Income-tax department’s Centralised Processing Centre neglects acknowledging returns submissions
Moneylife Digital Team 30 May 2011

Worried tax assessees complain about lack of communication with Bengaluru-based CPC 

The last date for filing income-tax returns is near. So the rush to file returns is on. However, despite the I-T department's initiative to provide electronic facility (e-filling) for filing returns, the commotion and the confusion just doesn't seem to go away.

R Krishnamurthy submitted his ITR-V (Income Tax Return -Verification) form by ordinary post on 5 May 2011. But he has not received any acknowledgement of receipt from the Income Tax department's Centralised Processing Centre (CPC), in Bengaluru, and is therefore uncertain about the status of his returns.  

There are three ways to file the returns electronically. First, using digital signature where no paper return is required to be submitted. Second, is to file without digital signature where ITR-V form is supposed to be submitted to the CPC, Bengaluru, within 120 days of e-filing. This is a single-page receipt-cum-verification form. The third option is to file the papers through an e-return intermediary who would do the e-filing and assist the assessee in this process.

Mr Krishnamurthy sent his ITR-V form by post as his file did not have a digital signature. According to the procedure, on receiving the ITR-V, the CPC must send an e-mail acknowledging receipt.

Mr Krishnamurthy, has repeatedly tried to contact the CPC office on email and even on phone, but without success. Strangely, he did receive an SMS saying that certain documents were sent to him on email, but he says he has not got anything yet.

This is only one of numerous such cases that have been piling up over the past many months and there just does not seem to be anybody who will do anything about this. Some persons have complained about not getting e-receipts for their submissions. Others complain about wrong submission numbers on the e-receipts.

The issue of acknowledgements is all the more important as the CPC does not accept submissions by Speed Post, Registered Post, or by courier, and assessees who do not have a digital signature are required to send their the forms only by ordinary post and people have complained that this is unreliable.

The deadline for filing returns in 31 July 2011

Moneylife sent a detailed e-mail to the CPC seeking a explanation on these issues, but we have not received a reply till the time of publishing this story.

Moneylife reported last week that the Bombay Chartered Accountants' Society is making efforts to take up related issues with the Centralised Processing Centre. (Read, "Bombay Chartered Accountants' Society to take up I-T rectification matter with tax authorities".)

1 decade ago
In 2010, I sent my ITR-V by ordinary post and forgot. Received e-mail after many months asking to re-send ITR-V as IT did not receive it. After few days got a message that they have received it, but since 4 months have elapsed; e-filed return has lapsed. I had to refile. Did the refiling and submitted ITR-V by Speed Post (now allowed) and promptly got an acknowledgement. Couple of months later, was informed by email and SMS about refund and got the cheque in the mail a few days later. Too good, despite the hiccups.
1 decade ago
ITR-V can be sent to Bangalore CPC by Speed Post also.The advantage of doing so is that we can track the date of delivery thro' Speedpost site.
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