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  • Fortnightly Market View: Rally Ho! Mar 31, 2014
    Unrestrained bullishness has gripped the market. The market may move up even from here but if you want to get in, wait for a dip. Don’t jump in on a further break out to new highs. In any case, the market climate has little to do with the right stocks to buy
  • The Real Story of how HSBC Was Made To Pay Mar 31, 2014
    How a proactive RBI forced HSBC to partly redress glaring mis-selling by HSBC to actor Suchitra Krishnamoorthi. Will this set a precedent? Don’t bet on it
  • EAS Sarma seeks immediate action on foreign donations of political parties Mar 31, 2014
    Former Union Secretary EAS Sarma who along with others obtained a landmark order from Delhi HC on illegal foreign funding of political parties has called on the Election Commisison to initaite immediate against political parties and Vedanta group
  • Weak Yuan, Punctures Carry Trade of Fake Exports Mar 31, 2014
    Chinese currency Yuan or Remminbi has been rock solid until recently. This created carry trade of faking of exports, getting in foreign exchange and buying a rising renminbi. Now that the Chinese currency has dropped what happens?
  • Getting back to mining targeted coal would be tough! Mar 31, 2014
    The new government may take months before the roadblocks to resume full-scale production
  • Sudden surge in Patidar Buildcon volumes after mass SMS. Is SEBI aware? Mar 28, 2014
    Last year, SEBI stopped the SMS menace of SMS Techsoft when it found the company promoters and directors using this to offload their shares. This week, there is a surge in volume in Patidar Buildcon shares after ‘intra-day tip’ SMSes. Is SEBI aware about this?
  • Will the Whistleblowers’ Bill protect activists? Mar 28, 2014
    Environmental Activist Sumaira Abdulali and Adv Mohana Nair explained the Whistleblowers’ Bill and how it can protect whistleblowers, who expose malpractice or corruption
  • Aadhaar: The lies of Nilekani and Congress over biometric profiling –Part XXXI Mar 28, 2014
    Has Nilekani or Congress party ever informed that its biometric Aadhaar is going to be used for surveillance and security? Also is this the reason why very few MPs, MLAs and ministers from Congress have subjected themselves to biometric profiling of Aadhaar or NPR?
  • Private placement of NCDs for HFCs and the new Companies Act Mar 28, 2014
    Will the NHB\'s directions on private placement of NCDs by HFCs be effective with the near enforcement of Companies Act, 2013?
  • Private placement of NCDs for HFCs and the new Companies Act Mar 28, 2014
    Will the NHB\'s directions on private placement of NCDs by HFCs be effective with the near enforcement of Companies Act, 2013?
  • On your marks, get set and GO! With the Datsun Mar 28, 2014
    Divya and Bapoo Malcolm spent Sunday afternoon at Nissan showroom in Worli, Mumbai to take a look at Datsun GO, the new car
  • Reliance makes headway in Myanmar exploration Mar 28, 2014
    Piped gas from Myanmar is far more realistic and practical than expecting the Iranian gas to travel through Pakistan to reach India
  • Airports: Massive investment planned but actual realisation difficult Mar 27, 2014
    According to CARE Research, procedural hassles, requirement of large land and capital coupled with high leverage position, remain key challenges for airport development in India
  • Inflation bond investment limit doubled, but why it is a failure? Mar 27, 2014
    RBI has tried to push the inflation index bonds with additional commission for distribution and doubling the investment limit. But the product has not caught the fancy of investors. Find out why different customer segments shunned the product that is open till 31st March
  • Aadhaar: Once allotted, you can never cancel it, reveals RTI Mar 27, 2014
    While Nandan Nilekani, former chairman of UIDAI, is busy fighting his election, he has left behind a dubious record of keeping the Aadhaar holders in the dark regarding access to their biometrics and other personal details by any private or public agency
  • What Indian Railways need to move ahead? Mar 27, 2014
    India need to have extra professional help in restructuring the railways, by laying extra tracks, getting bigger capacity wagons and locomotives to move them, and make the freight attractive enough
  • Six steps to take if you’ve suffered harm in a medical facility Mar 27, 2014
    If studies are accurate, more than a million patients in the US are harmed a year by the medical care they thought would heal them. Here are six recommended steps the sufferer can take
  • New CSR Rules: A Primer Mar 26, 2014
    The new rules for CSR have been notified. Here are some essential details
  • Tiring Out Mar 26, 2014
    Beware: tyres are getting damaged well before their tread life is over
  • Tobacco users caught up in insurer’s Obamacare ‘glitch’ Mar 26, 2014
    After signing up for coverage and disclosing they were smokers, about 100 New Hampshire consumers, including Terry Wetherby, find their new Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield policies cancelled because they were charged incorrect ‘non-smoker’ rates
  • Change! Thy name is science Mar 26, 2014
    We still use the outdated Newtonian physics to understand the human body. We also use the reductionist view of human healing. The result has been disastrous, to say the least
  • Indian government’s self-made obstacles Mar 26, 2014
    Should we really prevent the government from announcing and acting on matters that have been going on for some time or simply postpone it and take a vacation from work till the elections are over?
  • Pune RTI activist names 78 people in his suicide note Mar 26, 2014
    Naming 78 people in his stamp paper suicide note, Vilas Baravkar alleges harassment by police, politicians and some of his family members. His RTI applications, however, reveal some ‘vague’ information that he had asked for, say RTI experts
  • MCA & ICAI’s mantra: Invest in PSU IPOs! Mar 25, 2014
    The Ministry of Corporate Affairs and Institute of Chartered Accountants of India’s idea of investor “education” is to tell you to invest in IPOs of PSUs! This has been a recipe of losing money
  • Indulgent Regulator & Foolish Investor Mar 25, 2014
    India is a fertile ground for frauds and scams because we have a very poor legal framework
  • Doctors paid to advice, promote drug companies that fund their research Mar 25, 2014
    Research has been seen as less objectionable than other forms of interactions with drug companies, but 10 percent of researchers have multiple ties among the nine companies ProPublica analysed. That raises questions about doctors’ impartiality
  • Agriculture turning into nightmare for small farmers Mar 25, 2014
    India, the world’s second largest food producer, is witnessing growing distress and declining confidence in agriculture as most small and landless farmers, with less of a stake, are found to quit farming
  • Philosophy of education Mar 25, 2014
    The matters in our burgeoning private universities would even make the angels weep. God save education and the country!
  • Dirty Electricity Mar 25, 2014
    Electricity is the cause of myriad illnesses and discomforts like tiredness, aches & pains
  • India-Sri Lanka bilateral trading can reach to $10 billion Mar 24, 2014
    Indo-Sri Lankan bilateral trade has the definite potential to reach $10 billion in the next few years, if efforts are made by both sides, considering the existence of free trade agreement signed way back in 2000
  • Bank unions oppose licenses to corporate houses; write to CEC Mar 24, 2014
    India\'s largest banking union, AIBEA, has lodged an official protest with the EC about the RBI’s hurry to grant new banking licenses when the country is moving towards general elections to elect a new Parliament. The union says, you cannot overlook political views while granting new licenses
  • I-T notices harass seniors who do not even have taxable income Mar 24, 2014
    The income tax department is on an overdrive and its notices of potential tax evasion are harassing retired people, senior citizens, homemakers and widows. Worse, the I-T department has even sent notices in time-barred cases that are over a decade old and to people without a taxable income
  • Supreme Court asks govt to withdraw orders making Aadhaar mandatory Mar 24, 2014
    Directing the UIDAI not to share personal info of Aadhaar holder with any agency, the Supreme Court asked the Indian government to withdraw all orders making Aadhaar mandatory for availing services
  • Russia & China: Blight of crony capitalism Mar 24, 2014
    The problem with the Russian economy is that it is designed to favour its crony capitalists. Similarly, the assets of the Chinese elite are derived from government connections
  • How to choose correct forum and right lawyer Mar 24, 2014
    Are consumer courts your only option? Or do some issues have faster, alternative solution? Three experts, Adv Bapoo Malcolm, Indrani Malkani and Shirish Shanbhag say yes
  • Mediclaim: Insurers asked to issue guidelines to TPAs on claims Mar 24, 2014
    Bombay HC had asked IRDA to have insurers issue guidelines to TPA on claims recommendation within four weeks. They should also see if the insurers can declare pre-packaged rates for 42 ailments in the same guidelines. Are TPAs still settling claims?
  • Citizens join signature campaign to stop persecution of Dr Ashok Khemka Mar 24, 2014
    Citizens from the tri-city of Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula launched a signature campaign asking Haryana government to stop prosecution of Dr Ashok Khemka
  • 10 Ways Your Life Insurance Turns Useless Mar 21, 2014
    Mis-selling of life insurance is common. The new trend is fraudulent selling of policies by corporate agents, brokers and telemarketers. Guard against such malpractices by learning from these real-life cases that have hit Moneylife Insurance Helpline
  • Left Brain, Right Stuff by Phil Rosenzweig: Book Review Mar 21, 2014
    Why real-world decisions require a combination of left-brain analysis and right-brain ambition
  • The inspiring journey of a Hero by Priya Kumar: Book Review Mar 21, 2014
    The man behind the world’s largest bicycle and motorcycle company
  • Aarti Drugs: Small Drug Firm on a Growth Path Mar 21, 2014
    It already sports high returns and low valuation. Faster growth will make it hot
  • Health Insurance: New India Assurance’s Asha Kiran Mar 20, 2014
    Policy for families with only girl child
  • Life Insurance: Kotak Life e-Lifetime Mar 20, 2014
    Immediate annuity product, with competitive rates
  • Is it a good Time to Invest in Equity Schemes? Mar 20, 2014
    Sensex is on fire. Should you buy, hold or redeem your equity mutual fund units?
  • Life Insurance: Tata AIA Life ‘Maha Raksha Supreme’ Mar 20, 2014
    More expensive than online term insurance plans
  • ‘Don’t get too excited by election outcome’ Mar 20, 2014
    Even if the BJP-led government comes to power, it may not mean the start of an investment cycle, cautions Credit Suisse because only a fourth of projects are stuck with the central government; the rest are constrained by overcapacity, balance sheets, or state governments
  • Ukraine crisis & opportunity for India to export wheat Mar 20, 2014
    The crisis in Ukraine may give India an opportunity to export more wheat, provided we ship out more, as our central pool stood at 24.2 million tonnes, twice more than the buffer and strategic needs
  • Class action suit in India- Interpretations overlap remedies -Part III Mar 20, 2014
    Class actions aim to minimise litigation by reducing multiplicity of suits, however, the ambiguous provisions leave no option for commoners other than to look up to the courts for clarity and interpretation. This is the concluding part of a three part series
  • Can RBI’s policies alone tackle rising NPAs deftly? Mar 20, 2014
    RBI’s initiatives to curb NPAs are good and would help minimise the stress. However, given the past record on a number of failed reforms, one question arises – can the regulator alone be able to tackle rising NPAs deftly?
  • Ad endorsing da Vinci robot violated Illinois policies? Mar 20, 2014
    When surgical team members endorsed the robot in an ad, controversy ensued. An internal review finds no ill intent, but says policies were violated, calls for clearer rules
  • ASCI banned 87 ads including Ranbaxy, Dr Batra, P&G, Dabur, Emami and Cadbury in December Mar 20, 2014
    Health and personal care category continues to lead with the highest number of complaints received by ASCI during December 2013. However, throughout the year 40% of complaints came from education sector
  • Subrata Roy Meets the Law Mar 19, 2014
    Subrata Roy’s belief that Sahara need not follow laws, as long he has powerful connections, is being tested
  • Silence over the Loot of PSU Banks Mar 19, 2014
    RBI stays mute but must be held responsible
  • UBI: Questionable Appointment Mar 19, 2014
    More murky details about the ex-CMD of UBI
  • Restructuring Coal India: Pros and cons Mar 19, 2014
    Can Coal India be restructured into smaller independent units, in order to ensure serious competition and to ensure production and development of coal resources in the country?
  • MONEYLIFE IMPACT: TCS assures to look into online Tatkal passport appointments scam at Pune Mar 19, 2014
    On Tuesday, Moneylife ran a story on how touts are making a fast buck through Tatkal online appointments for passports. Within 24 hours a VP of TCS, which is in PPP with the government’s Passport Division, promises to address the issue
  • How to verify a property title Mar 19, 2014
    A very basic and preliminary due diligence on property title can be carried out by the buyer herself before appointing a lawyer
  • Nandan Nilekani: From meritocracy to resaervation politics! Mar 18, 2014
    Nandan Nilekani, while heading Infosys, never had second thoughts on recruiting people other than those who secured the highest grade. However, he is now all for reservations and wooing \'poor\' voters
  • Rule by ordinance: No other parliamentary democracy, except India, has it Mar 18, 2014
    The Parliament could have passed some of the pending Bills, including the Grievances Redress Bill and the Whistle-blowers Bill. However, the self-flagellation and ego of the Congress combined with antics of the Opposition turned everything topsy-turvy
  • Small Business, Big Troubles Mar 18, 2014
    Small businesses contribute 45% to India’s national income and big businesses only 15%. But it is the latter that the media fawns over
  • Fortnightly market View: Sensex New high reflects hope about the new government Mar 18, 2014
    If the new government is any different, the market would soar
  • Tatkal passport: Online appointments in Pune turning into nightmare Mar 18, 2014
    Moneylife’s campaign in 2013 about problems at Pune passport office has relatively ironed out the process of passport applications. However, recently, the alleged interference of touts seems to have put Tatkal passport applicants in a spot
  • Class action suit in India- Will it deliver or fail? -Part I Mar 18, 2014
    Class actions under Section 245 of the new Companies Act, 2013 are evidently distinctive and separate and were brought in as additional tool for investor protection. This is first part of a three part series
  • Default of a Chinese Bond: Isolated event or the beginning of something bigger? Mar 18, 2014
    Default of one small solar company or one medium sized steel mill does not foretell an immediate collapse of the Chinese bond market. But it is a very clear warning of its direction
  • The best way to invest in stocks & bonds Mar 18, 2014
    At a Moneylife event, where all the seats were booked, Debashis Basu, explained in detail all the things that a saver needs to know about how and when to invest in stocks and bonds
  • HSBC agrees to compensate Suchitra Krishnamoorthy Mar 15, 2014
    Under pressure from the regulators, HSBC has settled and closed its five year old dispute with singer-actress Suchitra Krishnamoorthy. While the settlement does not permit her to reveal the amount, we learn that this case of gross mis-selling and customer abuse has been amicably closed. Moneylife Foundation has been relentlessly pursuing this case for over two years
  • IRDA’s Rs275 crore refund order to SBI Life proves botched product approval process Mar 14, 2014
    IRDA has asked SBI Life to refund Rs275 crore for collecting premium upfront on a policy, which had two premium payment terms. But why did IRDA approve this product which was cleverly designed to earn hefty commission for SBI?
  • Using Behavioural Analysis To Improve Regulations Mar 14, 2014
    UK’s Financial Conduct Authority is using insights from behavioural economics for consumer-focused regulation
  • Elections 2014: A challenge before the voter Mar 14, 2014
    Voters should involve more in the electoral process right from the selection of candidates by political parties to make the need to use NOTA button redundant
  • Why does the aviation industry in India indulge in price wars? Mar 14, 2014
    Why Indian carriers are indulging in price wars, instead of considering the options of reductions in flight or even cancelling those that are loss making sectors?
  • World Finance, the high-cost lender, under lens Mar 14, 2014
    The investigation by US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau follows a ProPublica story that detailed the company’s lending practices
  • MADRID: Livin’la Vida Loca Mar 13, 2014
    If there’s one city on earth that knows how to ‘live the crazy life’, it’s Madrid. Naveena Israni explores the passion and vibes of this effervescent city
  • Herbalife under FTC lens, finally! Mar 13, 2014
    A year after Bill Ackman’s detailed public presentation about Herbalife being a pyramid scheme, the FTC which oversees consumer interests, has finally acted
  • Mobile rip-offs are commonplace Mar 13, 2014
    CI (Consumers International) has drawn up a consumer agenda for fair mobile services, says CI in a press release
  • Is the LPG subsidy in your bank account taxable? Mar 13, 2014
    It is absolutely necessary for the I-T department to come out with clear guidelines as to whether this LPG subsidy amount deposited in the bank accounts of some consumers is exempted from income tax
  • Sex, gender, and the familiar fight over religious exemptions Mar 13, 2014
    Nina Martin talks with a leading expert on the historic tension between civil rights and religious freedom
  • Iron & steel industry in doldrums due to lack of vision by government Mar 13, 2014
    Domestic steel and sponge industry is not able to obtain raw materials; export of low grade iron fines from Goa cannot take place until legal issues are resolved while the little shipments of pellets now cannot be exported due to additional duty
  • Amravati’s Information Commissioner given charge of Pune that is 555kms away! Mar 12, 2014
    Pratibha Patil’s former secretary, who is Information Commissioner in her home town Amravati, strangely has got the additional charge of Pune
  • Auto Mode Mar 12, 2014
    Automatic manual transmission is the new buzz in the car market
  • Making Railways Accountable Mar 12, 2014
    National Consumer Commission delivers a big blow for consumers
  • India to allow vehicles from neighbouring SAARC members from 2016 Mar 12, 2014
    As a first step, from 2016, India will start issuing international permits for vehicles entering the country from some of its neighbours, covering both commercial and passenger category, from Bangladesh
  • Doctor payments on the decline Mar 12, 2014
    Pharmaceutical company payments to health care professionals dropped between 2011 and 2012 among most of the companies and categories
  • SEBI Vs Mutual Funds Mar 11, 2014
    Another new twist to mutual fund regulations by SEBI—as maddening an regressive as the previous ones
  • SEBI refuses to take note of price manipulation in Transgene Biotek – Part II Mar 11, 2014
    Did Transgene Biotek insiders use structured GDRs as an end game through price manipulation and motivated announcements? We will never know because SEBI refuses to investigate
  • The perils of problematic prescribing: A double dose of warnings Mar 11, 2014
    Two new reports from the CDC show the dangers of overprescribing narcotics and antibiotics. Is there a way for doctors and consumers to make better decisions?
  • Solar power is the best & natural substitution for energy needs Mar 11, 2014
    What India truly needs is the setting up of small and medium size solar panel manufacturers who can offer turn-key jobs to individual houses
  • How BJP’s Yashwant Sinha is wrong about ‘biometric’ National Population Register –Part XXX Mar 11, 2014
    BJP seems to have accepted Aadhaar as irreversible and as a face saving stance, it will have citizens believe that it will not accept the UID number but will gladly do so if it is mentioned as national population register or NPR
  • SEBI refuses to take note of price manipulation in Transgene Biotek – Part I Mar 11, 2014
    SEBI, which is preaching to world about corporate governance, has ignored investor complaints about GDR scam and blatant manipulation of Transgene Biotek shares. This is first part of a two-part series
  • Science That Seeks the Truth Mar 11, 2014
    Healthcare industry uses science like a dogma. We need to open our minds to science that is reald and seeks the truth
  • The Manual of Ideas by John Mihaljevic: Book Review Mar 10, 2014
    A range of value investing styles and opportunities
  • Zen Garden by Subroto Bagchi: Book Review Mar 10, 2014
    Some good profiles by Subroto Bagchi but many puff pieces
  • MONEYLIFE IMPACT: SEBI bars Royal Twinkle Star Club from collecting money Mar 10, 2014
    Although SEBI barred Royal Twinkle Star Club and its directors from collecting money from investors, the company continues to collect money using a new name. Just last week, Moneylife informed SEBI about RTSC’s new avatar Citrus Check Inn
  • Cracking down on high flying wilful defaulters –Part II Mar 10, 2014
    It is rightly said that anyone borrowing a few lakhs has to worry but it is the bank that has to worry when it has leant crores! This is the concluding part of a two part series
  • How nationalised and private banks can raise capital Mar 10, 2014
    Most bank, whether state owned or private, have sufficient reserves and access to the capital needed for which, a number of methods, including rights issue, can be employed
  • Market impact of Russia\'s Crimean adventure Mar 10, 2014
    If governments are impotent to punish Russia, markets are not. This was best illustrated by the 11% fall in its stock market on the day of invasion. It subsequently rebounded only by 5%.
  • We promise to empower women entrepreneurs says Usha Ananthasubramanian Mar 10, 2014
    Speaking at the Women\'s Day celebration at Moneylife Foundation, the first CMD of Bharatiya Mahila Bank said that the bank is determined to be of assistance to women entrepreneurs the way traditional banks can’t
  • “Working with MSSI has transformed me” Mar 10, 2014
    To celebrate International Women\'s Day, Moneylife Foundation felicitated two extraordinary activists. Sheelatai Chitnis of Multiple Sclerosis Society of India was one of them
  • “We want to reach and help as many people as we can” Mar 10, 2014
    To celebrate International Women\'s Day, Moneylife Foundation felicitated two extraordinary activists. Dr Ketna Mehta from Nina Foundation was one of them
  • What women need to know about money and investment Mar 10, 2014
    Every woman needs to understand importance of saving, investment in right product and have a contingency plan in place, said Nisreen Mamaji, explaining savvy saving for smart women at a seminar organised by Moneylife Foundation on International Women’s Day.
  • “Entrepreneurs should always have a clear vision,” says Meenal Arora Mar 10, 2014
    Meenal Arora, who co-founded the Shemford Futuristic Schools with her husband Amol in 2009, says kids are generally kinesthetic learners, and they can learn more by practice than textual education
  • Maharashtra SCIC illegally transferred three SICs? Mar 7, 2014
    According to an activist, there is no provision for transfer of information commissioners under the RTI Act and yet Maharashtra CIC Ratnakar Gaikwad transferred three SICs in 2012
  • 11 Stocks with High Dividend Yield Mar 7, 2014
    These stocks are recording strong cash flows and are reasonably valued. So, a price rise would be a bonus, over and above current high dividends
  • Many more retirement homes for the elderly in the offing Mar 7, 2014
    Retirement homes offer tremendous opportunity and scope for real estate business to take professional care for the elderly citizens who are now left to fend for themselves!
  • “My dreams and goals motivate me,” says Dr Rita Bakshi of IFC Mar 7, 2014
    The feeling and joy of motherhood and holding the most precious gift of life in your hands, can never be expressed in words, says Dr Rita Bakshi of International Fertility Centre
  • The US military is leaving the missing behind Mar 7, 2014
    Private Bud Kelder went missing during World War II. Evidence suggests he\\\'s buried as an unknown soldier in Manila. Will the Pentagon ever move to identify him?
  • Need for immediate crack down on high flying wilful defaulters –Part I Mar 7, 2014
    Now that the RBI governor has spoken his mind, it is time that our banks to take it as a cart Blanche to go hammer and tongs against large numbers of wilful loan defaulters to move ruthlessly at them. This is first part of a two part series
  • Narmada Gelatines: Steady Growth Mar 6, 2014
    Niche area and exports are working well for the gelatine-maker
  • Friends of Stray Animals protects stray cats and dogs Mar 6, 2014
    Appalled by the way people tend to treat stray animals, Preeti Bhatt decided to set up an organisation especially for their protection at Pune.
  • Citrus Check Inns mis-selling holiday package as investment plan? Mar 6, 2014
    Citrus Check Inns, the new avatar of Royal Twinkle Star Club, is selling its holiday membership as an investment plan to gullible investors. Is SEBI aware about it?
  • Life Insurance: Tata AIA Mahalife Gold Mar 6, 2014
    It is a whole life plan till 85. Find out the difference between the Mahalife Gold which was available before the new regulations when it competed with LIC Jeevan Tarang
  • Traffic can be stopped only for President, Vice President and Prime Minister Mar 6, 2014
    We all witness halting of traffic when all grades of ministers, with red beacon lights on their cars and cavalcade of several vehicles, pass through the road. RTI reveals this is illegal! The RTI activist also raised the issue before the Human Rights Commission
  • ONGC’s new CMD inherits big profit and bigger responsibilities! Mar 6, 2014
    The new CMD is faced with the legacy of the on-going reservoir issue with Reliance. He also needs to pay attention to ONGC Videsh’s operations and expansion
  • Fracking: Gas drilling\'s environmental threat and some latest studies Mar 6, 2014
    ProPublica surveys some recent research on potential health implications of hydro fracking
  • Does the election expenses limit have any meaning? Mar 5, 2014
    The election commission has upped the expense limit for Lok Sabha elections from Rs40 lakh to Rs70 lakh per candidate in big states. But 129 or 30% out of 437 MPs spent Rs14.62 lakh or 59% of the expense limit during the last general election
  • Why investors are crying foul about Maruti\'s deal with Suzuki Mar 5, 2014
    Investors feel that handing over a critical and highly profitable project to a 100% subsidiary of Suzuki instead of Maruti Suzuki is neither fair nor in the interest of carmaker and its about 44% minority shareholders
  • Health Insurance: L&T General Medisure Super Top Up Mar 5, 2014
    L&T General Medisure is worth considering for saving costs. Super top up is preferable instead of numerous top up policies available in the market. Find out why
  • Dynamic equity funds: Do they work? Mar 5, 2014
    It is difficult to say that dynamic equity schemes truly time the market and provide superior returns. Can we do better than them with some other strategy?
  • One third of skilled nursing patients harmed in treatment Mar 5, 2014
    A study by US Medicare’s inspector general of skilled nursing facilities says nearly 22,000 patients were injured and more than 1,500 died in a single month — a higher rate of medical errors than hospitals
  • Health Insurance: Steep Rise in Mediclaim Premiums Mar 5, 2014
    Are insurance companies using new regulations as an excuse to hike premium? Find out which companies have increased and which have not till now
  • Need for low cost, no-frills airports and cheap aviation fuel! Mar 5, 2014
    Low cost airports have several advantages, such as uncongested and free from ground and air traffic operations. In addition, air travellers will not have to shell out the hefty fees charged by airports in metros
  • The UBI Saga Exposes Many Warts Mar 5, 2014
    SEBI is hell bent on making the corporate governance norms more and more tough. Its silence about United Bank of India saga shows how bogus its avowed stance is
  • AAP’s Glare is directed at select businessmen Mar 5, 2014
    Why’s Arvind Kejriwal silent about the massive loot of banks by large and small businessmen and politicians?
  • FMP is unclear to investors: Our Online Survey Results Mar 5, 2014
    Moneylife’s online survey on FMP shows that 25% of the respondents do not invest in FMP. Those who are aware of the tax benefits and decent returns do not shy away from FMPs. What stops others? Lack of clarity and dearth of reliable advice is to blame
  • “Stay true to yourself, work with integrity & commitment,” says Gabrielle Seacy of AktivOrtho Mar 5, 2014
    According to Gabrielle Seacy of AktivOrtho, there are so many smart, talented people in India and the government needs to do much more to support them. AktivOrtho is a New Delhi-based orthopedic rehabilitation, sports medicine and medical fitness center
  • Defiant Sahara Mar 5, 2014
    Will Subrata Roy, who has defied regulators and courts thanks to his political backing, be finally brought to book?
  • FDI in Railways: specific areas in which the funding will help Mar 5, 2014
    It is never too late to buy the latest and most modern equipment available, to get the job done in the Railways and the funding through FDI can help in this
  • As full disclosure nears, doctors’ pay for drug talks plummets Mar 5, 2014
    As transparency increases and blockbuster drugs lose patent protection, drug companies have dramatically scaled back payments to doctors for promotional talks. This fall, all drug and medical device companies in the US will be required to report payments to doctors
  • “Ambani ki dukaan Includes Congress-BJP-Media” — Kejriwal Mar 3, 2014
    What is Mr Kejriwal’s idea behind these charges?
  • Fortnightly Market View: Valuation Matters Mar 3, 2014
    Is the market trying to anticipate Narendra Modi as the PM?
  • Income Tax Ombudsmen missing at several regions including Mumbai and Delhi Mar 3, 2014
    Four out of 12 offices have no Ombudsmen since November 2013. Mumbai has no ombudsman for 4 months and Delhi has a part-time one visiting from Chandigarh
  • “No shortcuts, no extra benefits & complete patience required for success”:Namita,Banka BioLoo Mar 3, 2014
    Believing in giving 100% to her work, Namita Banka of Banka BioLoo puts in all her effort to start the business of promoting and developing innovative environmental friendly products and services for human waste management system
  • Ai ai yo! Amma has national plans on the anvil! Mar 3, 2014
    Staunch supporters of J Jayalalitha, the incumbent CM of Tamil Nadu want her to become the next PM of India. However, Amma, as she is referred by them has very little chances to hold the hot chair at the centre!
  • Bulging NPAs: Can foreigners be allowed to buy assets of bad loans? Mar 3, 2014
    Several countries need to deal with bad debt or NPA problem as quickly as possible. Opening markets to the most experienced, often-foreign, firms to purchase assets could be one of the solutions. Can anyone take this politically unpalatable decision
  • A Thin Dividing Line: An eye-opener on Indian losses due to tax treaties Mar 1, 2014
    A documentary on the working of tax havens in the context of the double taxation avoidance treaty between India and Mauritius reveals that while India may have received foreign investments due to the treaty, tax losses on its account run to the tune of tens of thousands of crores. Is it worth it?
  • Only 40% of top 1,200 companies reported higher profits in Q3; 26% declared a loss Mar 1, 2014
    Moneylife sample of 1,197 companies recorded a profit decline of 15% for the December quarter even though revenues increased by 7%. Operating profits were flat. Mid-and small-cap companies are the worst hit
  • Has the scope of CSR been too narrowly defined? Mar 1, 2014
    As the permitted list shows, a large number of areas like consumer education, RTI or investor literacy, which could benefit middle class people are kept outside the purview of CSR

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