NFO Review: Axis Quant
Clinton Fernandes 11 June 2021
Axis Mutual Fund has launched a new open-ended equity-oriented quant scheme. A quant scheme uses quantitative, i.e., data-driven analysis to pick stocks and other investments.
Axis Quant Fund will use fundamentals-oriented Q-GARP philosophy to its quants model. Q-GARP refers to ‘Quality stocks with good Growth but At a Reasonable Price’, according to the scheme...
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Best & Worst Mutual Fund Schemes
Moneylife Digital Team 05 June 2021
The best three and the worst three mutual fund (MF) schemes over the past three years ranked by their quarterly rolling returns. Premium members get access to a more refined list of top schemes by logging into Moneylife...
What Happened to Closed-ended Equity Schemes?
Clinton Fernandes 05 June 2021
Mutual fund (MF) schemes come in two distinct categories – open-ended and closed-ended. Open-ended schemes are most common and popular due to their always-open investment and withdrawal feature. 
On the other hand, a...
Arbitrage Schemes: You May Be Losing Returns because of This Mistake
Clinton Fernandes 27 May 2021
Equity arbitrage schemes are a hybrid category of mutual fund (MF) schemes that invest mainly in equities, but in a manner that is safe and earns predictable returns. This allows the scheme to generate fixed-income-like returns and...
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