Print Remotely: Print from Anywhere in the World
This is a very cool tool. If you are out of your office/home and would like to print a certain document/spreadsheet remotely, you will enjoy using this tool. You will need to be using Google Chrome and should be signed in with your GMail id and password. Your document should be in your Chrome browser—you could have opened it from your email or from Google drive. Your remote computer and printer (at office or home) have to be on. Once you go to ‘file - print, change destination’, you will see your home / office printers also in the list. Select the one you would like to print to, and the document will be printed remotely. A great tool when you are travelling and want some document to be printed in your office / home. For more detailed instructions go to
5 years ago
this is a bit misleading...
one needs to setup the printer to make it available on the cloud
also, besides printer being on, it needs to be connected to a desktop with access to internet (unless it is an internet enabled printer).
more details:
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