Risk and Diversification of Asset Classes
At a time of low interest rates and rising inflation, it is natural for money to seek higher returns. Every asset class has its own risks and some may have liquidity issues as well. We need to understand these risks and assess our risk appetite in money terms before venturing into new investments. Let us examine some assets that are off the beaten track.
Sovereign Gold Bonds...
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‘Zindagi ke baad bhi’: COVID and the Worries about Transmission and Succession
Sucheta Dalal, 13 May 2021
COVID’s virulent second wave has had a horrific impact on ‘people like us’ who believed that our social standing, savings and insurance would get us adequate healthcare and protection in a crisis.
The virus has shown us...
Financial Planning: A New Approach, in a Changing Financial Climate
R Balakrishnan, 15 April 2021
Summer is here and there is a heat wave in the stock market too. Everyone wants to pile on to the rally and it seems the market will keep rising. The lack of depth and breadth in our markets acts as a major accelerator. And strong...
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