QNet: Thimiri, erstwhile CEO and others continue to misguide courts?
Moneylife Digital Team 26 August 2016
The curious case of QNet, the Hong Kong-based controversial multi-level marketing (MLM) operator has now reached the Supreme Court. However, some of the accused or agents of QNet like Suresh Thimiri, who was the chief executive of the MLM company in India, appear to be misguiding the apex court. According to Thimiri’s bail application, which was reviewed by Moneylife, shows that he had told the SC that he was never connected with QNet or Vihaan Direct Selling India Pvt Ltd, the authorised franchisee of the MLM operator. He had made the same claim, at the Bombay High Court and the Sessions Court, which had dismissed it.
Similarly, GoldQuest International Pvt Ltd, the erstwhile avatar of QNet also tried to misguide the courts, which was highlighted by the Serious Fraud Investigation Office (SFIO).   
In his special leave petition before the Supreme Court, Thimiri again claimed that "... (he) has no role to play in so far as management, control or administration of Vihaan is concerned. The Petitioner (Thimiri) is concerned with another private limited company called Transview, which supplies products to Vihaan."
Thimiri had filed the SLP before the apex court seeking anticipatory bail. Thimiri, in his SLP, stated that he was not responsible for administering Vihaan in any manner whatsover and he was merely a director of product supplier company. However, documents seen by Moneylife show that Thimiri was not only deeply involved in the affairs of Vihaan, but as CEO of QNet, also gave guidance on remuneration for directors of Vihaan. 
Earlier, the SFIO, in its report on the MLM company, stated, “During the above litigation the GoldQuest had stated in its affidavit before the Court that it will not indulge in MLM business along with other facts. The business of scheme of pyramidal functioning of sales and commission payments was then shifted completely to a newly formed Private Company i.e. QuestNet Enterprises India Pvt Ltd, at the same address and by same promoters in March 2005.”
Transview Enterprises is an associate company of Vihaan Direct Selling that handles QNet's MLM operations in India since 14 April 2012. Before that QNet's Indian operations were controlled by QuestNet Enterprises (India) Pvt Ltd, a company registered at Chennai. QuestNet Enterprises was operating QNEI eStore, a platform from where IRs, which is how the investor-dealers of QNet are described, could place orders or buy products and also enrol new recruits. After launching Vihaan, the company asked all its old IRs to mandatorily register under the new business name in order to receive their commissions. Vihaan is a direct selling agent of QNet and had done large financial transactions with Thimiri's company Transview. This made the EOW to freeze Transview's bank accounts in ING Vyasa Bank at Bengaluru.
Even the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) had caught QNet for falsifying documents and data while importing products. Documents available with us show how, when cornered by an investigation agency or tax authorities, QNet and all its group companies and associates go for settlement, even accepting the 'guilt' and pay up a huge amount. They used the same technique to get away from strict action in the Supreme Court as well as in a duty evasion case caught by the DRI. 
Pushpam Appalanaidu, the then MD of Questnet Enterprises, in her submission had told the DRI that since 2005 she was on the board of directors of Qi Ltd, Hong Kong. Qi Ltd is a the holding company and the different subsidiaries of Qi are Qi Comm (based in London), Questnet (based in Hong Kong), Quex Couriers Sdn Bhd (based in Malaysia), Questnet Vacation Resorts (based in Thailand) and some other local companies based in Malaysia. She also told the DRI that Amit Chitale, Suresh Thimiri, MV Balaji and Laxmikant Venkatesan were staff of Questnet Enterprises based at Chennai and MS (Manjunath) Hegde was finance manager employed by the company at their Bangalore office. (Read: QNet 'settles’ violations and misreporting when caught to keep the scam running)
The reports of DRI, SFIO, and other investigating agencies as well as orders passed by various courts are available in public domain. And yet, one wonders, why would Thimiri and others continue to misguide the apex court by denying their relations or association with QNet. 
Thimiri has also deleted his association with QNet or any of its group company from his profile page on LinkedIn. At present, Thimiri's profile on LinkedIn shows him as chief executive of Fortune Innovative Solutions Pvt Ltd. It also mentions him as associated with Fortune Innovative since past 10 years. Thimiri have also deleted name of Transview from his profile page. However, his association is reflected on LinkedIn's suggestion about viewing other people similar to Thimiri's profile. And, hold your breath.... it features names of known QNet associates like Sachin Gupta, Srinivasa Rao, Vihaan's MD & CEO and last but not least, Vijay Eswaran, the group MD and CEO of QI Ltd, the parent of QNet and other similar companies! 
Earlier, on 6 May 2016, Justice Mridula Bhatkar of the Bombay High Court, while rejecting anticipatory bail applications of five accused in the multi-crore QNet scam, had observed that "the deceit and fraud is camouflaged under the name of e-marketing and business". The HC rejected bail applications of five including, Srinivas Rao Vanka and Magaral Veervalli Balaji, both directors of Vihaan Direct selling (India) Pvt Ltd, Suresh Thimiri, director of Transview Enterprises India Pvt Ltd, Malcolm Nozer Desai, who is a 20% stakeholder in Vihaan and Michael Joseph Ferreira, former world champion of billiards and an 80% stakeholder in Vihaan. (Read: QNet: “It is a chain where a person is fooled and then he is trained to fool others to earn money” says Bombay HC order)
Even his visiting card at that time, shows him as CEO of QNet with office in Bengaluru and an email ID of [email protected]In the same capacity as CEO of QNet he was seen hobnobbing with India's tennis stars at Bangalore.  
Interestingly, Suresh Thimiri, who is often touted as QNet India's chief executive and had denied any relationship with QNet or any of its representatives, owns the 'QNet' trademark in India through his company Transview Enterprises Pvt Ltd! See the images below obtained from Trade Marks Registry. Mr Thimiri's company had filed class 42 application for 'QNet' trademark in India. (Read: QNet: The Suresh Thimiri link between Vihaan and Transview)
As Moneylife reported, Thimiri, in his anticipatory bail application filed on 19 August 2013, before additional session Judge DA Dholkia had said, "The applicant (Thimiri) does not hold any sort of relation neither with the Company (QNet) nor its representative (including Eswaran and Vihaan Direct Selling India Pvt Ltd) against whom the Complaint has been lodged by the respondents (Gurupreet Singh Anand) in Oshiwara Police Station." 
Thimiri, who in his anticipatory bail application had denied any relations with QNet and its representative, has ratified deals between Vihaan Direct Selling and his company, Transview Enterprise.
In his application before the Bombay High Court to defreeze bank accounts of Transview Enterprise, Thimiri had said, "The applicant (Thimiri, director of Transview) is in the business of importing and manufacturing products such as Bio Discs, Chi Pendants, Nutriplus, Homepure, watches and various other products and sells the same to Vihaan Direct Selling India Pvt Ltd."
However, the Bombay HC rejected his application.
Earlier in 2014, the EOW, while opposing bail applications of seven in the QNet scam told the Sessions Court how these accused tried to mislead the Court by submitting fake documents. The  EOW had said QNet team leaders, including former world billiards champion Michael Ferriera, Srinavas Rao Vanka, Magarlal Viravali Balaji, Malcolm Nozer Desai, Navjyot Mahesh Das, Chinar Surendra Shinde and Mereilla Kamal Dutta have misled the Court by submitting a fake document while seeking bail. The Police Sub-Inspector (PSI), under whose name the document was submitted, has, in an affidavit, denied having prepared it, the EOW told the Court at that time. (Read: QNet: Ferriera, six others misled court by submitting 'fake' document, says EOW)
Coming back to Thimiri’s submission in the Supreme Court, this may appear strange for those who do not have much knowledge of a typical MLM company and its operations. Most MLM companies tell distributors or IRs not to make claims for the products except for those found in company literature. (That way the company can deny responsibility for what distributors do.) However, many companies, including QNet and Amway hold sales meetings at which people are encouraged to tell their story to the others in attendance.
Another modus operandi that is used by the top guns of MLMs is either they deny any association with the company and claim that they themselves are victims of this fraud! Reportedly, few years back police registered a complaint against a female IR (who has now become diamond in QNet) for fraud and cheating. The lady walked away from the case by claiming that she herself was a victim of this fraud. One wonders, why then the lady did not file similar complaint against the company? But this is how these MLMers operate.
In case you are still wondering why Thimiri is not filing a complaint against QNet for using his name as CEO or against Vihaan for dragging him in this matter, here is an eye-opener from the Hong Kong High Court. Hong Kong-based Kurt George Rocco Rinck, who was one of the founder-director of QI group the parent of QNet, GoldQuest and QuestNet had filed the case. Although his case was dismissed on ground that he had signed a trust agreement and thus was liable to pay money to QuestNet, here is what Justice John Saunders had stated… 
2.  The particular business run by QuestNet made it necessary for various of QuestNet’s directors to establish in their personal names, to be used as what were described as “buffer accounts”, bank accounts in which funds were held, to be available to QuestNet, to avoid potential problems which may arise should QuestNet’s own bank accounts be frozen. 
3.  In order to establish one of these buffer accounts, on 18 November 2003, Mr Rinck made a declaration of trust in favour of QuestNet in which he declared that he held all moneys in certain accounts with Citibank in Hong Kong, namely accounts numbered 12330345, 12330353, 82346968, 19356439, 39052036 and 29342899, (the Citibank accounts), which accounts were in his personal name, and that he held: 
“all money which may be accrued to or deposited into the aforesaid account from time to time on trust for the absolute benefit of (QuestNet) until such time as those money are withdrawn, transfer or in whatever way he taken out from the aforesaid account according to the instruction of (QuestNet).” (sic) 
4.  By a subsequent similar declaration of trust, dated 13 December 2005, Mr Rinck reiterated the declaration of trust that he had made in relation to the Citibank accounts, and further declared that he held all money in account number 800777 (under Identification #800777 SAWTSCHENKO) with Dominick Co Bank in Zurich, Switzerland upon trust for the absolute benefit of QuestNet.  In these proceedings, the funds in the various accounts, as at 30 June 2006, have been referred to as the Trust Funds. 
5.  A dispute arose between Mr Rinck and QuestNet around late June or early July 2006, as a result of which QuestNet took steps to remove Mr Rinck from his positions as an employee and director of the company.  Mr Rinck disputes that those steps have been effective.
Earlier in February 2014, the Enforcement Directorate (ED), the agency responsible for enforcing economic laws and fighting economic crime in India, registered a case in the Rs425 crore QNet scam for money laundering.
The ED has named QNet Ltd from Hong Kong, its official franchisee Vihaan Direct Selling Pvt Ltd, Vijay Eswaran, the founder of QI group and three other independent representatives (IRs) of QNet from Mumbai.
Gadher Rohit
5 years ago
i lost my 5 lakh rs in qnet, help.
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jitu moni
6 years ago
The Economic Offences Wing (EOW) of the city police arrested a woman in her early 30s on Thursday for her active involvement in the multi-crore QNet scam. The total number of arrested accused has now reached 47, which includes Billiards champion and Padma Bhushan recipient Michael Ferreira.
In the Rs 1,000-crore scam of Hong Kong-based company QNet, nearly 5 lakh investors across the country were duped. QNet has been accused of using the banned binary pyramid business model for its multi-level marketing schemes to lure investors.

QNet posed as a marketing firm selling bio-discs, watches, herbal products, holiday packages, etc. It also claimed that by using the bio-disc, one could cure cancer and brain diseases, the police said.
Too much baggage
Accused Aditi Mitra was intercepted at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, and subsequently, arrested based on the lookout circular that had been issued against her.

Assistant commissioner of police Arun Jadhav confirmed her arrest said she was sent to police custody till March 23.
Mitra was allegedly trying to flee to Dubai for good. She was carrying eight big bags and two handbags. Of the eight, two contained her belongings; she refused to say what was in the other six, sources said.

Mitra, an independent representative associated with QNet, had been getting hefty commissions in return. She has multiple bank accounts, with one alone having Rs 25 lakh, as EOW officials found, adding that all her bank accounts have been frozen.

Active player
Investigators found that on the instructions of the other accused, Mitra was actively involved in the scam. She had brainwashed victims in order to induce them to invest in the scheme,” said special public prosecutor Pradip Gharat.

A victim, Sewri resident Arpita Majarekar, said, “She would conduct welcome sessions in malls and trap people with her sweet talk.

She had promised me and many others that if we invested in the scheme, we would get double the amount in three years.” Majarekar, who works in a private firm in Andheri, had invested nearly Rs 12.5 lakh in the scheme through Mitra.

She has been booked under relevant sections of the Maharashtra Protection of Interest of Depositors in Financial Establishments Act, Prize, Chits and Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act, and the Indian Penal Code.
6 years ago
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He also claims to be behind several actions that have been taken place by mumbai police and FFVA but the FACT remains that he has nothing to do with any of these actions being taken all over India.

He will convince victims to appoint him as an ADVOCATE and thereafter tell victims to deposit Rs 50,000 in various bank accounts to show that he has been apponited.

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Ever since you lost your hard earned money in QNET SCAM, you all have multiple questions and facing multiple issues like :

1. Where and whom to approach for recovering your hard earned money?

2. How to help fight and stop this QNET SCAM?

3. How to teach your CHEATER UPLINES a lesson?

4. Issues regarding the “so called” “REFUND POLICY”.

5. Are you eligible for “Compensations”?

6. Issues regarding action buy police authorities.

7. What is the status of the court cases etc.

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jitu moni
6 years ago
Four persons, who were associated with Hong Kong-based QNET, a multi-level marketing (MLM) company, and duped 200 persons by promising them jobs, were arrested by Central Crime Station (CCS) officials on Thursday. However, the MD and directors of QNET and its sister company Vihaan Direct Selling are still at large.

Deputy commissioner of police (CCS) Avinash Mohanty said Sreenath Konda, Prasanna Kumar Reddy, V Kanchana, B Dhan Raj were arrested from different locations in the city for cheating people.

Police said the accused had been enrolling gullible people as agents by collecting Rs 10 lakh from a group of 10 persons.

Each person would be given status of promoter, direct them to attract a group (i.e., 10 persons) and make them join QNET by paying Rs 10 lakh, for which the promoter would be assured commission.
Agyat Vyakti
6 years ago
jitu moni
6 years ago
Mumbai: The Supreme Court on Thursday directed the Maharashtra Government to file the latest status report regarding investigation so far on the anticipatory bail plea of World Billiards champion Michael Ferreira and four others, who are facing charges of money laundering in the multi-crore QNet case.

The next hearing in the matter will take place on September 14.

Besides Ferreira, the others whose anticipatory bail plea were rejected were Malcom Desai, Vanka Srinivas, Maganlal Balaji, all directors of M/s Vihaan Direct Selling (India) Pvt. Ltd, and Suresh Themiri, director of Transview Enterprises.
They are facing charges under Sections 420 (mischief), 468 (forgery), 471 (using forged document knowing it is not genuine) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

Justice Mridula Bhatkar of the Bombay High Court, who took on record the statement of public prosecutor Pradeep Gharat that investigations were still on, had in May rejected their anticipatory bail pleas.

Ferreira had started the operations of QNet, a multi-level marketing company, in India via his firm Vihaan Enteprises.

The QNet cheating case began with a complaint by Gurpreet Singh Anand, who raised his voice after losing Rs. 30,000.

According to the police, the money involved has crossed Rs. 1,000 crores in the alleged scam with more than five lakh investors allegedly losing their money in the case against QNet which is being probed by the Economic Offences Wing.
Agyat Vyakti
Replied to jitu moni comment 6 years ago
atul gupta
6 years ago

Be ready to fight against QNET/VIHAAN and all your uplines including friend.
1st Option
If your purchase on product receipts is in INR rupees then with in 30 days of purchase or if your purchase is in USD dollar then with in 7 days you can send email to Qnet customer support for refund otherwise Qnet will deny you refund. Then go to 2nd option which all need to go for even after you get refund to get QNET banned from India and to save our brothers & sisters.
1. Get your IR ID and products receipts first. Both will come to your mail box once your upline register your email id on portal. If email id is given wrong by your friend/upline then first send email to Qnet customer support with copy of Pan Card and ask them to update your email id first. Qnet will confirm you updation of your email id. Then call Qnet support and ask your product purchase details.
2. Send a cancellation mail for both products and IR ID to the support team of QNET with a subject line as "REFUND IN****" provinding all details of transactions and product details.Usually IR number will be like IN4444 and all. Attach scanned PAN CARD and product receipts in the mail to them.
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
3.Once this mail is sent, the support team will create a CRF number and send to Hong Kong team for approvals for the refund request. It will take 20-30 working days for the refund to be processed by Qnet.
4.Meanwhile, mail them or call them on every alternative days for an update. QNET Numbers are :
5.Once Refund request is completed ,they ask for the mode of payment. Better go for Money transfer to your account, then you have to send a scanned copy of your cancelled account cheque leaf or bank statement.
6.After 20 working days, you will get your money refunded of the product to your bank account.
7.Rest of money left , you collect from your upline by filing complaint in local police station.

2nd Option
pls all go for 2nd option even if you get money refunded as per option 1 by QNET to ban QNET and save indians.
File written complaint/FIR against your friend and all uplines at local police station and write in complaint that QNET is running money circulation scheme which is banned in india as per prize ,chit and money circulation scheme ,1978. Your uplines will be called by police and they will return you money through QNET or themselves as you can not get refund from Qnet after 30 days are over if products purchased through indian portal and after 7 days if purchased through world portal. Warn your uplines that you are going to file complaint/FIR against them. Besides above process kindly by post or by hand send your complaint to THE DCP, ECONOMIC OFFENSES WING, MANDIR MARG, DELHI also to ban QNET by using format of complaint given below.
In your complaint attach uplines photos, mobile numbers, your bank account statement if you transferred money from your account to upline account or cash/DD deposit receipt, pan card, address proof, purchase receipts. Mention in your complaint that meeting took place nearby your home or office otherwise local police will ask you to lodge complaint at police station where actual meeting took place. File complaint at your nearby police station and EOW DELHI both to fight against QNET. Do not sign any affidavit asked by your uplines to give back your money.

atul gupta
6 years ago
In India Qnet IR are duping and looting people on daily basis by using planned scripted way of showing their knowns and friends a business opportunity and chance to earn 5 crores in 5 years of project in partnership. They lure friends for investment from 3 lakh to 10 lakh to start business and after taking moneybuy products on online store of Qnet portal which are very expensive and useless products. Real purpose is not to sell products online but to induce new IR to indulge in chain business to trap more and more people for earning huge commissions through binary compensation plans. Even after cases going on Qnet in all over India still these agents are continuing this banned business of Qnet agressively.

atul gupta
6 years ago
Madras High Court in 2005 declared MLM as illegal business. Qnet previously known as Goldquest and Questnet have been declared fraudulent companies by SFIO and Parliament of India. Qnet founder Vijay Eswaran is an accused in fraud Goldquest case filed by Chennai police in 2008. MPID Act have been imposed on Qnet and Bombay High Court has declared it as nothing but money circulation as per PCMS Act. Enforcement Directorate has registered a case and Economic Offenses Wing Mumbai has arrested few leaders like Ram Singh of Qnet Infiniti group. Lookout circular issued against Infiniti leaders like Sachin Gupta, Kavita, Sharfun Shaikh, who have fled to places like Dubai. CERT has blocked Qnet websites under Court’s order. CB-CBI of Andhra Pradesh shut down Questnet and case is going on in court. Govt of Andhra Pradesh has passed order for attachment of properties of Questnet. Questnet MD Pushpam Appalanaidu has been arrested. Michael Ferriera of Team Faith and shareholder of Vihaan Direct Selling, a franchise of Qnet have been denied anticipatory bail by High Court. Maharashtra CM has assured enquiry into Qnet operations.

Free Helpline
Legal Credit