What Happened to Closed-ended Equity Schemes?
Clinton Fernandes 05 June 2021
Mutual fund (MF) schemes come in two distinct categories – open-ended and closed-ended. Open-ended schemes are most common and popular due to their always-open investment and withdrawal feature. 
On the other hand, a closed-ended scheme locks in your investment at the time of its launch and can be withdrawn in most case, only during its maturity date.
Despite its...
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Arbitrage Schemes: You May Be Losing Returns because of This Mistake
Clinton Fernandes 27 May 2021
Equity arbitrage schemes are a hybrid category of mutual fund (MF) schemes that invest mainly in equities, but in a manner that is safe and earns predictable returns. This allows the scheme to generate fixed-income-like returns and...
Exchange Traded Funds vs Index Funds: Which One Is Better?
Clinton Fernandes 21 May 2021
Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and index mutual funds are entering the mainstream; but asset managers have done little to educate investors about these products and their differences. We explain both of these products so that...
NFO Review: Parag Parikh Conservative Hybrid
Clinton Fernandes 14 May 2021
PPFAS Mutual Fund has launched a new open-ended conservative hybrid scheme called Parag Parikh Conservative Hybrid Fund. The scheme will predominantly invest in debt papers and have a small allocation to equities and investment...
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