10MinuteMail: A Mail Id that Is Valid for Just 10 Minutes
Many websites or online services insist on giving them your email ID, before you can access their content.  Often, if you give your normal email ID, it may be used for spamming or maybe even sold to potential spammers. If you do not trust the website, but still want to read the content, 10MinuteMail.com is precisely for you. It will create a unique email account for you, which you can access online—just in case they need to send you a user ID and password or even if they want to verify that you have a valid email ID.
The best part of the deal is that the email ID is absolutely free and will self-destruct in 10 minutes! So no one can ever send mails to that ID after 10 minutes. If you need more time, and your mail has not arrived yet, you may click on ‘Give Me 10 Minutes more’ and it will keep that ID alive for 10 minutes more. But, remember, everything has to be completed in 10 minutes, or your email account and all the mails held by it are deleted forever. Please read the FAQs first before using it.
Your main email will always be protected, since it was never disclosed! A great disposable email ID service which you can use over and over again, to beat spam.
Atif Rahman
5 years ago
This service will not last long ,as pretty soon the spammer will ,keep getting his email back from the defunct /deleted email account and will find a way to get over it.
That email ID will be blocked .
Anil Kumar
5 years ago
Great. Learnt something new today!
Madan Kumar
5 years ago
Brilliant idea!!!
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