CleanMaster: Clean up Your Smartphone
Over a period of time, a lot of junk accumulates inside our Smartphone. This may cause our phone to lag in performance or even make it impossible to install new apps. CleanMaster comes to our rescue at such times. CleanMaster clears the junk files, cleans up remnants of uninstalled apps and helps boost memory. In addition, CleanMaster improves performance by optimising device memory and offering security against viruses, Trojans and malware. It may even show you your least-used apps, just in case you would like to uninstall them, to free up memory. Developed by Cheetah Mobile, and over 100 million downloads, CleanMaster is one of the world’s most reliable companion for Android devices! If you are looking for a thorough, fast and intuitive clean-up app for your Android Smartphone, CleanMaster is for you.
Joseph Pereira
6 years ago
I to not understand this " Captcha" verification required.Have a better system.Can one easily recognise stores etc.
This as nit when I registered. I am using my I pad
J pereira
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