NFO Review: Parag Parikh Conservative Hybrid
Clinton Fernandes 14 May 2021
PPFAS Mutual Fund has launched a new open-ended conservative hybrid scheme called Parag Parikh Conservative Hybrid Fund. The scheme will predominantly invest in debt papers and have a small allocation to equities and investment trusts. This will be the fourth scheme from the fund house.
Conservative schemes are designed for those who want to invest in equities but do not have the...
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Should You Invest in Sector- and Theme-based Equity MF Schemes?
Clinton Fernandes 13 May 2021
Equity mutual fund (MF) schemes come in several categories such as market-cap based large-cap, mid-cap schemes or style-based,focused, value schemes and more. But there are two categories of schemes that are most interesting and...
NFO Review: Axis Global Innovation Fund-of-funds
Clinton Fernades 08 May 2021
Axis Mutual Fund has launched a new fund-of-funds (FoF) scheme called Axis Global Innovation. The scheme will invest in the units of Schroder International Selection Fund (ISF) Global Disruption (the underlying...
Equity MFs: Can Past Returns Help Find Future Top Performers?
Clinton Fernades 07 May 2021
Investing in equity mutual fund (MF) schemes is an easy way to enjoy the benefits of the stock market without putting in personal effort. However, finding the right scheme to invest in and earn high returns is somewhat difficult....
Best & Worst Mutual Fund Schemes
Moneylife Digital Team 07 May 2021

The best three and the worst three mutual fund (MF) schemes over the past three years ranked by their quarterly rolling returns. Premium members get access to a more refined list of top schemes by logging into Moneylife...

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