QNet: Saudi Arabia Raids Meeting Places of the Banned MLM
Moneylife Digital Team 17 September 2018
The Ministry of Commerce and Investment (MCI) in Saudi Arabia, while continuing to pursue 'illegal' QNet marketing activity, has raided meeting places of the controversial multi-level marketing (MLM) company. 
In a release issued on Saturday, MCI says, “... (the Ministry) inspection teams monitored and detected a QNet group in Najran, holding meetings at one of the hotels in the Southern Region. MCI judicial control officers, in cooperation with the security authorities, started the necessary investigation and then raiding the site, and detecting the involved person. It turns out that every hour QNet representative has a meeting with one group, and he tries to convince the attendants with the prohibited QNet marketing activity. QNet documents were also collected and seized, containing the participant's data, telephone numbers and schedules of QNet marketing activity. Accordingly, the defendant was referred to the public prosecution for taking the legal procedures against him.”
“QNet marketing activity aims to mislead and deceive dealers and clients with quick profit. Therefore, they try to raise money illegally by claiming that they are investing such money. This kind of activity is considered illegal because it depends on deceiving, cheating, fraud and manipulation,” the Ministry says.
Under a resolution, MCI has banned QNet marketing activity in Saudi Arabia. This includes prevention of QNet or Pyramid marketing, and also the prevention of making advertisement or promotion for such activity by any means. This is in addition to the Ministerial Decree issued by the Ministry of Interior, which stipulates that the financial fraud issues are considered crimes punishable by arrest.
As reported by Moneylife, the strict action by Saudi Arabia, has made QNet to cancel V-Con, its high-profile, flagship annual event that was scheduled to be held in Dubai between 8th to 12th September. The company did not give any reason for the sudden cancellation of V-Con, but thousands of independent representatives (IRs) or agents, who were set to go to Dubai are seeking a refund the $350 each that they have paid to attend the event as well as their air tickets. 
On 1 September 2018, the Ministry of Commerce & Investment in Saudi Arabia had issued a warning against QNet saying that its activities are prohibited in the country. After investigation, it (MCI) had arrested a group of four persons one from Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), a Saudi citizen and two Saudi women. “The defendants were involved in the coordination and making the necessary arrangements for QNet activities, such as reserving hotel halls and sending invitations to clients to attend the training on QNet marketing activities. Upon raiding the site, MCI inspectors found 20 members of both sexes attending the training, as per the invitation given to them by the four organizers. It has been found out that the attendants have paid more than Saudi Riyal (SR)200,000 in cash or as a remittance to the organizers' bank accounts. This is beside paying SR30 for each attendant,” MCI had said in a release.
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Maneesh Kumar
4 years ago
Amrit Kumar Ladha
4 years ago
Vihaan Direct Selling (India) Private Ltd hold all its equity capital
I have been trapped by one college freind Amit Keyal ,from Calcutta University, who had once been a good friend and kind of a guide as well. I trusted him since college and respected him as I thought him to be a simple good man. But I am so mistaken as I released last year when he forced (by lying and showing confidence in him saying he is always there) me to pay him almost 2 Lakhs (I took a loan to give him that money) which he said he would give me back if I am not able to continue the so called e-commerce business (Qnet). Nothing was explained before the payment was made. all details about how the company works and what do i have to do are told after I was already trapped and had no other way but to follow what they say. They ask you to make friends and tell them that I m into a mind blowing business and henceforth trap the victim. I chose not to cheat people. My money is lost because since then I have called and messaged that so called businessman (traitor) numerous times but in vain and now after an year I have almost lost all hope of getting back my money .
But I m happy that I didn't turn into one of those kinds going around cheating my own friends and family.
There are many people making a lot of money out of this totally fraud MLM company. There are other MLM companies as well but they are ethical as they agree to that fact and reveal what a member has to do before trapping someone.

I Can provide Some Contact details hereunder:

Q Net Association in Kolkata and all over world.

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Vijay Raval
4 years ago
We don't have any problem with Qnet loot reach people but loot needy people who need real job do not show fake dream
Biggest thing you people encourage to get loan from bank for doing this illegal business is shameful and in the name of Direct selling you people along pyramid scheme . Sell and justify product do not make people chain for earning . Your scheme of Pyramid is banned in all over world except Malaysia for simple reason that money from all world going to Malaysia government is earning so they are happy.
Vijay Raval
4 years ago
The biggest proof of Qnet banned in India their web site blocked by TRAI but still this smart people create new domain and runing their business.
Vijay Raval
4 years ago
This is not bad news for Qnet banned in Dubai...

If Indian government banned this chain than this will be huge news cum relief for country.
Sooda Mani
4 years ago
I am facing problem in Aadhaar card to add mobile number, I tried going everyday e-savai maiyam many times but I couldn't get appointment to solve my problem they saying per day only 30 tocken only it seems but more than 100 people are standing. Because of this I couldn't access my personal bank and PF account and many things. I can't take many days leave. So guys I need my refund of my tax which I paid to government because we are not getting proper service from government. Though government appointed many employees they still asking money so. I need my money back. Guys will give complaint. I hope everyone would hay faced this problem. We will ban this government because they are not using our money for common people. So guys please help me to get money back. If anybody take initiative I would be thankful for you. Please help me.
Umang Goyal
4 years ago
It is possible to raid in Delhi I have many person who joined qnet and fool other people to join this
Sanjay Verma
Replied to Umang Goyal comment 4 years ago
New Delhi mein bhi raid karwao….Saale Kutte, Lalchi log....Get everyone caught & in jail for cheating gullible investors.
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