Medical developments from around the world
science, medical, medicine, modern medicine, medical literature
Medical literature is like a thick jungle with 7.5 % new information pouring into biology...
milk, mother's milk,
Humans don’t even have the enzyme to digest milk. And now, milk carries carcinogens
science, medical, medical, medical healing, medicine,
Let us teach our young children in school that true science is learning from the workings of...
Medical developments from around the world
salt, consumption of salt, is consumption of salt good?,
Is consumption of salt really good for health? What you need to know about salt
fakery syndrome, fakery, fake critical illness, critical illness,
Hospitals often diagnose fake critical illness or serious injuries just to loot hapless patients
science, environmental pollution, scientific, scientism
Medicine does not believe in the wellness concept. Everyone is ill unless proved otherwise is...
modern medicine, western medicine, medicine, medical, health, healthy
Modern medicine’s scientific base is still shaky. Yet, it is prevalent today, thanks to...
disease, rotavirus, medical industries, vaccination, vaccination industry
Disease mongering occurs at a feverish pitch in the vaccination industry, one of the richest...
Indian science, medical science, western science, modern science
People can be taken for a ride easily in the name of science. Anything can be sold if it is...
pills,Kill,medicine, drug, drugs,doctors,doctor,cancer, heart attack, hypertension, stroke, diabetes, arthritis
Don’t rush to take medicines to control moderate hypertension
pills,Kill,medicine, drug, drugs,doctors,doctor,cancer, heart attack, hypertension, stroke, diabetes, arthritis
Consuming pills could lead to deadly results over the long term, based on evidence
AIDS, drug companies, HIV, anti-viral drugs, antibodies
No one to date has shown that the HIV virus is the sole cause of AIDS. Apart from propaganda by...
The debate about climatic dangers has shifted now from doubt to inevitability. It is time for...
Health check-up, regular health check-up, health, benefit of health checkup
In addition to the lack of clear benefit, general health checks potentially cause harm. Among...
Disease, death, pre-death syndrome, medical business, medicine, healthy lifestyle, instrument industry, drug industry
If an ontologist has a conscience, he will see that his patients follow a healthy lifestyle from...
medical research, medical fraternity, medical study,
The nexus between the medical fraternity and academia is too unholy
Air India, airlines, passengers, flight, Air India Maharaja, India,
Will the aviation minister pay attention to how Air India continues to treat passengers even...
healing, illness, human body, health, cells
The combination of the new and old should be the future of human illness management. In addition...
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