Clean nuclear power possible through cold fusion

 Cool fusion nuclear energy has no fallouts or environmental pollution of any kind. It is one hundred per cent clean and is relatively very inexpensive and you could get it from seawater. As the energy demand is going up exponentially, we need to explore, study this technology on urgent basis    

“The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them.”   Patrick Henry.

Clean nuclear power, coming from a conventional nuclear fission reactor, is only a myth! Of course, in the limited sense of carbon footprints, it could be clean. If one were alive to the story of nuclear disasters-man made like Hiroshima and accidental ones like Chernobyl and Fukushima, one would shudder to think of nuclear energy as safe and clean. Hiroshima was millions of times more sinister than the 9/11 inhuman destruction in New York City. Chernobyl is still killing people even as far away as Scotland. An estimated 4000 to 40,000 have already met their maker as per the official statistics, exiting here through the cancer door. Many more must be incubating still. Fukushima was so big a disaster, which no one can size up so soon. A total of 6,00,000 pounds of plutonium and other wastes from nuclear sources are waiting to be disposed off  all over the world. The owners do not even know where to dispose them off. As the half life of that stuff is around 750 years; many, many more future generations will have to suffer for our sins!

Second World War just got over in mid 1940s. American superiority was proved in Hiroshima. This gave birth to the dangerous Cold War and the consequent stockpiling of nuclear weapons for superiority both by USA and USSR. At one point in time at the Bay of Pigs, the world almost came to an end but for the statesmanship shown by both John Kennedy and Khrushchev. Others soon joined the race, including Mahatma Gandhi’s peace loving India; to begin with for self defense. In nuclear warfare there is no self defense. There is only total annihilation of mankind with widowed women and orphaned children on all sides irrespective of any protective clauses like No first strike clause etc. One could have understood if the first hydrogen bomb was dropped on the Japanese war mongering leaders instead of being dropped on the innocent men, women, and children of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Wars are born in the minds of men, cruel men at that. Universal compassion and brotherhood will only see this world through for all times. Wars do not bring peace; they bring misery and more destruction and hatred.

The infamous “Nuclear Energy for Peace” speech by President Eisenhower, like the devil quoting the scriptures, was a cover for their later “Star Wars” strategy of Ronal Regan. Trained as healers we can not even think of nuclear energy as clean and good. My former teacher at Harvard, Professor Bernard Lown, got his Nobel Peace Price for fighting against nuclear energy through his “Physicians against Nuclear War” outfit. The positive side of nuclear energy is that one could have very clean and safe nuclear energy through “cold fusion” or “cool fusion.” The efforts of well meaning scientists in this direction are opposed by the vested interests both in the expensive fission reactor manufacturers and their friends among the so called “powerful” scientists. Many such cool fusion scientists suffered untold harassment in the past. There seems to be a ray of hope for the future as the opposition to cool fusion is gradually dying down, thanks to recent human misery of nuclear disasters! In the near future, if vested interests do not block the efforts, one could expect to see every home having a safe table top nuclear fusion device, like a battery, delivering enough energy for all purposes. People are even hoping that the device will power all our gadgets, including motor vehicles in the not too distant future. The last International Cold Fusion Conference was held in Chennai this February 2011 organized by Dr. Mahadevan Srinivasan, former BARC scientist who had to leave BARC, thanks to his interest in cool fusion! The stigma of “cold fusion” is the field’s biggest problem, its leaders said at a press conference at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras during the Chennai meet referred to above. “Ultra-Low-Momentum Neutron-Catalyzed Nuclear Reactions on Metallic Hydride Surfaces” was a paper by Lewis Larsen and Allan Widom. The duo also performed further work with a third researcher, Indian-born scientist Yogendra Srivastava, who now works in Italy. The trio recently published another peer-reviewed paper, this time in Pramana – Journal of Physics.  Larsen told New Energy Times that LENR can “potentially represent an ideal new low-cost, carbon-free energy source for mankind.”

My interest in cool fusion is due to different reasons. In fact, I wrote the foreword for a book on the subject by a Russian scientist, Dr. Vladimir Vysotskii, published last year.  It was Ralph Waldo Emerson who wrote years ago “in every work of genius we recognize our own rejected thoughts; they come back to us with a certain alienated majesty.” This applies to this book- a work of genius-which brings back to us our rejected thoughts with certain majesty. A little neglect now might result in great loss. As Benjamin Franklin showed how for “want of a nail eventually the war was lost”! A new disease seems to have cropped up lately in this part. Almost every elderly person gets admitted in a confused state to the “intensive care units” seems to be suffering from hyponatraemia, a label rarely heard in the past, not that sodium levels were not checked then.

Going in search of a cause for this new enigma, I chanced on an earth shaking study by Dr. Louis Kervron, a biochemist from USA, who studied the physiology of hard working well diggers in the intensely hot deserts for days on end. They worked for well over ten hours in the hot sun at around 50 degree centigrade. They took about 4000 Calories per day and brought out nearly 4500 ml of sweat which could cool even a huge man almost to hypothermia. They ate so much salt as salt tablets and kept on chewing on it all through the day. Surprisingly, their urine did not have extra sodium but had huge amounts of potassium which they never took in excess, not even in normal amounts as they did not eat fruit at all. Kervron’s studies did show that the excess sodium not only kept the people healthy but got converted in the system into potassium to maintain health. This is biological transmutation, shown in the laboratory for the first time. This was not a new phenomenon. The human body as also animals could transmute one element to another easily. That is why we are alive for 9,000,000 years in 50,000th generations when so called molecule to molecule replacement of elements of modern medicine was not there. We were hunter gatherers and even when grievously hurt we could survive under tough conditions. This was proven by the marginally better outcome of grievous war injuries of Falklands compared to Vietnam Wars recently. Whereas Vietnam had a five star US hospital five minutes from the War theatre in Saigon, the poor British did not have any facility or friends in far off South America where injured soldiers were, at times, left on the snow for as long as 24-48 hours before being shifted to London nearly 14 hours by flight! Left to fend for themselves in snow (hypothermia reducing tissue oxygen demand) nature did the first aid which is lost when a patient is whisked away to ICUs these days within minutes of a major illness. They have very high mortality at the end of the day! Kervron was soon joined by two Japanese macrobiotics, Oshawa and Kushi, who had done lots of work in the area. They have established the presence of biological transmutation unequivocally. Lithium+ oxygen= Sodium. Sodium+oxygen= potassium. It is as simple as that. They were all called Alchemists. Similarly, atoms, instead of being blasted at very, very high temperatures and pressures (higher temperature compared to the core of the Sun!) to get a small amount of nuclear energy, it is now shown that one could get many times more energy by fusing such atoms at room temperature and normal pressure in a test tube in the laboratory-the prototype of a table top generator, so called cold fusion or cool fusion. Of course, the physics of it is much more complicated than what I have represented. I do not want to confuse the general readers about the house keeping details with lots of mathematical minutiae.

Further work in this area is our urgent need as energy demand is going up exponentially. Any of the alternate energy systems are not that clean anyway. Even the wind and solar energy related technology could poison the underground water table and our water ways to become counter productive. One other vital area of concern is that cool fusion nuclear energy has no nuclear fall outs or environmental pollution of any kind. It is one hundred per cent clean and is relatively very inexpensive and you could get it from (deuterium) sea water. Let me end this by quoting the verse Oorje from Rg Veda (10:91:7) which says, in essence, that all energy is hidden in water.  “Water is the mother of Agni (fire) and water is also energy’s father.” If you churn water you will get all that you need. (Amrita). No body could teach anybody anything that is already not known!

                           “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I    understand.”                                                              
                                 Confucius (Chinese Philosopher) 551-479 B.C.

(Professor Dr BM Hegde was awarded a Padma Bhushan in 2010. Prof Dr Hegde has a string of degrees to his credit like MD, PhD, FRCP (Lond, Edin, Glasg, & Dublin), FACC and FAMS. He is also Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of the Science of Healing Outcomes, Chairman of the State Health Society's Expert Committee, Govt of Bihar, Patna. He is former Vice Chancellor of Manipal University at Mangalore and former professor for Cardiology of the Middlesex Hospital Medical School, University of London. Prof Dr Hegde can be contacted at [email protected])

Lewis Larsen
10 years ago
U.S. National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA) files patent involving Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENRs) for power generation applications: USPTO published document on Oct. 20, 2011

A NASA LENR-related patent application that lists Dr. Joseph Zawodny as Inventor, senior staff physicist at NASA-LaRC, was published by the USPTO on October 20, 2011. What is significant about this recently unveiled patent activity by a U.S. government agency is that NASA clearly believes that LENRs are real phenomena, that they are potentially commercially valuable for power generation applications, and that it is worth it for NASA to spend taxpayer dollars in an attempt to secure an early patent position for the U.S. government. In addition, careful reading of US #20110255645 makes it abundantly clear that the device physics underlying NASA’s application is directly derived from the Widom-Larsen theory of LENRs. In fact, Lattice patent US #7,893,414 B2, “Apparatus and Method for Absorption of Incident Gamma Radiation and its Conversion to Outgoing Radiation at Less Penetrating, Lower Energies and Frequencies”, inventors: Lewis Larsen and Allan Widom, issued February 22, 2011, is cited in [0020] as prior art and incorporated in its entirety as part of NASA’s patent application.

To obtain the URL to view a copy of this new patent application on the USPTO website and Lattice comments about it please go to:
10 years ago
I too support the notion of cold fusion. In fact respected institutions are starting to look at cold fusion seriously once again since the 1989 debacle. MIT is planning a short course on the subject from January 2012.

However, I find the author's stance that sodium can be converted to potassium in human body is preposterous.

10 years ago
Nuclear power can be clean but never safe in a country like india which cant handle road/train/plane accidents, floods/storms/cyclones, terror attacks and so many natural & manmade calamities.

against ferocious powers of nature, like japan;s tsunami, not a thing can be done by the indian stooges! they will be death certifiers only!
Lewis Larsen
10 years ago
Dear Vivekanand: thanks for the response to my post and your kind comment that we’re brave even to attempt what we are trying to do with LENRs. We are! That said, we’re not foolish people --- Lattice has a fully articulated business plan for commercializing LENRs as high-performance, low cost heat sources for use in a variety of important power generation applications. For a brief 11-slide public synopsis of Lattice’s “Company Vision” please see at\

For a non-technical, high level overview of LENR technology and its potential long-term implications please see Lattice’s White paper, “LENRs: Cutting Energy’s Gordian Knot – A Grand Challenge for Science and Energy” at

Finally, in February 2011 Lattice was granted a fundamental US patent, US 7,893,414 B2, “Apparatus and Method for Absorption of Incident Gamma Radiation and its Conversion to Outgoing Radiation at Less Penetrating, Lower Energies and Frequencies”, a published USPTO copy of which can be found at
Lewis Larsen
10 years ago
Dear Dr. Shenoy and Vivekanand: while I don’t claim to know what he may have been thinking inside his mind, perhaps Prof. Hegde used the terms “cold fusion” and “cool fusion” somewhat loosely with ‘poetic license’ in an attempt to convey a difficult concept about LENRs (low energy nuclear reactions) that non-specialist readers might be able to comprehend more readily than if he employed more precise use of technical terminology. After all, he was not writing for the audience of a typical scientific journal but for the general public.
You are both very correct in that the literal concept of a so-called “cold fusion” process under ‘mild’ physical conditions --- that is, [Deuteron + Deuteron] fusion in the presence of large Coulomb barriers to such a process (i.e., D + D ---> He-4 + heat ) --- was and is still scientifically incorrect.
It is also true that there has been a longstanding, loose-knit group of ‘true believers’ scattered around the world who have been advocating this erroneous concept for 20+ years and continue to do so today. I agree with both of you, the idea of “cold” D + D fusion was wrong in 1989, and it’s still wrong now. For the past year, the very same group of long-time cold fusion advocates has been promoting the purported devices and extraordinary excess-heat claims of Andrea Rossi et al. that are highly questionable at best, given the extremely hazy, inconclusive experimental evidence that has been publicly presented by Rossi to date.
That said, when Prof. Hegde refers specifically to two of our published papers in his above article --- that is, the Widom-Larsen-Srivastava theoretical work on LENRs as published in the well respected, peer-reviewed ” Pramana – Journal of Physics” and “European Physical Journal C – Particles and Fields” --- it is crystal clear (if you happen to understand what the physics underlying our theory is really about) that the type of “LENRs” he is really referring to therein have nothing whatsoever to do with any fusion process --- hot, “cold”, warm, or otherwise.
In particular, what is now called the Widom-Larsen theory of LENRs has shown, using known physics, how energetic nuclear reactions can readily take place in ordinary chemical cells. According to W-L, key aspects of LENRs involve weak interactions that can occur in a variety of different laboratory and natural environments under relatively ‘mild’ physical conditions. Our theory posits that in condensed matter systems, many-body collective electroweak and electromagnetic effects allow the otherwise disparate chemical and nuclear energy realms to interconnect with each other in special, nano-scale regions on surfaces in which there is a breakdown of the Born-Oppenheimer approximation:

"Ultra low momentum neutron catalyzed nuclear reactions on metallic hydride surfaces," A. Widom and L. Larsen, European Physical Journal C - Particles and Fields 46 pp. 107 – 112 (2006)
“A primer for electroweak induced low-energy nuclear reactions,” Y. N. Srivastava, A. Widom, and L. Larsen
Pramana – Journal of Physics 75 pp. 617 – 637 (2010)
The fact that a long-observed (100 years) body of various anomalous experimental effects and related natural phenomena were misunderstood and mistakenly labeled “cold fusion” by a group of scientists and camp followers for twenty years does not necessarily imply that the phenomena in question are not real and do not truly exist. In that sense, you are both decidedly wrong. Rather, it simply means that the phenomena were not theoretically understood for all those years. Well, thanks to our new theory, the array of observed anomalous experimental effects and extreme difficulties with reproducibility are now much better understood.

In various types of guises, LENR-related phenomena have been episodically reported in mainstream scientific literature for over 100 years. In the past, most such discoveries were either written-off as experimental error or simply inexplicable anomalous phenomena --- scientific curiosities with no sensible theoretical explanation.
Unlike strong interaction fission and fusion, even substantial fluxes of LENRs in condensed matter do not typically produce large amounts of dangerous ‘hard’ photon or neutron radiation, or long-lived radioactive isotopes, so they could easily go unnoticed or sometimes even mimic prosaic chemical isotopic ‘fractionation’ processes --- hidden in plain sight, as they say. All of this is well-explained in our theoretical work.

The 100-year ‘checkered’ history of LENRs is understandable because their triggering mechanisms in condensed matter systems involve very subtle, multistep, nanoscale, many-body, collective quantum phenomena that are very difficult to reliably replicate unless one has mastery of certain key elements of nanotechnology and plasmonics that are required to do so. Indeed, the requisite technical knowledge and related fabrication techniques in nanotech that are crucial to conducting truly productive interdisciplinary R&D programs in LENRs have only become available within the past several years --- they simply didn’t exist in 1989 or even 10 years ago. Today, they finally do. So the science of LENRs is real: somebody, somewhere, will eventually commercialize it. Our company hopes to play a role in that process --- many more players are needed.
Replied to Lewis Larsen comment 10 years ago
Your comment is far more interesting than the article. From whatever little that I am able to grasp, the subject is at a stage where chemistry was many centuries ago - alchemy! Also, the technical difficulties and various anomalies which hinder reproducibility of results - that you indicate suggest that fruition in LENRs, if not impossible is extremely cost prohibitive. Such lack of promise cannot make for a good business idea. You are a very brave person.

We have been hearing of fusion based reactors, Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) power generation since decades... nothing on a commercial scale has begun to happen, and these are scientifically solid ideas.

10 years ago
Padma Bhushan Dr. Hegde's article on cold fusion despite its verbosity and attempts at erudition is as cold as the idea itself! Not surprising considering his CV which shows him belonging to the medical fraternity.
Dr Arvind R Shenoy
10 years ago
It is sad to see an academician and a Padma Bhushan receipient such as Dr Hegde, writing articles without verifying facts. Cold fusion is an ideal example of pathological science. Dr. Hegde and his admirers could do well to read thoroughly the link
Lewis Larsen
10 years ago
Nice article and you make good points. For a variety of different technical and nontechnical information about the Widom-Larsen-Srivastava theory of LENRs (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions) please go to URL =
S H Subrahmanian
10 years ago

Well said Professor. Dr. M Srinivasan, former BARC scientist took VRS from BARC, due to his interest in cool fusion! The stigma of “cold fusion” is, perhaps, the biggest biggest problem. Kudankulam is Russian project and UPA hopes to revive cold war status! Are we trying to keep Russia with us ,'as and when' a Pak-China combine races and US remainin a BYSTANDER! It will never antogonise the west anyway, let's note..
Mark Goldes
10 years ago

This is extremely important.

To understand the urgency, please see the Aesop Institute website.
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