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  • Book Review of \'War: What is it good for?\' Oct 31, 2014
    War makes the Sate; the State makes the peace, says Ian Morris
  • Food Poison Oct 31, 2014
    Food additives help preserve the flavour or enhance the taste and look of processed foods. But what does it do to you and your health?
  • Doctors appeal for mercury-free vaccines Oct 31, 2014
    The autism epidemic in the United States, starting in the 1980s, and the suspected link between autism and mercury in vaccines, led to the removal of most mercury containing vaccines in the West
  • Maharashtra Governor puts ACB back in RTI Act Oct 31, 2014
    RTI activist Vijay Kumbhar ‘s letter to the Governor demanding scrapping of the notification keeping the Anti-Corruption Bureau out of the RTI Act, has worked
  • AirAsia and Air Costa join IndiGo Air profit league - others in the red Oct 31, 2014
    IndiGo going steady as smaller newcomers turn profits, other airlines still plagued by cumulative losses.
  • You could be the next Chief Information Commissioner Oct 29, 2014
    If you are a person of eminence in public life with wide knowledge and experience in law, science and technology, social service, management, journalism, mass-media or administration and governance , you can apply before Nov 24th
  • Regulations: Will IRDA Take a Strong View on Group Insurance Discounts? Oct 29, 2014
    IRDA should start by investigating National Insurance Company for the cheap group cover it gives the Jain International Organisation
  • Regulations: IRDA Wants Lower Cover Offer at Higher Ages? Oct 29, 2014
    This is IRDA\'s attempt to protect returns, but do senior citizens need life insurance?
  • On the road to indigenous defence production Oct 29, 2014
    The Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion has recently cleared 19 proposals for defence production in which some of the leading corporate giants are involved
  • Eight PSBs to remain headless till January? Oct 28, 2014
    Government\'s decision to scrap the selection of eight persons for the post of chairman and managing director (CMD) will mean another three-month delay in new appointments
  • Dispensing water from ATMs or water dispensing ATMs? Oct 28, 2014
    This piece is not about water dispensing from ATMs instead of cash, but about how the Delhi Government has developed ‘water dispensing ATMs’
  • Encouraging signs of Indo-Vietnam relations Oct 28, 2014
    With the Premier Nguyen Dung leading a fifty member trade delegation to India, one can expect improved relations between the two.
  • EAS Sarma appeals citizens to help Hudhud victims Oct 28, 2014
    Along with other NGOs and companions, former Union Expenditure Secreary, EAS Sarma, who is involved in activism for better governance, is looking for assistance to reach solar lamps to cyclone affected slum-dwellers in costal Andhra Pradesh. His appeal hopes to garner support to help many more in need
  • Adani Power gets plant expansion approval after 6-year delay Oct 27, 2014
    The final approval from the MoEF comes with 17 conditions which Adani Power will need to comply with.
  • Fortnightly Market View: Pause Mode Oct 27, 2014
    Don’t expect a significant advance soon in Nifty Sensex
  • Stop Punishing Investors for the actions of Rogue Promoters Oct 27, 2014
    Why are investors of DLF and FT asked to pay the price for their promoters’ behaviour?
  • FTC Slaps Weight Loss Marketers with First ROSCA Suit Oct 22, 2014
    Consumer protection law passed by Congress four years ago is finally picking up steam
  • Buy the best mobile this Diwali 2014 Oct 22, 2014
    Buying a mobile handset is not rocket science. But there are too many options to choose from. A little adjustment of your budget and your preferences will help you get the best deal, not just this Diwali, but at every shopping opportunity
  • The Menace of Check-posts Oct 22, 2014
    Stronger rules for motorists are fine, but what about extortion on the roads?
  • Do ‘Alternative Investments’ Serve Any Purpose? Oct 22, 2014
    Remember, these investments have their own unseen set of risks
  • Complacency About Stocks Oct 22, 2014
    Don’t chase overvalued stocks. Future returns are good only if you buy stocks when they are undervalued
  • E-auction of coal blocks is a step in the right direction Oct 22, 2014
    When the Ordinance to allow e-auction of the coal blocks to the actual end-users is passed, it would bring some stability in the market
  • BodyArmor\'s \"Superiority\" Claims Challenged Oct 21, 2014
    Issue heads to the FTC following a complaint from competing sports drink Gatorade
  • When US Companies Help the NSA Oct 21, 2014
    Julia Angwin and Jeff Larson on blurring borders in an Internet age and the tension between national security and personal privacy
  • Prithvi Info Solutions: US Court issues arrest warrant against Madhavi Vuppalapati Oct 21, 2014
    The King County Court, Washington has issued an arrest warrant against Madhavi Vuppalapati, founder of Prithvi Information Solutions for her ‘wilful’ failure to appear and submit relevant documents before the Court
  • CSR Reporting, legal and fiscal due diligence by NGOs Oct 21, 2014
    Moneylife\'s seminar with Mr Noshir Dadrawala on the various intricacies of the changed scenario as a result of the CSR norms applicable from this year, under the Companies Act 2013.
  • How the uncertainty of Illness can be reduced Oct 21, 2014
    A healer must have a large heart coupled with a strong and well-trained head
  • Need to fix gas price rates in rupees Oct 21, 2014
    A guestimate would put the dollar-rupee conversion rate to be around Rs63. What will happen if the crude oil or gas price goes up dramatically due to unforeseen circumstances, including war-like situation in the Middle-East or elsewhere? Once this price is gazetted, it would actually become due for revision only in April 2015
  • Blue Buffalo Reveals New Twist in By-Product Battle Oct 21, 2014
    Premium pet food company says its products may have contained by-products because of a supplier mistake
  • Stock Manipulation: Parab Infra Oct 17, 2014
    The stock price of Parab Infra shot up by 580%, to Rs171.25 on 1 October 2014, from Rs25 on 11 February 2013
  • Odisha and Cheyyur UMPPs in trouble? Oct 16, 2014
    Prequalified bidders, practically all of them, withdrew and left the field open for only NTPC to secure these contracts for setting up ultra-mega power plants in Odisha and Tamil Nadu
  • Takes Aim at Willagirl’s ‘No Junk’ Claim Oct 16, 2014
    Willagirl also claims that its products are safe for sensitive skin but the problem is none of Willa’s 16 products are all-natural, many are definitely not eco-friendly, and some of the ingredients are definitely not OK for sensitive skin
  • Documents Suggest a Close Working Relationship Between NSA, US Companies Oct 16, 2014
    Documents describe “contractual relationships” between NSA and US companies, as well as undercover operatives at some US companies
  • Drug pollution as an environmental disaster? Oct 14, 2014
    Anti-depressants reduce feeding in starlings, contraceptive drugs slash fish population and male fish have been seen to be feminised thanks to oestrogen contamination…
  • Coal shortage and the failure of Railways in providing rakes Oct 14, 2014
    While our power plants are slowly cutting down production, imported coal lies at these ports simply because Railways are unable to deliver the rakes. It is time a serious investigation is made as to why Railways are unable to supply the required number of rakes on a daily basis?
  • Wonga\'s (Hidden) Interest Rate from Hell Oct 14, 2014
    UK regulator bans payday loan company\'s ad for failing to disclose monstrous interest rate
  • Private Donors Supply Spy Gear to Cops Oct 14, 2014
    There\'s little public scrutiny when private donors pay to give police controversial technology and weapons. Sometimes, companies are donors to the same foundations that purchase their products for police
  • 7 Tips to take advantage of the e-commerce battle Oct 14, 2014
    Ignore the Flipkart bloomer. Get smart and save money by using the internet marketplace. Tips from personal experience
  • DLF, KP Singh and five directors barred from markets for three years Oct 14, 2014
    SEBI said, the share transfer of Sudipti, Shalika and Felicite was through sham transactions and that DLF and its six directors, including KP Singh, employed a plan, scheme, design and device to camouflage association of DLF with these three units
  • The Pampered E-Com Consumer Oct 14, 2014
    The online customer is capricious and has a phenomenal sense of entitlement in venture-funded madness. Or is this what the future holds?
  • What India can expect from PM Modi’s Myanmar visit in November Oct 14, 2014
    It is imperative that Prime Minister Narendra Modi should carry out detailed discussions and propose Indian involvement in laying gas pipelines, setting up oil refinery, urea plants, hydroelectric power stations and road building in Myanmar
  • Deadly Force, in Black and White Oct 14, 2014
    A ProPublica analysis of killings by police shows outsize risk for young black males
  • Jan Dhan Yojana: How many new accounts are really new? Oct 13, 2014
    Bankers are under tremendous pressure to meet targets, so banking correspondents, who are paid higher commissions are taking the same set of people from one bank to another to open multiple accounts. A huge waste of time and money later in weeding out dormant and multiple accounts seems inevitable
  • Aadhaar blunders: Now, Home Ministry too is worried Oct 11, 2014
    The Ministry has said that uniqueness of identity is not a necessary condition to ensure authenticity of identity or genuineness of other entries or records of Aadhaar number. It has also raised concerns on involvement of foreign vendors of UIDAI
  • Who’s Afraid of a Market Bubble? Oct 11, 2014
    Stand up to phoney market experts
  • Revival of subsidy for the naphtha-based fertiliser plants Oct 10, 2014
    Under the new Investment Policy for New Urea Plants, the government has sought the private sector applicants to provide bank guarantee of Rs300 crore that would be released related to various stages of completion of the project
  • Mysterious Campaign Appears to be the Latest Salvo in Battle Over Net Neutrality Oct 10, 2014
    As the FCC considers how to regulate Internet providers, the telecom industry\'s stealth campaign for hearts and minds encompasses everything from art installations to LOLcats
  • Aadhaar blunders: Now, Home Ministry too is worried Oct 10, 2014
    The Home Ministry said uniqueness of identity is not a necessary condition to ensure authenticity of identity or genuineness of other entries or records of Aadhaar number. It has also raised a concern on involvement of foreign vendors by UIDAI for storing data and suggested an audit of data security
  • Why UK Sinha’s talk of controlling stock manipulation is not credible Oct 9, 2014
    SEBI chief wants to unveil new insider-trading norms by March 2015 while the market regulator ignores hundreds of cases of brazen stock manipulation
  • Consumer Redressal System Needs Overhaul Oct 9, 2014
    Consumer courts were set up to dispense speedy justice. But cases have dragged on for over 15 years
  • How to solve woes of counterfeit currency notes and black money? Oct 9, 2014
    While special paper for printing currency notes may be produced in India soon, how about introducing polymer currency notes, which are not easily counterfeited?
  • Ebola in US: Where There\'s Fear, There\'s Fraud Oct 9, 2014
    Three companies warned by federal regulators about advertising claims that products can treat deadly virus
  • How exactly is ‘Top Secret’, ‘Secret’, ‘Confidential’ and ‘Restricted’ defined? Oct 8, 2014
    The department of defence production has just announced it publicly while the Ministry of Home Affairs keeps the classification secret
  • Euphoria Investing Oct 8, 2014
    Trying to make a sense of where we are in the market cycle
  • Healing the Heart Oct 8, 2014
    Uncomplicating the Diagnosis of Coronary Artery Diseases
  • Delhi police files FIR against Axis Bank CEO, directors & senior officials Oct 8, 2014
    Based on an allegation by Golf Technologies, a Magistrate\'s Court directed Delhi Police to issue notices to Axis Bank\'s CEO and its top officials with regard to a fraudulent transfer of Rs19.89 crore from its term loan account to that of Tulip Telecom. Golf Technologies alleges collusion because the sum transferred was allegedly shown as debt recovery by the Bank
  • Neyveli Lignite needs to develop own coal resources Oct 8, 2014
    With adequate cash reserves, it is time NLC management starts to think in terms of developing its own coal resources by expansion through additionally imported, advanced equipment, and generate more power
  • $1.1 Billion in Drug, Device Payments to Doctors Not Included in New US Database Oct 7, 2014
    The new Open Payments database of industry payments to doctors and teaching hospitals is more incomplete than previously known
  • Patients may survive diseases, but will be killed by drug pricing of Big Pharma Oct 7, 2014
    Treatments like cancer cost so much money that the patient may often lose every asset he has built over the course of his or her life. Are these prices justified and reasonable? A new report by CBS 60 Minutes asks
  • Is the Modi govt helping Ponzi, MLMs become legal? Oct 7, 2014
    Ordinary people are the biggest losers in the Ponzi, MLMs, chit fund and money circulation schemes like Saradha, Speak Asia and QNet. Yet, under \'pressure\' from powerful MNCs operating as direct selling companies, the Modi government is reportedly proposing to dilute the PCMCS Act. Will it impose stringent conditions on them or merely help them to escape scrutiny?
  • Why are ex-servicemen disillusioned with successive govts? Oct 7, 2014
    Ex-servicemen have protested to PM Modi that his government too has failed to fulfil the promise of \'one rank, one pension\' –OROP that was part of his party\'s poll campaign and a definite promise to our veteran soldiers. Embarrassingly, for the BJP government, ex-servicemen plan a rally to ask why this government has yet to issue an order demand OROP
  • From Flipkart to Flopkart in one BigBillionDay Oct 7, 2014
    Flipkart\'s big coming out party backfires with social media backlash following complaints from various users
  • Pricing of essential medicines and discounts Oct 7, 2014
    Many drug stores, upon request, give 5% discount so as to retain the client, but mostly they do not give this reduction voluntarily
  • Head of Flawed Effort to ID Missing Soldiers Loses Job Oct 7, 2014
    The departure of veteran lab director Tom Holland appears to be the first leadership change in the Pentagon’s overhaul of its identification process
  • Stock Manipulation: Venus Universal Oct 7, 2014
    Venus Universal has shot up by 3200% in a year even though over four quarters, it has reported revenues of Rs2-Rs8 lakh each with negligible profit. The regulators couldn’t care less about such brazen manipulation
  • Rs4 lakh crore for a Clean India with more than Rs50,000 crore each year for Panchayats! Oct 2, 2014
    These are numbers being bandied about by the Modi government. Are they real? Where will the money come from?
  • Book Review of Asset Rotation Oct 2, 2014
    A strategy of buying the winning sectors, to beat the market index
  • A place where she could study, laugh and make friends Oct 2, 2014
    AAWC seeks to empower the second generation to escape the cycle of prostitution
  • A Pill for every ill? - II Oct 2, 2014
    There is no free lunch in this world. Pharmaceutical companies try and catch doctors very young when they are still house officers. These young doctors then learn from pharma companies that every ill can be cured with a pill. This is concluding part of a two part series

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