Weekly Moneylife Indices & Sector Trends
Moneylife Digital Team 23 July 2021
From 16th July to 22 July 2021, ML Micro-cap Index and ML Small-cap Index rose 2% and 1%, respectively. ML Mega-cap Index ended flat. The Sensex, ML Mid-cap Index, ML Large-cap Index and the NIFTY fell 1% each.
Foreigners: Foreign institutional investors were net sellers of equities during the period (Rs5,281.26 crore). They...
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The Hope Ecosystem
R Balakrishnan, 23 July 2021
It is a wonderful season at the capital markets. Name familiarity and the lure of big and quick money are helping some wonderful things happen. Look at the initial public offerings (IPOs). No, it does not matter if the companies...
A Fast-growing Niche Micro-cap
Moneylife Digital Team 23 July 2021
This is an interesting micro-cap company which has 40% of global market share in its niche business. T&I Global (TIGL) manufactures and exports customised processing equipment for CTC (crush, tear, curl), orthodox and green tea....
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