Move to Apple's iOS
Everything about iOS is easy, including moving to it from Android. If you are contemplating shifting to an Apple phone and are worried about the transition from Android, this is the app for you. In just a few steps and a few minutes (depending on your phones), you can migrate your content securely and seamlessly. The Move to iOS app transfers all your contacts, camera photos and videos, web bookmarks, email accounts and calendars. You may choose to selectively transfer stuff—so, for example, if your photos are already backed up on Google Photos or any other cloud platform, you may choose not to transfer them. 
When you choose to migrate your data, your new iOS device (iPhone or iPad) will create a private Wi-Fi network, find your nearby Android device, and after you enter your security code, it will transfer your data and put it in the right places in the iOS eco-system. It is that simple. Just start using your new iOS device in a few minutes!
6 days ago
Do we have any app to move from IOS to Android?
Checker Plus for GMail
Yazdi Tantra, 03 June 2021
This is an interesting extension in Chrome which allows us to check our Gmail account without even launching Gmail! Once it is installed in Chrome, you can get notifications, read, hear or even delete mails without opening Gmail....
Colorize: Add Colour to Your B&W Images
Yazdi Tantra, 03 May 2021
We all have a repository of old black & white photos. When trying to digitise them, it may be worth incorporating some colour into the pictures. Colorize Images is an automatic machine learning-based service to colorise black...
Wizdom: Self Growth Challenge & Book Insights
Yazdi Tantra, 27 April 2021
Wizdom brings you insights from the world's best books, courses, podcasts, articles, publications and more!
Listen to insights in the first-of-its-kind Audio Immersive Experience! They have music and sound effects to...
Iriun Webcam: Use Your Phone Camera in PC/Mac
Yazdi Tantra, 19 April 2021
These days with increasing use of web-meetings, the web-cam becomes a very important accessory for day-to-day use. Most in-built webcams on laptops do not have a very good resolution, necessitating deployment of an external webcam...
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