Pranab Mukherjee is UPA candidate for President
MDT/PTI 19 June 2012


Mukherjee, the trouble-shooter for the UPA government, is the nominee for President, however, two of UPA's main allies, Trinamool Congress and Samajwadi Party did not attend the meeting called by Sonia Gandhi

New Delhi: Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee on Friday was chosen by the ruling United Progressive Alliance (UPA) as its candidate for the President's post, ending months of speculation, reports PTI.
The nomination of 77-year-old Congress veteran from West Bengal was made at a meeting of the UPA chaired by its Chairperson and Congress president Sonia Gandhi.
"Leaders of the constituent parties of the UPA met. It was decided to propose Pranab Mukherjee as candidate for the office of the President of India," Gandhi said at the meeting that lasted nearly an hour.
Gandhi put the name of Mukherjee, the trouble-shooter for the UPA government, and it was approved by the alliance leaders. Key ally Trinamool Congress chief, who along with another ally Samajwadi Party has floated the names of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam and two others, stayed away from the meeting.
She read out a statement at the meeting which said Pranab Mukherjee has a long and distinguished record of public service spanning over five decades.
"There is broad support for his candidature. The UPA appeals to all the political parties and all MPs and MLAs to support the candidature of Mukherjee for the office of President," she said. 
Gandhi's announcement was greeted by a round of applause from leaders of allied parties.
Home Minister P Chidambaram and DMK leader TR Baalu presented golden shawls to Mukherjee and to the Prime Minister and Gandhi.
The meeting was attended by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Sharad Pawar and Praful Patel (NCP), Ajit Singh (RLD), TR Ballu (DMK) and Omar Abdullah (NC) among others.
Finance minister Mukherjee and his cabinet colleagues- P Chidambaram, AK Antony and Pawan Bansal were also present at the meet. Senior Congress leader Ahmed Patel was also in the meeting.
10 years ago

Most of our jurists are very poor in English. One Magistrate wrote in his judgement - "thefted property" !!!
10 years ago
First of all thanks to Sucheta Dalal for making your inner voice and bitter truth about India's most complicated legal system. Today justice available at a much bigger and unfair price! That is why I suggest some ethical standard and code of conduct for lawyers, judges and other professions and also yearly licencing system and and compulsory examination for getting renewal of licence for every 3-5 years with updating knowledge, looking after complaint against them through a special govt.body in their respective field.

Many talking about fighting against corruption. But they are in criminal silence against justice delivery and various malpractices in judiciary and legal system. Thanks once again for taking up such a cause which is very well organised and showing erratic behaviour. People loosing faith in judicial process. When ruler was king justice available instantly and without any price. Both victim of complaint and accused are free to do their duty. Now it is impossible which is ruining many life and liberty of citizen.
Jayesh Desai
10 years ago
All lawyers are not good = some are good. All persons come from the same society, there exists rot in society as a whole, and one needs to improve the whole society, by blaming a particular sector - will not serve any purpose. Yes, there are bad lawyers and there are good lawyers, too.

Ideally the show should show both sides - including in Doctors case, then a balanced approach can be brought out.

It is correct to say that we need to cleanse the society as a whole, we all are to be blamed for the mess we are in.
chandra shekhar
10 years ago
* Satyamev-Jayate is one of d FORUMS,
which *touches* every aspect of our LIFE
with d *touch* of a Paint-Brush named #AamirKhan & u cn't *over-burden* him n his Prog., thinking that *he wud CLEAN-up the System, which ROTS* & full of Mal-Practices & #we all live with it as a Garbage-dump....

* so far, practices of Doctors goes ... i must admit that, there r GOOD Doctors too & i must share that when i visited one, on behalf of a Cancer-Patient the Doctor advised me not to proceed, cause d Lady won't live beyond 6 months & u will unnecessary
shell-out between 6 to 10 lacs, which he said would go WASTE ... & i now, say with confidence that d Doctor didn't misled me cause, d Lady DIED within 4 months...

* #SMJ is all about * d good n d bad*...
& #we all have to re-visit our *conscience* to see & to b able to keep *our own HOUSE-in-Order* FIRST...

vijay samant
10 years ago
this is not to defend the rogue doctors. however, one needs to accept the fact that the mass degradation in value system, ethics, integrity, sincerity and commitment is visible in virtually all the domains of indian society. what about the CA's, teachers(who r all the time focussed on tuitions and less on class room teaching & their allied activities), advocates, traders, industrialists, importers & exporters. this list is endless. the manner in which medical institutions have been launched, their governance, standard of education, donations taken for graduate and post graduate courses, modus operandi used for conducting vivas exams, networking of doctors for generating artificial business, business strategies adopted by pharma giants clearly go to point that the entire system is rotted from the time student enters an institution and till the time an experienced doctor exits from this planet. just like sugar barons, today we have education barons. thus it is a systemic disease and doctors are one of the links in that chain. we cannot look and attack them in isolation. if u don that, we have to also look at our own faces in the mirror and ask our conscience(if at all it is alive) how clean and ethical we are in our own lives?. that's why i call anna hazare and his gang, biggest hypocrites in this country. al the time, he has been attacking certain political class and he keeps mum when it comes to attacking vast majority of the citizens(from all sections of society) who stoop down to lowest level of decency, indiscipline, corruption, compromises and cheating in their everyday life. indian society itself has decayed a lot and it will take us few centuries to rise to the level of honesty and commitment like japan, singapore and scandavian countries. most of us are hypocrites. we enjoy pointing fingers to everyone around us but conveniently forget that when 1 finger is pointed to the person across, 4 remain pointed towards self....
Sucheta Dalal
10 years ago
The medical fraternity is all over the internet acting as trolls .... YES, there are selfless and exceptional doctors. A few were on Aamir Khan's show. One writes for Moneylife.
We have examples of Baba Amte's son who continues to carry forward his work. Then there is Dr Abhay Bang and his doctor-wife doing selfless work in naxal affected areas. They are role models and intellectuals. The problem is that the exceptions are fewer - due to the medical system.
It is simple economics. The most brilliant students aspire to become doctors. Reality strikes when the pass out -- post graduation at large hospitals immediately sucks them into the dirty tricks for billing game.
Starting a practice requires enormous investment in space and equipment. What is the choice?
At the same time, another BIG reality hits them -- all the less bright students who became engineers and MBAs are earning so much more - those who became techies are the NEW Maharajas - so what do you do?
Join the system? Most make compromises. Everybody wants to earn more money. Some have taken loans for medical studies. In fact, everytime we read about the doctors strike and the pathetic conditions in which housemen have to live, we realise the tragedy of the system. But unlike IIT billionaires, I have never seen super rich doctors coming foward to contribute to building hostels at JJ Hospital or better living conditions.

A colleague of mine was horrified to see her "very bright" skin-specialist brother making weekly payments to doctors for recommendations. She said, you were the brightest in the house, why are you doing it? (She was an ethical journalist). The answer: if I dont, i might as well shut my practice. It is the same thing that the pathology guy said on the show. Many other doctors writing in these pages have admitted the pressure.
We know a doctor couple running a hospital at Mahim - they too say it is double trouble - to have ethics and put up with pressure from the medical fraternity and pharma /hopsital lobbies. And not to forget medical equipment makers.
Journalists who want to remain straight face the same pressure. No invitations, no junkets, no accepting gifts ... nothing ... why would they want to keep working for us? So small publications like ours, lose advertising because we are upright, lose staffers who want to move to bigger jobs and our readers -- they want MORE and they usually want it FREE.
Let me make it clear that I completely empathise with the dilemma that doctors face, but unless we get together to change the system we will have to accept a really ROTTEN India.
Replied to Sucheta Dalal comment 10 years ago
The good thing is that atleast we can write about this, the Chandan Mitra episode at HT still fresh in some minds, with a recent judgement saying that an expose' of corruption in public interest can not be held to be libellous. As of now this appears to be only for government, but no reason why it can not be for the larger public good too

The second part is that more and more of us can first build our own survival strengths by first playing with the system and then using the knowledge as well as power to try to fix it.

More power to MoneyLife!!

10 years ago
who is this idiot? how can you present a story as truth or reality on mere speculation and or opinion? speculate opine doesn't mean you have standing.
Ms Sweena Jain
10 years ago
It was easy to DEFAME medical fraternity by Amir.But the fact is the CORRUPTION in justice system is devasting society.Thecharges of corrution and amassing immense wealth by previous CJI of India and inability or avoidance of taking action by BROTHER JUDGES shows how rot the system of JUSTICE has become.You can change DOCTOR if are unsatisfied but you cannot change Judge or lawyer even though you have evidence agaist them .The phenomenon of BROTHERHOOD persists and takes toll on litigants.7Years back a sessions judge presiding ANTI-CORRUTION bench in Pune was caught redhanded who asked the PSI facing charges of corruption to pay to get accquited in the case against him.He came out CLEAN.What one should guess from such incidenses.
vijay samant
10 years ago
i have few questions for aamir khan.
1) first of all, he needs to accept that there are bad sheep in every profession in the world. i know few doctors in goa atleast who will not only waive off their patients fees if they hail from poor background or even pay for their medicines from their pocket if need be. there are few doctors who sacrifice their personal and family life to give their best to the patients. so let us not label/tag the entire medical fraternity as rogues.
2) will aamir khan stand up and devote atleast 1 episode/slot to sincerely share with the public about what happens in film industry which he knows in & out?. what about casting couch, black money use, underworld investments and many anti national heroes and heroines who openly participate in birthday and other functions of underworld dons including most wanted dawood?. what about jokers like saif ali khan, salman khan etc against whom cases have been filed for killing wild animals including rare species?. why aamir khan doesn't feel that he should begin with the film industry itself?.
3) i am totally against diktats and very existence of khap panchayats too. it is a blot on hinduism. it's anti constitutional and an open challenge to our legal system/judiciary too. yet i would like to ask aamir khan whether he has guts to devote 1 programme on what happens in the backyard of islam?. what about triple talaq, burkha system, exploitation of women in islam(he should spend some time reading salman rushdie and tasllima too), high criminal and anti national activities induldged into by muslims in india and most importantly their support to terrorism and overall religious fanatism?.

father of the nation's most important advice to indians was 'the change which u intend to bring around begins with the self'. i think aamir is the right activist who has to begin cleansing exercise with film industry and islam. success in those domains will inspire others to take the battle to other professions and other religions too. good luck, aamir khan.....
Dr Vaibhav G Dhoka
10 years ago
The cause of corrution in society the loss of social values in society is due to DUD AND CORRUPT JUSTICE system.As stated it was easy for Amir to bring before society the evils of medical fraternity.But if he dares to highlight judicial malpractices the his remaining life will go in making round of COURT.Judiaciary threatens everyone with CONTEMPT action.The justice system in India is rotten No one has faith in it but law abiding people is to take this route because they are forced to this route.For example Adarsh scam case more money will be spent on commission of enquiry than the cost of building.Nothing concrete will come out it is fade out public memory and judicial officers are HIGHLY paid and adjusted.Then there is no third party probe in JUDICIAL CORRUTION complaint is allowed.The system too rot.
10 years ago
I am sure Amir Khan will not take the risk. But you have rightly raised the issue. Many black coats are real black sheeps. Most of the senior counsel dont deserve the vulgar fees they charge.
Amar Pandit
10 years ago
Brilliant One Sucheta.
Sai Gopal
10 years ago
Great piece. I hope the legal community wakes up to the damage it is inflicting on society
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