Inbox: Reduce Email Anxiety and Distraction
Our Gmail inbox is a great distraction. Mails keep flowing in all day and all night. So, what if we could pause the inbox and receive emails only when we are ready for them? Inbox when ready does just that. It is a Chrome extension which hides your inbox by default and allows you to see it only when you are ready! You can selectively hide category tab-wise notifications, e.g., you can block all notifications for your promotions category as long as you wish to avoid them.
You can even set an inbox budget for yourself and decide how many times and how often you would like to scan your inbox. Then, get a visual feedback on how you did versus your intention.
This app will go a long way in reducing email anxiety and inbox distraction, while you are concentrating on things which you need to get done. If you are good at it, you can reclaim about an hour from your inbox every week!
2 months ago
I need one for whatsapp, so many message are flooded. I delete 90% of them without reading as I run out of space.
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