Issue of 12th Oct-18th Oct 2018
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Finance Companies: Buying Opportunity in Panic Selling?
Hit by soaring interest rates and crude oil prices, coupled with a large selling by foreign investors, in just about a couple of months, the stocks of banking and financial services companies have crashed by 20%-50%, even as the Nifty fell by about 13% from its all-time high of 11,682 in August 2018, whereas Nifty Financial Services Index... Read More
Moneylife Digital Team
UPDATED on 15 October 2018 at 6.50pm to add more information from REDD Intelligence   While all eyes are on the tottering behemoth Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services (IL&FS) and its hundreds of hydra-headed subsidiaries, more and more details are coming out of the ingenious...
The biggest beneficiaries of the bull market of 2014-2018 were mid-cap stocks which went on to command huge valuations when they started to report significant growth. While the initial spurt in price was justified, based on jump in profits, investors assumed that such growth would continue....
Moneylife Digital Team
The stock of Cupid, a condom manufacturer with mostly institutional sales and an important player globally in female condoms business, has come down sharply from a high of Rs423 in January 2018 to Rs196 now. Is it worth a value-pick now?    Cupid has a simple business with a high...
Moneylife Digital Team
Mutual fund (MF) investors have surprised the equity market by staying put amidst sharp declines in the stock market. According to the latest data provided by the Association of Mutual Funds of India (AMFI), net inflows into equity schemes (including arbitrage schemes) and tax-saving ELSS...
Clinton Fernandes
After the deep mess in which Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services (IL&FS) has landed, everybody’s attention is back on credit ratings. The rating agencies have been accused of deteriorating financials of IL&FS. Whether or not we know much about the functions of rating agencies, it does...
It is not for nothing that Indian courts are clogged and government is the biggest litigant. What is worse, the actions of government agencies in shirking responsibility for deficient service actually ends up harassing the people, tantamount to using public money with no...
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