Issue of 21st Sep-27th Sep 2018
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9 Stocks with Consistently Rising Operating Profit
Over the short term, stocks are driven by sentiment and news; but, over the medium and long term, they are driven by earnings growth. As famous investor Rakesh Jhunjhunwala puts it: “Stocks are slaves of earnings.” After all, the legitimate reason for the existence of any business is profits. Not just profits in absolute terms but profits... Read More
Moneylife Digital Team
On the face of it, we, at Moneylife, would be on the side cheering the merger of nationalised banks. Over the years, their service has been sloppy; attitude to customers uncaring (while private banks at least respond, it is a tough task getting a response even from senior management of...
With the three-wheeler sector showing signs of strong growth, all eyes are on Greaves Cotton, an independent manufacturer of engines which are mainly used for three-wheelers. However, what is worth watching is how well Greaves transforms into a services business under the brand Greaves...
Ankush Agrawal
Repro India (Repro), which provides offset printing and print-on-demand services, has been having a rough time for the past three years, reporting a loss in FY15-16 and also FY16-17. It had to borrow money to finance its expansion plans, which is supposed to cause technological disruption in...
Moneylife Digital Team
In the current bull-run, a lot of companies running on average margins have enjoyed a massive rise in their stock prices as margins expanded. Are they headed for a reality check? APL Apollo Tubes (APL), which manufactures steel pipes and sections that have application in mostly construction,...
Moneylife Digital Team
The week, so far, has been brutal for investors in mutual fund (MF) equity schemes and debt schemes. For equity schemes, it was the correction in the broad equity market that upset the performance. On the other hand, debt scheme investors took a surprise hit due to the recent IL&FS...
Clinton Fernandes
Hawkins Cookers Limited has restarted its unsecured fixed deposits (FD) scheme delivering up to 10.75%pa (per annum) interest. The investment scheme started on 18 September 2018 and will remain open until 30 September 2019 or up to the company’s next annual general meeting, whichever is...
Moneylife Digital Team
Our global food system is failing to meet nutritional needs and concerns are growing about health related to under- and over-consumption as well as severe nutrient deficiency. The United Nation’s second sustainable development goal (SDG2) targets the end of malnutrition in all forms by 2030....
Akshay Naik
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