Simple Tips to Tackle Interest Rate Hike on Your Home Loan
Nishant Vivek 22 August 2018
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Your home loan interest rate usually depends on your lender, the central bank’s policies, and the current economic climate in the country. During times of inflation, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) may hike the base rate, which may impact your home loan interest rate and subsequently your EMIs or your tenor.
Longer the tenor, higher the amount you pay towards your interest on the home loan. Here are a few tips to help you manage the home loan interest rate hike.
Consider negotiating the loan terms with your lender
You can try negotiating the loan terms that your lender puts forth. Instead of agreeing with the repayment burden when there is an interest rate hike, it may help to speak to your lender first. A home loan EMI calculator may help you check the likely impact of the interest rate hike on your tenor and EMIs. Compute to see what suits your repayment schedule better. You can then negotiate with your lender asking them to adjust the home loan interest rate hike with your tenor or EMIs. Since the home loan amount is huge, increasing the tenor by 1-2 years owing to a spike in interest rate will decrease your burden momentarily. But remember, the longer you take to repay your loan, the higher will be your overall interest payment for the loan. So, ask your lender if they can consider restructuring your home loan on terms that suit you.
Consider prepaying a part of the loan
The EMI for your home loan consists of two parts—interest on the principal and the principal amount. If you face an interest hike during repayment, you can consider pooling 
together your extra income, bonus from your employer, and your savings or investment earnings. Use this handy cash to prepay a bigger chunk of your loan. This will immediately decrease your main principal amount and reduce your EMIs. So the new home loan interest rate will not be applicable on your whole borrowed sum. 
A word of caution: Take this step only when your prepayment amount brings you a bigger relief and considerably reduces your tenor or EMIs. You can use the home loan prepayment calculator to determine the changes you will face owing to prepayment on your loan. Dip into your savings only when you are convinced that it is a viable option.
Consider home loan refinancing with a different lender
In case you face a rate hike on your home loan, you can try getting your loan refinanced with another lender, say an non-banking finance company (NBFC). Lenders like Bajaj Finserv offer a Home Loan Balance Transfer facility, where you can switch your existing home loan without any hassles. This will not only bring down the interest rate on your home loan but also give you access to additional benefits. These include features like the Flexi Hybrid facility, 3 EMI-holiday, top-up loans, nil foreclosure charges and more.
As a start, you should consider the possibility of a rate hike right when you avail a home loan. Basing your choice of a lender on the interest perspective will help you start your loan journey with ease.
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Ravi Verma
3 years ago
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Ashok Shukla
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