa and AP for developing industrial infrastructure
Apr 19, 2010

IL&FS Clusters is in talks with the governments of Orissa and Andhra Pradesh for developing industrial infrastructure in these states. At present, the group is working closely with the Karnataka government in the textiles sector

 Reliance insurance agent involved in chain-marketing scheme
Apr 19, 2010

Hyderabad-based Jeevanseva Infotech is actively engaged in chain-marketing a personal accident policy in Amravati, Mumbai and Pune

 SEBI's counter affidavit proves NSE as government entity in RTI case
Apr 19, 2010

SEBI's counter affidavit clearly stated that more than 50% of the shares of NSE are owned by Government of India or Government companies, thus establishing the Exchange as a public authority in terms of RTI

 All eyes on RBI: Balancing inflation and growth
Apr 19, 2010

Inflation concerns are likely to weigh upon the central bank as it hikes key rates in its monetary review. The extent of the hike will indicate the government’s stance on recovery.

 Does the root of the SEBI-IRDA fight go back to the finance ministry?
Apr 20, 2010

Contrary to popular belief, SEBI’s clamp-down on ULIPs may not be of its own doing; the roots of the ongoing turf war can be traced back to the finance ministry’s thought process developed many months ago

 Senior citizens invested in a reverse mortgage can switch over to a new bank
Apr 20, 2010

Senior citizens who have gone in for reverse mortgages, can approach any bank that offers an improved, amended product—for a switchover to the new reverse mortgage model—which offers higher monthly returns

 RBI outlines a calibrated exit strategy
Apr 20, 2010

With just a 25 bps increase in policy rates and CRR, the central bank has moved in line with expectations; a gradual withdrawal from the easy monetary stance emerges from the annual policy review

 Talwalkars’ profits are too meagre; its IPO too expensive
Apr 20, 2010

The fitness chain makes 10% net margin—but the business is too small, suffers from poor cash flows and the stock is priced exorbitantly

 Another ‘private’ body comes under RTI Act
Apr 20, 2010

The Madras High Court has upheld that the New Tiruppur Area Development Corporation Limited is a public authority and will have to provide information under the RTI Act. The is in tune with the High Court order passed against the NSE

 ‘Electricity for all by 2012 is not possible’
Apr 21, 2010

Sunil Hitech Engineers Ltd has its presence in the engineering segment and in the power & steel sectors. Sunil Gutte, joint managing director, talks to Amritha Pillay on the company’s order-book expectations and his outlook on the power sector

 Sunil Hitech Engineers to venture into road sector through joint ventures
Apr 21, 2010

The company will look beyond the power sector and plans to bid for NHAI projects

 Index funds suddenly in favour, but will they be run with greater accountability?
Apr 21, 2010

There is a sudden glut of index funds as more and more fund companies come out with their own flavours. But are investors missing out on the real thing?

 Will United Stock Exchange gain currency?
Apr 21, 2010

The United Stock Exchange hopes to hit the ground running with its currency futures offering. It would be an uphill battle against two established rivals, MCX and NSE, especially since NSE has made a predatory move in making membership free

 RBI clamps down on banks delaying pension payout
Apr 22, 2010

Central bank wakes up to inordinate delays in payments faced by government pensioners; reprimands bankers and directs them to make good the dues immediately, along with penal interest

 Mobile batteries: 'Cheap' may cost you dear
Apr 22, 2010

Original batteries always perform better than those bought from street vendors at rock-bottom rates

 AMCs offer unique incentives to distributors to push sales
Apr 22, 2010

Pushed into a corner, AMCs are being forced to come up with unique incentives to boost dwindling sales. Among the goodies—a book on how Google changed the world!

 HDFC Bank misleads customers, claims that ULIPs issue is ‘settled’
Apr 22, 2010

While the SEBI-IRDA battle over ULIPs is still raging, the bank has emailed its high networth customers a twisted interpretation of an erroneous Times of India report asserting that the ULIP issue is now resolved in favour of IRDA

 Iron ore prices may not ease in the near future
Apr 22, 2010

Spot iron ore prices are showing no signs of easing. The rise in prices, triggered by a supply bottleneck, may continue for some time

 Audacious IPO by loss-making Nitesh Estates backed by investment from Times Group
Apr 22, 2010

Limited operations, poor track record and bad fundamentals make the stock hugely overvalued

 Why is Aamirsaab the Samsung Guru?
Apr 23, 2010

The ads look pretty jaded and ancient because the use of emotion has been seriously done to death, particularly in the mobile phones category

 SBI is the source of RBI’s wrath on delayed pension payments
Apr 23, 2010

A complaint forwarded to the RBI by a retired government officer regarding SBI’s extensive delays in pension payments gets the central bank to take notice and undertake review of the lender’s systems

 Times Group’s private treaties housed under a new name
Apr 23, 2010

Private Treaties, the controversial investment arm of Bennett, Coleman & Co Ltd, is now housed under a separate company. However, it seems to have too many dubious investments in its books

 Saving Private IPL
Apr 23, 2010

Isn't there a better way to conduct the investigation into the Indian Premier League?

 Pan-India bids for 3G double in just 11 days; no buyers for ‘C’ circles
Apr 23, 2010

Even as the bid price for the pan-India licence has gone up by 99%, three circles from the ‘C’ category have failed to receive a single bid

 IPOs continue to post gloomy results
Apr 23, 2010

Most of the public issues in the past few weeks have failed to make a mark and are trading at substantial discount to the opening price

 Jaypee tries to cement its position again
Apr 23, 2010

The Jaypee group—which had planned massive expansions in the 1990s, but landed up in a financial mess—is looking at growth over the next 10 years

 Maxx Mobile: Maxx chaos!
Apr 26, 2010

The mad glut in the mobile phones market is compelling advertisers to sanction some really bizarre advertising material

 SAIL, JSPL and Tata Steel to benefit most from rise in iron ore prices
Apr 26, 2010

With captive mines under their belts, SAIL, JSPL and Tata Steel could emerge as the biggest winners due to rising iron ore prices. These companies are well placed to cash in on the subsequent rise in steel prices, while their raw material costs will remain comparatively on the lower side

 SEBI raps AMCs for pampering distributors
Apr 26, 2010

Finally, the market regulator’s eyes have opened up to the fund houses’ practice of lavishing their agents with expensive junkets; it may introduce strict guidelines to tackle this issue

 Rail anti-collision tech: Does the foreign TPWS trump the home-grown ACD?
Apr 26, 2010

The Indian Railways has once again chosen an expensive foreign technology (TPWS) over India’s own patented ACD system

 Investors avoid IPO fundamentals; look for quick gains
Apr 26, 2010

Most of the IPOs in the recent past have been oversubscribed, despite being assigned average grading by ratings agencies

 HSBC MF gets off SEBI hook with a mere warning
Apr 26, 2010

Despite finding the fund house contravening regulations, the market watchdog has let it off the hook with a mere warning, on technical grounds

 Limited customer concentration mars Mandhana IPO
Apr 26, 2010

The company’s top ten customers accounted for 55.34% of its revenue for the

 Dragging the dragon
Apr 27, 2010

China’s immense promise will not be fulfilled, thanks to its government

 Flying the toxic skies-I
Apr 27, 2010

Passengers are supposed to get clean and fresh air during a fight. So why is the air we breathe onboard airplanes so bad?

 Supreme Court ticks off NSE’s bullying tactics; NSE and MD Ravi Narain will face criminal case in metro court
Apr 27, 2010

The Supreme Court has passed strictures dismissing NSE’s appeal in the matter of harassment and defamation of a former NSE employee. The Exchange and its top brass will now face a criminal case in the Mumbai Metropolitan Court

 Annual hydropower generation is running out of steam
Apr 27, 2010

Huge expansions are planned in the hydropower sector to meet India’s soaring energy demand. However, energy studies project these investments in increasing capacity have led to diminishing returns over the past 11 years

 Godrej Consumer Products to focus on new ‘3x3 strategy’
Apr 27, 2010

GCPL plans to expand its international market presence through this strategic move, with a focus on Asia, Africa and South America

 Heavy mettle: Here come the Russians!
Apr 27, 2010

Russian steelmakers are eyeing the Indian market. Top Russian steelmakers like MMK are interested in joint ventures with Indian companies

 Zero QIBs for Tarapur Transformers IPO
Apr 27, 2010

There were zero bids from the QIB category for the Tarapur Transformers IPO, while the retail investor category was subscribed 0.79 times on the opening day of this offering, which received a ‘Grade 1’ from CRISIL

 Tara Foods is not so healthy
Apr 27, 2010

Although there are no comparable stocks, other edible oil companies are available at a much cheaper price

 BSE finds Compact Disc India non- compliant with SEBI Listing Agreement
Apr 27, 2010

The stock exchange has sought clarification from the company for a series of violations against the Listing Agreement

 Why is Apple inviting piracy?
Apr 28, 2010

By keeping new gadgets limited to certain markets, Apple and Google are openly inviting piracy. The Chinese have already started rolling out ‘original-looking’ fake iPads before the official Apple launch

 Indian travel industry shrugs off volcanic fallout
Apr 28, 2010

Though the ash cloud from Iceland grounded European airlines for a considerable period, local travel & tourism companies have yet to figure out the damage that they have suffered

 Can hydropower help to plug peak demand?
Apr 28, 2010

Hydropower projects are being promoted due to their perceived ability to meet peak demand. But there is no current data to show that these projects are doing so—and a couple of big projects are clearly slipping up

 Property sales down by 25%-30% in five cities
Apr 28, 2010

The fourth quarter of the last fiscal has reported a dramatic downfall in real-estate sales across six cities. But, driven by speculation, Mumbai property rates are still booming

 Currency derivatives volumes may outstrip equity markets soon
Apr 28, 2010

Average daily trading volumes in the Indian currency market have shown a significant jump; they may eventually outgrow volumes in equity derivatives

 Jaypee Infratech goes ballistic with pre-IPO hype
Apr 28, 2010

The mass media is flooded with news about the group’s bid for Federa airport in Dholera special investment region (SIR), completion of the Yamuna Expressway project ahead of schedule and its Rs70,000-crore ambitious expansion plans

 Over Rs200 crore of fund commissions of banks held up for non-compliance with KYC norms
Apr 28, 2010

Fund houses have been forced to hold back more than Rs200 crore of commissions for non-disclosure of KYC details as per the SEBI mandate

 Government treads cautiously on SJVN’s IPO
Apr 28, 2010

After receiving poor retail interest in the recent follow-on public offers of NTPC, REC and NMDC, SJVN has been priced at Rs23-Rs26 to woo retail investors

 Will index funds behave themselves?
Apr 28, 2010

Index funds are supposed to mimic returns of underlying indices by either tracking the index widely or trying to outdo the indices through active management. SEBI seems to be taking a hard look at them

 The long and short of PMS
Apr 29, 2010

Should you be considering portfolio management schemes as investment options?

 Flying the toxic skies-II
Apr 29, 2010

Passengers are supposed to get clean and fresh air during a fight. So why is the air we breathe onboard airplanes so bad?

 Work on Pune-Satara six-lane highway to start next month
Apr 29, 2010

In the past few months, NHAI projects in Maharashtra have gained momentum. Work on the arterial Pune-Satara project will begin soon

 Index funds are in vogue, but are they good value for money?
Apr 29, 2010

Two new index funds are joining the list of a dozen-odd existing ones. A cheaper and a better option is Nifty BeES, an exchange-traded fund

 Financial castles in the air-IV
Apr 29, 2010

Builders are offering ‘guaranteed’ returns—and rebates— to homebuyers in return for upfront payments even for under-construction properties. This is the fourth part of a continuing series

 QIBs and NIIs shy away from fundamentally poor & overpriced IPOs
Apr 29, 2010

The recent IPOs of Tara Health Foods and Tarapur Transformers have failed to woo QIBs and NIIs

 KYC hassles put customers in a tangle
Apr 29, 2010

Customers are being harassed by banks & AMCs to submit KYC documentation despite furnishing relevant information beforehand

 Fund gimmick: A fund that ‘swings’ between mid-caps and large-caps
Apr 29, 2010

The scheme claims to combine benefits of both large-caps and mid-caps by swinging the portfolio in the direction of the more attractive option. If that’s not market-timing, what is?

 SEBI seeks to regulate fund investment & disclosure in derivatives
Apr 29, 2010

SEBI has sought clarity and limits on MF exposure to derivatives and has outlined a uniform detailed format for computing derivatives in their half-yearly portfolios

 Indage lives to fight another day
Apr 29, 2010

The Bombay High Court has given Indage Vintners some breathing space. The winemaker has obtained a stay on its liquidation till 17th June

 Frooti: Playing pranks
Apr 30, 2010

The intent appears sound, but the execution leaves you cold

 Weird benchmarks provide skewed perspective of fund performance
Apr 30, 2010

Many equity funds in India are benchmarked to obscure, unrelated benchmarks that give no sense of the actual fund performance

 What ails the RIL scrip?
Apr 30, 2010

During the past 30 days, the share price of Reliance Industries is falling continuously, despite some good news coming out from the company. What are the reasons?

 The TPA-doctor spat continues
Apr 30, 2010

Policyholders will have to wait a little longer to get clarity on issues that are plaguing the TPA-doctor relationship

 The Osian saga continues
Apr 30, 2010

Several months after the Osian Art Fund period has ended, some investors still await final payment, while a few others are waiting for their first payments

 IRDA adds only three insurance brokers in 2009
Apr 30, 2010

Only three insurance broker licenses were added in 2009 while no licenses have been granted this year yet

 New ASCI guidelines likely for insurance companies soon
Apr 30, 2010

The entity will look at implementing the standards set down by the insurance watchdog, by the second half of 2010

 Lying numbers
May 3, 2010

You can be successful if you question what everyone else knows—and the patience to wait for the inevitable

 Investors find Tara Foods IPO difficult to digest
May 3, 2010

The company has extended the subscription period of its offering till 5 May 2010 and has reduced the price band due to poor response from investors

 Auto experts see higher sales for rest of FY11
May 3, 2010

In the first month of FY11, the trend continued to be supported by the availability of retail finance and industry experts see the uptick continuing for the rest of the financial year

 Financial castles in the air-V
May 3, 2010

Builders are offering ‘guaranteed’ returns—and rebates—to homebuyers in return for upfront payments even for under-construction properties. This is the fifth part of a continuing series

 Special Court re-orders sale of Harshad Mehta’s flats in ‘Madhuli’
May 3, 2010

Justice DK Deshmukh of the Special Court—for the third time—has ordered sale of eight flats belonging to Harshad Mehta and his family in ‘Madhuli’ at Mumbai

 “There is a need to raise financial awareness among senior citizens”
May 3, 2010

In an interaction with NGOs working for senior citizens, Susan B Somers, General Secretary of the International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse (INPEA) highlighted financial issues prevalent in the US and how they have been dealt with

 Moneylife Foundation announces tie-up with ICICI’s DISHA
May 5, 2010

Under the tie-up, DISHA will provide its services—free of charge—at the office of the Moneylife Foundation six days a week

 ‘This year will be a reality check’
May 5, 2010

Rajiv Deep Bajaj, VC & MD, Bajaj Capital, spoke to Moneylife’s Sanket Dhanorkar on the plans that his company has to increase its client base

 Flying the toxic skies-III
May 5, 2010

Passengers are supposed to get clean and fresh air during a fight. So why is the air we breathe on board airplanes so bad?

 Proposed Navi Mumbai international airport lands in fresh trouble
May 5, 2010

In a letter dated 26th March, the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) had notified the villagers that a public feedback meeting would be held to record their suggestions regarding the proposed project, but the villagers have boycotted the meet

 HCC may emerge as lowest bidder for two Rajasthan atomic power projects
May 5, 2010

The company expects to achieve financial closure for one road project and the letter of intent for the nuclear power contract this month

 IRDA tightens ULIP norms, says life cover is mandatory
May 5, 2010

The insurance regulator has asked all insurance firms to offer a minimum sum assured on ULIPs if the policyholder expires. It has also extended the lock-in period to five years

 Not just will premiums rise, your insurance cover will also shrink
May 5, 2010

The insurance industry is reeling under losses, especially in the health insurance sector. Premiums have gone up—even covers are bound to shrink now as insurers try to shore up margins

 Five-year index options: A viable option?
May 5, 2010

SEBI has extended the tenure of index-based options to five years. Is there a practical value in this now?

 Insurance agents are selling SBI ULIPs with assured returns
May 5, 2010

Insurance agents in Chennai are distributing pamphlets guaranteeing astronomical returns with assured sums at various SBI branches in the city

 Insurance broking firm offers astronomical rewards under MLM scheme
May 6, 2010

Jeevan Suraksha, an insurance broking firm that has tied up with various leading insurance companies, is actively running an MLM scheme in general and life insurance products

 Piramal Healthcare closes down diagnostics operations in Delhi
May 6, 2010

The company says that it has no plans to exit the diagnostics space altogether. However, as we had earlier reported, its plans of acquiring smaller labs for growth does not seem to be working

 Steel prices may not come down
May 6, 2010

Steel prices are not likely to fall in the near future, as import rates for raw material are likely to rise

 ‘Swavalamban’ initiative to accelerate NPS yet to pick up
May 6, 2010

Despite government initiatives, the NPS has not generated enough interest among the masses. What needs to be done to prop up this excellent scheme?

 The foul play in super-built up constructions
May 6, 2010

Developers are busy constructing six feet wide flower-beds in their properties for hiking FSI

 Will the 3G windfall, disinvestment help rein in fiscal deficit?
May 6, 2010

With the government set to garner more revenues than expected from the 3G and BWA auction and its disinvestment programme, it may be able to rein in the fiscal deficit to 5.5%, a level not seen after FY07

 Grape farmers reel under excess wine
May 6, 2010

The glut of wine globally has affected many Indian farmers. Grape harvesters are now considering the option of either destroying their crop or selling their harvest at a much lower price

 Moneylife Foundation holds discussion on real-estate trends and issues
May 6, 2010

 Sprite: Seedhi baat loses steam
May 7, 2010

What is now needed is a totally new idea, even if it’s still embedded in the same shell

 Insurers say ULIPs shouldn’t be based on a fee-based model
May 7, 2010

ULIPs should remain commission based, say insurers, as intermediaries play an important role in selling the product

 SC asks Ambani brothers to renegotiate
May 7, 2010

The apex court has directed RIL to initiate in six weeks, a re-negotiation with RNRL in terms of the gas sale master agreement so that the rights of RNRL are safeguarded

 Realty schemes and the ground reality
May 7, 2010

People are investing money with builders in housing projects that are under construction. Here are a few of the loopholes in such investment schemes

 Some bidding action expected from NHAI in the coming fortnight
May 7, 2010

The highways authority plans to open bids for projects worth Rs7,000 crore in the coming fortnight

 MoCA asks SFIO to prosecute SHCIL Services
May 7, 2010

SFIO has completed the investigation into SHCIL Services and has issued instructions to initiate prosecution against the company

 Global funds caught in turmoil
May 7, 2010

Uncertainties about sovereign debt and exchange rates have made global ‘fund of funds’ an unviable investment alternative

 The Top 5 best-performing IPOs of 2009 & 2010
May 7, 2010

ARSS and Jubilant outshine in 2010 while Edserv Softsystems and Mahindra Holidays, listed in 2009, are still on a rollercoaster ride

 As prices continue to rise, Mumbai real-estate sales stagnate
May 7, 2010

The real-estate sector in the metropolis seems to be heading towards the trend observed in 2008-2009 during the slowdown

 “India is on par with the West in a few VFX categories”
May 10, 2010

Vamsi Ayyagari, senior executive producer, Eyeqube, a VFX studio owned by Eros International speaks to Moneylife’s Pallabika Ganguly about the challenges and future of the VFX industry

 Is the hand of God playing around Dalal Street?
May 10, 2010

A few websites claim to offer astrological predictions on share prices and market movements, for a hefty price

 No buyers for electric two-wheelers in April
May 10, 2010

After declining about 89% during FY10, electric two-wheelers failed to get a single customer in April 2010, raising questions about their future

 Digital TV growth in India driven by rural market
May 10, 2010

According to the demographic study done by TAM on the digital platform, non-metros have seen a significant growth in digital TV penetration

 Now, MLM in forex trading
May 10, 2010

Maximus Trades Inc (MAXFOREX), a Mauritius-based company which provides a trading platform in foreign exchange through an e-portal, is encouraging high-risk investment through an MLM model

 BDI, Indian shipping stocks out of sync with each other
May 10, 2010

The Baltic Dry Index has been on the upside over the past few days on the increase in demand for Capesize vessels. On the other hand, Indian shipping stocks have not been in tune with the Index

 Bombay HC rules that nominees, not legal heirs get ownership rights of shares
May 10, 2010

According to a recent Bombay High Court judgement, nominees, rather than the legal heirs, will now get all ownership rights associated with shares

 What does a 3% market jump hold in store?
May 10, 2010

The major market indices today have jumped by more than 3%. What happened in previous instances when the indices made such a giant leap?

 LMN: Desperate methods
May 11, 2010

There are just too many soft drink brands in the market and the window to build the brand AND rake in returns is quite short. While viewers may recall the ad, they could connect it with another brand

 Don’t let private cos override public interest in KG Basin: EAS Sarma
May 11, 2010

In the wake of the recent SC ruling, the Union government cannot abandon its own obligation to exercise due diligence and prudence in fixing the price of gas & determine the sectoral and regional allocations, a former secretary to the government of India has said in a letter to the prime minister

 SC asks Sebastin to file fresh petition in High Court for early hearing
May 11, 2010

The Supreme Court, ruling in favour of A Sebastin, has asked him to file a fresh petition in the Bombay High Court, seeking an early hearing in a case related to his severance from the NSE

 Equity MFs continue to bleed, record redemption of Rs1,133 crore in April
May 11, 2010

Equity funds record redemption of Rs1,133 crore in April compared to Rs196 crore in the corresponding period last year, while debt funds witnessed inflows of Rs1,77,773 crore

 Sukuk derivatives modified
May 11, 2010

In theory, derivatives are supposed to hedge risks in developed markets. Often, they have the reverse effect and they can create a disaster far larger than the problem that they were supposed to cure

 Around 95% of high-value property titles in Maharashtra are defective
May 11, 2010

In a number of Indian States, it is difficult to find the original title deed of any particular property. For instance, 90% of property transactions in Maharashtra are not even registered

 India’s oldest consumer body faces a loss of credibility
May 11, 2010

Consumers and activists are upset at CGSI’s decision to severe its connection with London-based Consumers International

 Broking houses make investors go broke: The Kotak example
May 13, 2010

Scores of investors have lost a huge chunk of their portfolios due to the terrible investment strategies of the Portfolio Management Services offered by Kotak Securities

 Alcohol laws in Maharashtra could drive you to drink
May 13, 2010

Muddled, disorganised and confused—that’s not your brain after you have had one too many; that’s the state of the law that regulates consumption of alcohol

 Shipping asset prices on a rise, but this could be a temporary phase
May 11, 2010

Asset prices for second-hand vessels in the dry bulk and tanker segments are currently going up. However, industry sources believe that players are in a wait-and- watch mode, and the rise may be a temporary phenomenon

 CHI Investments’ shareholders miffed over RPG Group’s merger move
May 11, 2010

Shareholders of CHI Investments Ltd are unhappy over the RPG Group’s decision to merge four companies with a subsidiary. They feel that the valuations done under the proposed merger are unfair

 Awareness is poor because insurance was not sold for years—it was bought
May 12, 2010

Fali Poncha, chairman, International Reinsurance and Insurance Consultancy Services (IRICS), speaks to Moneylife’s Aaron Rodrigues and Sanket Dhanorkar on mediclaim, TPAs and other issues facing the health insurance industry