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Moneylife: Register, stay logged in and comment on articles  

August 10, 2012

 With the new web design, the Moneylife Team has also revamped the login and registration process to make it simpler and robust. Earlier, we kept the login optional and allowed anyone to post comments on any article on our site. However, on several occasions we found users without a valid email ID posting comments and abusing others. Therefore, in the revamped process we decided to add an extra layer of security and only allow genuine readers with valid email ID to post comments. The process of registration (in case you have not done) is quite simple.


1. Visit from any browser, preferably using the latest version.




2. On the right side of the page in the top corner, you would see a welcome message.


It says Hello Guest, Login and also has Help and Feedback tabs. If you are already registered but have logged out, you can click on Login button. The same button/text can be used for registration as well. After clicking, you would see following popup

If you are a registered member, then you need to enter your email ID and password for login on the left. If you are not a registered member and want to register, then fill in your name, email ID and password on the right side and click on Register.


3. The Moneylife system would send an email for confirming your valid email ID. So, you need to go to your email account, open the mail received from Moneylife and click on the verification link. This is a one time exercise. After verifying your email ID, you can log in to whenever you want to and post your comment.


4. Kindly note, the system would keep you logged in for 15 continuous days once you have visited the site. If you have not visited at all for 15 days in a row, only then you would be logged out for security reasons. After that you simple need to login again as described in step 2 above and repeated below. One small thing, you need to keep the cookies enabled for automatically login for 15 days. In case you deleted cookies, then you will have to login again.



5. As a registered user, your own Moneylife page gets created. You can upload a picture here if you wish to.


Once you upload your picture, your picture will appear along with your comment


6. In case you face any problem in registering, you can always drop a mail to [email protected]


-- Sucheta Dalal