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Kavita Gill 02 September 2021
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Today, with the advent of technology, most sectors, including the banking industry, have become digitally empowered. The Indus Digi-Start savings account by IndusInd Bank is an attempt to modernise the experience of banking and make it much more convenient and user-friendly.
With a digital savings account, you get the many benefits of a traditional savings deposit and much more. So, let’s explore the multi-faceted benefits of IndusInd Bank’s digital savings account.
Zero Balance Requirement
If you opt for the Indus Digi-Start account, you benefit from a zero balance requirement, which means you don’t have to maintain any minimum balance in your savings account. This makes the account easy to maintain and convenient for people who don’t have a regular income.
Attractive Debit Card Offers
As you know, Debit Cards are important banking tools that eliminate the need of carrying wads of cash around. Not only do they make transactions seamless, but they are widely accepted in different places. IndusInd Bank offers the best discounts and deals on its Platinum Debit Card. For starters, you can enjoy cashbacks every time you swipe your card while shopping and earn rewards. You can learn how to redeem the reward points here
Moreover, you get up to 15% off while dining in the best restaurants and fantastic offers on travel and fashion. Finally, Indus Digi-Start also offers a complimentary insurance cover worth Rs 3.5 lakhs with the Platinum Debit Card.
Tailor-made Benefits
To add to the seamless experience, Indus Digi-Start also provides you with numerous tailor-made benefits that include:
  • Omni-present banking: Now, you can avail IndusInd Bank’s services from different mediums, such as mobile application, internet banking, WhatsApp, whenever you want.
  • Account number of your choice: Do you struggle with remembering your account number? Well, fret not. Indus Digi-Start also allows you to choose a custom account number that is easy to remember.
  • Fingerprint banking feature: Are you tired of memorising your passwords? IndusInd Bank’s fingerprint banking eliminates the need to remember multiple passwords!
  • Video chat facility: You can easily connect with your bank branch manager or relationship manager through a simple video call.
  • Indus Mobile app: The Indus Mobile app is a multi-purpose application that helps you pay bills, book cabs, order food and much more. 
But that’s not it! The Indus Digi-Start account also saves you from standing in long queues and hefty paperwork. When you sign up for this digital savings account, you enjoy a wealth of features along with the security and trust of the brand.
Furthermore, some nominal charges may be applicable when you open a savings account. However, IndusInd Bank ensures a transparent experience which means you know what you are paying for.
Indus Digi-Start Eligibility Criteria
IndusInd Bank follows a relaxed eligibility criterion to make the savings account accessible to maximum users. Thus, to open this online savings account, you require the following prerequisites:
  • A physical copy of your PAN Card
  • Valid Aadhar Number linked with your active Mobile number
  • Camera facility on your Desktop/ Mobile
To Sum Up
Digital savings accounts are the future of banking and are designed to enhance your banking experience and encourage the habit of saving. IndusInd Bank’s Indus Digi-Start account is the perfect companion on your financial journey. 
However, if you are still doubtful whether to opt for a digital savings account, it’s best to compare the features and interest rates with other options in the market. This way, you can make a well-researched and informed choice! 
(Kavita Gill is the founder of Balloon Decoration in Jaipur, an event company in Jaipur. She is graduated in Commerce and has 10 years of experience working in various fields including Digital Marketing & Blogging. Blogging helps her to improve her writing skills and share knowledge.)
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