Has Kingfisher Airlines outsourced the delivery of lost-and-found baggage?
Moneylife Digital Team 07 April 2011

Ahmedabad-based air traveller receives a misplaced bag from an unidentified person without verification of the lost baggage claim; airline refuses any compensation

When Bharat Joshi took a Kingfisher Airlines flight from Ahmedabad to Delhi, his baggage went missing at the airport. Mr Joshi managed to get his bag back the same day, but he was shocked when he realised that the bag was delivered by a person who was not from the airline.

What was equally startling was that the person, who handed over the baggage, was apparently from an outsourced agency. So, has Kingfisher Airlines outsourced the work of delivering lost/misplaced baggage that has been located?

Mr Joshi told Moneylife that "the bag was finally brought to Gurgaon by a chap walking on the road. He belongs to some agency outsourced for delivery, (which) does not even use a car or a taxi. He even handed over the bag on the roadside, without collecting the baggage claim, as my relatives were following him."

Describing how his bag was misplaced, Mr Joshi said that one out of the five bags he carried on the flight on 27th March went missing. When he reached Delhi, he collected four of his bags, but could not find the fifth one. After a quick search at the airport, the airline staff gave him a missing baggage report.

After going back and forth to the staff, he was informed that his bag was lying behind the check-in counter at Ahmedabad airport and was not put on the conveyor belt to the aircraft. He was informed that the bag would be put on a Jet Air flight, scheduled at 3 pm, it would reach Delhi at around 5 pm, and that it would be delivered at his residence at around 6.30pm.

Kingfisher Airlines officials also denied Mr Joshi any compensation for the mess-up. "I requested for interim compensation, but I was told that, if I had checked each bag individually it would have been allowed, but since the bags were checked in together as a group, no interim compensation (will be given) as per group policy," Mr Joshi said.

This raises another question whether no compensation will be given if one out of several bags is lost? And what would a traveller do if, unlike in the case of Mr Joshi, his baggage cannot be traced? The answer is, perhaps, best known to Vijay Mallya, the owner of the airline.

Meanwhile, in response to an email by Moneylife, Kingfisher Airlines said it wants to get the facts right before commenting on the specific case.

1 decade ago
LOL. Is this what journalism is about? Get serious "Moneylife Digital Team"! Do you seriously expect an airline to RUN the baggage delivery department on its own? ALL airlines outsource such deliveries!! Wake up and understand what's in and out of scope before you write an article about it. The one thing I agree is the attitude behind it - it could have (and should have!) been handled more sensitively.
radha ramani
Replied to Virgo comment 1 decade ago
Hello Virgo... would you feel okay about your baggage being dragged on the road by a delivery boy who dumps it on your without even collecting the baggage claim?
didn't it worry you one teeny bit about how you would feel if one piece of your expensive matched baggage set got this treatment for no fault of yours/ Surely the outsourced agency of kingfisher would afford at least a delivery van.

quite frankly you must be in a minority of one if it does not bother you!!
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