Checker Plus for GMail
This is an interesting extension in Chrome which allows us to check our Gmail account without even launching Gmail! Once it is installed in Chrome, you can get notifications, read, hear or even delete mails without opening Gmail. You can also handle multiple Gmail accounts. If you get an email while you're busy watching a movie or cooking dinner, this extension can optionally read it out aloud; for example, "Amar says, dinner at my place.”
There is an option to have a popup mail preview window to read, archive, mark as read or delete emails without leaving the current tab (or option to go directly to your Gmail tab). Customisations include the ability to configure which inbox labels get shown, set up a ‘Do Not Disturb’ window, alter the look and appearance of the add-on window and more.
A very useful extension for Gmail, especially if you use multiple accounts!
1 week ago
Details about how to load are missing
1 week ago
Yazdi - You doing Gr8 job introducing these new very usefull apps. I recently came across a app Thunderbird, a free email application that’s easy to set up and customize - to Make Email Easier, Runs at super speed on Windows 10 and it’s loaded with great features!
Colorize: Add Colour to Your B&W Images
Yazdi Tantra, 03 May 2021
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Iriun Webcam: Use Your Phone Camera in PC/Mac
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Win-X: Windows Experience in Android
Yazdi Tantra, 16 April 2021
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You can start with a blank desktop and can add widgets and shortcuts just...
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