How to Treat Corona Virus-COVID at Home?
Moneylife Digital Team 15 June 2020
Ever since the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak started, almost everyone has either become an expert (of mostly wrong knowledge or information) or digesting every piece of information as the best and right knowledge. Amidst all this fear-mongering and spreading wrong information on social media, there is one sane advice being given by a well-known and qualified doctor. Dr Faheem Younus is an MD and works as chief of infectious diseases at University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Health. Through a series of tweets, Dr Younus (@FaheemYounus) not only gives sane advice but also provides proper guidance on fighting COVID. 
Here he is providing some useful guidance and tips for treating COVID at home like what to take, what to avoid, when to worry, when not to, and protecting family. 
Dr Younus says, this thread is for COVID positive (+ve) folks, who avoid hospital due to cost, trust, or capacity issues. He also clarifies that this is general advice and for personal treatment questions, the patients must contact their doctor.
Let’s Start
Use a separate room, bathroom and utensils for 14 days.
If only one room, divide it with a thick curtain or screen and stay behind it.
If only one bathroom, wear face mask before going and wipe all surfaces as best after using toilet. 
Do not use steam or nebulizer or continuous positive airway pressure (cpap) in shared room. 
Home Medications
Most cases only need paracetamol or ibuprofen - whatever works for you. 
NO NEED for antibiotics. 
Record daily temperature, breathing rate, pulse and blood pressure (BP), if possible.
Sleep well. Eat well. 
Do whatever gives you peace of mind or reduce anxiety. 
Recovery may take two-three weeks.
What Not To Do 
Actemra, plasma and remdesivir are all experimental drugs. Do not waste your time and money trying to get them.
Herbs, sanna makki, and zinc are not even being studied. Avoid
We do not use Zithromax, HCQ, ivermectin or vitamins for COVID patients. 
LESS is MORE. Believe it.
Always wear a face mask around others. 
Most smartphones have a 'pulse oximetry app'. Use it. If pulse ox stays below 90 or BP falls below 90 systolic go to hospital or contact your doctor. 
Patients over 60-65, with high BP, obesity, and diabetes are at risk. Be safe.
Duration of Illness
Recovery may take two-three weeks. Remember: If you are not getting worse, you are getting better
No need to get a repeat COVID test. 
Repeating labs tests or computerised tomography (CAT) scans may not always change outcome
Know that 80-90% patients may recover at home if managed right
If symptoms worsen, immediately call your doctor or go to the hospital
Protect family members by staying away from them. Do not lose hope or give in. 
Have faith. Have patience.
Do not think it is a punishment from God
Remember in most cases mortality is about 1%
Declaring Victory
End isolation after 14-days of symptom onset AND 3 days of no symptoms (without medicines)
Donate plasma
Rejoice! You have crossed the bridge and are likely immune. 
We are unclear about the duration of immunity
Remember the ordeal. Stay God-fearing, kind and loving.
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