CrystalDiskInfo: A Health Check for Your Hard Disk
All our hard disks drives (HDDs) have finite lives – some perform very well over their rated life-span and some will die even before they reach there. This nifty utility analyses your hard disk and reports on its health. The life and efficiency of the hard disk depends on the number of times it is switched on and off, the extent of usage and the temperature of the disk during extended use, based on ambient temperature also. CrystalDiskInfo can analyse HDDs and SSDs (solid state drives) and gives a quick report on the health of the disk. 
It gives an overall health status based on multiple parameters. Checking the parameters gives you an early warning of the status of your hard disk instantly. The status, if blue, there is nothing to worry; if yellow, there is an element of caution; if it shows red, it is time to replace your hard disk!
It’s a good idea to periodically check the health of your hard disk, so that you do not have a disaster when the hard disk actually fails.
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