Governance and transformation from within the system can change the lives of citizens
Moneylife Digital Team 06 February 2016

The panellists at Moneylife Foundation’s 6th Anniversary felt that governance and transformation from within the system can change the lives of citizens and technology can play a major role in this


“The government is part of the society. And like other elements of the society, government employees are also under tremendous stress all the time, which needs to be evaluated” said, Dr Praveen Gedam, Municipal Commissioner of Nashik. He was speaking during a panel discussion on "Governance and Transformation from within the System".


Other participants in the discussion included, Dr RC Sinha, Advisor to the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways and Ministry of Shipping, Dr Anupam Saraph, Former CIO of Pune and former IT advisor to CM Goa, Shailesh Gandhi, Former Central Information Commissioner and Debashis Basu, Editor & Publisher of Moneylife. The Panel Discussion was moderated by Mr Basu.


Dr Sinha, who was also Additional Chief Secretary of Maharashtra, said, "People often complain about non-governance. But look at the quality of people they choose as their representatives. The government official may have don't 100s of good things, but even a single case may go against him. We as government officials have no support from the politicians or even the public. There is whole system based on fraud and no reward (for honest officials). There simply no protection for honest officials."


Dr Sinha was replying to a question asked by Mr Gandhi, the Former Central Information Commissioner, who is back again to the RTI activism.


Mr Gandhi had said, ”We need a government that can consistently deliver what is required for the benefit of citizens. In addition, there are no human resources (HR) specialists for evaluating performance and rewarding employees accordingly. What Dr Gedam has done in Nashik in terms of transparently putting up the Municipal Corporation’s information online, is absolutely fantastic. But then why it cannot be replicated in other cities like Mumbai or Delhi?”


Dr Saraph felt that while digital technology is a transforming word, we need to understand that it is a double edged sword. “People are considered different from government and technology can play as enabler. But at the same time, we need to understand that technology alone is not a solution and participation from people can make the while system much better.”


Summing up the discussion Moneylife's Editor & Publisher, Mr Basu, said, "A solution that is proven to help ease lives of citizens and also improves the system should be replicated across. But what is more important is it should become a rule".

Meenal Mamdani
6 years ago
Mr. Gandhi's question is valid and timely. If a digital enabled method has been shown to work in a govt dept, then why can't it be implemented in similar depts across the state? The smart city project has earmarked crores for digital technology so there is ample money available for such initiatives.

Information about improving governance at the temple is very heartening. Temples have been in the news for all the wrong reasons. May be Maharashtra could foster a competition among temples to get ISO certification.
Shirish Sadanand Shanbhag
6 years ago
A lively intellectual discussion on important issues and administrative reforms in Government machinery, on the occasion of 6th Anniversary day of Moneylife Foundation.
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