The sickness industry

Time has come to go back to our ancient methods of healing the sick and not curing his/her pathology. The wellness model needs to be popularised among the younger generation who are unfortunately sold to the western methods of junk food, chemicals-loaded soft drinks and some stimulants, in addition

“A fly may sting a stately horse and make him wince; but one is but an insect, and the other is a horse still -- Dr Samuel Johnson

Healthcare, as it is called and advertised, is, in fact, an industry based on human misery and/or sickness. No industry wants its business to go down in the interest of its stake holders. Naturally, the establishment does not want sickness to disappear! Therefore, the so called healthcare has become a ‘health scare’ industry to get more business. Fear is the key to most, if not all, illnesses. By creating fear in the minds of the people, the industry is disease mongering. The daily media announcement of this or that new epidemic or disease has increased lately. That has very little scientific basis. Most of the data so advertised comes from sexed up and doctored data from reductionist cross sectional, epidemiological studies. The whole field is based on statistics. Epidemiologists are good at producing epidemics at any time based on industry's needs.

Why are we where we are today?

The history of the so called modern medicine is full of contradictions at every age. It all started as sorcery, mumbo-jumbo, and witch craft five thousand years ago on the banks of the River Nile. Then it travelled to Arabia which had at that time a more evolved and mature healing system from which modern medicine of those days got lots of benefit; Avicenna, or Ibn Siena, was the leader of that area who influenced modern medicine greatly. Then it came to Greece where it stayed for a long time. Asclepiads were very popular in Greece, especially around the Isle of Cos. It was in Greece that modern medicine of today had its influence from Indian Ayurveda, a system that was in vogue in India for “times out of mind” and was based on a very sound holistic scientific base, coming from the Vedic wisdom, thanks to the books and scholars brought to Alexandria by the returning Army of Alexander the Great.

Around the twelfth century, this system was accepted by the European Universities of those days as “science”. That is when modern medicine started to ride piggyback on the reductionist sciences of physics, chemistry and biology. The leading centre of excellence, the Mecca of medicine, was Vienna those days. The first ever textbook of modern medicine was written by Charles Schaarscmdist, a brilliant young Russian from Volga Valley, who excelled in his studies in Vienna to become a professor there at a very young age of twenty six. His book gives the best management methods for most of the major illnesses thus: which looks very modern even today, viz. 1) change of mode of living, 2) tranquillity of mind, and 3) drugs rarely, if ever. What a beautiful advice which would fit any good health care system even today!

The Royal Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons came on the scene around the eighteenth century and are at the forefront of medicine and its research in the UK. The story on the other side of the Atlantic is more dramatic. Up until the beginning of the twentieth century there were many effective systems of medicine in practice. In fact, radioaestheisa, herbal medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture, magnet therapy, and chiropractic were all very popular along with the so called modern medicine. It was in the year 1899 that DP Palmer showed chiropractic to be based on sound science. By the end of the nineteenth century Americans discovered oil and paper money. Greed follows money everywhere.  Three big oil companies came up both in New Jersey and Texas-Rockefellers, Andrew Carnegie and JP Morgan’s. They were competitors to start with but soon realised that forming a cartel would give them better leverage. Incidentally, they realised that the naphtha base has many chemicals that could be used as drugs!

They also realised that if they could control medical education in the USA they could hit it big and destroy all other systems prevalent then. They convinced the government to form a one-man commission to study medical education. Cunningly they got their own chela, Abraham Flexner, appointed as that one-man commission. In less than nine months Mr Flexner was able to inspect all the 144 odd medical schools! He declared that only those schools funded by the above cartel and doing research on pharmaceutical chemicals were scientific and the rest needed to be closed down, thus reducing the total number to about 47. This is the scientific basis of modern medicine even to this day! This brought down the doctor population also significantly thus enabling them to raise their fees and also be the tools in the hands of the cartel to further the latter's agenda. Usually the UK follows the American model these days, especially in medicine, although most of the original wisdom in western medicine came from Europe. This model did not succeed fully in the UK as the Royal Family did not agree to ban homeopathy as they all depended on that system. Homeopathy survived in Britain but is getting bad press these days with paid doctors bashing the system regularly with full page so called scientific arguments to demolish that wonderful system!

Christopher Toby was an influential senator at that time. His son Toby Jr came down with a peculiar cancer and the mainline (scientific) medical world declared him as almost dead giving up all hopes. Toby Jr would not take it lying down. He sought alternate systems and got completely cured. Senator Christopher Toby smelt a rat. He got the government to have a commission to see if alternate methods of medical care, prevalent in America up to the beginning of the twentieth century, were really bad or good. The commission was headed by Benedict Fitzgerald. The latter, after studying the system very thoroughly, wrote a very damning report showing that there is, in fact, a hidden conspiracy to kill the effective alternate systems by the above mentioned cartel to sell their chemicals!   

The new science of medicine

Matter and energy being shown as two faces of the same coin, the human body becomes the human mind as an illusion. Human beings are being run by the universal consciousness through their individual consciousness, the mind. Reductionism, organ based specialisation, and the RCT based clinical drug trials lose their value with this new awareness. Whole Person Healing (WPH) is the future. Even the conventional western view is slowly but, firmly, veering round to that line of thinking. Sir Michel Rawlins, the present chief of NICE, the National Institute of Clinical Excellence in the UK, recently opined that the RCTs, long considered to be the benchmark of good research, had been put on an undeservedly high pedestal. Further work in four leading Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Hamburg and Munich did show that the so called ‘Placebo Effect’ is more important than the drug given for any illness thus showing that the mind is the supreme commander in illness care. Placebo Effect has also been scientifically proven using fMRI to be due to the release of very powerful opiates from the forebrain.

Human cells, of which there are fifty trillion in all, are individuals capable of independent life on their own. Although they look different morphologically they all work identically in every organ. Organs based disease models lose their value in this background. The real human brain is in the cell membrane, called MemBrain by the leading cell biologist, Bruce Lipton, which is our connection with the external world or the universal consciousness. Even death and rebirth could be now scientifically explained! Our genome has only 25 thousand odd genes but our meta-genome has more than several trillion genes most of which belong to the trillions of germs that have come to stay with us over the millions of years that we lived as single cell organisms. The metagenome is unlikely to be fully cracked even if all the world laboratories work in that direction for the next one century!

Darwin’s theory seems to have been overtaken by Lamarck. We are the children of our environment rather than of our genes. There is no survival of the fittest. Life goes on only by co-operation and not by competition. In short, every illness seems to be based on the human mind, hereinafter called body mind, as there is no distinction between the two anyway! Even this world has been described by a John’s Hopkins physicist, Richard Conn Henry, as “immaterial-mental and spiritual”. For the novice there is a nice, simple book which gives the details of this new biology by Nobel Laureate, Albert-Szent Gyorgi—Sub molecular Biology. The main line hard core biologists think that their erstwhile genius of a teacher has gone nuts to write this book! That is the influence of the sickness industry which seems to have hit gold with genetic engineering and stem cell work etc although the patients as recipients of their efforts fail to get any benefit at the end of the day.

What is the future?

The new science of biology and medicine makes it easier for patients to have less expensive but more effective healing methods. The conventional disease model is outdated. We will have to go in for whole person healing. There have been attempts to authenticate cheaper healing methods using hard scientific yard sticks. Our group, The World Academy of Authentic Healing Sciences, is in the forefront in this area. We have a group of fifteen world-class scientists helping us to authenticate the healing methods even in other alternate systems of medicine. Future is for an integrated system which retains some of the corrective surgical methods from modern medicine along with selected emergency care methods. Preserving the health of the well should be the backbone of the future system. That was the core of Ayurveda—Swasthashya swaastha rakshitham—preserve the health of the well using immune boosters, the leading Light here is the sunlight itself. Now that we know that individual cells, which work identically are at the root of our illness and/or wellness we could take advantage of energy, known and/or occult to correct the defects. Our group has succeeded in getting any cell (tissue) damage corrected by using electromagnetic energy of a particular frequency with remarkable success. Other groups elsewhere are also working with many other simple, inexpensive methods to heal the sick. Of course, the multi trillion dollar sickness industry will try and sabotage the efforts for their survival. We have to work hard to show them how they could still do business in the new future healing arena by modifying their thinking and their dubious methods.

As these methods have come after the so-called modern medicine, I prefer to call the future healing methods as ‘Meta-medicine’, on the lines of meta-physics. Time has come to go back to our ancient methods of healing the sick and not curing his/her pathology. We have come one full circle. The wellness model needs to be popularised among the younger generation who are unfortunately sold to the western methods of junk food, chemicals loaded soft drinks and some stimulants in addition. This needs deschooling the whole society as they are, at the moment, oblivious to their surroundings that are being completely vitiated by vested interests for personal benefits.


Food is one’s medicine and medicine is one’s food is an old but, true adage. Indian food habits have been much healthier, certainly for Indians, but also for others. The agricultural methods need to be indigenised using organic farming. Drinking water and sanitation in our villages and city slums will have to be specially strengthened. The future healthcare system should be inclusive, taking even our poorest of the poor along with us. Today modern medicine could hardly reach less than 1% of the population. Medical education needs to have major radical surgery to make it need based for our country and relevant to our needs. Medical schools should lay stress on the scientifically authenticated healing methods of other systems as much as we do of western medicine.

Share our similarities, celebrate our differences—M Scott Peck

(Professor Dr BM Hegde was awarded a Padma Bhushan in 2010. Prof Dr Hegde has a string of degrees to his credit like MD, PhD, FRCP (Lond, Edin, Glasg, & Dublin), FACC and FAMS. He is also Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of the Science of Healing Outcomes, Chairman of the State Health Society's Expert Committee, Govt of Bihar, Patna. He is former Vice Chancellor of Manipal University at Mangalore and former professor for Cardiology of the Middlesex Hospital Medical School, University of London. Prof Dr Hegde can be contacted at [email protected]

BM Hegde
10 years ago
What a coincidence? Today's (5-1-2012) the Daily Mail on line has a nice article on homeopathy and its science. A good read for all doubting Thomas (es)

James Delingpole in Daily Mail on line today 5th January 2012.
On the science of homeopathy.

“They pride themselves on their rationalism, yet the foaming fury with which they pursue this modern heresy owes more to the religious fervour of Witchfinders General or Spanish inquisitors.
There’s often something insufferably smug about their attitude, too: ‘See how clever and rational I am! I know my science, I do. That’s why I hate homeopathy! I am a real sceptic, me.’
Well, yes, I too am all for the principles of post-Enlightenment rationalism. But surely one of those principles is a healthy awareness that none of us yet knows everything there is to know about everything. The history of scientific progress, after all, is the history of old ‘consensus’ theories bacterium; until 1934, nobody even suspected that the major part of the universe might comprise something called ‘dark matter’.
Does that mean that everyone was totally thick then, and that we have all the answers now? One day, perhaps, scientists will prove beyond all doubt that homeopathy is hocus pocus nonsense. But there are other possibilities, too.
The principle of homeopathy is that a remedy can be as dilute as Goldacre points out because the water retains the memory of the active ingredient; it doesn’t need lots of the remedy to work. This has been scoffed out of court by the sceptics.
However, Dr Luc Montagnier, the French virologist who won the Nobel Prize for discovering the Aids virus, and Nobel Prize-winning Cambridge physicist Brian Josephson both argue that water is capable of retaining some form of ‘memory’.
Josephson accuses homeopathy’s critics of ‘pathological disbelief’ — that is, they hold the unscientific view that ‘even if it were true, I still wouldn’t believe in it’.”

Read more:

Prakash Bhate
10 years ago
Can someone please tell the technical term for vaccination that is used in Ayurvedic literature? Or the volume/chapter/book in which it is explained. It amazes me that the Ayurvedic system allowed small pox to decimate the population over and over again for several centuries despite having a prevention technique under its very nose. It seems we are hemmed in by a system that is so greedy that it deliberately makes people sick and then ‘cures’ them to make money and another that is so secretive and averse to share information that it lets people die even if a cure or a prevention technique exists. Most likely, the vaccination technique was developed in late 18th century by a group of scholars in Bengal and it did not exist in the Ayurvedic literature. In which case, the credit for vaccination should rightfully be given to these scholars and not to Ayurveda.
The security code is a big problem. Till it is fixed, it is best to write in Word and then copy/paste.
BM Hegde
Replied to Prakash Bhate comment 10 years ago
“The Indian historian D.P. Agrawal suggested that the practice originated in India. (1) A religious rite having this effect was attributed to the physician Dhanvantari, founder of the Vedic tradition, in about 1500 BCE. As with other medical customs, the inoculation was associated with a Hindu goddess. This ancient inoculation procedure featured in the BBC documentary-What the Ancients Did for Us. In the 18th century Dr. J.Z. Holwell wrote the most detailed account for the college of Physicians in London, describing not only inoculation, but also showing that the Indians knew that microbes caused such diseases (2)
They lay it down as a principle, that the immediate cause of the smallpox exists in the mortal part of every human and animal form; that the mediate (or second) acting cause, which stirs up the first, and throws it into a state of fermentation, is multitudes of imperceptible animalculae floating in the atmosphere; that these are the cause of all epidemical diseases, but more particularly of the small pox.
The earliest written record of inoculation is thought to be found in 8th century India, when Madhav wrote the Nidāna, a 79-chapter book which lists diseases along with their causes, symptoms, and complications.[ According to Donald R. Hopkins (2002), Madhav included a special chapter on smallpox (masÅ«rikā) and described the method of inoculation to protect against smallpox.”
1) Agrawal, D.P.; Tiwari, Lalit. "Did you know that smallpox inoculation started in India before the West?". HIST: History of Indian Science and Technology. Retrieved 2009-11-06.
2) Holwell, John Zephaniah (1767). An account of the manner of inoculating for the small pox in the East Indies. London. OCLC 181708667.

If the questioners do a bit of home work themselves all their questions could be easily obtained by them, instead of taxing the writer to feed them with every minute data. Hard work helps.
Prakash Bhate
Replied to BM Hegde comment 10 years ago
Thank you very much for taking the time to provide information which, while conclusively confirms the existence of this knowledge in ancient Ayurcedic literature, raises serious questions on its dissemination and application by the then practitioners. It is very disturbing to learn, for me at least, that Ayurvedic practitioners, despite having access to this knowledge, let people die of small pox for 3200 years. Perhaps the technique was not perfected and had a low success rate. Maybe, people didn’t like the idea of getting inoculated. Or is it that the prevailing social order mandated that this treatment be available only to the privileged few who had access to temples? One will never know. The fact is that it took one Lady Montagu and Dr Holwell (early to mid 1700), and now you and Donald R Hopkins (early 2000), all starting from a non-Ayurvedic base and all but one foreigners, to get this knowledge out to the public.
10 years ago
The author says "Three big oil companies came up both in New Jersey and Texas-Rockefellers, Andrew Carnegie and JP Morgan’s. They were competitors to start with but soon realised that forming a cartel would give them better leverage". Carnegie was in the steel business and Morgan in the Banking and Finance. They did not own any oil companies, so could not have been competitors.
The Flexner report actually introduced German methodology for medical education in the US. According to Wiki, the Report sponsored by the Carnegie Foundation called on American medical schools to enact higher admission and graduation standards, and to adhere strictly to the protocols of mainstream science in their teaching and research. Many American medical schools fell short of the standard advocated in the Report, and subsequent to its publication, nearly half of such schools merged or were closed outright.
Replied to Java comment 10 years ago
Sorry to say, but Java seems to get his wisdom only from Wiki, which itself says that the information there is subject to changes, edits and may not be authentic.
Replied to Bullet comment 10 years ago
Wiki is specifically mentioned by me when its information is used, precisely to alert the readers. However just because it is from Wiki does not necessarily mean it is wrong. In fact, when it comes to technical subjects, it is most reliable. Cheers!
BM Hegde
Replied to Bullet comment 10 years ago
The reference for Flexner report is in this book. The confusion about our three old friends Rockefeller, Carnigie and Morgan have been clarified.

BOOK REFERENCE which has cross references which I am sure our friend will search.

Angioplasty, Bypass surgery and chelation therapy by BV Ghokale ISBN 81-902035-4-1.
Published by Multifields. 2011.

Before I get one more query from Wiki-wisdom let me give the full Fitzgerald report hereunder.

1953 Fitzgerald Report - Suppressed Cancer Treatments
(From: Why Animals Don't Get Heart Attacks, But People Do!)
Provided by Chris Gupta
April 04, 2007

"In the 1950’s, Congressman Charles Tobey enlisted Benedict Fitzgerald, an investigator for the Interstate Commerce Commission, to investigate allegations of conspiracy* and monopolistic practices on the part of orthodox medicine. This came about as the result of the son of Senator Tobey who developed cancer and was given less than two years to live by orthodox medicine. However, Tobey Jr., discovered options in the alternative field, received alternative treatment and fully recovered from his cancerous condition! That is when he learned of alleged conspiratorial practices on the part of orthodox medicine. He passed the word to his father, Senator Charles Tobey, who initiated an investigation. The final report clearly indicated there was indeed a conspiracy to monopolize the medical and drug industry and to eliminate alternative options.

The "Fitzgerald Report" was submitted into the Congressional Record Appendix August 3, 1953.

*We are conditioned to think that conspiracies are only conjectures and the domain of the lunatic fringe - when a conspiracy is nothing but another name for cartels , monopolies, cabals, combines etc.. This is simply another bait and switch tactic to confuse us from seeing the truth. CG

One issue modern, orthodox medicine still fails to accept or take seriously, is "cause" and "maintenance". That is to deal not just with surgery of sick tissue; but to deal with the cause of the problem, to try to prevent it in the first place; and, further, to try to prevent it from recurring!"

Extracted from: ** "Royal R. Rife" by Gerald F. Foye ISBN 0-9659613-3-8

**The Tortoise Shell's Science of Health Newsletter

Instead of acting on the report to resolve the serious shortcomings found in mainstream medicine The Fitzgerald Report was suppressed for 53 years. "Suggest you read the report below, then try to obtain a copy through regular channels."

"My investigation to date should convince this committee that a conspiracy does exist to stop the free flow and use of drugs in interstate commerce which allegedly has solid therapeutic value. Public and private funds have been thrown around like confetti at a country fair to close up and destroy clinics, hospitals, and scientific research laboratories which do not conform to the viewpoint of medical associations."

Benedict F. Fitzgerald, Jr., Special Counsel, US Senate Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce, 1953 [1]

1. Hon. William Langer, Congressional Record, August 3, 1953, p. A 5352.

Thanks to the tireless work of Dr. Stan Monteith who unearthed this seminal work. See his January 2007 newsletter for most enlightening comments.

Here, yet again is another manifestation of power and privilege of a few at the expense of the many! This at worst is an apt description of democracy - while at best - it is mob rule where the many smother the few. Like the sickness industry billed as health care , democracy is billed as an utopian system. A system, which is supposed to defend our freedoms when itself it is anything but free.... And has often been classic stepping stone to fascism.

I should hasten to add, that the following comments are in no way to belittle the work of many thousands of hard working doctors and associated health care professionals, who in the main, like the public, are themselves manipulated to conform to our current medical system. Those brave, courageous and heroic souls who do try to improve matters and/or buck the system are swiftly dealt with as per the said report. There clearly, are those who have different agendas as so aptly outlined in Dr. Stan Monteith's newsletter above.

This report is a hard hitting and deserved condemnation of the medical system with names, organizations and all, that has not changed to this day but has only become worse hence, this disclosure is even more credible today then it was in its own day - Reading it will drive home the reality of the situation we face. The transcript below is embellished with appropriate links. It will remove any doubts as to the dismal lack of safety and efficacy of mainstream cancer treatments to this day. Treatments themselves that are known to be carcinogenic. The most dangerous aspect about this, particularly to the unsuspecting, is the delay time, that can range from a few months to over 20 years, for cancer to manifest from the exposure to such primitive and mindless treatments. Furthermore, it is abundantly clear, as shown in the vaccine shenanigans , that there is in fact no intention to cure disease when common sense measures such as prevention, cause, whether nutritional and/or environmental are intentionally ignored.

Chris Gupta


Due the importance of this find I have created and uploaded an excellent 35 minute computer generated audio of the report here , while the original photo copy of the report is here . Unfortunately, many transcripts, indices are not available at this time hopefully these can be found at a later date. However, many of the treatments discussed in this report can be found in the excellent book: Politics in Healing : The Suppression & Manipulation of American Medicine


A Report by Special Counsel for a United States Senate Investigating Committee ... Making a Fact Finding Study of a Conspiracy against the Health of the American people.

THE UNDERSIGNED, as Special Counsel to the Senate Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee, was directed to supervise a study of the following:

1. All those individuals, organizations, foundations, hospitals and clinics, throughout the United States, which have an effect upon interstate commerce and which have been conducting researches, investigations, experiments and demonstrations relating to the cause, prevention, and methods of diagnosis and treatment of the disease cancer, to determine the interstate ramifications of their operations, their financial structures, including their fund-raising methods, and the amounts expended for clinical research as distinguished from administrative expenditures, and to ascertain the extent of the therapeutic value claimed by each in the use of its particular therapy.

2. The facts involving the discovery of, the imports from a foreign country of, the researches upon, and the interstate experiments, demonstrations, and use of the various drugs, preparations, and remedies for the treatment of the disease cancer, such drugs to include the so-called wonder drug Krebiozen, Glyoxylide, Mucorhicin and others.

3. The facts involving the interstate conspiracy, if any, engaged in by any individuals, organizations, corporations, associations, and combines of any kind whatsoever, to hinder, suppress, or restrict the free flow or transmission of Krebiozen, Glyoxylide, and Mucorhicin, and other drugs, preparations and remedies, and information, researches, investigations, experiments and demonstrations relating to the cause, prevention and methods of diagnosis and treatment of the disease cancer.

4. The facts involving the operations of voluntary cooperative prepaid medical plans and the organizations sponsoring said plans which are engaged in interstate commerce and which include in their programs medical treatment for the disease cancer, to determine the extent of their interstate insurance operations, the identity of their originators and sponsors, and the resistance, if any, that each insurer has experienced from any individuals, organizations, corporations, associations, or combines, in their attempts to offer protection to those who are afflicted with the disease cancer.

5. The facts involving the inequality of opportunity, if any, that exists with regard to race, creed or color, in connection with the admission of students, researchers, and patients to institutions throughout the United States engaged in cancer therapy

Activity Report

Pursuant to the above, the undersigned commenced a collection and study of material covering the operations of foundations, hospitals, clinics, and government sponsored organizations specializing in cancer problems, including the following:

American Cancer Society
American Medical Association
Anne Fuller Fund, New Haven, Connecticut
Babe Ruth Foundation
Black, Stevenson Cancer Foundation, Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Bondy Fund, New York
Jonathan Bowman Fund, Madison, Wisconsin
Crocker Cancer Research Fund, New York
Damon Runyon Cancer Fund
Phllip L. Drosnes and the Drosnes-Lazenbey Clinic, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Dr. F. M. Eugene, Blass Clinic, Long Valley, New Jersey

Government Organizations:
The Department of Health, Education and Welfare
a. Food and Drug Administration
b. Federal Trade Commission
Dr. Gregory Clinic, Pasadena, California
Hoxsey Cancer Clinic, 4507 Gaston Avenue, Dallas, Texas
C. P. Huntington Fund, New York
International Cancer Research Foundation, Philadelphia, Pa.
John Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Md.
Dr. Waldo Jones, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Dr. William F. Koch and Rev. Sam Swain Clinic, also known as the Christian Medical Research League, Detroit, Michigan and Brazil, South America
Lakeland Foundation, Chicago, Illinois
Lincoln Foundation , Medford, Mass.
Memorial Hospital, New York
Dr. K. F. Murphy and Dr. Charles Lyman Lofler Clinic, 25 E. Washington Street, Chicago, Illinois
New York Skin and Cancer Hospital, New York
Radium Institute of New York
Henry Rutherford Fund, New York
Charles F. Spang Foundation, Pittsburgh, Pa.
University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
University of Illinois, Champaign, Illinois

Thereafter, the undersigned travelled to Illinois to investigate the so-called Krebiozen controversy, and on July 2, 1953, wrote a report on his findings which is attached hereto and marked "Exhibit A." Included in this report was the evaluation:

"The controversy is involved and requires further research and development. There is reason to believe that the AMA has been hasty, capricious, arbitrary, and outright dishonest, and of course if the doctrine of 'respondeat superior' is to be observed, the alleged machinations of Dr. J. J. Moore (for the past ten years the treasurer of the AMA) could involve the AMA and others in an interstate conspiracy of alarming proportions.

"The principal witnesses who tell of Dr. Moore's rascality are Alberto Barreira, Argentine cabinet member, and his secretary, Anna D. Schmidt."

Thereafter, the undersigned visited other areas, interrogating medical men, and on July 14, 1953, wrote a further report. Included in this was the evaluation:

"Being vitally interested and having tried to listen and observe closely, it is my profound conviction that this substance Krebiozen is one of the most promising materials yet isolated for the management of cancer. It is biologically active. I have gone over the records of 530 cases, most of them conducted at a distance from Chicago, by unbiased cancer experts and clinics. In reaching my conclusions I have of course discounted my own lay observations and relied mostly on the opinions of qualified cancer research workers and ordinary experienced physicians.

"I have concluded that in the value of present cancer research, this substance and the theory behind it deserves the most full and complete and scientific study. Its value in the management of the cancer patient has been demonstrated in a sufficient number and percentage of cases to demand further work.

"Behind and over all this is the weirdest conglomeration of corrupt motives, intrigue, selfishness, jealousy, obstruction and conspiracy that I have ever seen.

"Dr. Andrew C. Ivy , who has been conducting research upon this drug, is absolutely honest intellectually, scientifically, and in every other way. Moreover, he appears to be one of the most competent and unbiased cancer experts that I have ever come in contact with, having served on the board of the American Cancer Society and the American Medical Association and in that capacity having been called upon to evaluate various types of cancer therapy. Dr. George G. Stoddard, President of the University of Illinois, in assisting in the cessation of Dr. Ivy's research on cancer at the University of Illinois, and in recommending the abolishment of the latter's post as Vice President of that institution, has in my opinion shown attributes of intolerance for scientific research in general."

It is a matter of common knowledge that the entire subject matter is highly controversial and thus further and additional research and development would entail more time. A controversy among renowned Surgeons, Pathologists, Cancerologists and Radiologists should not deter or silence this Committee from carrying out the mandate contemplated and expressly directed by the late Chairman of your Committee, Senator Charles W. Tobey, by virtue of the resolution passed by the Senate.

Now, passing on to another institution, I have very carefully studied the court records of three cases tried in the Federal and State Courts of Dallas, Texas. A running fight has been going on between officials, especially Dr. Morris Fishbein of the American Medical Association through the Journal of that organization, and the Hoxsey Cancer Clinic. Dr. Fishbein contended that the medicines employed by the Hoxsey Cancer Clinic had no therapeutic value; that it was run by a quack and a charlatan. (This clinic is manned by a staff of over 30 employees, including nurses and physicians). Reprints and circulation of several million copies of articles so prepared resulted in litigation. The Government thereafter intervened and sought an injunction to prevent the transmission in interstate commerce of certain medicines. It is interesting to note that in the Trial Court, before Judge Atwell, who had an opportunity to hear the witnesses in two different trials, it was held that the so-called Hoxsey. method of treating cancer was in some respects superior to that of x-ray, radium and surgery and did have therapeutic value. The Circuit Court of Appeals of the 5th Circuit decided otherwise. This decision was handed down during the trial of a libel suit in the District Court of Dallas, Texas, by Hoxsey against Morris Fishbein, who admitted that he had never practiced medicine one day in his life and had never had a private patient, which resulted in a verdict for Hoxsey and against Morris Fishbein. The defense admitted that Hoxsey could cure external cancer but contended that his medicines for internal cancer had no therapeutic value. The jury, after listening to leading Pathologists, Radiologists, Physicians, Surgeons and scores of witnesses, a great number of whom had never been treated by any Physician or Surgeon except the treatment received at the Hoxsey Cancer Clinic, concluded that Dr. Fishbein was wrong; that his published statements were false, and that the Hoxsey method of treating cancer did have therapeutic value.

In this litigation the Government of the United States, as well as Dr. Fishbein, brought to the Court the leading medical scientists, including Pathologists and others skilled in the treatment of cancer. They came from all parts of the country. It is significant to note that a great number of these doctors admitted that x-ray therapy could cause cancer . This view is supported by medical publications, including the magazine entitled "CANCER" published by the American Cancer Society. May issue of 1948.

I am herewith including the names and addresses of some of the witnesses who testified in the State and Federal Court. It has been determined by pathology, in a great many instances by laboratories wholly disconnected from the Hoxsey Cancer Clinic, that they were suffering from different types of cancer, both internal and external, and following treatment they testified they were cured.

Name Address Type
J. A. Johnson Ranger, Tex. Squamous Cell No. 2
Mrs. R. J. Hickman 1225 E. Allen St. Ft. Worth, Tex Melanocarcinoma
Robt. Thane Avoca, Tex. Myxoliposarcoma
Mrs. H. H. Johnson Denton, Texas. Adenocarcinoma
Mrs. Elmer Smith Wellington, Tex. Malignant melanoma
Mildred Rager 2101 Stovall St., Dallas Texas Melanoma
A. G. Burgess 2416 Wyman St., Dallas Texas Basal Cell Carcinoma
Ira Poston 5322 Victor St., Dallas Texas Basal Cell Carcinoma
W. E. Harmon Grapevine, Tex. Prickle Cell Carcinoma
Mrs. J. A. Robb Weatherford, Tex Basal Cell Carcinoma
Mrs. Lessie Hester Lubbock, Tex Adenocarcinoma of Uterus
Mrs. Lora Barnett Peniel, Texas Adenocarcinoma of Uterus
Mrs. E. E. Hockett Farmersville, Texas, RFD Prickle Cell Carcinoma
T. E. Truman Waco, Texas Epidermoid Carcinoma
Fritz Trojan Waco, Texas Squamous Cell type
Mr. C. W. Malone Brownwood, Tex. Basal Cell type
Val Seurer Hinton, Okla. Malignant Carcinoma
Jo Parelll Sportotorium, Dallas, Texas Malignant Carcinoma
Mrs. R. M. Hoffman c-o J. B. Baird Co.. Shreveport, La. Spindle Cell Carcinoma
Tom Coates Merkel, Texas Basal Cell Carcinoma
J. L. Renfro Merkel, Texas Malignant Carcinoma
Mrs. J. D. Douglas Ft. Worth. Tex. Duct-cell Carcinoma
Mrs. R. S. Turner Carcinoma Grade 3 Squamous Cell
Mrs. C. E. Mallory Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Mrs.Herman Thomas 5222 Merrimac St., Dallas, Texas Melanocarcinoma
Clifton H. Smith 5637 Hiram St., Ft. Worth, Tex Malignant Carcinoma
Rev.Horace W. Irwin West Warwick, Rhode Island Malignant Carcinoma

I have had access to literature by leading scientists in the field of medicine. The attention of the Committee is invited to the hearings held during the 79th Congress, in July 1946; Senate Bill 1875 being under consideration, wherewith it appears, as follows:

"Dr. George Miley was born in Chicago, 1907, graduated from Chicago Latin School, 1923, graduated with B.A. from Yale University in 1927, from Northwestern Medical School, 1932, interned at Chicago Memorial Hospital in 1932 and 1933, University of Vienna Postgraduate Medical School, 1933, 1934, following which he visited the hospitals in India, China and Japan. He is a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He holds a national board certificate and since 1945 he has been medical director of the Gotham Hospital, New York.

"Report of Dr. Miley of a survey made by Dr. Stanley Reimann (in charge of Tumor Research and Pathology, Gotham Hospital) before Senator Pepper's Committee on Senate Bill 1875, a bill to authorize expenditure of one hundred million dollars in cancer research.

"Dr. Reimann's report on cancer cases in Pennsylvania over a long period of time showed that those who received no treatment lived a longer period than those that received surgery, radium or x-ray. The exceptions were those patients who had received electro-surgery. The survey also showed that following the use of radium and x-ray much more harm than good was done to the average cancer patient."

"Dr. William Seaman Bainbridge, A.M., Sc.D., M.D., CM., F.I.C.S. (Hon.) was the recipient of six honorary degrees from various institutions, the most recent being the degree of Doctor Honoris Cause from the University of San Marcos, Peru. He has been surgeon at the New York Skin and Cancer Hos¬pital, Surgical Director of New York City Children's Hospital and of Manhattan State Hospital, Ward's Island, and consulting surgeon and gynecologist to various hospitals in the New York metropolitan and suburban areas.

"While there are some who still believe in the efficacy of radiation as a cure, my skepticism with regard to its value is being increasingly substantiated. But even with the best technic of today, its curative effect in real cancer is questionable. In 1939 the great British physiologist, Sir Leonard Hill, wrote: 'Large doses (of gamma and hard x-ray) produced destruction of normal tissues such as marrow and lymphoid tissue, leukocytes and epithelial linings, and death ensues ... The nation would, I think, be little the worse off if all the radium in the country now buried for security from bombing in deep holes, remains therein.'

" A neoplasm should never be incised for diagnostic purposes, for one cannot tell at what split moment the cancer cells may be disseminated and the patient doomed . Aspirating the neoplasm to draw out the cells by suction. This, too, is a very questionable procedure, for what of the cancer cells that may be present below the puncture point and around the needle which have been set free? It must be realized that while cancer cannot be transplanted from man to man, it can be transplanted in the same host.*" (See index)

* Although now we know that can in fact be transplanted from man to man. See:

Brain tumor linked to liver transplant

"There is a report from another source in which Doctor Feinblatt, for six years Pathologist of the Memorial Hospital, New York, reported that the Memorial Hospital had originally given x-ray and radium treatment before and after radical operations for breast malignancy. These patients did not long survive, so x-ray and radium were given after surgery only. These patients lived a brief time only and after omitting all radiation, patients lived the longest of all." (See index)

Doctors Warned To Be Wary In Use Of X-Rays In Disease Treatment, by Howard W. Blakeslee, Associated Press Science Editor.

"New York, July 6, 1948 ¬ X-rays and gamma rays can cause bone cancer is warning issued in 'Cancer,' a new medical journal started by the American Cancer Society. The bone cancer warning, covering more than twenty pages, is by Doctors William G Cahan. Helen Q. Woodward, Norman L. Higgin-botham. Fred W. Steward and Bradlev I. Coley, all of New York City.

"One of the most dangerous things about this kind of bone cancer, the report states, is the very long delay between the use of the rays and the appearance of the cancers. The delay time in the eleven cases ranged from six to twenty-two years."

"Doctor Herman Joseph Muller, Nobel Prize Winner, a world renowned scientist, has stated the Medical Profession is permanently damaging the American life stream through the unwise use of x-rays. There is no dosage of x-ray so low as to be without risk of producing harmful mutations." (See index)

See also:

Avoid X-Rays Especially To Children

X-Rays and Cancers

The Depths of Deceit Mammography

The attention of the Committee is invited to the request made by Senator Elmer Thomas following an investigation made by the Senator of the Hoxsey Cancer Clinic under date of February 25th, 1947, and addressed to the Surgeon General, Public Health Department, Washington, D.C., wherein he sought to enlist the support of the Federal Government to make an investigation and report. No such investigation was made. In fact, every effort was made to avoid and evade the investigation by the Surgeon General's office. The record will reveal that this clinic did furnish 62 complete case histories, including pathology, names of hospitals, physicians, etc., in 1945. Again in June, 1950, 77 case histories, which included the names of the patients, pathological reports in many instances, and in the absence thereof, the names of the Pathologists, hospitals and physicians who had treated these patients before being treated at the Hoxsey Cancer Clinic. The Council of National Cancer Institute, without investigation, in October 1950, refused to order an investigation. The record in the Federal Court discloses that this agency of the Federal Government took sides and sought in every way to hinder, suppress and restrict this institution in their treatment of cancer. (See testimony Dr. Gilcin Meadors, Pages 1125-1139 Transcript of Records, Case No. 13645, U.S.C.A.)

Among the numerous foundations and clinics which profess to possess a remedy for the treatment of cancer is the Lincoln Foundation of Medford, Massachusetts, which has been the particular target of the AMA. I have not had an opportunity to sufficiently explore the particular type of therapy employed by this institution. However, I understand it involves a unique theory of inhalant therapy and the transmission of bacteria-phage. In passing it is important to note that this technique was the subject of particular interest to the late Chairman who was a trustee of the Lincoln Foundation following a successful treatment of his son Charles W. Tobey, Jr. This remedy has been tried by hundreds of patients and it is alleged that these treatments have been proven beneficial.

Another institution which claims to have made some progress in the treatment of cancer is the Drosnes-Lazenbey Cancer Clinic of Pittsburgh, Pa. The reports would indicate that this institution is likewise entitled to a hearing before this Committee. The heavy toll of life being taken by cancer requires a searching investigation. The methods employed, as I understand it, is a substance known as Mucorhicin, which is reported to be of therapeutic value.

Under the fourth assignment concerning voluntary cooperative prepaid medical plans and any resistance encountered from organizations, associations or combines, it is a matter of public record in the Federal and State Court that medical associations have put up a road block whenever or wherever this is attempted.

The Committee on Labor and Public Welfare, through its Sub-Committee on Health, submitted the results of a study of health insurance plans in the United States, in a report issued in May 1951, 82nd Congress. This was accomplished under the direction of Dr. Dean H. Clark, now the Director of the Massachusetts General Hospital. This appears to be the first objective and impartial study of the scope, benefits and effectiveness of voluntary health insurance plans. It shows that one-half of the population at that time had some form of protection against the cost of hospital care, but three million had what can be called comprehensive protection against the cost of hospital and medical care. Specifically with reference to cancer, it would appear that an opportunity would be afforded members of this sort of a health program to periodic checkups to determine whether they had cancer. This subject was discussed at length between Kenneth Meiklejohn, Staff Director of the Sub-Committee on Health, and Senator Tobey two years ago. Correspondence between the two is available. The reports, of course, are available to the members of this Committee.

From a strictly legal as well as ethical approach, if one individual has the right to select his own physician or hospital, why cannot 10,000 individuals and their families determine that they intend to invest directly, or indirectly, in the construction and maintenance of a hospital, employ a staff of competent physicians, surgeons, technicians, laboratory experts, nurses, interns, et cetera, to look after their health problems? This is not so-called socialized medicine. It is purely voluntary. Here, as elsewhere stated in this report, the jurisdiction of the Committee may be limited. It may properly belong to the States and their legislators and courts to determine this problem. However, the general welfare clause of the Constitution may be the answer. If the Committee should determine that it has jurisdiction, I am of the opinion that competent legal evidence can be presented which will aid and assist the Committee in its final judgment.

With reference to the fifth assignment, you are advised that time did not permit me to ascertain the number of students or the increase thereof in the various medical schools through¬out the country. It has been suggested that a studied effort has been made by certain groups to keep the number of students enrolling in medical schools at a low figure . I do not assert this to be the fact and I doubt if the Committee would have jurisdiction to go into that question. This would properly belong to the States. If this is a fact, then the various State legislatures of the country should, of course, take necessary steps, consistent with the public welfare, to see that every opportunity is given to any boy or girl who possesses the necessary qualifications to be permitted to enter medical schools. If, on the other hand, this Committee believes that it has jurisdiction under the Gen¬eral Welfare Clause of the Constitution to go forward, then certainly it would be a proper and timely matter of inquiry. In any event, you do have jurisdiction and should complete the in¬vestigation in so far as cancer is concerned by those engaged in the research field.

A careful study of the subject matter embraced in the di¬rection of the late Chairman will disclose the tremendous importance of the investigation undertaken and the consideration of the results by the members of this Committee.

We have long since passed the age of witch hunting. We are, notwithstanding, living in an era of hysteria. Investigation seems to be the order of the day. Crude thinking results in hysterical action. Perhaps the converse is true. The beginning of hysteria is the end of sound thinking. Proceeding, therefore, to the end result sought by all, we recognize the value of our goal in striving for a sound, vigorous and healthful Nation at minimum costs. Money, however, lavishly spent to stamp out a dreadful scourge is sound public economy.

I have approached this problem with an open mind. Recognizing the importance of men skilled in the science of medicine, who are best informed, if not qualified, on the question of cancer, its causes and treatment, I directed my attention to the propaganda by the American Medical Association and the American Cancer Society to the effect: namely, "that radium, x-ray therapy and surgery are the only recognized treatments for cancer."

Is there any dispute among recognized medical scientists in America and elsewhere in the world on the use of radium and x-ray therapy in the treatment of cancer. The answer is definitely "Yes" there is a division of opinion on the use of radium and x-ray. Both agencies are destructive, not constructive. In the alleged destruction of the abnormal, outlaw or cancer cells both x-ray therapy and radium destroy normal tissue and normal cells. Recognized medical authorities in America and elsewhere state positively that x-ray therapy can cause cancer in and of itself. Documented cases are available.

This is true for Chemotherapy as well... CG

Chemotherapy is incapable of extending in any appreciable way the lives of patients afflicted with the most common cancers-and even the palliative effect of these toxic drugs, which supposedly improve the quality of life, "rests on scientifically shaky ground." That was the conclusion of West German cancer biostatistician Ulrich Abel, Ph.D., in the most comprehensive study ever undertaken on cancer chemotherapy. In his 1990 book Dr. Abel wrote, "There is no evidence for the vast majority of cancers that treatment with these drugs exerts any positive influence on survival or quality of life in patients with advanced disease." The advanced cancers to which Dr. Abel is referring are those malignancies responsible for over 80 percent of the cancer deaths in the Western industrial countries. "Among others, they include nearly all malignant tumors of trachea, bronchus, lung, stomach, colon, rectum, esophagus, breast, bladder, pancreas, ovary, cervix and corpus uteri, head and neck, and liver.. . . Tumors are called advanced if they are recurrent, disseminated, or not radically resectable."

Extracted from: Options by Richard Walters

The increased number of cancer patients in America of all ages and the apparent failure to presently cope with this dreaded disease indicates the necessity of a sustained effort of private and Federal agencies to continue research in the field of cancer; its causes and treatment.

If radium, x-ray or surgery or either of them is the complete answer, then the greatest hoax of the age is being perpetrated upon the people by the continued appeal for funds for further research . If neither x-ray, radium or- surgery is the complete answer to this dreaded disease, and I submit that it is not, then what is the plain duty of society? Should we stand still? Should we sit idly by and count the number of physicians, surgeons and cancerologists who are not only divided but who, because of fear or favor, are forced to line up with the so-called accepted view of the American Medical Association, or should this Committee make a full scale investigation of the organized effort to hinder, suppress and restrict the free flow of drugs which allegedly have proven successful in cases where clinical records, case history, pathological reports and x-ray photograph¬ic proof, together with the alleged cured patients, are available.

Accordingly, we should determine whether existing agencies, both public and private, are engaged and have pursued a policy of harassment, ridicule, slander and libelous attacks on others sincerely engaged in stamping out this curse of mankind. Have medical associations, through their officers, agents, servants and employees engaged in this practice? My investigation to date should convince this Committee that a conspiracy does exist to stop the free flow and use of drugs in interstate commerce which allegedly has solid therapeutic value. Public and private funds have been thrown around like confetti at a country fair to close up and destroy clinics, hospitals and scientific research laboratories which do not conform to the viewpoint of medical associations.

How long will the American people take this? To illustrate the stranglehold of the American Medical Association on legislation which in turn affects every household in America, let us look at a small 25 cent tube of penicillin ointment. Is it dangerous to have around the house for a cut or small bruise on your body? Rat poison can be bought without a doctor's prescription. The sale of arsenic must have a doctor's prescription. The sale of arsenic and rat poisons is small but not penicillin. Accordingly we must have a doctor's prescription in America to buy a 25 cent tube of ointment. In Canada, however, the Medical Association has not yet discovered THE GREAT DANGER of a small tube of penicillin ointment and, accordingly the people are able to buy it without paying a doctor for a prescription. To say that it is dangerous, is silly. To assert, rather, that it is but another manifestation of power and privilege of a few at the expense of the many would be more consistent with truth and wholly accurate.

What is the duty of this Committee and the members thereof? Your first duty, of course, is to do right. Properly considered, that is your only duty. In doing right, however, you owe a duty to the American people. In upholding the law and enacting legislation for the people of America, we look first to the instrument of our creation as a representative form of Government. Those powers not specifically conferred upon the Federal Government and denied to the States, are reserved either to the States or to the people. Thus the founding fathers very wisely created an area of freedom in which free men shall function. It is in this area set aside by the fathers of our Republic that people have the right to own property, transact business, build up a system of free enterprise without hindrance, harass¬ment or abuse of either the Government, State or Federal, or of other citizens, however powerful, so long as the people so engaged do not trespass upon the rights of others. This is the basic concept of liberty functioning in America. It may be said to be a reservoir of freedom. In this area we have mingled our money and blood with the races of mankind. We have demonstrated our ability to live together peacefully and happily, although we represent most of the races, most of the colors and most of the creeds. This was an innovation and a new experiment to the peoples of the old world. Out of and from this area has sprung the noblest dreams and saintliest purposes of mankind, purposes so strong and vital that it has become the envy and admiration of a waiting world. People look longingly to the shores of America and desire to make this their asylum of escape and hope for the future. It is more than a dream. It is a reality. While we have not solved all the problems of mankind, we have at least provided a sanctuary and the instruments of government, if properly guarded against the abuse of selfish men and organiza-tions who would bend it to suit their purposes, which could live for centuries to come. In this connection this Committee should investigate the advertising agency which controls all advertis¬ing in the Journal of the American Medical Association as well as the various State Journals. Why is the stamp of approval, by the so-called nutrition expert and their Council on Foods, placed on certain foodstuffs, denied to others, and others condemned, without a reasonable investigation? Is there any relationship between approval by these experts and the operation of the advertising agency in the offices of the American Medical Association?

May I, with propriety, call your attention to the tragedy which has invaded the United States Senate. Four great Americans, all of them, Senator McMahon, Senator Wherry, Senator Vandenberg and Senator Bob Taft were all stricken down with this dreaded disease. We are under a compelling moral obligation to the memory of these great public servants and to the untold millions of cancer sufferers throughout the world to carry on this investigation. We cannot do otherwise.

Respectfully submitted,

Benedict F. Fitzgerald

Special Counsel

PS: I am reminded of and old village adage which seems to be true. "When one does not like his wife one finds small stones in the curds."

If one were to quote Wiki in any scientific writing that paper will not even be reviewed!
Replied to Bullet comment 10 years ago
Not being an expert, I find Wiki and the internet useful resources to check facts. Please feel free to correct any incorrect information that I may have thus provided. Thanks.
BM Hegde
10 years ago
History is what historians write. May be the history books that we read are different. May be you are a historian.

Never did the article say that Egyptians were ignorant. They had very advanced science. In fact, building the Pyramids was not unscientific. Sakkara, the Chief architect of the Pyramids was the first orthopaedic surgeon who started splinting broken arms and legs.

Please note that this is not an article on histroy of medicine, neither did I claim that I am a medical hsitorian. Far from it. Very far indeed.

But modern medicine of today started as it is mentioned there as mumbo- jumbo etc.

There are many evidences in medical history to show what was written in the article. There could be difference of opinion, though. In fact, in every facet of past human existence one can never say that my view is correct and the rest is wrong.

I do not know how to satisfy every one. I have never said that I know every thing about history or for that matter, on anything. I was told by a friend that all wise men know that they are fools. May be Java sab knows a lot more of history or he might be a renowned historian.

How did the journey start and where it went could also have different interpretations. Whether Avicenna was an Arab or not also is now not clear. ( after I read java sab.) Till then all the texts that I had read did say that he was. Anyway, no one can swear by facts in history as no one has lived to see them in that age and time.

I hope I have made myself clear now.
Replied to BM Hegde comment 10 years ago
Thank you sir, for responding. It is always a pleasure to see some fresh thinking by our intellectuals and I look forward to reading more such ideas. At the same time, you will agree, it is important that writings by our eminent people, which will be relied upon by all the readers and future generations to form their opinions, should be well researched and factual to the extent possible. A passing commentator like me can be casual or muddled or even present opinions in the garb of facts, but an author may not have the luxury!
10 years ago
While I am not competent to comment on the rest of the article, may I suggest that the opening paragraph of "Why are we where we are today?" be made more factual.
1. The ancient Egyptians' medical knowledge is seemingly dismissed as mumbo-jumbo, sorcery and witchcraft. We know, however, that their mummies are well preserved even after millenia and they had an extensive pharmacopoeia. Homer c. 800 BC says in the Odyssey: "In Egypt, the men are more skilled in medicine than any of human kind" and "the Egyptians were skilled in medicine more than any other art"
Please see:
2. The centre of medical knowledge did not move to Arabia and then to Greece as seems to be implied, but the other way round. Avicenna (born c.980AD) was not an Arab, but from Bokhara (now in Uzbekistan) whereas Hippocrates "the Asclepiad of Cos" as Plato calls him in his Protagoras, was born c.460BC, nearly 1500 years earlier.
3. Is there any historical record of Alexander's army taking Indian physicians and books to Babylon after his Indian campaign, let alone to Alexandria, to which Alexander himself never returned, after founding the city in 331BC?
4. The para starts with "The history of the so called modern medicine is full of contradictions at every age", but does give any examples at all of such contradictions.
Nagesh Kini FCA
10 years ago
Wholely concur with Aroraji's views on Shadi Katyal's raving and ranting and frequent use of the word 'arrogant' both for Money Life and Dr. Hegde's writings.
Will the real Shadi Katyal stand up to clarify what he is trying to drive at? Apparently he is not a medical man, otherwise he would have known Dr. Hegde's formidable reputation.
People like Katyal ought to take care that they shouldn't display their ignorance in the public domain by shooting their mouth off at a tangent
Who is he to say no one knows of Dr. Hegde?
K Arora
10 years ago
Dear Prof Hegde

I am delighted that you have responded to ONE person's persistently cynical rantings. But there is no need. I am a regular reader of Moneylife and was delighted to see your writings here. I only want you to urge you not to be put off by this... and now that you say you live by Spinoza's philosophy, I hope to see a lot more of your writings here. Thank you for speaking out and making us better informed about medical malpractices and myths - what can be closer to a human being than what affects his/her own body?
BM Hegde
Replied to K Arora comment 10 years ago
I am grateful to you Arora sab.

Life is ups and downs-nights and days. There is light always at the end of the tunnel. One should learn to laugh at oneself-life becomes a comedy then. Otherwise it is always a tragedy.

One person sent me an email immediately after the first damning comment came out in this website- a gentleman from Mumbai.

If I were to get depressed by the first and get elated by the second, I could never enjoy life fully. No one can insult you without your permitting him. I never make my mind a football at others feet.

I have enclosed the first part of his writing in response to the badmouthing that I received here-for your kind perusal.


" Dear Dr/Sir Hegde,


I happened to read your brilliant piece on ‘bad’ medicine — “The sickness industry” — in Moneylife.

It prompted me to write to you — something which I always wanted to do, but never did.

I’ve always admired your work. Apologies for using a cliché.

Nevertheless, please permit me to ‘wax eloquent.’ Your erudition is enormous, a roseate apotheosis. What's more, you are endowed with both grace and flair, juxtaposed by a velvety ability to distil and ‘seamlessly’ integrate the vast complexities of medicine, without bias — this isn't an easy thing to do...

Well, I just can’t hold a candle to you — your stature, learning and genius are immense. You are the Rembrandt of medicine; I'm just a tyro, trying to get a hold, nay grip, of its easel, as it were.

I don't know how to introduce myself — please forgive me for the intrusion and/or impertinence, if any."
I have not disclosed his introduction part intentionally as I did not get his permission. He is a doctor himself.

Aroraji life goes on. Many who in the past were critical have become my best friends. Why should worry about what others feel about me as long as I know what I am and why I write what I write. I have no monetary angle to what I write and I do not get paid by any lobby to write what they want me to write.

Thank you very much for your encouragement.

BM Hegde
10 years ago
One correction please. Sorry.

Do NOT LAUGH at human action.
BM Hegde
10 years ago
I am grateful to A. Kumar, Shanthi Kumaran and Nagesh Kini for their opinions and Sucheta for her note added to my article. Many others have sent me email messages, in addition. I am beholden to all of them. Ingratitude is the highest sin in Indian culture, I am aware.

History is replete with examples of people suffering abuses for telling the truth. This is nothing new. My only sorrow is that one does not learn the art of disagreeing without being disagreeable.

There is so much good in the worst of us and so much bad in the best of us that none of us has the right to criticise any of us.

If any reader wants to know the inside story of cholesterol ghost they could visit this web site, put together by some of the great scientists of the world, led by Uffe Ravnskov.

Truth is very bitter. Winston Churchill once said that while falsehood and mystery have almost gone round the world, truth still hasn't had time to pull up its pants!

"He has a right to criticize who has a heart to help." Churchill.

Let us not hate anyone as hatred only begets hatred. The definition of health today has changed with the new concept of Whole Person Healing accepted by the I.O.M, the highest audit body in the USA. Health is "enthusiasm to work and enthusiasm to be compassionate." Co-operation alone can take this world forwards and not competition coupled with hatred.

Scientific discussions must happen in a conducive atmosphere. Reminds me of what Guruji wrote in his "Where the mind is free."

Our minds must be free of all negative thoughts if we have to think clearly. Negative feelings sap us of our energy.

One would be a new person if one reads this wonderful book by Candace Pert, a would have been Nobel Laureate but for her boss stealing her data. The book is Molecules of Emotion. Another classic in the same category by a great cell biologist, Bruce Lipton, is Biology of Belief. (Hay House Publishers)

If one wants to know how even Nobel Prices are given to the wrong people, thanks to Industry's influence, one would do well to read Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner's classic-Superfreakonomics. Falsehood runs the world powered by the greedy sharks. Truth is the casualty in this business.

I follow Spinoza's philosophy in life.

"Do not HATE human action,
Do not WEEP at human action,
Do LAUGH at human action,
But UNDERSTAND human action."
A Kumar
10 years ago
If you read the book The Great Chlosterol Con by Dr Macolm Kendrik, it will change your entire life.
It is a detailed account of how the Chlosterol theory was created by bribing the doctors and enabling sale of high value Statin drugs.

nagesh kini
Replied to A Kumar comment 10 years ago
Also read Arthur Hailey's Final Diagnosis and Strong Medicine.
Sucheta Dalal
10 years ago
Mr Katyal... how come you only picked on the Padma Bhushan and not on his various educational qualifications that gives him the background, the education and the right to comment?
He is one of the rare doctors who speaks out on problems with the industry. Frankly, I believe Prof Hegde does not require your approval. WE are extremely proud that he is writing for us and that there are highly qualified persons like him who are willing to stick their neck out and take a contrarian stand on issues.
Anyone who has studied ayurveda - and my mother is one such person - will tell you that India's gurukul tradition and the secretiveness of many gurus have prevented the spread of learning or sometimes destroyed it. Epidemics have often wiped out villages or several generations of people and the learning has been lost. Its easy to be an armchair critic ... and it is very sad when that is used to denigrate people of such learning.
Shadi Katyal
Replied to Sucheta Dalal comment 10 years ago
Sucheta ji,
It is evident that I must have stirred a behive. I just asked questions and reply from the writer of article was rather demeaning as he is writing on Health.
No one mentioned that we should stop his further writings,I didn't approve or disapprove but asked simple question and he came back with arrogant reply. Like our old colonial system, we cherish such awards which for layman has no value.
If you read I did mention that all those titles of his qualifications must have required some work. It is our own thin skin that we feel being denigrated whether it is politics or any subject. When are we going to leave our this enslaved mentality.
As for Ayurveda I am well aware as it was such medication which saved my father's life while we tried other medications. I am also aware of Unani medicine.

You didn't reply on my request about security code. Could you please do anything about it?
Replied to Shadi Katyal comment 10 years ago
You are jobless, attention-grabber and rabble-rouser. Dr Hegde's reply was not arrogant at all
Shanti kumaran
Replied to Shadi Katyal comment 10 years ago
Actually, even I as a reader find your tone with regard to Prof hegde offensive. I notice that someone called Kini has said the same thing. And Sucheta Dalal's effort at putting his background in the public domain also reflects that she finds your tone and comments needlessly nasty. I dont see what is the point you are making through these innumerable comments that are attempting to run-down a person of enormous achievement and eminence. I also dont understand Moneylife's tolerance for this ... while freedom of speech is fine, this kind of persistent nastiness must be dealt with firmly. Do consider the suggestion.
Shadi Katyal
Replied to Shanti kumaran comment 10 years ago
I am rather surprised that how thin skin we have become. What has I written that is offensive. I asked a question and he came back with his arrogance instead of reply.
There was never an intent of offending anyone but it is all in the mind.
Do you not like any questioning and why??No one has run him down but he is the one who looked down with his reply
I have never heard of him and you talk of his achievements. Why dont you give some examples of his such achievements which has benefited the nation and the POOR?
It is your statements about nastiness as all you can see from your view point and now you are asking the money life to start censor. Why did we not learn anything from emergency and KGB rule . You are welcome to make your comments but it your own letter which shows such nastiness and trying to shut up and not ask questions.
You and I have very different view of freedom os speech and asking questions and keep in mind that no disrespect was intended or shown
Shadi Katyal
10 years ago
Sucheta ji,
Thanks for the introduction of Dr./Prof BM Hegde and his achievements. All these other than his educational degrees don't impress anyone as it did during the colonial days. Yes work is required to achieve such words or associations. Does his receipt of Padma Bhushan give him right to ignore questions when it is him who is discussing the health issues? Why are we so arrogant???
I would like to point out that you need to correct the system as the original letter I wrote and due to some mistake in security coe the whole wiring disaper and instad of returning back for new code.
Many times some letters are not rewritten due to this technicality. Can you do anything about???
The last line on notification of any letter should be removed as at times one can press the wrong here and finds his name removed etc.
nagesh kini
Replied to Shadi Katyal comment 10 years ago
I certainly resent the contents and tone.
You need to respect a veteran professional.
I'm an unabashed fan of Dr. Hegde.

Yes, I, too suffered Shadi's problem of mismatch of the security code. Something needs to be done fast.
shadi katyal
Replied to nagesh kini comment 10 years ago
Mr. Kini , it is nothing personal as you feel but as the article is on health, I have every right to ask for references. Lot of people have never heard of his name despite being Padma Bhushan award. Are you telling us that we should just take the arrogance being our national way of addressing. Look at TV and see such arrogance from VIP lot.
The questions were never asked to show any disrespect but for knowledge and how do we learn if such negativity is shown
Sucheta Dalal
10 years ago
On behalf of Moneylife, I apologise for the omission of a full introduction to Prof B M Hegde.
This has led to several thoughtless comments about the facts stated by him. Pls read his credentials

Professor BM Hegde,
MD, PhD, FRCP (Lond, Edin, Glasg, & Dublin), FACC, FAMS
Padma Bhushan Awardee 2010
Former Vice Chancellor, Manipal University.
BM Hegde
10 years ago
Dear Sir,
The references are not only complete they are with full details. That is how scientific references are given. You can get more on that from your own research. I do not think I can and am duty bound to answer all your queries. If you do not believe in my writings please ignore them. Why do you think it is my duty to reply to all your questions? In fact, in science there can not be an answer to the question "why"?

If you read Sherrington, a Nobel Laureate physiologist, who wrote in 1899 that positive sciences will never be able to answer the question why; while they are able to answer "how" or How much but not why? One could answer how does the heart contract but not WHY does the heart contract. Ratio Rei is, there fore, not reason why. I need not give you the details of when and where he wrote that. You can find it out for yourself if you are searching for the truth. No more questions please.
BM Hegde
10 years ago
Dear Sir,

Sitting in your arm chair you made a couple of cryptic remarks. You wrote that I do not have any basis for what I write. You also very lightly dismissed the vaccination truth and laughed at statin producing diabetes.
Modern drugs are the leading cause of disease and death is shown time and again. It is also true that when doctors went on strike in the past 25 years in five countries death and disability rates plummeted down only to climb to the original levels when doctors came back to work! Original reference in BMJ (find out).

Let me tell you that it took me nearly half a century of very hard work to write what I write and I do not enjoy condemning any system of healing as that is my profession but the population, especially the less fortunate ones, should know the facts.

I am giving you the authentic reference for the statin statement in my article which you thought was silly.

Sattar N, Preiss D, Murray HM et. al
Statins and risk of incident diabetes: a collaborative study. The Lancet 2010; 375: 735-742 and more.
(You can get many such references for statin being the most dangerous drug!)
I am sure with your fecund experience in modern medicine you know better than all these research studies to think that statins are safe.

Next is for the vaccination comment.
I think I better stop replying to such questions to save my time and energy.

I am sure the questioners will check the original data.

Read the book by Edward Jenner titled
Variolae Vaccinae.
***Notice how medicine man Jenner cleverly uses the scientific name for smallpox, VARIOLAE, and associates it with the cow disease of cowpox. He NEVER mentions the name VARIOLAE VACCINAE again in his book. It is mostly about HORSE GREASE being the cause of smallpox of the cow. Jenner figured that very few people would actually read the book but most would just look at the COVER and make a mental association between Smallpox and Cowpox.
Dr. Charles Creighton— a brilliant Scottish doctor—exposed Jenner's clever sleight of hand in his masterly tome:Jenner and Vaccination.

Dr. Charles Creighton
Cover of Jenner's book written in 1798.

(Research notes from 'Lady Mary Wortley Montagu' by Isobel Grundy - Wellcome Library)
However the greatest Western credit must go to Lady M.W. Montagu, a society literary figure, who introduced this ancient Indian inoculation practice to the West when she returned from Constantinople (Istanbul) in 1718. She had already had her son inoculated in Turkey (once part of the great Persian Empire) with great success, and yet she courted huge controversy in London by having her 3 year old daughter inoculated by the same unheard of Indian method. She was castigated by the Press and the medical profession, (sounds familiar ?) there were calls of 'black magic' and 'the devil at work' critizing this strange practise of inoculation and she was further lambasted as an unfit mother putting her 3 year old daughter at terrible risk, as thousands of people had already succumed and died from the 'pox' epidemic in 1721 London.
The Royal Society found this unique medical intervention difficult to believe for how could inscribing some contagious noxious matter into a healthy body protect them from the killer 'pox' epidemic!
Lady Montagu's 3 year old daughter survived the 1721 epidemic and her critics were silenced. In the 'Flying Post', September 13th 1722, Lady Montagu wrote a scathing piece on doctors.
"As a laywoman, I saw most doctors not as incorruptible professionals or heroic reformers, but as diehards protecting their income and prestige, or as opportunists seizing a new niche in the market."
Lady Montagu felt innoculation was too important to be left to doctors !
This story is nearly 300 years old but it is, as if it happened only yesterday !!
The ancient Indian Ayurvedic method had of course protected her daughter so the inoculation had proved highly successful - medical people started to wake up and take note, then the word soon filtered across the Atlantic to America - the rest is history, thanks to Ayurvedic tradition and Lady Montagu - a determined mother with vision.
More acclaimed Western doctors began investigated this ancient Indian method and in 1767 came a description which is familiar to almost everyone who has had a modern-day vaccination. The surgeon Dr. J.Z. Holwell F.R.S. reported to the Royal College of Physicians, London, how the Brahmins of India went from door to door to inoculate villagers against smallpox. The surgeon describes how small wounds were made on the outside of the arm, between the elbow and the shoulder, and a piece of dry calico cloth with ‘infected pustules’ was rubbed onto the wound – a forerunner for our own modern day campaigns for systematic immunization against infectious diseases.
Much later after this method was proven to be safe and effective, in 1798, along came Dr. Edward Jenner to take all the credit! However his acclaimed published work on vaccination owes a great debt to the East where the revolutionary principle of immunization first came from, although never acknowledged.
Not unlike to-day, where the Western medical profession ego's are indeed very fragile to pay any credit to another medical system like 'Ayurveda'. Smallpox like TB is an ancient not modern disease. Down through the ages there are references to smallpox. Ernest Mackey identifies ‘Sitala’, (the Hindu word for smallpox), as one of the seven Deities on an earthen plate from the famous ruins of ‘Mohenjo-Daro’ 2,900 B.C. And 12th Century images of the Goddess ‘Sitala’ are at various temples in Osian, Rajasthan and at Modhera in Gujarat. (Ref: British Library. Basu- G. Krisha 1978. P.94 & Cult of Goddess Sitala in Bengal. ORW 1996 & 1729. S.K. Mukhopadhyay )

shadi katyal
Replied to BM Hegde comment 10 years ago
One is rurpised to read that while you are writing an article about Health and than declare that you have no time to reply certin quesions asked. While giving references to books and studies one needs not only name of the subject but wrioter and publisher along with year.
It is your duty to let the readers know where and how you collected the data.
for instance about Stenis where was this project done and how did you or writer came to number od new cases due to this procedure.Why do we Indians fee above othrs and show such arrogance instead of giving simple anwers.
So Small Pox Vaccine was and Indian remedy but iot never was tried or was it the superstition of Hindus that stopped the experiment. Plese be clear
Happy New Year
Replied to shadi katyal comment 10 years ago
we need informed debate, not pests. katiyal has nothing better to do than yell
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