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  • Campus Sexual Assault: What are colleges doing wrong? Jul 31, 2014
    ProPublica rounded up cases and coverage that show the persistence of sexual violence at colleges in the US
  • In an exemplary judgement, Bombay HC exposes Income Tax department’s tax terror Jul 31, 2014
    The Court has imposed a fine of Rs1 lakh for filing frivolous appeal asking the department to recover it from the officials involved and also take disciplinary action against them
  • Promoters as Royalties Jul 29, 2014
    Stay way from companies that treat themselves to royalty at your expense
  • CAG questions Axis Bank\'s role in 4G deal Jul 29, 2014
    CAG has questioned how Axis Bank gave a guarantee of Rs252.50 crore to Infotel Broadband, which had a net-worth of Rs2.5 crore, without any margin money. Will RBI show some interest now?
  • RTI Judgement Series: PIO asked to provide information of a probe going on for over 11 years Jul 29, 2014
    The CIC directed the PIO to provide information of the mammoth probe into a bogus LTC case that was going on for over 11 years. This is the 203rd in a series of important RTI judgements given by former Central Information Commissioner Shailesh Gandhi
  • LOreal’s true beauty secret Jul 29, 2014 has filed an objection to the proposed settlement between the FTC and L’Oréal urging the Commission, among other things, to require the company to pay a monetary penalty for its deceptive advertising campaigns
  • In Florida, high-cost lender skirts the law Jul 29, 2014
    Despite a ban on high-interest car title loans, the nation’s largest title lender has opened 26 Instaloan stores in Florida, offering a refashioned version of the loans that effectively charge the same sky-high rates the law was designed to stop
  • Germs are not evil! Jul 28, 2014
    Health Industry propagates that germs are evil and at odds with humans. We need to be re-educated about microbes
  • M&A deals are becoming more expensive. Is the market overstretched? Jul 28, 2014
    With interest rates at historic lows and stock markets in record territory, a lot of merger and acquisition (M&A) deals are being done. This boom in expensive M&A activity also indicates that the market is overstretched
  • MCA continues to make a bigger mess of ‘related party transactions\' Jul 28, 2014
    CA’s latest order burdens private limited companies with even more stringent compliance, in case of related party transactions
  • 3 Kinds of ‘Tenants” and their rights Jul 28, 2014
    What are the rights of statutory tenant, lessee and licensee?
  • Are patient privacy laws being misused to protect medical centres? Jul 28, 2014
    A 1996 law known as HIPAA has been cited to scold a mother taking a picture of her son in a hospital, to keep information away from police investigating a possible rape at a nursing home, and to threaten VA whistleblowers
  • Mahanadi Coalfields shows the way for increasing productivity Jul 28, 2014
    Mahanadi Coalfields, a unit of Coal India, has set a precedent that should encourage other subsidiaries of the state-run company, to increase their productivity in coal mining and thermal power
  • A Smile is Worth a Million Diamonds Jul 25, 2014
    A family in the jewellery business brings some glitter into the lives of the poor and differently-abled in myriad ways
  • Online Income Tax Filing Need Not be Thorny Jul 25, 2014
    Tax filing can be scary. But once you do your numbers systematically, e-filing is not tough. Here is a guide you to make the process of tax filing smooth and keeping tabs on your tax burden to avoid penalties
  • Tibet: An Unfinished Story - Book Review Jul 25, 2014
    An American look at the Tibet story
  • MCA’s Clarifications are making changes to legislation without Parliamentary oversight Jul 25, 2014
    MCA\\\'s latest circular on \\\'transitional period for resolutions passed Under the Companies Act, 1956’ adds to a long list of such clarifications that seem to be standing in for lawmaking
  • How Green Is Your Home? Jul 25, 2014
    Wind energy, solar panels, rainwater harvesting, water recycling and composting: the Date home in Pune is one of the greenest homes in India today
  • Prithvi Information Solutions: The mystery of majority stakeholders continues Jul 24, 2014
    Hyderabad-based Harshith Enterprises is now the latest and largest stakeholder in Prithvi Information Solutions, according to BSE filings by the company. This company bought the exact number of shares held by Anupama Yellajoshyula in an off market deal. But there is no information about who sold those shares to Harshit, which is also connected to directors of Prithvi
  • Kirloskar Pneumatic Company: Betting on Economic Revival Jul 24, 2014
    As a capital goods manufacturer, KPCL will do well if India’s manufacturing growth accelerates
  • 2% TDS on Life Insurance is a sensible idea Jul 24, 2014
    Budget proposal of 2% TDS on Life Insurance will shock many careless insurance buyers
  • Unquoted: Midland Polymers Jul 24, 2014
    Despite no business activity for years, the stock price of Midland has shot up by 271%
  • Ambitious aviation plans: Private airport getting ready near Durgapur in West Bengal Jul 24, 2014
    Durgapur, the steel city can hope to welcome visitors by air ,when the new and first private airport in West Bengal begins its operations at Andal
  • When it comes to mileage, the more MPG numbers the better Jul 24, 2014
    The mileage claims in auto advertising are often misleading as the manufacturer gives figures of mileage obtained under certain specific conditions, and not based on general use of the vehicle
  • 118 signatories endorse statement on SLAPP cases against authors, journalists and publishers Jul 23, 2014
    About 118 prominent citizens, activists, and journalists have signed a statement of concern about what they call Strategic Litigation Against Public Persons- SLAPP, to silence authors, journalists and publishers for good. This follows notices served by RIL upon Paranjoy Guha Thakurta, for writing a book called “Gas Wars...” and another notice upon Moneylife for publishing articles based on information available in public domain
  • Now, govt. staff will have to declare assets annually Jul 23, 2014
    Its now mandatory for government servants to declare their assets annually. Section 4 of the RTI Act mandated transparency only in terms of their salary and compensation. Strangely, the new rules have not been pubicised
  • Can the MCA Fix those Deposit-takers? Jul 23, 2014
    Indian companies seem to get away by not paying back public deposits. Will the newly active Ministry of Corporate Affairs under Nirmala Sitharaman start acting in the interests of the depositors?
  • Consumers getting smoked by e-cigarettes Jul 23, 2014
    Consumers of e-cigarette said they signed up for a free product or a supply at a reduced price but then the company repeatedly charged their credit and debit cards, sometimes wiping out their accounts
  • The Mess in Commexes Jul 23, 2014
    Indian Commodity markets are among the worst-regulated. Will the finance minster ask some questions?
  • Can Railways raise platform levels in Mumbai by 31st March? -Part I Jul 23, 2014
    The Bombay High Court, while rejecting the action plan for raising of suburban railway station platforms as submitted by Central as well as Western Railway, has set a deadline of 31 March 2015. The Railways do not seem to be making enough efforts to devise ways to meet the challenge. This two part article suggests how it can be done
  • How the FM has created confusion about retirement products Jul 22, 2014
    The Union Budget 2014-15 has talked about retirement saving products and in the process created confusions
  • Meet the online tracking device that is virtually impossible to block Jul 22, 2014
    A new kind of tracking tool, canvas fingerprinting, is being used to follow visitors to thousands of top websites, from to YouPorn
  • Ponzis Continue To Rule the Roost Jul 22, 2014
    Chain marketing schemes are still having a nice time, despite SEBI’s enhanced powers
  • Illegality in MLMs and recommendations for law enforcement Jul 22, 2014
    An open letter from MLM expert Robert L FitzPatrick of Pyramid Scheme Alert to the US FTC exposes illegality of multi-level marketing (MLM) schemes and how law enforcement agencies can curb it. The same applies for India where thousands of pyramid or network marketing schemes are duping gullible savers everyday and also lobbying for legitimacy
  • Six more airlines to take the sky! Jul 22, 2014
    The domestic airline industry in India is operating at a loss and their combined loss is estimated to be at $1.7 billion in 2014. This may increase further if the price war continues and expenses are not reduced
  • Seven reasons why TDS provisions are draconian & flawed Jul 22, 2014
    If the Modi government wants to offer a fair deal to taxpayers, it will have to reform the draconian practices under TDS
  • Modi’s Budget: More Tax & Spend Jul 21, 2014
    Was a lacklustre Union Budget designed to lower our expectations from the Modi sarkar?
  • Fortnightly Market View: Time for Caution Jul 21, 2014
    The Budget may have postponed a quick economic revival. Time for investors to be cautious
  • Ethanol blending made mandatory - but needs enforcing! Jul 21, 2014
    The bench mark price of ethanol has been fixed at Rs44 per litre and the government had made it mandatory for OMCs to blend 5% ethanol with petrol, which has now been increased to 10% but actual lifting has been unsatisfactory
  • Why scam mails in the name of RBI are fooling so many people? Jul 21, 2014
    Those who are aware about the modus operandi of such scamsters tend to blame it on the greed and ignorance of victims. It is time for policy makers to stop blaming people and do some thinking on putting an end to these scams
  • Central Railway\'s shoddy CCTV camera work at Dadar Jul 21, 2014
    CCTV cameras installed for surveillance at Dadar railway station, especially on the Central line, seem positioned to avoid capturing people or suspicious movements. This renders them completely useless and raises questions about whether there is any supervision and whether cameras are deliberately mis-positioned
  • How to avoid a vacation nightmare Jul 21, 2014
    The lesson here is twofold: First, don’t wire money to anyone you don’t know. Ever. If the deal turns out to be a scam, you’re not likely to get your money back. Second, book your vacations — no matter the duration — through reputable businesses
  • Will the ghost of Banco Espírito\'s problems come to haunt the markets? Jul 21, 2014
    Portugal’s largest listed bank is in trouble again. But markets are still flying high on cheap money
  • Deposit Rules 2014 and real estate deposit schemes Jul 21, 2014
    Property developers suffer from a perennial cash crunch and launch alluring schemes everyday. The Deposit Rules 2014 will help investors in this regard
  • Spiralling cost of vegetables: What happened to the action plan? Jul 21, 2014
    Vendors claim that scanty rainfall and crop loss have resulted in lower supplies to the market, hence the increase in price. However, buyers feel that this is far from the truth and vendors are actually taking advantage of the situation to make a fast buck
  • To Save More, Take a Peek at Your Future Self Jul 21, 2014
    Most of us don’t save enough, or save too little, too late. How can we be induced to change?
  • Infosys: All for Vishal Sikka\\\'s fat paycheck, but… Jul 21, 2014
    Proxy advisory firm IiAS has recommended shareholders to vote the proposal to appoint Vishal Sikka as Infosys\\\' MD & CEO and also fix his annual remuneration at a maximum of Rs42.5 crore. But IiAS is also raising some concerns
  • When health goes Social: FDA pens proposal Jul 21, 2014
    The guidelines from US FDA would not necessarily carry any legal implications, but would rather serve as something that is suggested or recommended, though not required
  • 26/11 Call log records case: Did Maharashtra SCIC avoid giving an order that is actually effective? Jul 17, 2014
    Maharashtra SCIC Ratnakar Gaikwad may have made sharp observations about Mumbai Police\\\'s dilly-dallying in providing information to Vinita Kamte. But did he issue an order that is beyond his jurisdiction? Did he avoid giving an order that is really effective?
  • KBC Multi Trade, another MLM, goes bust; three agents dead Jul 17, 2014
    Within four years, Nashik-based KBC Multi Trade was able to collect crores of rupees. Its promoters and directors are absconding and three agents are already dead. The question is, why nobody, including SEBI took action in time?
  • Why more vaccines won\'t translate to better health Jul 17, 2014
    If vaccination was such a good method of disease prevention we should have been able to eradicate many contagious disease, but alas, records show that except small pox we have not been able to eradicate any contagious disease to date
  • Who advised Cuomo on mortgage industry investigation? A mortgage lobbyist! Jul 17, 2014
    Howard Glaser was brought on to help then-Attorney General Andrew Cuomo on his mortgage industry investigation. Glaser was working for the industry at the same time.
  • Government in a dilemma on gas pricing? Jul 17, 2014
    Due to the delays in the pricing, it is likely that the work in the wells for commerical production of gas will also be slowed down till the pricing position becomes crystal clear
  • Make sure your building is structurally stable Jul 17, 2014
    Carrying out corrective repairs to old buildings under expert supervision, will ensure that an appropriate solution can be worked out to save precious lives and to preserve national assets
  • CAT find some provisions of Sexual Harassment Act unconstitutional Jul 17, 2014
    According to CAT, Sections 4 and 7 of the Act can be termed unconstitutional because once an adjudicatory body is to be determined as slanted in its sway, it destroys the fairness concept embedded in adjudication
  • Prithvi Info Solutions: Second largest stakeholder denies investing in the company! Jul 14, 2014
    US-based Sarat Kumar Addanki, the second largest stakeholder of Prithvi Information Solutions, has made sensational allegations of fraud, mismanagement and possible identity theft against the promoters. He has complained to SFIO, SEBI, RBI and stock exchanges. Will they finally act against Prithvi?
  • Budget 2014: CSR to Chequebook CSR Jul 14, 2014
    The Government’s move to keep CSR activities out of the business expenses periphery, would lead private sector making lump sum donations or contributions to eligible trusts and institutions instead of taking an initiative for actually making a difference to the society
  • Need to link coal mines and power plants through rail lines Jul 14, 2014
    Narendra Modi government has promised to deliver electricity 24x7 basis. This is a electrifying and positive assurance, but can only happen when fuel supply arrangements are made and actually kept, so that power plants can deliver the power!
  • Budget 2014: Get your taxes and investments right Jul 14, 2014
    Getting instant reactions and opinions from the popular media is fine, but when you need the cold truth about the Budget where do you turn? Ameet Patel and Debashis Basu explained the fine prints of Budget to savers at an event organised by Moneylife Foundation
  • Want Economic Growth? Cut Red Tape Jul 14, 2014
    From Greece, to Portugal to India and even the US — it is easy to see what holds back growth. Its hard to implement it
  • Budget 2014 has done well in recognizing the needs of senior citizens Jul 14, 2014
    Budget 2014 has noted the existence of ageing India and has several positive announcements for them, but we are far behind in terms of planning for an ageing population
  • 10 Ways to Save on Mediclaim Jul 11, 2014
    There is no perfect mediclaim product or health insurer. Here is an invaluable guide, based on cases from Moneylife Foundation\'s Helpline
  • MCA clarifies on e-filing of MGT-14 Jul 11, 2014
    Subsequent to this clarification, Corporate can proceed with any school of thought and stay assured of the form MGT-14 getting approved.
  • Can India reduce smuggling? Jul 11, 2014
    There is a need to urgently install security scanners at all main airports in India to control, in particular, the smuggling of fake currency notes and gold
  • Mumbai suburban network and the rail budget Jul 11, 2014
    By talking of Bullet Trains and super-fast ones and 864 EMUs, is the Railway Minister trying to tell “acche din ane wale hain”, while not addressing the immediate problems of over 75 lakh daily commuters of Mumbai\'s suburban rail network?
  • The Little Book Of Venture Capital Investing: Book Review Jul 11, 2014
    A trip through the exotic land of venture capital
  • To Minister Jaitley, in response to Budget 2014 Jul 10, 2014
    People With Disabilities are possibly the most unheard of minority in our country. Ms. Ketna Mehta writes an open letter to the Finance Miniter, about her own and others\' hopes and disappointments from Budget 2014
  • Equity mutual fund net inflows cross Rs7,000 crore in June, the highest in six years Jul 10, 2014
    Equity mutual funds reported a net inflow of Rs7,153 crore during June 2014, the highest since February 2008
  • BUDGET 2014: What is in it for you? Jul 10, 2014
    Jaitley\'s direct tax proposals are bound to bring some relief to millions of salaried employees who will gain from an increase in the income tax exemption limits to Rs2.5 lakh, while the limit under Section 80C has also been increased to Rs1.5 lakh
  • Budget 2014: Tax concessions and other highlights Jul 10, 2014
    In his maiden Budget, Jaitley aims to revive investment climate in the country, lays emphasis on fiscal consolidation and also provides some sops for the common man in the form of Income Tax rebates
  • Bharat Electronics: PSU as a Good Bet! Jul 10, 2014
    BEL has a lot going for it under the new government
  • The price is (not necessarily) right Jul 10, 2014
    Some of the largest retailers from the US have recently come under fire for allegedly using deceptive pricing tactics to get folks through their doors and – once inside – to the checkout line with the most items
  • Bhushan asks SIT to probe alleged Rs6,500 crore money laundering by RIL Jul 9, 2014
    Prashant Bhushan alleged that RIL, with the help of ICICI Bank, laundered and funnelled back into Reliance companies over Rs6,500 crore through Singapore-based Bio Metrix Marketing
  • Economic survey calls for reforms for long-term growth Jul 9, 2014
    The Modi government\'s first survey calls for a low and stable inflation, tax and expenditure reforms and the need for a regulatory framework to accelerate growth
  • Life Insurance: Review of HDFC Life Click2Invest ULIP Jul 9, 2014
    This is a new online ULIP with the lowest charge among in the product category but that is not of much value for readers of Moneylife because it is not a pure term plan which we favour
  • IRDA cracks down on policy surrender Jul 9, 2014
    But Will the regulator be able to stop the crooked sellers?
  • Air Carnival and Zav Airways are new entrants in Indian airspace! Jul 9, 2014
    It appears that Zav Airways plans to enter the Eastern and North Eastern regions to cater to their needs, while Air Carnival will be based in the south
  • Railway and spiralling cost of its unfinished projects! Jul 9, 2014
    Of the 674 projects, worth Rs1.58 lakh crore, sanctioned in the last 30 years, only 317 are completed by the railways. Due to the delays, the cost of remaining project has gone up to Rs1.82 lakh crore
  • Railways seek course correction; Gowda avoids populist measures in rail budget Jul 9, 2014
    Gowda proposed a multi-pronged approach to make Railway journeys safe, secure and comfortable for passengers while placing thrust on passenger amenities, cleanliness and efficient station management
  • Impact of FATCA on NRIs living in the US Jul 9, 2014
    The recently enacted FATCA makes it mandatory for Indian tax authorities to share information about earnings of NRIs in US. However both India and US have a treaty signed to avoid double taxation. NRIs living in US can certainly benefit from this treaty
  • CSR Needs a Re-think Jul 8, 2014
    Modi Sarkar must junk UPA’s flawed approach
  • Railway and spiralling cost of its unfinished projects! Jul 8, 2014
    Of the 674 projects, worth Rs1.58 lakh crore, sanctioned in the last 30 years, only 317 are completed by the railways. Due to the delays, the cost of remaining project has gone up to Rs1.82 lakh crore
  • The fine print in T-Mobile’s alleged overbilling scam Jul 8, 2014
    The FTC alleges that T-Mobile used third-party billing to collect hundreds of millions of dollars from customers by hiding unauthorized charges in their phone bills about premium texting subscriptions that cost $9.99
  • Railways seek course correction; Gowda avoids populist measures in rail budget Jul 8, 2014
    Gowda proposed a multi-pronged approach to make Railway journeys safe, secure and comfortable for passengers while placing thrust on passenger amenities, cleanliness and efficient station management
  • Impact of FATCA on NRIs living in the US Jul 8, 2014
    The recently enacted FATCA makes it mandatory for Indian tax authorities to share information about earnings of NRIs in US. However both India and US have a treaty signed to avoid double taxation. NRIs living in US can certainly benefit from this treaty
  • UTI’s Fake 50 Year Celebration Jul 8, 2014
    UTI is celebrating its 50 years of existence, unashamed of two bail-outs with taxpayers\' money
  • What will be special in Railway Budget? Jul 8, 2014
    Speedy trains from main city stations to sights in various historical places would be a boon to tourists and would become very popular
  • Why Is Reliance So Angry? Jul 7, 2014
    RIL is shooting off legal notices at the media while government is not yet doing its bidding
  • Sushanto Roy and Swapna Roy no longer citizens of India? Jul 7, 2014
    The wife and son of Subrata Roy Sahara have acquired citizenship of the Republic of Macedonia, a country in the central Balkan peninsula in South-East Europe, which is attracting foreign investment by offering citizenship, say reliable sources
  • Indo-China relations: Steps to watch and take! Jul 7, 2014
    It is clear that both India and China are keen on attaching greater emphasis to bilateral trade and are putting the geopolitical issues on the back-burner
  • US sugar plant removed safety device 13 days before temp worker’s death Jul 7, 2014
    Janio Salinas was buried alive in sugar. A newly released accident report and an undercover investigation by Univision reveal the obstacles OSHA faces in its temp worker safety initiative.
  • Fortnightly Market View: No Mood for Negatives Jul 7, 2014
    Market-players are showing deep faith in Modi sarkar and don’t want to see the impediments coming in the Budget
  • US companies dropping share buyback plans Jul 7, 2014
    Buybacks have put US corporations deeper in debt. Net US corporate debt is a record $2.3 trillion, up 14% in the last year alone. The combination of too much debt, slowing earnings and expensive shares are slowing the buyback stampede
  • Privacy Tools: How to block online tracking Jul 5, 2014
    Many companies track your behaviour and request information about you without explicitly asking for your permission. Here’s how to combat the trackers
  • Six problems with Indian highways and 11 ways to improve them Jul 4, 2014
    With almost 15 crore vehicles using national highways across India, a 10-minute idling per vehicle at toll booths and octroi posts result in a loss of about Rs1,272 crore everyday
  • Stepping beyond his powers, state CIC appoints Pratibha Patil’s secretary as Pune IC Jul 4, 2014
    A State CIC has no powers to even sanction a \'casual leave\' of any Information commissioner. However, Maharashtra SCIC Ratnakar Gaikwad issued a transfer order to make Rajendra Jadhav, full time IC of Pune. Jadhav was the secretary to former president Pratibha Patil
  • No Equities for Seniors? Think Again Jul 4, 2014
    Recent research shows that retirees with a rising equity allocation tend to be better off
  • Once Again: Choose Low-cost Funds Jul 4, 2014
    Fees matter, whether in bull markets or bear markets, shows a Morningstar study
  • Shareholders reject Tata Motors\' proposals on remuneration Jul 4, 2014
    In what could be termed as the new kind of shareholder activism, Tata Motors\' stakeholders, including institutional shareholders rejected to ratify excess remuneration of about Rs20.28 crore to its executive directors
  • FTC asks L’Oreal: Where’s the science? Jul 4, 2014
    While L’Oreal advertised that its Youth Code would “crack the code to younger acting skin,’’ the FTC said the touted studies didn’t test the product or even one of its ingredients
  • Hoarding of onions and potatoes! Stringent action needed! Jul 4, 2014
    The general feeling in the market circles is that influential traders in Nashik region are in collusion with wholesalers in a few selected cities who appear to be hoarding and release supplies by bottle-neck despatches to increase prices
  • IiAS calls for greater clarity in company executive remuneration Jul 4, 2014
    The proxy advisory firm also recommended companies set caps on executive remuneration, and limit the range of the board’s powers to decide compensation
  • Tax-exemption games of educational trusts Jul 3, 2014
    Many educational trusts are merely a tax-dodging scams, leading to a decline in the quality of Indian education. Its time to review the tax benefits to these many profit making trusts
  • Building a Better India – Part 16: Reorganisation of states and union territories Jul 3, 2014
    As india\'s population density increases, there is a need to create smaller administration units for better development only after taking consent of the citizens of the respective states
  • Tamil Nadu: Neyveli power plant replacement and expansion on the cards Jul 3, 2014
    Power shortage continue on one hand and oil prices are rising on the other. Although the Kudankulam nuclear power plant would help increase power supply to southern states, this also gives an opportunity for Tamil Nadu to expand the 4 x 500 MW lignite based plant
  • Stay away from pension plans Jul 3, 2014
    Pension plans of insurance companies are bad deals. Here is a better option to accumulate your money over the years and withdraw it later
  • Aggressive tactic on the fracking front Jul 3, 2014
    A Pennsylvania gas company offers residents cash to buy protection from any claims of harm
  • Maintaining Your Cars On Hot Days Jul 3, 2014
    If the monsoon is pushed further away, summer could keep playing havoc with your car. Here are some basics of to avoiding fires in your car during hot spells.
  • Anticipating Achche Din, property companies are bombarding with spam mails Jul 2, 2014
    Shockingly, the most active domains into the spamming business,, and are registered under the name of “NIIT” from Gurgaon
  • New Companies Act Damns Private Companies Jul 2, 2014
    Private companies and smaller firms need don\'t use public money and can do less of regulation. But the new Companies Act has bound them with a lot more rules
  • Building a Better India –Part 15: Reforming the Judiciary Jul 2, 2014
    In the midst of all the hue and cry about Gopal Subramaniam\'s appointment, the most important issue - of judicial reforms - has taken a backseat
  • Developments in Iranian neighbourhood - India needs to be proactive! Jul 2, 2014
    India is already actively associated with the developments of Chabahar port in Iran and the proposed 70kms railway line between the port and Gorgan will further help develop trade
  • Amravati Information Commissioner gets official bungalow in Pune! Jul 2, 2014
    Maharashtra Chief Information Commissioner and Pune’s Divisional Commissioner manipulated words in official orders, so that former President Pratibha Patil’s secretary and now State Information Commissioner from Amravati, Rajendra Jadhav, could be gifted an official bungalow in Pune, the place of his additional posting.
  • Pentagon finally decides to dig up remains of long lost soldier Jul 2, 2014
    After a ProPublica story, the military will exhume a grave in the Philippines that may hold the remains of Bud Kelder, an American POW whose family has long been fighting the Pentagon to get him home
  • Building a Better India -Part14: Rural Development Jul 1, 2014
    Real and inclusive growth cannot take place until India\'s 6.25 lakh and more villages and hamlets are developed and well governed.
  • IiAS advices voting against Coal India\'s proposal to amend MoA Jul 1, 2014
    According to the proxy advisory firm, amendment in memorandum of association will open the floodgates to further leverage cash flows of Coal India and harmful to rights of minority shareholders
  • Foreign funding and the Maharajas among NGOs Jul 1, 2014
    India is emerging as the land of not-for-profit organisations, NGOs, with shadowy disclosures sources of funding. Perhaps, it is time for a re-look of foreign funding of NGOs given the compulsory CSR contribution in the Companies Act 2013
  • Life Insurance? Get Smarter Jul 1, 2014
    Life insurance companies come up a wide variety of products to hook you. Many are irrelevant and harmful. Here is how to know that is being pitched at you any good
  • Do not destabilise Reserve Bank of India Jul 1, 2014
    The FSLRC, in a hurry to resolve certain minor issues, ignored the evolution of the role and the care with which the RBI has nurtured the financial sector
  • The NSA revelations all in one chart Jul 1, 2014
    ProPublica plotted the NSA programs, showing which ones fall squarely into the agency\'s stated mission of foreign surveillance, and which ones are more controversial

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