Ex-IAS Officer Harsh Mander’s Home and Office Raided by ED
Moneylife Digital Team 16 September 2021
The enforcement directorate (ED) on Thursday raided the home and office of Harsh Mander, a retired officer from the Indian Administrative Services (IAS) and human rights and peace worker. Interestingly the raids were carried out hours after the social activist and his wife left for Germany for a nine-month fellowship. 
Harsh Mander has been invited to Berlin by the Robert Bosch Academy to join them for the prestigious Richard Von Weizsacker Fellowship to foster dialogue, debate and cooperation. Within a few hours of his leaving, his home and office in Delhi are raided by ED. 
Mr Mander is also chairperson of the Centre for Equity Studies (CES). The ED carried out raids on the office of CES.
As many as 29 activists and intellectuals have condemned the ED raids on premises connected with Mr Mander. In a statement, they say, “We condemn these raids to harass and intimidate leading human rights and peace activist who has done nothing but work for peace and harmony, consistently upholding the highest moral standards of honesty and probity. Over the past year, Harsh Mander and the CES have been subjected to continued harassment by multiple state agencies.”
Activists who have signed the statement include Aruna Roy, Jean Dreze, Syeda Hameed, senior counsel Indira Jaising, Prof Apoorvanand, Kavita Krishnan, and Annie Raja. 
According to the statement, the Income Tax (I-T) department has simultaneously raided one of the children’s shelter homes run by an allied institution – Ummeed Aman Ghar in Mehrauli.
3 months ago
raids would find nothing . he must be familiar with tricks of trade . like ex bootlegger and incumbent home ministers know about tricks of trade and police
3 months ago
this shows your colors....
3 months ago
He is ex IAS.Knows Indian rules well.If not guilty courts will rule in his favour.Why so hullabaloo by these corrupt personalities?
Sudhir Mankodi
3 months ago
Who are those intellectuals condemning raids by ED? In India, unfortunately, intellectuals are those who want to have the best if all the world at tax payers\' cost. So who cares for their opinion. The individual whose office/residence are raided may not be above board. why so much of hue and cry? Law will take its own course.
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