BlaBlaCar reaches India for intercity rides
Moneylife Digital Team 14 January 2015

BlaBlaCar will compete directly with buses and taxis by filling up empty seats. How? 


BlaBlaCar is making its first foray outside Europe with India. India country marks the 14th market for the company. According to Nicholas Brusson, co-founder of the company, the new service in India will connect people looking for a city-to-city travel solution with car-owners so that the journey and its cost can be shared. 
BlaBlaCar is a marketplace for city-to-city rides. The passenger should browse the platform to find a driver who is driving from one city to another and book a seat in advance. Drivers can make a bit of money while riders can travel for cheap. 
BlablaCar has the same business model as Airbnb — one pays or gets money every time one rides or drives, and the company takes a 10% cut on average. 
While many people living in India rely on trains and buses to go from one city to another, trains are nowhere as efficient as in other countries. BlaBlaCar will compete with existing buses by filling up empty car seats. It will be a nice alternative when the buses are fully booked and will be cheaper than taxis for those who travel regularly. France-based BlaBlaCar will initially focus on north India. 
How the company takes care of the serious issue of safety remains to be seen.
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