www.Cam-Recorder.com: Create Videos Online or Offline
Cam-Recorder is a simple tool to create videos online or even offline. Just click on the Record button and start recording. It uses your microphone and webcam to create the recording. (Remember to give permission to your camera and microphone before you start.) It uses native recording capabilities of your browser; so you do not need anything else.
The recording takes place locally. So, after the recording is over, you can save it on your local hard-disk. After saving it, you could send it to any recipients via email, WhatsApp or any other mode of sharing.
Your recording is never transferred to any remote system unless you choose to do so. You can upload it, if you so desire, and mark it as public or private or unlisted. It also gives you an option to automatically upload it to YouTube.
All in all, a very simple video-recording tool.
1 year ago
hey guys
2 years ago
The video quality is not that great on my laptop. It is acceptable from my Ipad. If I want to teach a class using a PPT then this website doesn't help.
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