Issue of 2nd Nov-8th Nov 2018
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Real Inflation, CPI & Your Financial Planning
When financial planners and relationship managers present an investment scheme or plan, they emphasise mainly the wealth generation aspect of the product, enough to make their clients drool.   What they often hide, or ignore, is an important component—inflation. Money inflation is an increase in the cost of goods and services.... Read More
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On 24 August 2018, at the board meeting of New Tirupur Area Development Corp Ltd (NTADCL), a director played an audio-clip of a threat he had received. The threat, issued at the audit committee meeting on 25 May 2018 came from S Bhat, a nominee director of the failed Infrastructure Leasing &...
From this issue, we are reintroducing the gradation system Stockgrader which we used to carry several years ago, presenting a select list of stocks a on the scale of 'A' to 'D' under different parameters of fundamental, relative strength and valuation. According to one of our long-time...
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We were attracted to analysing this company due to the financial performance that it has delivered over the past five years. But, after going through just two annual reports, we found a number of things that just didn’t add up. Going ahead, we were struck not by the business and financial...
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There are many approaches to investing. A lesser-known strategy is called picks-and-shovels which suggests investing in suppliers of a growth sector rather than in those selling the final products. It is a way to participate in the upside of an industry without having to face the market risks...
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The term valuation, in the context of shares, is too vast to be covered in a few articles. There are many other uses of valuation in corporate finance when it comes to mergers, buyouts and other corporate actions. Here, ‘valuation’ is used to give opinions, or to take decisions, about...
The best three and the worst three schemes over the past three years ranked by their quarterly rolling returns. Premium members get access to a more refined list of top schemes by logging in to Moneylife Advisory
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New research published in the scientific journal Clinical & Experimental Metastasis states that a diet rich in marine omega-3 fatty acids helps in slowing the growth and spread of breast cancer cells in female mice. Diets enriched with omega-3 also improved the survival of mice in cases of...
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