Retire later and live longer!
New York : If you are 65 and still working, it can be an add-on for you to live longer while retiring early may increase your chances of dying early, says new research, suggesting that there is a strong relationship between work and longevity.
The findings showed that healthy retirees who worked a year longer of age 65 had an 11 percent lower risk of death while unhealthy retirees who worked a year longer had a nine percent lower mortality risk which indicates that factors beyond health may affect post-retirement mortality.
"It may not apply to everybody but we think that work brings people a lot of economic and social benefits that could impact the length of their lives," said lead study author Chenkai Wu from the Oregon State University in the US.
The team analysed 2,956 people who had retired from 1992 to 2010 and looked at effects of retirement on health.
Poor health is one reason people retire early and also can lead to earlier death, so researchers wanted to find a way to mitigate a potential bias in that regard.
They divided the participants into unhealthy retirees -- who indicated that health was a factor in their decision to retire and healthy retirees -- who indicated health was not a factor. 
The results indicated that during the study period, about a 12 percent of the healthy and a 25.6 percent of the unhealthy retirees died. 
Working a year longer had a positive impact on the study participants' mortality rate regardless of their health status.
"Most research in this area has focused on the economic impacts of delaying retirement. I thought it might be good to look at the health impacts," Wu added in the paper published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.
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Srinivas Sreeram
5 years ago
It is a trash idea at least in the indian context. One is expected to spend time with grandchildren & plan for the next spiritual life. Working till late years means no time for spirituality. The suggested article is relevant only for those who do not believe in rebirth and only think that they can take the money to heaven or hell and do not have grandchildren.
Satish Yashwant Sabnis
5 years ago
I agree with this 'Retire Later and live longer' I can vouch for this as My Father worked post retirement after 58 years of age and lived till 83 years of age and that too very energetically. Unfortunately he was asked to retire at 83 years and that took a toll on his psyche and he died of heart attack that was uncalled for. I too am thinking of working actively post retirement due after 60 years age.
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