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  • Carmakers penalised. What about mobile, TV, laptop, fridge producers? Aug 28, 2014
    The Competition Commission penalised 14 carmakers for restricting sale of genuine spare parts only through their authorised dealers. But what about mobile, TV, fridge, washing machine, oven and laptop makers which are doing the same?
  • CIC website believes only Obama is \'RTI News\'! Aug 28, 2014
    The portal of Central Information Commission which ought to be full of information, is dull, irrelevant and useless! Find out why
  • China’s cyber attacks tied to US companies, contractors and govt systems Aug 28, 2014
    A roundup of some of the most notable cyber attacks tied to China from the last several years
  • Be Wary of the Financial Advice You Get Aug 28, 2014
    Financial advice comes in many different forms. Is the advice you get in your interest or that of the advisor?
  • Litigation To Derail Justice Aug 28, 2014
    A case for prosecuting the prosecutors
  • How to appoint a CIC even if there is no Leader of the Opposition Aug 27, 2014
    A Committee comprising PM and the Leader of Opposition, recommends CICs names. Since, at present there is no Leader of Opposition, a recently-retired CIC has not been replaced. How to get around it?
  • Open letter to Health Minister Harsha Vardhan Aug 27, 2014
    Medical ethics in this country is non-existent. Corruption is rampant and the MCI, which is meant to control unhealthy practices closes its eyes to this menace. And Dr Harsha Vardhan, the union minister for health & family welfare seems has shown the rare honesty to admit it
  • How to appoint a CIC even if there is no Leader of the Opposition Aug 27, 2014
    A Committee comprising PM and the Leader of Opposition, recommends CICs names. Since, at present there is no Leader of Opposition, a recently-retired CIC has not been replaced. How to get around it?
  • Is Narendra Modi right in going back to Aadhaar? Aug 27, 2014
    Both Barack Obama and David Cameron-Nick Clegg stood by their words and abandoned national ID schemes. Unfortunately, Narendra Modi and BJP, which promised to scrap biometric Aadhaar during their election campaign, have gone back on their words
  • How a Chinese gained access to Arizona’s Terror Centre Aug 27, 2014
    The un-vetted computer engineer from China plugged into law enforcement networks and a database of 5 million Arizona drivers in a possible breach that was kept secret for years
  • PM Modi\'s visit to the Land of the Rising Sun! Aug 27, 2014
    Narendra Modi would endeavour to seek Shinzo Abe\'s assistance in inviting investments in India, so as to manufacture Japanese products, which are actually \'Made in India\'
  • AGMs are now only Annual Gathering of Members? Aug 27, 2014
    Legal changes have turned AGMs into only an ‘annual gathering of members’
  • The Evo Arrives Aug 27, 2014
    The next big churn in the car market may not come from the market leaders
  • Sickness care or corporate monstrosity? Aug 26, 2014
    Cardiac procedures bring in billions of dollars in cash for doctors, hospitals and the instrument manufacturers, in addition to television interviews. Sadly, the procedures are done not to help patients but to benefit these few
  • Timing Your Stock Buying Aug 26, 2014
    The buying price is more important than the time of purchase. Here is how to get the price right
  • College students: Don’t fall for these scams Aug 26, 2014
    College students are a typical target for scammers because they are quick to share personal information — both online and in person
  • What next for coal mining sector post Supreme Court ruling Aug 26, 2014
    As the first step, the government may direct 41 companies that obtained 194 coal blocks \'illegally, to return blocks where no mining activity has started
  • Why settlements don’t fix wrongful convictions Aug 26, 2014
    The wrongly convicted Jabbar Collins from Brooklyn will get his millions, but he won’t get his life back, and neither will his children or his family
  • Will Modi’s digital drive shame the ministries to offer new and usable data? Aug 26, 2014
    The wrongly convicted Jabbar Collins from Brooklyn will get his millions, but he won’t get his life back, and neither will his children or his family
  • Is the restriction on free use of ATMs fair? Aug 26, 2014
    What bankers get from charging for ATM use is peanuts compared to what they are losing in NPAs
  • Big investors push for auditors to sign financial statements Aug 25, 2014
    The trade group representing institutional investors urges Securities and Exchange Commission not to weaken plans to make auditors publicly accountable for their work
  • Cairn India gets MoEF nod to increase production from Barmer field Aug 25, 2014
    It would be far more realistic and practical, if contractors like Cairn have an automatic authorisation to increase output by upto 25% more than the \"permitted\" or \"authorised\" clearances
  • E-Filing survey: 80% use I-T department\'s free facility for filing returns Aug 25, 2014
    Over 70% feel satisfied with free e-filing facilitiy probided by the Income Tax department. However, only half are using tax calculators to verify
  • How to Get the Best of Debt Schemes & Reduce Taxes, Still Aug 25, 2014
    Is it a good time to buy debt schemes? Which are the better ones? How to deal with the recent changes in taxation
  • Can You depend on mainstream media to report economic scams? Aug 25, 2014
    Moneylife Foundation\'s Event brought together three veteran journalists, Chitra Subramaniam, Sucheta Dalal and Debashis Basu and Ravi Nar, better known as @Mediacrooks for a discussion on the future of journalism and the role of Social Media in it
  • IRB offered Satish Shetty over Rs2 crore, reveals CBI report Aug 25, 2014
    A copy of the CBI closure report in the Satish Shetty murder case reveals scandalous information on officials of IRB offering money and threatening with dire sequences the RTI activist over the company’s land deals in Lonavala. Presently, the CBI has let all the accused off the hook
  • Low-risk bank customer accounts can be a conduit for money laundering Aug 25, 2014
    Transactions in low income individual account also need to be monitored with the same keen eyes as in other accounts by bank officials. There are several instances about low-risk customers allowing someone to use their bank account for a small commission
  • Before we can \'make it in India\'! Aug 25, 2014
    The e-biz initiative of the Cabinet Secretary hopes to help companies get over some 60 clearances on line; but this is likely to take time before a single platform to take care of all the needs are covered
  • The Dollar Trap - Book Review Aug 25, 2014
    Why US dollar will continue to be the world’s reserve currency, despite obvious flaws
  • Tarang, an NGO, brings education for poor children through night schools Aug 22, 2014
    Tarang believes that education is every child’s birthright as it brings about a transformation in the child’s life.
  • Meglon Infra-Real Limited\'s stock rises in 19 months Aug 22, 2014
    In just over 19 months, the share price of Meglon has run up 410%. Meglon has been reporting sales of just Rs2 lakh-Rs4 lakh over the past 11 quarters and hardly any profit
  • Indian telcos can earn Rs20,000 crore in three years by tapping larger digital opportunities Aug 22, 2014
    According to a joint study by Google and AT Kearney, internet can unlock Rs20,000 crore in operating earnings for Indian telcos over next three years in India
  • Cheque bouncing: Supreme Court\'s verdict on jurisdiction Aug 21, 2014
    Clearing all controversy, the Supreme Court ruled that the jurisdiction of such cases have to be the location where the cheque bounced, meaning the bank of the person, who issued the cheque and not the bank location of the complainant
  • Paying Jabbar Collins $10 million doesn’t address problems with prosecutors Aug 21, 2014
    A wrongly convicted Brooklyn man will receive millions in compensation from New York City, but that doesn’t address the broader lack of consequences when prosecutors abuse their power.
  • 3 Simple Features that can create an impactful ‘Planning Commission Aug 21, 2014
    Scrapping of the Planning Commission is an opportunity to make governance totally result-oriented
  • No New Organization to Replace Planning Commission, Please! Aug 21, 2014
    Distribution of resources is no longer a relevant issue and there are plenty of specialized institutions all over India who can do the thinking and planning for the government. Let us allow the Planning Commission to achieve moksha
  • Demand for pooling price of imported and domestic gas Aug 21, 2014
    There is urgent need for a revision of gas prices to a realistic level and consequently, a revival of the idle gas-based power generating capacities in the process
  • Health Insurance: Review of Tata AIG Launches Three Health Products Aug 21, 2014
    Senior citizen, deductible and low-end premium product
  • Are Expense Ratios of Indian Funds Too High? Aug 21, 2014
    Indian fund houses charge 100%-150% more than those in the US
  • Medical science-what is science? Aug 21, 2014
    Science simply is curiosity. It is the scientist that could be good or bad. The inner secrets of science are not shared outside a small group. The idea of science is enmeshed in philosophy, in myths, in theories, in smugness, in heroism, even in superstition, in fear, and in hindsight what actually happens inside is rarely told openly
  • Used to getting away scot-free, bankers ‘upset’ about corruption charges Aug 21, 2014
    Loot at banks and the burying of investigation have followed a similar pattern for decades. Will the Modi government call the bluff of bankers and force an indifferent RBI to act?
  • New York city will pay $10 million to settle wrongful conviction case Aug 20, 2014
    Revelations about the prosecution of Jabbar Collins, who served 15 years for a murder he did not commit, helped to bring down longtime Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes
  • What they don\'t teach you at Business School Aug 20, 2014
    Moneylife Foundation\'s seminar on safe and smart investing for young students of finance from the Management Course at the Atharva College, Malad
  • 6 steps to move from cozy socialism and crony capitalism Aug 19, 2014
    Market economy is not something Government can “impose” overnight. It requires social recognition, re-drawing social contracts and probity in public life and ethics in relationship-based transactions
  • SEBI’s Bark, Bite and Leash Aug 19, 2014
    Who will ensure that SEBI does not misuse its powers?
  • Right moves by the RBI to help savers Aug 19, 2014
    Right moves by the RBI to help savers
  • \'Hitler\' is a confused word in India Aug 19, 2014
    Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, has taken up the gauntlet to be a \'Hitler\', if required. Has `Hitler-ism’ worked in India? An insight
  • Modi\'s US visit: From persona non grata to guest of honour at White House Aug 19, 2014
    Narendra Modi, persona non grata earlier, as Gujarat CM, would now be a diplomatic guest of honour at the White House. Can both, Prime Minister Modi and President Obama find amicable solutions for impending issues between India and the US?
  • What to look for in dueling autopsies of Michael Brown Aug 19, 2014
    Post mortem by Michael Baden is only the beginning as teams of specialists study the body of 18-year-old African American killed by police
  • Why Kumar Birla’s rumoured exit from Living Media is no surprise Aug 19, 2014
    Kumar Birla had called media a \'sunrise sector’ in 2012 with one the best opportunities for ‘value creation\'. We had disagreed, calling it a messy, unprofitable and sunset sector
  • India-China: Important issues to settle in September Aug 19, 2014
    Apart from the frequent border incursions in Arunachal Pradesh, China has showed its distinct dislike for even India to explore oil blocks that Vietnam had offered. Can both countries bury the hatchet and settle all impending issues when their chiefs meet in September?
  • Fortnightly Market View: Dips Were Bought Aug 19, 2014
    The market dipped and rallied. The cycle will continue
  • Rot at the Top Aug 19, 2014
    The government-owned banks are plundered routinely and bailed out periodically. But RBI, SEBI and ministry of finance remain unaccountable and unconcerned
  • Six days in Ferguson: Voices from the protests in US Aug 19, 2014
    A day-by-day chronology of what happened in Ferguson, drawn from the best reporting by journalists and witnesses on the ground
  • Triclosan is becoming the scourge of the month; Colgate defends it Aug 19, 2014
    According to ConsumerAffairs, a US-based consumer news and advocacy site, consumer groups putting pressure on retailers to dump products containing the chemical
  • 3 Reasons Italy is back in recession Aug 19, 2014
    The bureaucracy, trade unions, business and finance and a cozy political class all benefit from the present system and see no reason to change
  • Our Yearly Stock Performance Report Aug 14, 2014
    Our stock-picks have outperformed the Sensex, yet again. Here is our report card
  • The Good, the Bad and the Wanting To Be Beautiful Aug 14, 2014
    Crooks clog the courts, denying the honest the time to have matters heard
  • Illinois suspends medical license of leading prescriber of anti-psychotic drugs Aug 14, 2014
    For years, Dr Michael Reinstein prescribed the powerful drug clozapine more than any other doctor in Medicare or Medicaid. His patterns were the subject of two ProPublica articles and he faces a federal civil lawsuit alleging health care fraud
  • Raw material supply continues to be a constraint for steel industry Aug 14, 2014
    The iron and steel industry is going through a crisis of raw material supply, which, due to lack of adequate despatches from domestic miners, is being imported at high cost
  • TV18 and Network18 write off 75% of Reliance\'s original Rs1,700 crore investment? Aug 14, 2014
    The move raises issues like who benefited from the debt write-offs and whether previous financial statements were fudged?
  • No terms of endearment here: Vaporin E-Cigs Aug 14, 2014
    How does one return a product for refund in the same condition as received if one intends on trying it out?, which sells Vaporin e-cigarette products, says \'the items must be returned in the same condition as received\', after trying it out!
  • When Insurance Does Not Protect Aug 14, 2014
    Recent cases from the consumer courts should be eye-opening for consumers
  • Will Tata Zest Change the Game? Aug 14, 2014
    Can Tata Motors shed its low-quality tag and deliver a blockbuster with its new car?
  • How this new CBDT rule will create problems for your tax audit Aug 13, 2014
    The number of clauses in Form 3CD has increased to 41 this year from 32 last year, along with onerous and confusing new requirements
  • Tata-SIA\'s \'Vistara\' puts other carriers on their toes Aug 13, 2014
    The very announcement of Tata-SIA\'s full service domestic carrier Vistara\'s entry into the Indian market has put all other operators on their toes
  • Federal investigators crack down on two Virginia schools’ Use of Restraints Aug 13, 2014
    Investigators found that children were being regularly pinned down or isolated and that their education was suffering as a result
  • Debt Schemes RIP? Aug 13, 2014
    Privileged but wrong taxation has been redressed and FMP, a flawed product, will die, as it should have long ago
  • We are still trying to find a good theory of the brain Aug 13, 2014
    Two large groups of scientists are still trying to unravel the mystery of the brain in both sides of the Atlantic
  • Sugar industry moving towards crisis? Aug 13, 2014
    The Centre needs to seriously take up issues of sugar mills and farmers and bring about proposals to resolve it, while ensuring a fair price formula for all concerned. Piece-meal decisions affecting the sugar industry will not be beneficial in the long run
  • Can there be an effective safeguard against bank frauds? Aug 12, 2014
    The common denominator in all bank frauds is the lack of internal control, lack of integrity and the epidemic of misconduct among officials
  • Who likes what on Facebook? Aug 12, 2014
    Have you ever spotted a suspect “like” on your Facebook profile, especially a sponsored advertisement carrying a \'like\' endorsement from your friend?
  • How Wall Street tobacco deals left states with billions in toxic debt Aug 12, 2014
    oliticians wanted upfront cash from a legal victory over Big Tobacco, and bankers happily obliged. The price? A handful of states promised to repay $64 billion on just $3 billion advanced
  • Who is behind the CBI closure report in Satish Shetty murder case? Aug 12, 2014
    Sandeep Shetty, brother of slain RTI activist Satish Shetty alleges an invisible hand of a Union Minister behind the filing of closure report in his brother’s murder case. The case was being handled by CBI for the last four years and was coming to a near conclusion
  • Mr Sinha, did SEBI make the FM aware of these cases of brazen price rigging? Aug 12, 2014
    On Sunday, the FM spoke to SEBI about the need to bring back retail investors and check market manipulation. Maybe someone should make the FM aware of these rampant cases of manipulation
  • Katju\'s war on the Judiciary continues Aug 12, 2014
    Justice Katju ups the heat on judicial corruption with a new blog post. Justice Katju\'s revelations paint a scary picture about the state of our judiciary at a time when public impatience over denial of justice due to cases that drag on for decades
  • How to make coal suppliers more accountable Aug 11, 2014
    The country has 39 mt of coal in stock at various places. On the other hand, power producers are reeling under fuel shortage with a stock that would last for seven days. It is inconceivable that 39 mt of coal piled up in just one day. Hope the government take necessary action against all those responsibile for this situation
  • Leaked documents show spyware used to snoop on US computers Aug 11, 2014
    Software created by the controversial UK based Gamma Group International was used to spy on computers that appear to be located in the US
  • New TDS procedure just announced will mean more coercion and blackmail by I-T department Aug 11, 2014
    A new procedure announced by the income tax (I-T) department on Saturday will coerce you to pay unethical and punitive tax demand even for clerical errors
  • Mr Sinha, did SEBI make the FM aware of these cases of brazen price rigging? Aug 11, 2014
    On Sunday, the FM spoke to SEBI about the need to bring back retail investors and check market manipulation. Maybe someone should make the FM aware of these rampant cases of manipulation
  • Here is some data from China that will shock you Aug 11, 2014
    How can a country that is growing at 7.5% find that its basic industries are collapsing?
  • SEBI clears setting up of REITs, InvITs, finally! Aug 11, 2014
    To help attract greater foreign and domestic investments into real estate and infrastructure, market regulator SEBI has cleared final guidelines for creation and listing of trusts, REITs and InvITs for these key sectors
  • Growing importance of Indo-Myanmar relations Aug 11, 2014
    There are excellent opportunities for setting up urea plants in Myanmar. This would help Myanmar to increase its agricultural production and also help India, as the agreed balance of urea could be shipped back to India
  • ARC fees: RBI restores sanity Aug 11, 2014
    RBI has replaced the 5:95 model with 15:85. Can something be done to retain the current cost structure for ARCs and mitigate the management-fee driven model? Here are the options
  • Can Bitcoins remain unregulated? Aug 8, 2014
    While Bitcoin investors have been quick to revolt against regulations, the system reeks of a lack of transparency and Bitcoins have exhibited a characteristic typical of a highly speculative market
  • Essential on War for Business: Book Review Aug 8, 2014
    Can War Teach Us To Do Business?
  • To Sell is Human: Book Review Aug 8, 2014
    New age idea about that age-old challenge - sales
  • Which Fixed-income Options, Now? Aug 8, 2014
    Debt schemes are supposed to have turned unattractive after capital gains tax rules were changed in the Union Budget. Are you sure? Surprising answers inside
  • Here\'s why NAMC may fail to deal with large NPAs Aug 8, 2014
    Will the experiment of handling large NPAs through a new entity, National Asset Management Company -NAMC, succeed? The slow legal process and low accountability at all levels are big hurdles
  • Do ARCs help resolve NPAs or just bail out banks? Aug 8, 2014
    With gross NPA levels of Rs2.17 lakh crore in March 2014 and a restructured portfolio of Rs3.30 lakh crore, of which a lot will become NPAs, banks will continue to sell NPAs to the ARCs.
  • Don’t Colour Me Red! Aug 8, 2014
    Prerana is a path-breaking initiative to show the red light to Mumbai’s red-light areas, says Queency Raichada
  • Stock Manipulation: PMC Fincorp Aug 8, 2014
    Over the past year, the stock price of PMC Fincorp shot up by a whopping 1122% or 12 times
  • Morganite Crucible: Gains from the Coming Boom? Aug 8, 2014
    The Modi government wants to revive manufacturing. This will help well-managed firms like Morganite
  • QNet: Ferriera, six others misled court by submitting \'fake\' document, says EOW Aug 8, 2014
    Have QNet team leaders misled the Mumbai Sessions Court by submitting a fake document along with their bail application? The Economic Offences Wing has made this sensational disclosure. The police official, whose signature is on the document has also denied having prepared or signed it
  • Equity mutual funds Rs10,000 crore inflow in July highest in past six years Aug 8, 2014
    Equity mutual funds reported a net inflow of Rs10,945 crore during July 2014, the highest net inflow in six and a half years
  • Pro-troop charity misleads donors while lining political consultants’ pockets Aug 8, 2014
    Move America Forward has collected millions to send care packages to US troops. But its appeals often rely on images and stories borrowed without permission, and its assets have been used to benefit political consulting firms and PACs
  • Why Infosys Share Buyback is a Bad Idea Aug 8, 2014
    Spending Rs11,200 crore on buyback will only create a temporary bump in prices which will be used by some for exit. Infosys has to think about shareholders who would stay with the company post buyback.
  • What all women need to know about money Aug 8, 2014
    Women in India are vulnerable because they remain in the background when important financial decisions are concerned, but they must take charge and they may even be much better than men at making such decisions
  • How about simple terrace solar parks in residential areas? Aug 6, 2014
    The government offers subsidy for using solar power but, at the moment, the investment costs are high and this deter owners in residential areas from taking the risk
  • Advertising in news: Oliver has it right on native Aug 6, 2014
    Consumers of news have the right to know if a particular piece of content was written, produced and paid for by a particular company, whether it makes them less likely to click on it or not
  • Frivolous RTI queries are just 0.6% of total applications Aug 6, 2014
    Frivolous RTI applications help nobody, but they aren\'t as big a problem as they are made out to be
  • Suspicious prescriptions for HIV drugs abound in Medicare Aug 6, 2014
    The inspector general of the US Department of Health and Human Services finds Medicare spent tens of millions of dollars in 2012 for HIV drugs there’s little evidence patients needed. A 77-year-old woman with no record of HIV got $33,500 of medication
  • Modi’s Financial Inclusion Plan Aug 6, 2014
    Who pays Who benefits?
  • How to revamp health care delivery Aug 6, 2014
    The essentials of western medicine could be clubbed with the best of other systems like Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Siddha, Unani, Acupuncture, and Herbal medicines to make sickness care less expensive, more useful and less dangerous
  • 10 Digital Solutions to Make India the Best-Governed Nation Aug 5, 2014
    A 10-point digital roadmap for Mr Narendra Modi, that protects our assets, ensures that the right projects are undertaken, and delivers justice, equality, and liberty for all
  • RBI manages its‘Financial Inclusion’ Aug 5, 2014
    Educational loan for staff hiked to Rs20 lakh @ 5%
  • A Sahara for Business Barons? Aug 5, 2014
    Subrata Roy makes himself at home in Tihar
  • Red Bull agrees to pay $13 million to customers for false advertising Aug 5, 2014
    The energy drink company has agreed to offer a $10 cash reimbursement or $15 in Red Bull products to any consumer in the US who bought a Red Bull product since 1 January 2002
  • The obscure drug with a growing Medicare tab Aug 5, 2014
    Experts question the effectiveness of HP Acthar Gel, a drug made from pigs’ pituitary glands. Yet it cost US Medicare more than $141 million in 2012, up from $7 million in 2008
  • RTI Judgement Series: When different people are shown as coach, manager for same Olympic Aug 4, 2014
    The appellant received two sets of different names as coach and manager who had gone with the Indian wrestling team to the Beijing Olympics. This is the 206th in a series of important RTI judgements given by former Central Information Commissioner Shailesh Gandhi
  • FTC issues new set of recommendations to prevent cramming by telcos Aug 4, 2014
    The US FTC recommended telecom companies to prevent cramming, which is the illegal practice of hiding unauthorized charges, including giving customers express right to block third-party charges and developing a transparent process for resolving disputes
  • Is the US market sending warning signs? Aug 4, 2014
    In late July, the small cap stocks in the US did not follow their larger brethren to new highs, which is called divergence. Divergence along with overvaluation and bullish enthusiasm are signals of a potential sell off. Is that happening now?
  • Modi Supporters All Confused? Aug 4, 2014
    Nobody knows whether Modi Sarkar will modify Congress programmes like Aadhaar before implementing them and how it plans to control inflation
  • Fortnightly Market View: Keep the Faith Aug 4, 2014
    A buy-the-dip market is headed for a dip
  • Some immediate measures needed to revive iron ore mining Aug 4, 2014
    India exports iron ore at $100 a tonne, depending on grades while steel is imported at $600 to $700 per tonne. Any further delay in increasing iron ore production is dangerous to domestic steel industry and the mining industry will also suffer, creating increased unemployment in the country
  • Subsidies kill, but are less murderous than political intentions Aug 4, 2014
    The government\'s idea to get people to voluntarily forgo their LPG subsidy as an exercise in \"nation building\" has raised peoples\' hackles. The SMS from oil companies says, \"Want to join Nation Building? It\'s simple - just give up LPG subsidy.\" Now if only the minister or the prime minister had said, \"I am giving up my LPG subsidy. Join me in nation building\"
  • The technology that banks use, can land you in trouble Aug 4, 2014
    How risk-free banking process promised by technology-driven banks can create problems for you
  • HSBC India manufacturing PMI jumps to 17-month high Aug 1, 2014
    Business conditions in the Indian manufacturing sector improved for the ninth consecutive month in July, as companies scaled up production in response to robust levels of demand, the HSBC survey says
  • RTI Judgement Series: No need for appellant to show any public interest Aug 1, 2014
    The Appellant does not have to show any public interest in disclosure of the information unless an exemption under Section 8(1) of the RTI Act applies to the information, the CIC ruled. This is the 205th in a series of important RTI judgements given by former Central Information Commissioner Shailesh Gandhi
  • Foodgrains: A review of warehousing facilities and methods Aug 1, 2014
    It would be in the interest of FCI and its associates in the warehousing business to seriously look at polybags for storing food grains until such time suitable warehouses are built in the country
  • US House approves return to deceptive airline ads Aug 1, 2014
    Do air passengers prefer to know full cost of their flight up-front or do they prefer to get hit with hidden fees and taxes at checkout?
  • White House secrets: Lobbyists bidding to block govt regulations Aug 1, 2014
    When Washington lobbyists fail to derail regulations proposed by federal agencies, they often find a receptive ear within the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, an arm of the White House Office of Management and Budget that conducts much of its business in secret
  • What caused the Malin tragedy was callousness of Netas and Babus Aug 1, 2014
    Hectic building and quarrying, illegally or by illegal permission, has resulted in the catastrophe at Malin, which may not be the last one
  • RTI Judgement Series: Citizens cannot go uncovering fake and unqualified doctors Aug 1, 2014
    The CIC noted that citizens were exposed to complete substandard and unqualified doctors due to callous attitude of Delhi Bharatiya Chikitsa Parishad. This is the 204th in a series of important RTI judgements given by former Central Information Commissioner Shailesh Gandhi
  • Why MSME start-ups fail often? Aug 1, 2014
    The absence of hand holding at every step, essential for business success, is proving to be a bane for MSME start-ups
  • SEBI-Sahara case becomes \'Lawyers\' Graveyard\'? Aug 1, 2014
    The case has proved to be a tough nut to crack, especially for Sahara with a number of Senior Advocates like Ram Jethmalani and Aryama Sundaram, withdrawing from the case midway
  • With Trading Advantage Capital, it’s pay to play Aug 1, 2014
    The prospect of trading in thousands and keeping the majority of the profits is the focus of, which never tells you how many people who sign up for its costly educational course ever end up being chosen to trade the money and keep profits
  • Report criticizes EPA oversight of injection wells Aug 1, 2014
    The US Government Accountability Office says environmental regulators are failing to adequately enforce rules for wells used to dispose of toxic waste from drilling
  • L&T Business Cycles Fund will place sectoral bets based on economic activity Aug 1, 2014
    The new equity scheme from L&T Mutual Fund aims to invest in companies that are strategically placed to make the most of the economy’s business cycles
  • Delhi Metro asked to make public, reasons for frequent ‘technical snags’ Aug 1, 2014
    The Central Information Commissioner’s order opens up the case for transparency in the operations of public transport in India
  • Do you know the benefits of a One Person Company? Aug 1, 2014
    It is now possible to incorporate a One Person Company and escape the draconian provisions of the Companies Act 2013

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